Mission UpReach - 2016 Year-End Campaign

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“I have come that they may have

life and have it to the full.”

John 10:10

2016 Year-End

Fundraising Campaign

“…developing and

equipping local

Christian leaders to

establish self-led,


and self-replicating




In 2008, Phil and Donna Waldron

followed a call to reach the people

of Western Honduras by initiating a

conventional model of missionaryled

church planting. Once there, they

quickly discovered a foundation of

poverty throughout the region. The

systemic poverty, marked by extreme

economic upheaval and political

instability, fed a culture of widespread

corruption and oppression of

women’s and children’s rights. Phil

and Donna realized that ministry

in this turbulent region required a

radically different model.

This situation led to a new vision

for Mission UpReach (MUR) to

transform the culture of Western

Honduras through the gospel of

Jesus Christ. At the core would be

developing and equipping local

Christian leaders to establish self-led,

self-sustaining, and self-replicating

congregations with one outcome to

be cultural change that meets the

physical, mental, and spiritual needs

of their community. This new model

would result in exponential expansion

of the Lord’s church using Honduran

leadership and without prolonged

support from North American


Therefore, the Waldrons embarked

to develop Christian leaders through

a variety of initiatives that could

be replicated as we demonstrated

success in each one: one congregation,

one school, one person, one brigade.





In 2015, we began to implement what

we call “The John 1010 Generation”,

a focus on using all of our various

ministries to accomplish the goal of

building self-sustaining congregations

of the Lord’s church. The graph at right

shows our plan for multiplying sustained

growth over the next 20 years. The

pyramid above will help you understand

how each of the ministries revealed in the

coming pages fits into this overall plan.

Roll forward the events seven

years and a wave of transformation

is occurring in Christ’s church in this

region. In the process of identifying

and developing Christian leaders, we

have initiated collaborative efforts

to provide healthcare, education,

counseling, and vocational training,

with the core ministry as and always

to be equipping disciples for Christ.

Community relationships gained

through our support ministries

engage individuals to join leadership

development and discipleship

courses. These programs provide

the training needed to build selfsustaining

congregations of Christ’s

church as the vessel for hope in

each community. We refer to this

impressive growth as The John

1010 Generation – with the goal of

developing local leaders to launch

1010 self-led, self-sustaining, and

self-replicating congregations so that

“they will have life and have it to the

fullest” (John 10:10).

The John


Equipping Disciples


In 2009, Santa Rosa de Copan

had one congregation. During

the next few years, CREO boot

camps and CRESCO theological

studies grew into core programs

for developing local Christian

leaders. By 2016, the largest

body, the Belén congregation,

regularly has 225 in attendance.

Nine other autonomous, selfsustaining

congregations have

been formed. Over 50 locations

with seedling congregations

have been identified where

our evangelistic methods are

being implemented to create

transformed congregations. Our

leadership trainers are currently

collaborating with support

ministries to open doors in

20 other communities that do

not have congregations. There

were 450 baptisms in 2015 with

the total since founding of the

mission approaching 2,000






Consider Jormar, who began

attending our boot camp leadership

training sessions and soon graduated

faster than anyone else ever had.

We recently hired him to work as a

church planter and help us continue

to spread the John 1010 Generation

throughout Western Honduras.






Public School


In 2011, the DESEO program

was launched at one school.

Today, nine public schools

receive weekly instruction and

the program directly influences

the lives of over 1,200 students.

As a support program, we are

excited to collaborate with the

local public school system to

bring Bible-based values, health

and hygiene, safety, and morals

to the local citizens. In addition

to the instruction provided

in the school classrooms, our

after-school tutoring and sports

programs are inviting families

into the environment of the

transformational churches that

are spreading throughout the

region. The work of DESEO is

an excellent example of how

doors are opened through social

programs to increase receptivity

and acceptance for church

planting teams.

Carlos is a Santa Rosa native who first encountered

MUR when the DESEO team invited him and some of his

classmates to participate in a high school basketball league.

Carlos is now an active member of the local church and has

helped bring many of his friends into saving relationships

with Christ. By bringing so many young people to Christ,

Carlos is helping strengthen the John 1010 Generation.



Women’s Shelter/

Family & Marriage


In 2011, our Dulce Refugio

women’s center opened with

one young woman, Yeni.

Dulce Refugio allowed us to

address the all too common

abuse of young Honduran

women. In addition, Dulce

Refugio provides a way

for these young women to

see the beauty of a solid,

Christian marriage and family

relationship, some of them for

the first time. Since 2011, 10

young women have received

support in this shelter.

