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An Integrated Approach to Cyber Assurance and Related Operational Risks

Cruise Shipowners’

Cruise Shipowners’ Risk Navigational interference Loss of pax’ personal data Damage to reputation Liability to third parties in tort Operational interference Liability / contract breach Security breach (yours or your manager, supplier or service provider) Delay / Business interruption Investigation Breach of law (including data protection law) Financial / civil / criminal sanction Environmental liability Loss of business secrets Arrest of crew Detention of ships Stowaways Loss of ship’s / ownership and operational data

Risk drivers in cruise • Increasingly technically complex machinery in modern ships • Reliance on electronic methods of navigation • E-navigation • Growing pax capacity of ships – “hyperjacking” of personal data • Growing pax appetite for connectivity – social media • The “Internet of Things”

Stowaway 15
CLIA Yearbook 2018