Picaroon Poetry - Issue #6 - January 2017

This issue has quite the mix of voices, from adorably sinister to tenderly brutal, deadly serious to charmingly irreverent, and everything in between. Featuring work by Peycho Kanev, Karen Little, Stephen Nelson, Mike Jewett, Belinda Rimmer, Lizzie Holden, Darren C. Demaree, Wren Tuatha, Uma Dwivedi, Mark J. Mitchell, Chris Hardy, Seth Jani, Elizabeth Gibson, Harry Gallagher, Bobbie Sparrow, Stephen Daniels, Kitty Coles, Gareth Writer-Davies, Michael Albright, Richard King Perkins II, Tonya Eberhard, Ann Howells, James Bell, Paul Vaughan, Larry O. Dean, Shadwell Smith, and Rex Davies.

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