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Reviewed Paper Volume 3 Issue 12 August 2016 International Journal of Informative & Futuristic Research ISSN: 2347-1697 E-commerce: A New Concept of Rural Marketing in India Paper ID IJIFR/V3/ E12/ 029 Page No. 4524-4532 Subject Area Commerce Keywords Rural Marketing, Innovative Technologies, Online Purchasing, New Job Opportunities, E-Commerce Companies, Remote Customer Reach Dr. Suryakant Ratan Chaugule Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Jalna Education Society’s JES, R.G. Bagdia Arts, S.B. Lakhotiya Commerce & R. Bezonji Science College, Jalna-Maharashtra Abstract Digital India through develop the new concept of rural marketing is changing for new life style and fashions for innovative technologies. There are so many rural consumers aware to use in internet facilities in online shopping to other shop purchasing for goods and services. Ecommerce concept not only fasted improve for rural area but also slow going for online purchasing and awareness. I hope that to improve and development of Ecommerce in rural area to create a new job opportunities in future. Rural artisans are use of new business web sites for their own business activities. Other online stores such as Myntra, Jabong and Voonik have also started their deliveries in many villages and towns of the country. The reason is that the department which had been in losses since many years has now collaborated with more than 400 ecommerce websites that also includes big ones like Amazon and Flipkart for goods delivery. There are around 1, 55,000 post offices in India and they are now connected to deliver the goods to customers in otherwise remote areas. There are many ecommerce companies which have reached the villages of the country. 1. INTRODUCTION Rural Markets: From Touch points to Trust points - Winning over India's Aspiring Rural Consumers,” rural consumers are particularly aspiring or striving to purchase branded, high quality products. Consequently, businesses in India are optimistic about growth of the country's rural consumer markets, which is expected to be faster than urban consumer markets. The report highlights the better networking among rural consumers and their Available online through - Copyright © IJIFR 2016 Published On: 24 th August 2016 4524

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