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SPRING TRAINING in DOWNTOWN MESA Park downtown and take The Buzz to Hohokam or Sloan Park for FREE! Head to Main Street after for shopping, dining and entertainment. EVENT SCHEDULE 3.4 Downtown Mesa Brew Fest 3.10 2nd Friday: Spring Break GALLERY I&II “TRES CABRONES” WORKS BY FRANK YBARRA, GENNARO GARCIA, AND JOE RAY. 3/17 TO 4/30 NEW IN THE STUDIO “LESLIE BARTON/STEVE WEISS: IT’S ALL ABOUT US” 3/3 TO 3/31 FIRST FRIDAY ARTIST RECEPTION 3/3 FROM 6P-9P 3.11 Southwest Maker Fest 3.17 Mesa Movies on Main 3.18 Mesa Arts & Crafts Festival 4.1 CycloMesa Bicycle Festival MATCH CUISINE & COCKTAILS OFFERS BRUNCH ON SAT. A N D SUN. FROM 10:20-4:20 1100 N. Central Ave. 602.875.8080 | 602.875.8000 | Social: @MATCHPhx @FOUNDREPhx

AZ BLOOMS By Robert Sentinery BUZZ This month JAVA takes a look at Arizona’s infl uence beyond its borders. Singer/ songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews was born and raised in Phoenix. Although she wasn’t from a particularly musical family, she had a natural talent that shined through as she sang along with her mom’s records. Her uncle sent her a 35-peso guitar from Mexico, and the rest is history. Andrews is now living in Seattle, although she’s frequently in town visiting friends and family. She has released a total of six solo albums. Her most recent, Honest Life, came out at the end of last year and showcases stunning folkinfl uenced vocals and finely honed songwriting. From her first feminist punk band, started when she was just a tween, to her national acclaim as a modernday folk singer, Andrews is true Phoenician to the core, despite now residing in Seattle (see “Courtney Marie Andrews: Phoenix Expats Series,” p. 12). Back in the mid ’90s, Andrew Brown founded a clothing company called SoldierLeisure (now known as Sleisure). This closely coincided with the founding of JAVA and led to several collaborations, including a cover graphic for this magazine’s 100th edition. Over the next 10 or so years, Brown immersed himself in the apparel industry and relocated to Los Angeles to help run the G Star fashion brand. As sales director, he was responsible for growing demand in Europe and Asia. Needless to say, Brown did a lot of traveling and shook a lot of hands. Despite his global lifestyle and many successes, Brown could no longer ignore an inner voice that was calling. He felt the need to downsize, return to Phoenix and start over as an artist. He has since painted some of our city’s most iconic murals, including a remarkable two-story piece at the Westminster apartments that depicts abstract tree rings, commemorating the building’s 100th anniversary. Brown is currently co-launching a new community art spot called Megaphone Space and continues to share his many talents (see “Andrew Brown: Signal to Noise,” p. 8). Finally, Al Beadle was one of Phoenix’s greatest architects. He passed away in 1998, but his influence is still felt today. Beadle was a self-proclaimed “Miesian” (in reference to the pioneering modernist architect Mies van der Rohe), and his refined glass and steel structures provide a stunning contrast to the rugged desert terrain. Although Beadle has been gone for almost 20 years now, interest, demand and prices for his work seem to be peaking. While the bulk of Beadle’s practice was here in the Phoenix metro area, he did do several projects in California, New Mexico and as far away as Chicago. Now, Palm Springs is home to a new Beadle residence, built from plans pulled from the Beadle archive. Builder Mike Yakovich and architect Lance O’Donnell have come together to erect the first new Beadle in decades. This beautiful home, now nearing completion, is set into the desert boulders like a sparkling jewel, honoring the legacy of a true Phoenix master (see “Beadle Resurrection: An Al Beadle New Build in Palm Springs,” p. 34).

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