Spring 2017

Texas LAND

Texas LAND


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SPRING <strong>2017</strong><br />


Flowing<br />

River<br />

Ranch<br />

The Flowing River Ranch offers the exceedingly rare<br />

opportunity to purchase 108 acres of undeveloped<br />

land on the south fork of the Guadalupe River.<br />


A Rare Opportunity on the Guadalupe River<br />

Find out more on page 19

TEXAS LAND / Contents<br />

32<br />

90<br />

28<br />

110<br />

128<br />

174<br />

54<br />

Dale Franz/Mustang Ranch<br />



SPRING <strong>2017</strong><br />

16<br />



The name Guadalupe has been applied to the present<br />

river, at least in its lower course, since 1689, when the<br />

stream was so named by Alonso De León.<br />

54<br />



While a picture is worth a thousand words, a nature<br />

photography operation can be worth thousands of<br />

dollars to landowners.<br />

79<br />


Following the robust price recovery from 2012<br />

through 2013 when prices surged by 7 to 10.5<br />

percent annually, Texas land markets seem to<br />

have taken a break.<br />

90<br />


As an emergency room doctor and a first-generation<br />

rancher, Dr. Richard Thorpe offers a unique<br />

perspective as president of Texas’s largest<br />

livestock organization<br />

110<br />



A ranch owner must have good ranch hands. They<br />

are the men who make the ranch go ‘round. Ranch<br />

owners can’t operate with a transient workforce.<br />

Good, strong, stable family men, who love their work<br />

more than their pay, are those men who build and<br />

decorate our ranches.<br />



The Flowing River Ranch offers the exceedingly rare<br />

opportunity to purchase 108 acres of undeveloped<br />

land on the south fork of the Guadalupe River.<br />

Presented by Hood Real Estate Inc. (Details on page 19)<br />


128<br />




As Peter John Holt and his sister take the helm of a<br />

business that can be traced back to their great-great<br />

grandfather, Benjamin Holt, who developed and<br />

manufactured the first track-type tractor, Holt is aware<br />

of the legacy.<br />

147<br />



As a landowner, where do you turn when it’s time to<br />

sell your premium agricultural property?<br />

174<br />



As the Director of Farm & Ranch at Keller Williams<br />

Realty International (KWRI) and the owner of Mock<br />

Ranches, Kasey Mock is a man on the move.<br />

196<br />


In Texas, and elsewhere, the history of the wild<br />

turkey is one of the great wildlife conservation<br />

success stories.<br />

220<br />


Since much of Texas is often described as an arid<br />

to semi-arid environment, there exists plenty of<br />

opportunities through creative, financial, and sweat<br />

equities to invest in water as a means of providing a<br />

better home for wild creatures and for people.<br />



Pony Creek Ranch is located just outside Glen Rose<br />

and approximately one-and-a-half hours from<br />

Dallas and an hour from Fort Worth. Presented by<br />

Burgher•Ray Ranch Sales (Following page 48)

TEXAS LAND / Publisher<br />

Down and Dirty<br />

TOM ALEXANDER Publisher<br />

LAURET JARVIS Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director<br />

BRITTANY GILLEN Production Manager<br />

KATIE GORDON Designer<br />

LAUREN CARSWELL Designer<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> is a time for plans, projects and dirt—under our feet, on our<br />

jeans and in our hands. Just as the geese lift off from their southern<br />

wintering grounds in answer to the primal call of the north, we humans are<br />

instinctively drawn outside. Nature’s flurry of renewal inspires us to become<br />

part of life’s forward march. After winter’s gray chill, we want to embrace<br />

the sun’s light and plant something. The smell of soil and rain is a sweet<br />

promise…just ask any kids who have ever splashed in a mud puddle.<br />

While Mother Nature rolls out her green carpet in cities, suburbs and towns,<br />

it is slashed by concrete and glass. The artificial context diminishes the<br />

splendor. The limited space in our elbow-to-elbow urban world, often<br />

relegates us to the role of spectator. Tiny spaces beg the question,<br />

“Why bother?”<br />

Wide, open spaces, on the other hand, challenge: “Why are you just<br />

standing there? Dig in.”<br />

In these pages, you’ll find a host of places worthy of digging into—and<br />

staking a claim on. Be inspired to play dirty. Make a difference. Live.<br />

ERIC BRODNAX President<br />

JOE VOLLARO National Sales Director<br />

ANDREW CAMPBELL Director of Sales Operations<br />

JUSTIN SIMONS Regional Sales Manager<br />

NICK VRABEL Regional Sales Manager<br />

JASON ADAME Sales<br />


KYRAN BAKER Field Sales<br />

DON BARKS Advertising Sales<br />

MICHELE BLUM Field Sales<br />


BRUCE CRAIG Field Sales<br />

CARL EBERT Field Sales<br />

CHAD ELTING Field Sales<br />

SAM HAGEY Sales<br />

EDWARD MILLS Field Sales<br />

LESLIE MUNN Field Sales<br />

TODD POWERS Sales<br />

JASON SMITH Sales<br />

TREY WERNER Field Sales<br />

KELLY BAILEY Senior Account Manager<br />

MELANIE RICHMAN Account Manager<br />

KERSTAN TURMAN Account Manager<br />

LYNNE ZAROSKY Account Manager<br />

ZACHARY BROWN Client Services<br />

GREG ELAM Client Services<br />

DIANE MULKEY Client Services<br />

Tom Alexander<br />

Publisher<br />

Tom@LandsofAmerica.com<br />



© Copyright <strong>2017</strong> Lands of America. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Texas LAND Magazine is published by Lands of America, 100 Congress Ave, Suite 1500, Austin TX 78701. Information provided to Lands of America is deemed<br />

