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Our online product updates are now becoming a monthly e-paper Magazine! Published in a "digital only" format, the e-paper “released notes" should deliver an insight into the latest updates and monthly upgrades to our customers.

Our online product updates are now becoming a monthly e-paper Magazine! Published in a "digital only" format, the e-paper “released notes" should deliver an insight into the latest updates and monthly upgrades to our customers.


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Editor: Alexander M. Blass<br />

Images: Ramona Mennel, Stefan Fritsche<br />

Video: Marcel Eberle<br />

Layout: Stefan Fritsche<br />

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APP- and PROKiosk on iPad Pro<br />

Digital audience reach<br />

Gaining new prospects and customers<br />

Presenting our customers: LaLoupe<br />

Release Notes<br />

Support: FAQ<br />

Yumpu Lab<br />

Our “Newbies”<br />

Page 3


Dear readers!<br />

Rene Hörmann<br />

Only a short while ago, 750,000 organisations and<br />

institutions from over 190 countries worldwide entrusted<br />

Yumpu with the publication of their magazines,<br />

catalogues and newsletters – and these numbers<br />

are steadily increasing! We at Yumpu are proud of<br />

these impressive results and would like to thank the<br />

many people who are behind these publications and<br />

are doing such great work. Thank you so much!<br />

With this first edition of the monthly Yumpu magazine,<br />

you are holding in your hands (literally, if you are<br />

reading this on your tablet) the first info magazine<br />

which aims to regularly inform you about the latest<br />

developments, updates and new releases Yumpu has<br />

to offer. We are excitd to be sharing with you practical<br />

examples and tips gleaned from the daily experience<br />

of our publishers, and providing you with the best<br />

solutions and features for digital publishing of today.<br />

Over the past few months, Yumpu has evolved from<br />

a purely technical developer of e-papers to a fully<br />

fledged marketing supplier, able to offer ever more<br />

sophisticated tools for professional and cutting edge<br />

marketing in the modern world.<br />

Page 4


More and more focus in future will be on distributing<br />

contents in video format, which is why we are<br />

already offering our publishers the option of transforming<br />

their e-paper magazine into a “promotional<br />

magazine video”. In this issue's Yumpu Lab we will be<br />

introducing the beta version of our video marketing<br />

tool, which allows you to turn your magazine into a personalised<br />

promotional video at the click of a button.<br />

The perfect solution for sharing on Facebook and<br />

other social media, and easily finding new readers for<br />

your magazines!<br />

We are also working on a marketing video for individual<br />

stories inside a magazine. Does that pique your<br />

interest? Find out more in our next issue!<br />

We hope you will enjoy browsing and discovering our<br />

new magazine.<br />

Yours,<br />

Rene Hörmann<br />

Founder<br />

Page 5

APP- & PROKIOSK ON iPad Pro!<br />


APP Update for the new iPad Pro<br />

The new iPad Pro 12.9" creates a whole new<br />

“user experience” in reading digital publications!<br />

Apple writes: “The next generation of<br />

the iPad Pro is an uncompromising vision for<br />

computers in the modern world.” – We believe<br />

that too!<br />

The huge new ultra HD screen of the new<br />

iPad Pro 12.9" finally shows magazine content<br />

to our customers in original size and with<br />

an incredible color intensity and brilliance!<br />

Videos, which I have embedded with the Yumpu<br />

“Hotspot Editor” in the magazine, display<br />

in incredibly bright and intense colors. But<br />

not just that! After I've pressed the video play<br />

button, the stereo sound of the 4 speakers<br />

on the iPad Pro brought everything in our office<br />

to a halt, as my colleagues had to find out<br />

what was going on.<br />

To support the new possibilities of the Apple<br />

device, our development department has adapted<br />

the format of the APPKiosk and PROKiosk<br />

to suit the new capabilities of the iPad Pro. Now<br />

you are able to see more magazines right away<br />

on our start page of the APPKiosk & PROKiosk!<br />

Page 7




!<br />

<br />

Via the Internet, digital publications can be<br />

distributed worldwide in seconds, so you<br />

reach distant markets and new customers<br />

around the world.<br />

Converting your magazine, brochure or prospectus<br />

into an e-paper magazine requires no<br />

additional work for designers or producers.<br />

