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WNIP JUL AUG 19.4 Digital

WNIP JUL AUG 19.4 Digital

6 Replace thermocouples

6 Replace thermocouples easily with non-contact temperature sensors The new PyroNFC-K is a miniature infrared temperature sensor that is quick and easy to install in place of a traditional thermocouple probe. Industrial processes have used thermocouples for temperature measurement for more than 100 years, but non-contact sensors are now increasingly used in The new LTF Series have been added to the family of L-GAGE® laser sensors. Featuring time-of-flight technology, the laser measurement sensor ensures accurate distance measurements out to 12 meters. By emitting a pulsed light, the LTF measures the amount of time for the light to reflect off the object and return to the sensor to calculate the distance. This enables sensing in longrange applications, including loop control, part presence or absence and fill level. their place thanks to proven, modern infrared measurement technology. Traditional contact probes have several drawbacks such as slow response time, as well as susceptibility to mechanical failure and vibration, which can all be overcome simply by switching to infrared pyrometers. The fully-configurable PyroNFC-K has a simulated thermocouple output, making it easier than ever to start using IR temperature sensors in place of thermocouples. Its side-entry cable and length of just 29 mm make it easy to mount in confined spaces. The pyrometer works by measuring the amount of radiation that a surface emits, and converting that into a meaningful temperature reading within 0.125 seconds. The output works just like the old Type K thermocouple that it replaces, and is connected in the same way to the same instrumentation with no need to re-configure. Then all the sensor needs to start measuring is a supply of 6 to 8 V DC. Measurements are highly repeatable, within 0.5% or 0.5°C, helping to ensure consistent product quality in manufacturing processes. Non-reflective non-metals are measured easily and accurately straight out of the box and painted 19.4 metals are also no problem. The sensor can be configured for emissivity setting, averaging, peak or valley hold processing and reflective energy compensation – without even connecting the power – via the free Android app for NFC-enabled phones. If the sensor is powered, the temperature reading is shown continuously while the phone is held against it. The included open drain alarm output (standard on all models) can be used simultaneously with the temperature output. A version with a linear voltage output is also available. Laser measurement sensor provides superior durability and precision measurement The LTF offers the best-inclass combination of accuracy, repeatability and range. Designed with a Class 2 laser emitter with small, highly visible spot, the LTF provides easy sensor alignment and high excess gain. The same sensor that provides repeatability of less than 7 millimetres and accuracy of plus or minus 10 millimetres can also reliably detect dark targets past 7 meters and white targets at 12 meters. In addition to precision distance measurement, the LTF delivers consistent detection of targets regardless of the angle, environmental conditions or ambient light conditions. The dynamically adjusted laser sensor can also sense objects with varying materials and shapes. The laser power increases output for dark targets or objects at steep angles, while reducing power for shiny targets. According to the manufacturer, no other sensor on the market is going to give you the same combination of range, repeatability and accuracy as the LTF. With high excess gain, high reliability and durable performance, the LTF ensures accurate sensing for challenging targets. With easy, ready-to-use operation, the LTF starts measuring right out of the box. In just three simple steps, the sensor can be quickly mounted, aligned and provide real-time measurement. Users can also select from several TEACH modes, including 2-point teach, mid-point teach, switch point teach and push button adjust, to accommodate diverse applications. Advanced measurement modes, delay timers and crosstalk avoidance capability are also available. Featuring an intuitive twoline, eight-character display, the LTF makes adjustments and menu navigation simple and easy to read. Additionally, the bright LED indicators provide clear status indication for analogue output, discrete output and power. To satisfy applications in harsh environmental conditions, the LTF features durable IP67-rated diecast zinc housing. brandon.topham@ New DC/DC converter for photovoltaic applications With the new DC/DC converter from the Uno Power product range, the control cabinet is supplied directly from the photovoltaic system. This saves installation costs and increases the efficiency of the system. The DC/DC converter enables direct connection to string voltages. As such, the string combiner box is supplied from the photovoltaic system and there are no additional installation costs. With its wide-range input, the device converts input voltages between 700 V and 1000 V into an electrically isolated 24 V output voltage. Thanks to its robust design, it works reliably at temperatures between -25°C and +70°C. Thanks to the compact housing and high efficiency of more than 90 percent, it can also be used in small control boxes. The LED function monitoring simplifies startup and the UL-1741 certification facilitates the approval of the overall system.

7 19.4 Two new solutions for string combiners Two new innovative solutions for photovoltaic systems: the string combiner box (SCB) for 1500 V is designed for systems with system voltages up to 1500 V. It can be used to collect and distribute string currents as well as to provide protection against dangerous lightning currents and surge voltages for 1500 V technology, which is becoming increasingly important. The components specifically developed for this technology are installed in an intelligent SCB that has been tailor-made for individual applications. The compact string combiner box with external string fuse now also features an integrated power supply. This arrangement allows for a compact design, very low temperature development inside the control box, and Leading M2M Platform operation under extreme ambient conditions. The monitoring system with built-in DC/DC converter is supplied directly from the system voltage for the photovoltaic system. With the compact version, you can reduce mounting and installation costs significantly during installation. The external string fuses can be replaced quickly and easily as required, without using any special tools, due to the spring connection technology. Furthermore, the compact SCB also performs tasks such as collecting and distributing string currents, providing protection against damage caused by surge voltages, and monitoring the performance of the system. These intelligent solution concepts ensure the high performance and availability of the photovoltaic system. Both control boxes help to further reduce the overall system costs for these systems. These solutions therefore bring us one step closer to making solar energy a costeffective alternative to power generation from fossil fuels. Smart machines accurately and consistently capture and communicate data that enables early detection of inefficiencies and problems resulting in significant time and cost savings, and supports business intelligence efforts. Connecting machines and consolidating their data with the relevant context models to make information available for business intelligence is achieved seamlessly with the Adroit M2M Platform. Adroit is a customisable hardware and software platform that enables rapid deployment and integration of cloud-based data for monitoring and control purposes. The Adroit M2M Platform was created with a view to making it easy to build individual monitoring and control applications. It consists of hardware that acquires and transfers data to the I/O Server software in the cloud. The data can then be visualised, alarmed and put into databases for real-time operations or reporting purposes. Being suited to various markets and monitoring applications there are various solution options available. The Adroit M2M Platform will make your networked connections more relevant and valuable.

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