reliable but not guaranteed. The publisher will not be responsible for any omissions, errors, typographical mistakes or misinformation within the this publication. Measurements and figures are approximate. Properties are subject to errors, omissions, prior change or prior sale. The real estate advertised in this<br />

magazine is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 and it’s amendments. This magazine will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Dwellings advertised in this magazine are available on an equal opportunity basis. Printed in the USA.<br />


TEXAS LAND / Contributors<br />

AUSTIN E. BROWN II and his son, Austin E. Brown<br />

Ill, own and operate Brown Ranches, a family cowcalf<br />

operation in Bee County, where they reside.<br />

In addition, Brown is owner of Brown Ranch Group<br />

LLC, a complete ranch management company<br />

specializing in day-to-day operations of ranches<br />

in South Texas for non-resident ranch owners. He<br />

also owns patents on several agriculture-related<br />

inventions. He was named a TSCRA director<br />

in March 1990. Brown received a Bachelor of<br />

Science in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M<br />

University in 1966. He has served on the clientele<br />

advisory committee of the Center for Grazinglands<br />

and Ranch Management at Texas A&M and has<br />

lectured in the ag economics department. He<br />

was also on the clientele advisory committee of<br />

the Genome Research Project there. In addition<br />

to his ranching and management businesses, he<br />

is involved in the appraisal and partition of large<br />

ranch estates in Texas and is a pilot. Brown and his<br />

wife, Nana, have three children.<br />

FARM CREDIT BANK OF TEXAS, headquartered<br />

in Austin, Texas, is a cooperatively owned<br />

wholesale bank that is part of the nationwide Farm<br />

Credit System. Their mission is to enhance the<br />

quality of life in rural America by using cooperative<br />

principles to provide competitive credit and<br />

superior service to our customers. Find out more<br />

at FarmCreditBank.com.<br />

DR. CHARLES GILLILAND currently holds an<br />

appointment as a Research Economist with the<br />

Real Estate Center in the Mays School and an<br />

appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor of<br />

Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University.<br />

In addition, Dr. Gilliland is Helen and O.N. Mitchell<br />

Fellow of Real Estate and a Clinical Professor of<br />

Finance teaching real estate investment analysis<br />

for the Master of Real Estate program in the Mays<br />

School at Texas A&M University.<br />

GREG SIMONS received a B.S. degree in Wildlife<br />

and Fisheries Sciences in 1987 from Texas A&M<br />

University and soon after formed Wildlife Systems,<br />

Inc., a company that currently manages hunting<br />

operations on over 800,000 acres of private land<br />

in Texas and New Mexico. He is also co-owner<br />

of Wildlife Consultants, LLC, providing technical<br />

assistance to landowners and other entities on<br />

habitat management and other wildlife-related<br />

issues. Greg served as President of Texas Wildlife<br />

Association through July 2015.<br />



ASSOCIATION (TSCRA) offers<br />

a broad range of services,<br />

including law enforcement,<br />

government and public affairs,<br />

insurance services, industry news and information<br />

on best practices, educational programs, and<br />

discounts for ranching supplies and related<br />

services to members and the industry. TSCRA.org<br />




was organized in<br />

Austin on March<br />

2, 1897 and is the oldest learned society in the<br />

state. Its mission is to “foster the appreciation,<br />

understanding, and teaching of the rich and<br />

unique history of Texas and, by example and<br />

through programs and activities, encourage and<br />

promote research, preservation, and publication<br />

of historical material affecting the state of Texas.”<br />

The association’s publications include the<br />

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, more than<br />

150 scholarly books, the Texas Almanac, and the<br />

well-known Handbook of Texas Online. The online<br />

Handbook, the nation’s preeminent state history<br />

encyclopedia, attracts 400,000 visitors per month<br />

from more than 200 countries and territories<br />

around the world. Through its varied education<br />

programs, the Association directly serves more<br />

than 50,000 elementary through college-aged<br />

students each year, while indirectly reaching an<br />

additional 86,000 through its teacher training<br />

opportunities. TSHAOnline.org<br />



focuses its mission on private<br />

landowners and their ethical<br />

relationship to the land, and<br />

TWA concentrates on issues<br />

relating to private property, hunting and hunter<br />

rights, and conservation of our natural resources.<br />

Texas-Wildlife.org<br />

JENNI WINEGARNER is the business manager<br />