Yumpu e-paper magazines makes it easy for you<br />

to reach more people and customers with content<br />

you already have, in a new digital format.<br />

E-paper magazines are still quite a young format<br />

in digital publishing, so they attract much<br />

more reade rattention than most other formats.<br />

The reader behavior which is very similar<br />

to analog magazines with intuitive page<br />

turning, is naturally supported behavior for<br />

all magazine readers.<br />

A much bigger range, use of already existing<br />

and proven content in conjunction with a<br />

new digital e-publishing format, will result in<br />

higher visibility and more sales opportunities.<br />

The awareness of your brand will be improved<br />

by using a new digital format like the yumpu<br />

e-paper magazine, and will leave a modern and<br />

innovative impression on your customers.<br />

Page 9

765.6<strong>07</strong><br />

publishers<br />

6.7<strong>16</strong><br />

educational<br />

institutions<br />

190<br />

countries<br />

Yumpu audience reach<br />

status July 20<strong>16</strong>

20.317<br />

cities<br />

36.114.228<br />

magazines<br />

555.996.191<br />

views<br />

6.838<br />

governments,<br />


Yumpu on Alexa website ranking<br />

rank<br />

5.843<br />


TOP<br />

1000<br />

TOP<br />

5000<br />

TOP<br />

10,000<br />

In Germany, Austria, Denmark<br />

and Switzerland<br />

In the UK, France, Brazil,<br />

Mexico and Holland<br />

In the USA, Australia, Arabia,<br />

Turkey and Hong Kong

What is Alexa.com?<br />

·<br />

An Amazon.com company<br />

Worldwide website ranking<br />

640 M. sites in the ranking<br />

·<br />

Evaluation with chart from<br />

rank 100.000 upwards<br />

At this point it is more than appropriate to<br />

thank all employees, customers and readers<br />

equally, because this wonderful success<br />

would not have been possible without YOU!<br />


Reading ePapers<br />


e-mail adress<br />



Win new prospects<br />

and customers<br />

with Yumpu<br />

Have you been distributing tons of leaflets<br />

without getting to know any of your prospective<br />

customers personally? Do you want to<br />

be able to address anonymous visitors and<br />

readers of your website directly by name?<br />

With our new feature “lead generation” we<br />

offer the perfect solution: Asking the customer<br />

for their e-mail address or a “like” on<br />

Facebook for access to your publications!<br />

Page 15

Your benefits<br />

+ You constantly gain new prospects<br />

and customers<br />

+ You are familiar with your readers'<br />

names and e-mail addresses<br />

+ Your newsletter distribution grows<br />

with every newly registered reader<br />

+ New publications can be sent directly to<br />

your prospective and current customers<br />

+ Customer data is constantly expanding<br />

through freely accessible information<br />

Page <strong>16</strong>

Page 17

10 Benefits of the<br />

Yumpu WEBKiosk<br />

and how YOU can<br />

make the most of it!<br />

The WEBKiosk is an easy way to share your<br />

magazines with customers, friends and family.<br />

Decide yourself which magazine to display on<br />

the landing page! Create your own collections,<br />

categories or selections and offer visitors an<br />

overview of your various publications. Subdivide<br />

languages or topics according to your<br />

individual requirements. All of this is quick and<br />

easy to do with the Yumpu WEBKiosk Drag &<br />

Drop Editor.<br />

The Yumpu WEBKiosk is exactly what you make<br />

of it! Apart from simply creating magazines, it<br />

offers you many other exciting and interesting<br />

possibilities of use.<br />

Page 18

Here are just some examples<br />

1. Linking your Social Media profile straight from the WEBKiosk<br />

2. News for Yumpu followers – sent out automatically<br />

3. Display your ads, products or homepage<br />

4. Controlled access with individual logins for subscribers<br />

5. Newsletter service for subscribers<br />

6. Embedded services such as maps and web forms<br />

7. Freely design your content blocks<br />

8. Footer for company and contact information<br />

9. SmartBanner for Apps on MacOS and Android<br />

10. Yumpu WEBKiosk can also be displayed on your own domain<br />

Sign up now for the free Yumpu WEBKiosk and try the pro features<br />

for 30 days free of charge! Enjoy<br />


Page 20

Introducing the<br />

WEBKiosk Drag &<br />

Drop system in<br />

under 2 minutes<br />

Welcome to the Yumpu WEBKiosk – the simple<br />

way to share your magazines with customers,<br />

friends, family and the world. Get a quick overview<br />

of the new possibilities that are waiting<br />

for you at the Yumpu WebKiosk!<br />

INFO<br />

