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Linguistics assingment


REFLECTIVE LEARNING QUESTIONS What did you learn during this period? I learned linguistics has different branches as : What is language, The Human Communicative Language, backformations, phonology and Morphology Did you give you best effort on this E-portfolio project? I think yes I did. Why? Because I gave 90% of my responsibility because of there are many subjects and commitments to finish in my job, but if I just dedicate me to study , surely I would do an excellent E-portfolio Did this portfolio activity help you learn more than others we’ve done? Yes Why? Because when I began my portfolio just I needed to remind each content to go completing step by step my ideas Did you come to class prepared to learn (in both your attitude and with all your supplies)? I always come to class with enthusiasm because I want to learn new things I do not know, and when I have a question ask Mr. Andrade If you could do this assignments help you learn the most? In my opinion I think is possible to learn because to help remind and practice new vocabulary when you are writing a critical essay. What do you believe the teacher could have done differently to help you learn lessons easier? A group on face book to publish each assignment when a classmate does not can arrive to class What’s one thing the teacher did during class that you really liked? 28

The videos about Human communication are assignment that all students like to see and after provide comments about video inside class How can you prove to the teacher that you master the contents from the first period? In a little discussion inside classroom about different contents explaining step by step, maybe not exactly as appears in pamphlet but if according of the studied contents. 29

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