and marketing director for Amarillo-based Legacy<br />

Land Auctions. Legacy Land Auctions specializes<br />

in providing full-service marketing of premier farm<br />

and ranch real estate across Texas and beyond.<br />

Jenni has previously worked for a national beef<br />

industry trade association in Washington, D.C. and<br />

managed the political operations for a Member of<br />

the U.S. House of Representatives. Raised in the<br />

registered Angus cattle business, Jenni is a thirdgeneration<br />

producer residing with her husband<br />

and two young children near Canyon, Texas.<br />

LORIE A. WOODWARD has worked as a writer<br />

and public relations practitioner exploring the<br />

intersection of agriculture, natural resources and<br />

public policy for almost 30 years. Her career,<br />

which has included stints in the public and private<br />

sector, has taken her across the country and<br />

around the world, where she has been enthralled<br />

by the people of the land and their stories. She is<br />

the president of Woodward Communications and<br />

co-owner of The Round Top Register, a regional<br />

magazine focused on life in the rolling bluebonnet<br />

hills of central Texas where country meets city.<br />

Woodward was reared on a ranch near Lexington,<br />

Texas, but now makes her home in San Angelo<br />

with her two children, Kate and Will.<br />


Buy trees<br />

direct<br />

from the tree farm<br />

Some of our favorites for<br />

Texas properties include:<br />

Southern Live Oak • Shumard (red) Oak<br />

Chinquapin Oak • Bald Cypress<br />

Big Tooth Maple • Mexican White Oak<br />

Texas Red Bud • Cedar Elm<br />

Bur Oak • Chinese Pistache<br />

Montezuma Cypress • Lacebark Elm<br />

Blanket Creek Tree Farm specializes in container grown trees and will sell at wholesale prices to Texas landowners<br />

Contact Steve Dutton at 210-602-9926 to order

Gourmet Texas Pasta<br />

GourmetTexasPasta.com<br />

This ain’t your mama’s macaroni! Gourmet Texas Pasta, located<br />

in Round Rock, Texas, believes that when you serve pasta,<br />

it should be flavorful, wholesome, all natural and...the star of<br />

your meal. All of Gourmet Texas Pastas are made with: real<br />

vegetables and herbs (their pasta is vegan and they never use<br />

artificial colors or processed, tasteless powdered veggies),a<br />

few spices, a bit of olive oil, a whole lot of love and care blended<br />

with 100 percent durum wheat. Try one of their 37 varieties of<br />

whole wheat pasta or their seven gluten-free varieties, and you<br />

will be amazed! The flavor is in the pasta, so you won’t need<br />

a heavy sauce to cover it up. Gourmet Texas Pasta has a very<br />

unique choice of flavors to choose from such as Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon Pasta, Kalamata Olive Fusilli, Zesty Cajun Linguine,<br />

Chocolate Dessert Lasagne, Artichoke Heart Pasta, Szechuan<br />

Orange Spice Linguine, and many more. They even sell gift<br />

crate that holds three pasta flavors of your choice—the perfect<br />

gift for that person in your life who has everything! In addition<br />

to visiting their pasta shop, they can be found at Cedar Park<br />

Farmers Market, Barton Creek Farmers Market, New Braunfels<br />

Farm to Market, Mueller Farmers Market, Hill Country Farmers<br />

Market at The Rim, and Castle Hills Farmers Market<br />

(both in the northern San Antonio, Texas area).<br />

The Magnolia Journal<br />

MagnoliaMarket.com<br />

The Magnolia Journal is a quarterly lifestyle publication that promises fresh inspiration<br />

for your life and home in each new season.“My goal in creating this magazine was<br />

to connect with readers from all walks of life, to share content so valuable and so<br />

meaningful that you hold on to each issue and return to them again and again. I want<br />

you to be inspired, confident and empowered to try something new by simply picking<br />

up a copy and setting aside a quiet moment for yourself to read. The Magnolia Journal<br />

is out now—pick up your first issue today,” says Joanna Gaines. According to the<br />

Star-Telegram, the new spring issue, which features a solo Joanna on the cover, is<br />

packed with hands-on content that includes dessert recipes from Joanna’s kitchen,<br />

salad recipes that promise not to be boring, tips for growing an olive tree inside your<br />

home and information on how to build a capsule wardrobe. There’s also a feature on<br />

a family who transformed a 1950s Northern California house into their dream home.<br />

Chip is also back with his Chip’s Corner feature, this time discussing the keys to living<br />

a simple, purposeful life.<br />


Selman Ranch Construction, LLC<br />

Lakes & Ponds Bentonite Cutoff Walls Bentonite Liners<br />

Ranch Roads<br />

Wildlife-Sensitive Clearing<br />

Contact:<br />

Brad Selman<br />

254-463-2663 Office<br />

254-386-7727 Cell<br />

Brad@SelmanRanchConstruction.com<br />

www.SelmanRanchConstruction.com<br />

“We can solve your leaking problem with your existing lake, or let us build you a new one.”