Try our Yumpu WEBKiosk for 30 days free<br />

of charge!<br />


Page 21




CEO<br />

Benjamin Skardarasy, entrepreneur, hotelier<br />

and publisher of La Loupe, one of the<br />

most successful tourism magazines in the<br />

Alps, had this to say about Yumpu:<br />

“As a publisher of a magazine reliant on ad<br />

sales, I feel it is important that La Loupe is<br />

widely accessible so that its readers can, at<br />

no cost, connect with it throughout the globe,<br />

whether on their iPhone, iPad, or LaLoupe's<br />

Kiosk on Yumpu's Homepage.”<br />

“Interest in La Loupe has certainly increased<br />

with La Loupe's presence on Yumpu as an<br />

online and app magazine. Current advertisers<br />

are receiving feedback from readers, as well<br />

as via Yumpu's La Loupe Kiosk and La Loupe's<br />

homepage. This type of feedback would not be

possible through traditional print channels.<br />

The increased online presence will certainly<br />

attract new advertising clients.”<br />

“These days the iPad and iPhone, relatively<br />

recent innovations, are wowing audiences.<br />

In two years' time they'll be considered the<br />

standard and we won't be able to imagine<br />

a world without them. I'm confident that<br />

in this timeframe digital magazine publishing<br />

will transform beyond the capacity for<br />

readers to turn pdf pages online. Why?<br />

Readers want more than what print production<br />

offers. They want added-value features<br />

such as videos, photo galleries, animation,<br />

etc. This is already possible with Yumpu's<br />

online magazines.” “In five years, if the tablet<br />

market continues its growth trajectory, it's<br />

possible that the print market will continue<br />

to shrink and that magazines will be read<br />

exclusively on tablets. Certainly print books<br />

and magazines will continue to be produced,<br />

yet with the rapid pace of development, it<br />

will become the norm to read magazines on<br />

a tablet or an e-reader.”<br />

“From a publishing point-of-view, the advantage<br />

to publishing magazines online, as Yumpu<br />

does, not only saves in actual printing costs,<br />

but also makes a significant contribution to<br />

the environment, something that should<br />

not be underestimated as we move into the<br />

future. This means that cost savings can be<br />

reinvested into quality journalism. Also part<br />

of the budget can be focused on improving<br />

online production.”<br />

Page 25

LA LOUPE APPKiosk:<br />

Earning income with WebKiosk<br />

LA LOUPE uses WebKiosk as its own online<br />

magazine. The WebKiosk has additional advantages.<br />

You have the option to sell and<br />

manage advertisting space. In addition, your<br />

domain can be added through WebKiosk and<br />

can be set to be ad-free.<br />

SEQ optimizes your online profile<br />

SEQ optimizes LA LOUPE's online profile<br />

with photos, logos and text as well as specific<br />

tags (keywords used in searches), so that<br />

the magazine has a higher search ranking on<br />

Google. Since a search will return a series of<br />

already-published magazines, an increase in<br />

readers can be expected.<br />

LA LOUPE WEBKiosk<br />

LA LOUPE Profil<br />

Page 26


NOTES<br />

30<br />

31<br />

32<br />

33<br />

34<br />

35<br />

36<br />

37<br />

Picture galleries design upgrade<br />

Yumpu engine room<br />

Higher Speed<br />

Improved performance & faster loading<br />

Hotspot color now freely selectable<br />

New Java Script Player<br />

New: Yumpu Insights<br />



Picture galleries receive a new design upgrade<br />

A more elegant design as well as the possibility to view picture galleries in full screen mode<br />

are new updates that our programmers have successfully implemented recently. Now, customer<br />

and product photos can be displayed in full screen mode with high resolution. Within the<br />

e-paper magazine, the photos can be displayed in a picture gallery and the readers are able to<br />

flick through them directly.<br />

NEW<br />

Our customers now have the possibility to upload their entire photo albums from Flickr directly<br />

into their picture gallery.<br />

Page 30

Visit the engine room of Yumpu<br />

Seeing at one glance if all systems are running properly is not only important for us at Yumpu,<br />

but also for our customers. With our new status page, you have a constant overview of our<br />

systems. Where, when and why there are systemic downtimes can also be viewed after the<br />

fact. Another new feature is that you get live information about Yumpu's system status via the<br />

Twitter DEV Channel!<br />

Visit the engine room >><br />

Page 31


Higher speed – New process now converts PDF files 50 % faster into an e-magazine!<br />

