SUR ZINE // ISSUE 2 // wish you could've been there

SUR ZINE // ISSUE 2 // wish you could've been there


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Life is a series of moments,<br />

touchstones, and memories.<br />

We record these in our mind,<br />

in photographs, stories, music<br />

and artwork. Everything<br />

creative that we put out into<br />

the world is a celebration of<br />

life, its dynamics, and growth.<br />

<strong>SUR</strong> is platform to share these<br />

experiences and creations.<br />

+ California based and inspired<br />

+ Issue 2 | wish you could’ve been there<br />

Contributors:<br />

Evan Burkin<br />

Mitch Weibert<br />

Marie Cheng<br />

Daniella Islas<br />

Editor:<br />

Daniella Islas

A Classification of Kingdoms<br />

A dusting<br />

Of heavenly bodies<br />

Dress the stone path.<br />

By Evan Burkin<br />

Their bodies<br />

Abandoned<br />

Against the spine<br />

Of her neck.<br />

She feels the avenue<br />

of Apollo’s glance<br />

the splinters of sundarts<br />

flung from his hand<br />

the bite of warmth<br />

baits the skin.<br />

Her breath<br />

A pouring<br />

Of atom-storms<br />

That curl at her collar.<br />

To be crossed<br />

And courted<br />

In the boughs.

untitled nyc<br />

By Daniella Islas<br />

Elbows out<br />

crossing the streets<br />

subliminal walls of light and words<br />

walk me to the station<br />

2nd avenue platform calling<br />

any line moving towards Washington Square<br />

I want a pigeon on my head<br />

guerrilla Shakespeare<br />

and beats<br />

from bucket drums to an upright banjo bass<br />

under a cottoned and blue sky

The Shit Piles Up Quickly<br />

By Mitch Weibert<br />

At a particular point in space-time on the long, long road to nowhere, a young<br />

man disappeared. It is almost certain nobody cared much. At most 150 people could<br />

have really cared. What is 150 divided by 8 billion anyway? He had dreams too, like<br />

so many do . . . So many myths for us to get caught up in . . . Just love who you have<br />

and be practical. Not that dreams are bad, but it seems so few of us can really take it<br />

all . . . We just get eaten alive by the world and that’s it. The young man was doing<br />

his best. . . But the shit piles up quickly. And we are never seen again.

Just a little rest<br />

climb the rock<br />

come on<br />

Strip our sweaters and<br />

lay out<br />

the jackets we didn't<br />

need<br />

Central Park<br />

By Daniella Islas<br />

just today<br />

Never seen a more<br />

beautiful sky<br />

in a city<br />

dead center of a<br />

lifestyle<br />

I can only watch from<br />

a rock<br />

heating bodies and a<br />

taunting cool<br />

just today

Marie Cheng

Life drawings<br />

Art by Marie Cheng<br />

Of the Greater Los<br />

Angeles area<br />

Storyteller and<br />

doodler with a BFA<br />

in Digital Arts –<br />


The Newsstand (2013-14) by Lele Saveri (1980) mixed-media installation || MoMA

When I'm cold, I think about<br />

sitting in the subway. My<br />

friends and I ready to brace<br />

ourselves against the wind<br />

when we returned above<br />

ground.<br />

I think about the only time I<br />

truly enjoyed Times Square.<br />

Empty, and walking through at<br />

5 a.m. as the sidewalks were<br />

being swept, my breath visible<br />

in front of me, with the lights<br />

leading us to our beds.

+ Blog: surcreate.com<br />

+ Instagram: @surcreate<br />

+ Email: surcreate@gmail.com

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