Ironclad Performance Wear<br />

Ironclad.com<br />

Ed Jaeger, Ironclad’s founder, realized that there was<br />

a huge disconnect between the worker and their most<br />

important tool—their hands. His concept was to build<br />

a glove that offered protection and performance, but<br />

sacrificed neither. He also wanted to create a brand<br />

that real workers could be proud to wear, a brand that<br />

would stick with them through thick and thin, and a<br />

brand that was built solely for them. These people<br />

are the true heroes of real life. Ironclad pioneered this<br />

new territory—developing task-specific gloves that<br />

helped each worker get the job done more safely,<br />

efficiently and effectively. But just developing taskspecific<br />

gloves wasn’t enough. Ironclad needed to<br />

bring new technologies, materials and innovations to<br />

these harsh working environments. As a result, Ironclad<br />

has developed and owns 74 Patents and Trademarks<br />

worldwide. These exclusive properties are a part of our<br />

expanding advanced glove technology which can be<br />

seen in virtually every glove Ironclad sells.<br />

The Classroom<br />

ClintRutledge.com<br />

Texas coaching legend D.W. Rutledge’s<br />

son, Clint Rutledge, has released his<br />

newest book which takes the reader<br />

behind the scenes of the Converse Judson<br />

Rockets program of the 1980s and 1990s.<br />

In an incredible 10-year run during those<br />

two decades, the Rockets went to three<br />

State semi-final games and seven State<br />

Championship games, winning four of<br />

them. According to Clint Rutledge, the<br />

source of that success was found in an<br />

old room the players and coaches simply<br />

referred to as “The Classroom,” which<br />

fittingly is the title of his new book.<br />

A Wild Soap Bar<br />

AWildSoapBar.com<br />

Since 1995, A Wild Soap Bar’s goal has been to provide truly natural soaps and body care products<br />

made from scratch featuring wildcrafted and organic botanicals that are safe for all living things and a<br />

joy to use. A portion of their profits are donated each year to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center,<br />

Western National Parks Association, and Clean the World. AWSB also created a Kiva micro-lending<br />

group called Wild About Good where they donate 100 percent of the profits from their Real Castile<br />

Soap to lift people up worldwide. Their handmade natural products are biodegradable, cruelty-free,<br />

minimally packaged, many are vegan, and they do not contain synthetic fragrance oils or other harmful<br />

chemicals. 100 percent of their base oils are certified organic. The sustainable organic palm oil they<br />

use is from Colombia and is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified as well as Rainforest<br />

Alliance certified. AWSB earned Green America’s Top Gold Certified Business Seal by being committed<br />

to protecting people and the planet. They maintain a natural wildlife habitat on their rural property,<br />

garden organically, and contribute to the local community when a need arises that they can fulfill.<br />


Tecovas Boots<br />

TecovasBoots.com<br />

The story of Tecovas Boots starts with a simple desire for handmade, high-quality boots that don’t break the bank. Tecovas spent months<br />

traveling and researching before figuring out that it was possible to make the boots they wanted to wear—at prices that everyone would want to<br />

wear them. So they got to work and it’s safe to say the boots over-deliver. Aside from the ultra luxe quality, Tecovas are made with the spirit of<br />

Texas in mind. Named after a geological formation in the Palo Duro Canyon area, the boots capture the essence of the Lone Star State through<br />

classic designs, timeless style, and rugged durability. The Austin-based company has now opened up their home office and showroom to<br />

friends and customers who want to see, touch, smell, and try their boots on in person! Head out to East Austin to check it our for yourself.<br />




Sugar & Spice Ranch<br />

SugarAndSpiceRanch.com<br />

The Sugar & Spice Ranch is an exclusive destination for gals looking for the perfect<br />

learning and bonding vacation. The ranch is run by a mother and daughter team and<br />

the summer is devoted exclusively to moms and daughters. Located in Bandera,<br />

Texas, they offer guests a chance to experience the rich traditions of the old west,<br />

with an abundance of wildlife thrown in for good measure. Guests are involved in<br />

everything there is to do with daily care—including feeding, grooming, tacking up,<br />

cleaning tack, bathing and, of course, riding. The bonding experience is enhanced as<br />

guests bunk together in the ranch bunkhouse—mom and daughter sharing a bunk<br />

bed—along with full air conditioning and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi hot tub. Instead of<br />

just daughters heading off to camp, moms get to go too. All of the activity is learning<br />

focused; there is no time for leisurely trail riding, but you can practice what you<br />

learn on the trails back home. There are lots of fun arena games in addition to riding<br />

lessons, and the value of the bonding experience is impossible to measure. Girls get<br />

to have the camping experience without feeling homesick, ‘cause Mom is right there,<br />

bunking, riding, and swimming with her. The last day of camp they will participate<br />

together in a team horse show. For moms who love horses and have been searching<br />

