13 months ago

Picaroon - Issue #11 - November 2017

Welcome to the last 2017 issue of Picaroon, and the last before our extended break - we will be back with Issue #12 after your faithful editor's maternity leave. In the meantime, we have poetry of ice and snow, crime and punishment, death and life - and a garden in spring. Which is where we will meet again (in spring 2018). Featuring work by James H Duncan, F.R. Kesby, p.a. morbid, Jacob Butlett, Bethany Rivers, Sharon Phillips, Rachel Bower, Jessica Mehta, Ali Jones, Juliet Cook, Spangle McQueen, Paul Brookes, Russell Jones, Janet Philo, Brennan Downey, Emma Lee, Joan McNerney, Saira Viola, Reuben Woolley, Kitty Coles, Carla M. Cherry, Nick Allen, Benjamin Smith, Sally Barrett, Simon Williams, Irene Cunningham, Gareth Writer-Davies, Ken Cumberlidge, Ceinwen Haydon, and Jackie Biggs.

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