Our development department has successfully increased the conversion speed from PDF<br />

to an e-paper magazine by 50%. The newly improved process now requires only half of the<br />

time to create an e-paper magazine! Thus, the new e-paper magazine can be delivered to the<br />

customer faster than before!<br />

Page 32

Improved performance & faster loading times of Yumpu APPKiosk and PROKiosk<br />

In the past our readers had to wait until the entire magazine was downloaded before they<br />

could read it. Now we have significantly improved this process!<br />

Now the readers can see and read the magazine while the content is in a direct downloading<br />

process from the server. This process gives the reader much faster access to the magazine,<br />

without noticing the technical process behind the scenes.<br />

Page 33


New Features for the Hotspot Editor – color and transparency now freely selectable!<br />

Our support team clearly understood the customer requirements about individually selectable<br />

color design of hotspots with the hotspot editor, and passed the request on to the development<br />

department. Now a first update is already available with new, improved options.<br />

Free color selection of hotspots: Now, hotspots can be adjusted to the color of a company's corporate<br />

design or to any color you wish to select for your customer magazine. You will find this<br />

setting in the edit magazine area!<br />

Setting Hotspot transparency: In the same service area, there is also the possibility to freely select<br />

a color transparency from 0-100%. In the edit magazine area, the mouseover effects can also<br />

be adjusted to your needs.<br />

Page 34

New JS Player allows customers interactive control from their own server<br />

The newly revised Java Script Player provides our customers with significant opportunities to<br />

have more influence on the magazine-player itself. The JS Player can now be controlled and<br />

adapted directly from your server, as the code can be hosted on the customer server now.<br />

Numerous new adjustment options and maximal flexibility for design ideas are some of the<br />

significant advances of this update.<br />

INFO<br />

Those who want to have more information about this topic, take a look at our Developer page!<br />

Click here for the DEV page >><br />

Page 35


New: Yumpu InSight - our new monthly e-paper magazine<br />

Our online product updates are now becoming a monthly e-paper Magazine! Published in<br />

a “digital only” format, the e-paper “released notes” should deliver an insight into the latest<br />

updates and monthly upgrades to our customers.<br />

Never miss another important update!<br />

Page 36


New Multi User Account with improved rights management<br />

Now customers can use their Yumpu account as a “multi-user account”, they can share it<br />

with other persons and give them right of access. This allows our customers to optimally<br />

work together with others in- and outside the company.<br />

Your benefits as a Yumpu customer:<br />

+ Company: Account access for multiple individuals within the company<br />

+ Agencies: Improved cooperation of advertisers with their clients<br />

+ Educational institutions: Simple management of community publications<br />

+ General: More security – right of access to persons – grant and termination of rights<br />

Page 37

SUPPORT:<br />

FAQ<br />

40<br />

41<br />

42<br />

44<br />

46<br />

47<br />

48<br />

Enhance the display quality of a magazine<br />

Remove Yumpu branding<br />

Add a domain/subdomain to WEBKiosk<br />

Update an existing magazine<br />

Best PDF settings<br />

Sharing publications on Facebook<br />

<strong>YUMPU</strong> FEATURES

How can I enhance the display quality of my magazine?<br />

magazine quality<br />

rendering<br />

zoom quality<br />

I want my magazine to have a higher resolution and be more sharp. How can I do that?<br />

All users with an AdFREE plan or higher, automatically get HD rendering quality. Also, if you own the AdFREE plan or higher, you can<br />

edit the so called “Zoom factor” in your magazine settings. By adjusting the slider you can control how high the resolution in the zoom<br />

mode should be.<br />

Page 40

Remove Yumpu Branding<br />

remove yumpu branding remove yumpu logo yumpu branding<br />

Can I remove the Yumpu logo from my magazines?<br />

Page 41

Add a domain/subdomain to WEBKiosk<br />

WEBKiosk<br />

webkiosk domain<br />

webkiosk subdomain<br />

How can I add a new subdomain to my WEBKiosk?<br />

Benefits of using your own Domain for your WEBKiosk<br />

1. High trust by visitors because they already know the domain. Users who come from your main website won’t have to leave<br />

the domain they are already on.<br />

2. Links always referr to your own domain, which increases your domains strength and popularity, for search engine<br />

optimiziation purposes.<br />

3. Search engines index your magazines directly on your domain, which is more likely to be clicked<br />

Why does my Kiosk need a DNS configuration?<br />

The Domain Name Server (DNS) of your Domain, is managed by your hoster. Yumpu needs to know which Domain/Subdomain points<br />

to the Kiosk and your hoster needs to know, which domain (www.mydomain.com) or subdomain (subdomain.mydomain.com) should<br />

be reffered to Yumpu.<br />

To assign a domain/subdomain to your WEBKiosk do the following:<br />

- Go to “Edit WEBKiosk” - Click on “Add” at the “Domain” column<br />

Page 42

Add a domain/subdomain to WEBKiosk<br />

- Enter your domain/subdomain (no “www” or “http://”)<br />

- Click on “Save”.<br />

Now you have to change the CNAME entry at your domain/subdomain. If you don’t have a subdomain yet, you need to create one at<br />

your hoster. Then enter “yumpu.com” as the CNAME entry of your domain/subdomain. Now everything is configured. Depending on<br />

your hoster you may have to wait up to 24 hours until the changes take effect.<br />