for a way to get their daughter involved, this week-long camp is ideal.<br />



TOP 100 SOLD<br />

FOR THE YEAR 2016<br />


10,844± Acres | Webb County | Sold: 02/16/2016<br />

Days On Market: 278 | Sold Price: $20,061,180<br />

2. Swisher & Martin Realty<br />

14,318± Acres | Webb County | Sold: 08/25/2016<br />

Days On Market: 1674 | Sold Price: $20,000,000<br />

3. Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate<br />

2,967.22± Acres | Ellis County | Sold: 04/21/2016<br />

Days On Market: 108 | Sold Price: $14,546,542<br />

4. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

4,852± Acres | Webb County | Sold: 01/22/2016<br />

Days On Market: 493 | Sold Price: $12,861,081<br />

5. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

5,061± Acres | Zavala County | Sold: 07/21/2016<br />

Days On Market: 104 | Sold Price: $12,500,000<br />

6. Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s<br />

International Realty<br />

392± Acres | Denton County | Sold: 08/19/2016<br />

Days On Market: 191 | Sold Price: $12,500,000<br />

7. Beaux Cook and Associates LLC<br />

5,000± Acres | Kerr County | Sold: 05/15/2016<br />

Days On Market: 401 | Sold Price: $12,090,867<br />

8. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

4,820± Acres | Maverick County | Sold: 12/28/2016<br />

Days On Market: 265 | Sold Price: $11,500,000<br />

9. Whitetail Properties<br />

4,820± Acres | Zavala County | Sold: 12/29/2016<br />

Days On Market: 219 | Sold Price: $11,500,000<br />

10. Whitetail Properties<br />

4,290± Acres | Zavala County | Sold: 05/05/2016<br />

Days On Market: 35 | Sold Price: $11,123,970<br />

11. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

4,290± Acres | Maverick County | Sold: 06/15/2016<br />

Days On Market: 69 | Sold Price: $10,296,000<br />

12. Lockhart Real Estate<br />

3,525± Acres | Zavala County | Sold: 03/21/2016<br />

Days On Market: 1274 | Sold Price: $10,000,000<br />

13. Burgher-Ray Ranch Sales/<br />

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

831± Acres | Blanco County | Sold: 02/11/2016<br />

Days On Market: 979 | Sold Price: $9,556,500<br />

14. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

831± Acres | Blanco County | Sold: 03/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 578 | Sold Price: $9,556,500<br />

15. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

4,337± Acres | Franklin & Titus Counties | Sold: 06/15/2016<br />

Days On Market: 337 | Sold Price: $9,400,000<br />

16. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

1,700± Acres | Wharton County | Sold: 12/30/2016<br />

Days On Market: 214 | Sold Price: $8,500,000<br />

17. Chas. S. Middleton and Son<br />

10,295± Acres | Stonewall County | Sold: 05/31/2016<br />

Days On Market: 425 | Sold Price: $8,493,375<br />

18. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

2,721± Acres | Dimmit & La Salle Counties | Sold: 08/26/2016<br />

Days On Market: 455 | Sold Price: $8,250,000<br />

19. Behrens Ranch Sales/Larry Behrens<br />

Real Estate<br />

7,343± Acres | Coke & Sterling Counties | Sold: 08/08/2016<br />

Days On Market: 235 | Sold Price: $8,077,300<br />

20. Hortenstine Ranch Company, LLC<br />

1,922± Acres | Bosque County | Sold: 04/05/2016<br />

Days On Market: 207 | Sold Price: $7,784,100<br />

21. Meek Ranch Sales<br />

574± Acres | San Saba County | Sold: 03/31/2016<br />

Days On Market: 70 | Sold Price: $7,345,000<br />

22. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

1,332± Acres | Somervell County | Sold: 12/31/2016<br />

14<br />

Days On Market: 582 | Sold Price: $71,000,000<br />

23. Lee, Lee & Puckitt Associates, Inc.<br />

4,252± Acres | Tom Green County | Sold: 03/22/2016<br />

Days On Market: 134 | Sold Price: $6,697,682<br />

24. Hodde Real Estate Co<br />

393.52± Acres | Washington County | Sold: 06/10/2016<br />

Days On Market: 91 | Sold Price: $6,600,000<br />

25. Chas. S. Middleton and Son<br />

3,540± Acres | Garza County | Sold: 01/21/2016<br />

Days On Market: 72 | Sold Price: $6,500,000<br />

26. Patton International Properties<br />

73.3± Acres | Collin County | Sold: 06/14/2016<br />

Days On Market: 687 | Sold Price: $6,500,000<br />

27. Chip Cole, Ranch Broker<br />

18,240± Acres | Presidio County | Sold: 07/06/2016<br />

Days On Market: 526 | Sold Price: $6,500,000<br />

28. David O. Faust, Broker<br />

2,350± Acres | Madison County | Sold: 09/19/2016<br />

Days On Market: 1,323 | Sold Price: $6,462,500<br />

29. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

2,863± Acres | Nolan County | Sold: 12/02/2016<br />

Days On Market: 315 | Sold Price: $6,000,000<br />

30. Greg Tom Real Estate<br />

1,330± Acres | Bandera County | Sold: 09/05/2016<br />

Days On Market: 592 | Sold Price: $5,985,000<br />

31. Burgher-Ray Ranch Sales/<br />

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

812± Acres | Henderson County | Sold: 01/21/2016<br />

Days On Market: 113 | Sold Price: $5,975,000<br />

32. Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty<br />

699± Acres | Bexar County | Sold: 05/03/2016<br />

Days On Market: 333 | Sold Price: $5,788,290<br />

33. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

1,800± Acres | Zavala County | Sold: 12/12/2016<br />

Days On Market: 255 | Sold Price: $5,580,000<br />

34. Irongate Land Company, LLC<br />

2, 602± Acres | Cherokee County | Sold: 09/12/2016<br />

Days On Market: 68 | Sold Price: $5,464,200<br />

35. McKinnerney & Associates Real Estate<br />

2,250± Acres | McCulloch County | Sold: 11/09/2016<br />

Days On Market: 145 | Sold Price: $5,400,000<br />

36. Nixon Real Estate<br />

1,000± Acres | Gillespie County | Sold: 11/03/2016<br />

Days On Market: 106 | Sold Price: $5,291,550<br />

37. Burgher-Ray Ranch Sales/<br />

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

1,042± Acres | Erath County | Sold: 03/11/2016<br />

Days On Market: 309 | Sold Price: $5,250,000<br />

38. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

516± Acres | Fayette County | Sold: 11/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 43 | Sold Price: $5,225,000<br />

39. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

1,800± Acres | Frio County | Sold: 11/29/2016<br />

Days On Market: 243 | Sold Price: $5,200,000<br />

40. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

2,148± Acres | Webb County | Sold: 07/14/2016<br />

Days On Market: 144 | Sold Price: $5,038,933<br />

41. Tri-County Realty, LLC<br />

1,147± Acres | Lavaca County | Sold: 01/08/2016<br />

Days On Market: 102 | Sold Price: $4,970,000<br />

42. Legacy Land Auctions<br />

2,159± Acres | Bailey County | Sold: 04/21/2016<br />

Days On Market: 97 | Sold Price: $4,925,800<br />

43. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

560± Acres | Blanco County | Sold: 06/20/2016<br />

Days On Market: 397 | Sold Price: $4,900,000<br />

44. Carell T. Freeman, Broker<br />

2,000± Acres | Liberty County | Sold: 02/12/2016<br />

Days On Market: 221 | Sold Price: $4,800,000<br />

45. Trinity Country Real Estate<br />

2,376± Acres | Coke County | Sold: 01/04/2016<br />

Days On Market: 413 | Sold Price: $4,700,000<br />

46. Texas LandMen, LLC<br />

138± Acres | Kendall County | Sold: 01/07/2016<br />

Days On Market: 1,830 | Sold Price: $4,600,000<br />

47. Lee, Lee & Puckitt Associates, Inc.<br />

5,931± Acres | Briscoe County | Sold: 10/03/2016<br />

Days On Market: 363 | Sold Price: $4,596,525<br />

48. Capitol Ranch Real Estate<br />

600± Acres | Washington County | Sold: 10/12/2016<br />

Days On Market: 72 | Sold Price: $4,500,000<br />

49. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

2,485± Acres | Zavala County | Sold: 05/18/2016<br />

Days On Market: 246 | Sold Price: $4,445,518<br />

50. Texas Ranches for Sale<br />

2,617± Acres | Sutton County | Sold: 02/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 307 | Sold Price: $4,435,000<br />

51. Irongate Land Company, LLC<br />

1,871± Acres | Houston County | Sold: 09/30/2016<br />

Days On Market: 193 | Sold Price: $4,330,622<br />

52. Galm Real Estate<br />

214± Acres | Bexar County | Sold: 08/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 2,960 | Sold Price: $4,300,000<br />

53. Brooks Real Estate<br />

1,863± Acres | Comanche County | Sold: 03/21/2016<br />

Days On Market: 165 | Sold Price: $4,274,411<br />

54. Williams Trew<br />

729± Acres | Hamilton County | Sold: 08/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 102 | Sold Price: $4,264,650<br />

55. Land Investex LLC<br />

734.41± Acres | WIlson County | Sold: 09/08/2016<br />

Days On Market: 267 | Sold Price: $4,243,603<br />

56. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

753± Acres | Collin County | Sold: 02/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 784 | Sold Price: $4,200,000<br />

