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12 | February 16, 2017 |

12 | February 16, 2017 | The glencoe anchor glencoe WELCOME Don Vepley to the Pasquesi Heating & Air Crew! Don is an expert HVAC tech with over 16 years serving the North Shore. 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Pep Club gave out freebies today at the Winnetka Campus in honor of Founders Day #hbdnt One year ago today, Writers Theatre held our official building opening—Happy first anniversary Writers Theatre, @WritersTheatre, tweeted this Feb. 8 40 Years An intriguing number from this week’s edition retiring Executive Vice President and Director Kris Jarantoski has worked at the Chicago Botanic Garden (read the story on Page 3) Good Day Glencoe Oh to be back home Jennifer Bennett Contributing Columnist Glencoe resident Sometimes, you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. I remember in detail how I felt when we moved from Glencoe back to North Carolina. I spent my college years in Chapel Hill and thought moving back would just be the most wonderful thing. Raising my kids there, showing them where I went to school, revisiting my favorite restaurants and picture-perfect weather almost year-round ... the best move ever, right? Wrong! Within days of arriving in North Carolina, I was longing to be back in Glencoe. I tried to have an open mind while I familiarized myself as a mom in my new but old surroundings. However, as hard as I tried, I could not stop thinking about Glencoe. And while the North Carolina skies were sunfilled, the people were lovely and the town cute and quaint, I still longed to be back in Glencoe. We moved to North Carolina in the beginning of summer and while we visited the pools daily I could not get over the fact that at this time last year my kids and I were walking to Glencoe Beach, building sand castles and cooling off in refreshing Lake Michigan. Still, I realized I needed to make the most of this move for both my family and myself and stop living in the past. So, we immersed ourselves in all things North Carolina and got involved at the library, played at the parks, visited town often and regularly dined at old favorites. I tried, believe me, I tried to get that warm happy feeling about North Carolina again, but unfortunately it was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t stop thinking about our days back in Glencoe and how I loved being able to walk or bike everywhere. An easy walk up to Foodstuffs for a delicious sandwich topped off by a scrumptious monster bar. Or, how comfortable and secure I felt sending my oldest son up to the Grand for some forgotten tomato sauce. Or, how easy it was to get over to my kid’s schools for concerts, class parties, or the occasional sick pick-up. And, although I can’t believe I’m writing this, I do love the change of seasons (and yes, that does include the winters). I absolutely love that my kids get to go ice skating for PE class. That is just unheard of in many places. Now, don’t get me wrong, as North Carolina is absolutely beautiful and I spent many years loving life there. But at this moment in my life I am so very happy here in our wonderful little town. Needless to say, our move lasted a total of eight months and we were back in good ole Glencoe. Jennifer Bennett is a Glencoe mom who lives with her four sweet boys and her loving husband. She enjoys walking, writing, biking, baking and spending time with her family. From the Editor Hard work beats flash Fouad Egbaria Four decades is a long time. Last week I sat down to talk to Kris Jarantoski, who worked at the Chicago Botanic Garden for 40 years, most recently as its executive vice president and director. He joined the garden as an assistant horticulturist in 1977, five years after it opened. He jokingly said that upon visiting the garden for the first time, it was kind of a “dump.” Weeds bigger than the plants that are supposed to be there? Soil so rough horticulturists were breaking it up with pick axes? Does that sound like the Chicago Botanic Garden you’ve strolled about today? Probably not. Jarantoski’s story is a one of dedication to a vision. He told me even though his first impression of the garden’s aesthetics wasn’t great, he was attracted to the idea of the place: the goals of the people there and what they thought it could be. That type is forward thinking is valuable — if people only wanted to join established ventures, then the process of innovation and creation takes a major hit. In his time at the garden, numerous garden spaces were added, taking it from the relatively small operation it was when it started to an attraction that has brought in more than 1 million visitors each of the last four years. That, doesn’t happen overnight. You might read about the big price tags on some of the garden’s projects, but the truth is that any big operation, like the Chicago Botanic Garden, starts with simple, honest, hard work, guided by a vision. Jarantoski’s response, then, when I asked him about his favorite plant — arborvitae, or the “tree of life” — made sense. “It’s great year-round,” he said. “It’s serviceable. It’s not flashy, it’s not showy. It’s great.” Hard work often isn’t flashy — but it usually leads to greatness. The Glencoe Anchor Sound Off Policy Editorials and columns are the opinions of the author. Pieces from 22nd Century Media are the thoughts of the company as a whole. The Glencoe Anchor encourages readers to write letters to Sound Off. All letters must be signed, and names and hometowns will be published. We also ask that writers include their address and phone number for verification, not publication. Letters should be limited to 400 words. The Glencoe Anchor reserves the right to edit letters. Letters become property of The Glencoe Anchor. Letters that are published do not reflect the thoughts and views of The Glencoe Anchor. Letters can be mailed to: The Glencoe Anchor, 60 Revere Drive ST 888, Northbrook, IL, 60062. Fax letters to (847) 272-4648 or email to fouad@glencoeanchor. com.