Test the configuration<br />

So können sie ihren Nameserver Eintrag testen:<br />

Here's how you can test your nameserver entry:<br />

1. Open the website http://ping.eu/nslookup/<br />

2. Enter your Domain<br />

3. Example result if the nameserver entry is correct:<br />

----- Ping.eu<br />

Server:<br /><br />

Address:<br /><br />

Non-authoritative answer:<br />

webkiosk.meinedomain.de canonical name = www.yumpu.com.<br />

www.yumpu.com canonical name = yumpu.com.<br />

Name:<br />

yumpu.com<br />

Address:<br /><br />

----- Ping.eu<br />

Page 43

How can I update an existing magazine?<br />

update existing magazine<br />

Update magazine<br />

I want to upload a new revision of an existing magazine.<br />

Welcome to the Screencast “Updating an existing magazine”<br />

Yumpu users with an adFree account or higher can simply replace existing documents with their new versions. Thus, no likes, links or<br />

followers will be lost. Let’s take a look at our sample magazine. Let’s say that we want to retroactively edit the image and text of the<br />

cover without losing any other part of the magazine e.g. hotspots like videos, audios, or links. With Yumpu this can easily be done.<br />

Page 44

How can I update an existing magazine?<br />

After logging into our account, we select “My Magazines” from the menu in the Document Manager and click the “Edit magazine”<br />

button next to the desired publication.<br />

If you have already created hotspots like videos or other multimedia elements, then save those first so they can be use 1:1 in the new<br />

version. To do so, we activate the Hotspot Editor under “Add page element to your magazine”.<br />

Now, we click on the “CSV” button in the toolbar on the left. In the pop-up window, we select “Export”. After selecting the desired<br />

format the download of the file starts. In our case, we will select the CSV format.<br />

Now, we close the window and return via the button on the top left to the settings screen where we continue in the editing mode of<br />

the selected magazine. We scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the button “Upload a new revision”.<br />

Now, we select and upload the new version of our magazine. In the following query, we can define whether language and elements<br />

can be recognized automatically. In our case, we choose “Yes”. Clicking the blue button on the bottom-right will start the upload.<br />

Immediately, Yumpu publishes the new version. However, we can always revert back to the older version. This is how version<br />

management is done with Yumpu. It’s that simple. In the last step, we will import the hotspots back into our document.<br />

To do so, we access the Hotspot Editor again, click on the CSV symbol in the toolbar on the left, and select the previously downloaded<br />

CSV file for import. In the upper right-hand corner, we will close the window.<br />

Now, we go back to our WEBKiosk. The old cover is still visible and after briefly browsing the magazine, the video is visible as well.<br />

But once we refresh the page, our new cover will be displayed as well as the video which we had added to one of the pages further<br />

back. See how easy it is to update your magazines with Yumpu?!<br />

Yumpu – We change the way people read content.<br />

Page 45

Best PDF settings<br />

best pdf settings<br />

yumpu pdf configuration<br />

How an i optimize my PDF for Yumpu? What are the best settings and configurations?<br />

To make sure your digital publication looks as good as your PDF, we recommend you follow these PDF specifications:<br />

- PDF is not secured<br />

- PDF only contains single pages, all pages of the magazine in one PDF file (note: Yumpu also detects when the first page is a<br />

single page and then following pages are double pages)<br />

- Used fonts are embedded in the PDF<br />

- Texts are intact and vector, so no outlines or bitmap (note: you should be able to select and copy the text from the PDF file)<br />

- PDF contains no hidden layers (e.g. no old text layers with other objects placed over it)<br />

- PDF is optimized to (a minimum of) 180 DPI<br />

- All pages must have the same size<br />

- Pages are cropped and contain no visible cutting lines<br />

Page 46

Sharing publications on Facebook<br />

Facebook share magazines share magazines on facebook<br />

How can I share my magazines on Facebook?<br />

Magazines shared on Facebook can be read there directly. Your readers don’t have to change the website which generates trust.<br />