57. Ranching Partners of Texas, LLC<br />

1,679± Acres | Zavala County | Sold: 06/30/2016<br />

Days On Market: 515 | Sold Price: $4,197,500<br />

58. Mark Fox Co<br />

518± Acres | Burnet County | Sold: 05/27/2016<br />

Days On Market: 99 | Sold Price: $4,144,000<br />

59. Hortenstine Ranch Company, LLC<br />

1,550± Acres | Bosque County | Sold: 09/23/2016<br />

Days On Market: 403 | Sold Price: $4,056,300<br />

60. Busch Family Limited Partnership<br />

4,375.76± Acres | Sutton County | Sold: 07/05/2016<br />

Days On Market: 112 | Sold Price: $3,999,999<br />

61. Burgher-Ray Ranch Sales/<br />

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

676.46± Acres | Eastland County | Sold: 10/14/2016<br />

Days On Market: 310 | Sold Price: $3,995,000<br />

62. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

1,642± Acres | Live Oak County | Sold: 03/29/2016<br />

Days On Market: 343 | Sold Price: $3,900,000<br />

63. Burgher-Ray Ranch Sales/<br />

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

360± Acres | Somervell County | Sold: 12/08/2016<br />

Days On Market: 66 | Sold Price: $3,850,000<br />

64. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

162± Acres | Fayette County | Sold: 12/02/2016<br />

Days On Market: 75 | Sold Price: $3,820,000<br />

65. Texas Country Realty<br />

772± Acres | Gonzales County | Sold: 08/15/2016<br />

Days On Market: 430 | Sold Price: $3,750,547<br />

66. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

1,385± Acres | Uvalde County | Sold: 08/05/2016<br />

Days On Market: 2,031 | Sold Price: $3,750,000<br />

67. Jones Ranch Realty, LLC.<br />

490.2± Acres | Gillespie County | Sold: 04/16/2016<br />

Days On Market: 277 | Sold Price: $3,676,500<br />

68. DeBord Real Estate<br />

915± Acres | McCulloch County | Sold: 05/19/2016<br />

Days On Market: 2,319 | Sold Price: $3,660,000<br />

69. Anders Realty<br />

411.24± Acres | Blanco County | Sold: 10/12/2016<br />

Days On Market: 149 | Sold Price: $3,590,209<br />

70. Campbell Farm & Ranch<br />

2,870± Acres | Stephens & Palo Pinto Counties | Sold:<br />

09/16/2016 | Days On Market: 95 | Sold Price: $3,587,503<br />

71. Property Connections Real Estate<br />

1,253± Acres | Matagorda County | Sold: 11/29/2016<br />

Days On Market: 70 | Sold Price: $3,470,415<br />

72. Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty<br />

4,191.28± Acres | Schleicher County | Sold: 07/27/2016<br />

Days On Market: 134 | Sold Price: $3,465,000<br />

73. Johnny Koehler<br />

552± Acres | Washington County | Sold: 09/16/2016<br />

Days On Market: 121 | Sold Price: $3,350,000<br />

74. Land Investex LLC<br />

724± Acres | Uvalde County | Sold: 04/14/2016<br />

Days On Market: 169 | Sold Price: $3,330,400<br />

75. Keller Williams Metropolitan<br />

536.08± Acres | San Jacinto County | Sold: 02/19/2016<br />

Days On Market: 132 | Sold Price: $3,300,000<br />

76. La Gloria Land Company<br />

492± Acres | Fayette County | Sold: 08/29/2016<br />

Days On Market: 69 | Sold Price: $3,300,000<br />

77. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

245± Acres | Waller County | Sold: 02/03/2016<br />

Days On Market: 377 | Sold Price: $3,151,090<br />

78. First Texas Brokerage<br />

594± Acres | Bell County | Sold: 10/18/2016<br />

Days On Market: 1,209 | Sold Price: $3,150,000<br />

79. Texas Ranch Sales, LLC<br />

263± Acres | Bandera County | Sold: 10/14/2016<br />

Days On Market: 1,536 | Sold Price: $3,100,000<br />

80. Circle T Realty<br />

1,175± Acres | Leon County | Sold: 04/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 140 | Sold Price: $3,058,027<br />

81. Newland Real Estate<br />

256± Acres | Denton County | Sold: 01/28/2016<br />

Days On Market: 303 | Sold Price: $3,025,764<br />

82. Deitra Robertson Real Estate, Inc.<br />

270± Acres | Waller County | Sold: 03/30/2016<br />

Days On Market: 1,109 | Sold Price: $3,010,000<br />

83. Texas Ranches for Sale<br />

4,264± Acres | Sutton County | Sold: 01/22/2016<br />

Days On Market: 323 | Sold Price: $2,983,400<br />

84. Texas Home and Ranch<br />

1,050± Acres | Tyler County | Sold: 01/13/2016<br />

Days On Market: 204 | Sold Price: $2,950,000<br />

85. Herbst Real Estate Services, Inc.<br />

852.78± Acres | Lampasas County | Sold: 01/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 84 | Sold Price: $2,900,000<br />

86. Burnside Ranch Sales<br />

1,124± Acres | Webb County | Sold: 05/24/2016<br />

Days On Market: 390 | Sold Price: $2,800,000<br />

87. Property Connections Real Estate<br />

1,267± Acres | Matagorda County | Sold: 01/13/2016<br />

Days On Market: 540 | Sold Price: $2,800,000<br />

88. La Gloria Land Company<br />

633± Acres | Victoria County | Sold: 01/11/2016<br />

Days On Market: 311 | Sold Price: $2,800,000<br />

89. Culver/LANDTX, Inc.<br />

293.32± Acres | Kerr County | Sold: 01/14/2016<br />

Days On Market: 630 | Sold Price: $2,800,000<br />

90. Texas Ranches for Sale<br />

700± Acres | Kimble County | Sold: 12/16/2016<br />

Days On Market: 276 | Sold Price: $2,800,000<br />

91. Superior Farm & Ranch Realty<br />

178.63± Acres | Wharton County | Sold: 10/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 158 | Sold Price: $2,750,000<br />