In a related ministry,

over 65 couples have

realized the power of a

monogamous relationship

through Christian counseling

and have exchanged their

common law partnership

arrangements for legal and

scriptural marriages. These

new unions, as well as the

women who have been a part

of Dulce Refugio, continue

to strengthen congregations

and demonstrate the types of

families that help the church


One young woman

escaped to Dulce Refugio

after being kicked out of her

house because she would not

submit to sexual abuse by a

man who was living with her

mother. During her time in

the program, she worked and

graduated from high school.

Now she is married with a

new son and is an instructor

at one of the DESEO schools.

Even her abuser has repented,

married her mother, and has

come to know Christ. This

young woman’s opportunity

to influence these children

for Christ on a daily basis is

helping spread the good news

of Jesus and furthering the

John 1010 Generation.









Medical Brigades

and Other Social Works



In 2009, MUR hosted one

brigade (short-term mission

group) with a dozen people.

In 2016, 20 brigades with

a total of 350 participants,

will serve and share Christ’s

love with 11,000 Hondurans.

These teams work in

the areas where we have

churches or plans to launch

churches in the near future.

Activities include medical

clinics, vacation bible

schools, construction, and

more. As a support ministry,

brigades show an example of

Christ’s love and service to

the local community while

our church planters gain

respect and receptivity in the


Rachel has participated

in spring break brigades

with her home congregation

in Fort Worth, TX since she

was a junior in high school.

After seeing the incredible

work happening in Western

Honduras, she joined

our team for a summer

internship, where she helped

organize the same medical

brigades she had attended

with her congregation.

Through her work at the

medical brigades, showing

the love of Christ to people

in towns all around Western

Honduras, Rachel has

helped further the John 1010


Our collaboration with

the Sunset International

Bible Institute’s Adventures

In Missions program has

added a significant amount

of energy and resources to

the work. This is specifically

seen throughout our social

work programs and also in

support of DESEO and The

Moses Project. Our first

AIMer arrived in 2014 and,

to date, we have enjoyed the

partnership of 17 AIMers.

Vocational Training



In 2015, we were gifted a young men will return to

program called The Moses their communities with

Project, which was founded the tools required to be

by another faith-based productive citizens and

organization. The Moses Christian leaders. In this

Project is now a 120-acre way, The Moses Project is

agricultural training center. a support ministry that

As many as 50 young men helps us bring Christ into

can be housed in the 10,000 many surrounding, rural

square foot dormitory. communities. As a bonus,

The project focuses on we are projecting that the

training these young men revenue generated from

in best-practice farming, the fish, coffee, and poultry

academics leading to production from the farm

the completion of their will make the project fully

high school degrees, and self-supporting, even

spiritual training through providing excess funds

our CREO and CRESCO that can be used in other

courses. Upon completing ministries.

their training, these





Consider Franklin, who is from a small village in Western

Honduras. He came to The Moses Project to learn

sustainable farming practices and ended up learning

about Christ as well. Now Franklin is a new Christian,

interning at The Moses Project while attending university.

Franklin will be spreading the John 1010 Generation when

he graduates from CREO and returns to his hometown to

spread the good news of Christ.


Annual Campaign

So we are launching our 2016

Annual Fundraising Campaign

with the goal of raising one

million dollars to support and

help us have an even greater

impact on The John 1010

Generation. These funds will

be utilized equally between

four basic areas: Christian

leadership training activities

(CREO / CRESCO), our public

school values education efforts

(DESEO), the agricultural

training facility (The Moses

Project), and the community

services provided through the

brigades. Of the total funds

requested, we are budgeting

60% to be applied to operations

and 40% for capital projects and

to build capacity to expand or

grow new programs.

You can become a member

of the John 1010 Generation,

simply by donating to this

Annual Campaign. If one of

these projects is of particular

interest to you, we are happy

to direct your donation to that

ministry. As the campaign

progresses, we will reveal our

success toward the goal by

unveiling the graphic below.

Your contribution plays an important role in the on-going work of Mission UpReach.

Please pray for us and pray for the many ways that God can use this money for His

work in Western Honduras.

q Yes, I/we will help. Enclosed is my gift in the amount of $_____________ to plant more churches.

q Yes, I/we will help on a monthly basis in the amount of $_____________ per month.

q Yes, I/we will help by making a campaign pledge. Enclosed is:

$__________________ as partial fulfillment

$__________________ my full pledge amount.

Name: _______________________ Email: ______________________ Phone: ______________

Address: __________________________City: ________________ State: _____ Zip: __________

Mail this form with a check to:

Mission UpReach, Inc.

1809 W Loop 281

Suite 100, PMB 107

Longview, TX 75604

Mission UpReach is a work of the churches of Christ. Gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that the donee organization has complete

discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

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