If you want to share a magazine follow these steps:<br />

1. Open the magazine you want to share<br />

2. To have the best marketing effect possible first check if the magazine has a nice looking cover and a informative description.<br />

3. Below the magazine you can find the “Share” Button<br />

4. Then click on the Facebook Icon<br />

5. Add a description and then post the magazine<br />

Page 47

Free Publish<br />

WEB PUB<br />

<strong>YUMPU</strong><br />


Our feature pages are here to introduce<br />

and explain all of our features and options.<br />

Additionally, under each feature box you<br />

will find a link to the corresponding support<br />

article. Select topics will also feature their<br />

own “image sliders” to further illustrate and<br />

explaining the feature.<br />


WebKiosk<br />

100% White Label<br />

and many features<br />

publishers and bu<br />



Your online kiosk is a c<br />

where your magazines<br />

arranged in shelves an<br />

advantage is that the in<br />

has a good overview, fi<br />

looking for. The WEBKi<br />

magazines, news and l<br />

media in one spot. All t<br />

Corporate Design.<br />

Help: What is a WEBKi<br />

Page 48

ing Magazine Publishing Web Publishing Mobile Publishing Developer Publishing<br />


solution with your own online kiosk<br />

on your own domain. Perfect for<br />

siness customers.<br />

WN<br />





entral location<br />

are clearly<br />

WebKiosk<br />

Every single kiosk element is managed<br />

with the WEBKiosk Layout-Editor. Adjust<br />

WebKiosk<br />

Particular design desires can be directly<br />

implemented per CSS Styles. If desired<br />

d categorized. The<br />

brand logo, colours and menu items and<br />

elements are not included, it is possible<br />

terested reader<br />

add links to the RSS News Feed and your<br />

to add special solutions via HTML-Code<br />

nds what he is<br />

social media sites. Based on your pre-<br />

to your WEBKiosk to ensure the perfect<br />

osk bundles all<br />

settings and assorting measures of your<br />

appearance of your contents. For<br />

inks to your social<br />

magazine in shelves and sub-areas, you<br />

example, you may integrate a login for<br />

hat in your own<br />

are capable of creating an appealing<br />

your Newsletter or a tool for Support<br />

kiosk for your readers.<br />

issues.<br />

osk?<br />

Help: Getting started WEBKiosk<br />

Help: Edit WEBKiosk<br />

Page 49

News from the<br />

<strong>YUMPU</strong> LAB

from e-paper<br />

magazine to a new<br />

promotional video<br />

Beta Version<br />

Beta testers were excited when they first saw their<br />

Yumpu e-paper magazines converted to their own<br />

promotional videos! Our developers are confident:<br />

“This new feature will more than excite our customers.<br />

Even single magazine pages can be selected and<br />

converted right away into a new promotional video!”<br />

INFO! Of course, the newly created promotional video<br />

can also be embedded into your own website or shared<br />

directly on your social media channels – See for<br />

yourself and take a look at the new possibilities!<br />

How to convert a page-turning magazine<br />

into a promotional video >><br />

Page 52

promotional video?<br />

Page 53

<strong>YUMPU</strong><br />



Isabelle Nussbaumer<br />

Since February I've been part of the online Marketing Team of<br />

Yumpu. I enjoy exploring the various opportunities the world<br />

of digital media offers. Having studied Strategic Management,<br />

specializing in Branding, I see my supporting properties in<br />

coordinating and communicating with freelancers.<br />

SALES<br />

Thorsten Gruber<br />

For me, Yumpu is far more than an e-paper magazine. It is a<br />

new approach to interacting with customers. I am part of the<br />

Sales & Customer Management Team and I provide you with<br />

new marketing ideas from the digital publishing field. I am<br />

looking forward to helping you turn your publications into an<br />

exciting customer experience. Together, we can explore new<br />

offbeat ideas to excite your readers.<br />

SALES<br />

Josef Reiner<br />

I've been working for Yumpu since April, supporting the sales<br />

and customer care team. I realy love the endless possibilities<br />

offered to us by the Internet. I would describe myself as modern<br />

– and open minded for new innovations. “For me Yumpu<br />

is the Youtube for digital publications! Simply exciting!”<br />

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www.yumpu.com<br />

[i]-magazine AG<br />

support@yumpu.com<br />

Gewerbestraße 3<br />

Diepoldsau, Schweiz 9444

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