92. Heritage Texas Country Properties<br />

231.55± Acres | Colorado County | Sold: 12/28/2016<br />

Days On Market: 323 | Sold Price: $2,737,500<br />

93. Anders Realty<br />

537± Acres | Gillespie County | Sold: 06/17/2016<br />

Days On Market: 234 | Sold Price: $2,734,000<br />

94. Jones Ranch Realty, LLC.<br />

2.31± Acres | Gillespie County | Sold: 10/21/2016<br />

Days On Market: 18 | Sold Price: $2,725,000<br />

95. Burks Real Estate<br />

1,100± Acres | Hamilton County | Sold: 07/15/2016<br />

Days On Market: 137 | Sold Price: $2,722,050<br />

96. Herbst Real Estate Services, Inc.<br />

937± Acres | Falls County | Sold: 09/23/2016<br />

Days On Market: 179 | Sold Price: $2,712,434<br />

97. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

1,232± Acres | Webb County | Sold: 03/29/2016<br />

Days On Market: 243 | Sold Price: $2,700,000<br />

98. Burgher-Ray Ranch Sales/<br />

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

274± Acres | Henderson County | Sold: 07/01/2016<br />

Days On Market: 67 | Sold Price: $2,695,000<br />

99. Allen Real Estate<br />

294.85± Acres | Leon County | Sold: 12/29/2016<br />

Days On Market: 102 | Sold Price: $2,680,000<br />

100. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

357± Acres | Bandera County | Sold: 12/20/2016<br />

Days On Market: 2,150 | Sold Price: $2,677,500

TOP 100 SOLD<br />

TEXAS LAND / Market<br />

NOVEMBER 16, 2016 THROUGH FEBRUARY 15, <strong>2017</strong><br />




Robert Dullnig, Joey Bellington<br />

4,820± Acres | Maverick and Zavala Counties<br />

Sold Price: $11,500,000<br />

2. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

1,700± Acres | Wharton County | Sold Price: $8,500,000<br />

3.Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

4,001± Acres | Jim Hogg County | Sold Price:<br />

$8,500,000<br />

4. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

1,332± Acres | Somervell County | Sold Price:<br />

$7,100,000<br />

5. Foster Farm and Ranch<br />

Chad Foster<br />

2,026± Acres | Uvalde County | Sold Price: $6,200,000<br />

6. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

2,863± Acres | Nolan County | Sold Price: $6,000,000<br />

7. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

Robert Dullnig<br />

1,800± Acres | Zavala County | Sold Price: $5,580,000<br />

8. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

432± Acres | Blanco County | Sold Price: $5,570,000<br />

9. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

Robert Dullnig<br />

1,800± Acres | Frio County | Sold Price: $5,200,000<br />

10. Southwest Land Associates<br />

Buck Laning & Rick Taylor<br />

2,186± Acres | Zavala County | Sold Price: $5,000,000<br />

11. Burgher-Ray Ranch Sales/<br />

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

Harlan Ray & David Burgher<br />

18± Acres | Smith County | Sold Price: $4,995,000<br />

12. Hodde Real Estate Co.<br />

Erik Haugen<br />

296.85± Acres | Colorado County | Sold Price:<br />

$4,866,225<br />

13. Burgher-Ray Ranch Sales/<br />

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

Harlan Ray & David Burgher<br />

360± Acres | Somervell County | Sold Price:<br />

$3,850,000<br />

14. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

162± Acres | Fayette County | Sold Price: $3,820,000<br />

15. Property Connections Real Estate<br />

Minor Taylor<br />

1,253± Acres | Matagorda County | Sold Price:<br />

$3,470,415<br />

16. Ranch Enterprises<br />

Gene Lehmann<br />

601± Acres | Gillespie County | Sold Price: $3,008,200<br />

17. Scribner Real Estate Inc.<br />

Steve & Michelle Scribner<br />

130± Acres | Denton County | Sold Price: $2,912,000<br />

18. Texas Ranches for Sale<br />

Ken Hoerster<br />

700± Acres | Kimble County | Sold Price: $2,800,000<br />

19. Heritage Texas Country Properties<br />

Your Home Team<br />

232± Acres | Colorado County | Sold Price: $2,737,500<br />

20. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

Robert Dullnig<br />

1,150± Acres | Kimble County | Sold Price: $2,702,500<br />

21. United Country AltaTerra Realty and<br />

Auction, LLC.<br />

JW Ross<br />

3,920± Acres | Archer County | Sold Price: $2,700,000<br />

22. Allen Real Estate<br />

Kathy Allen<br />

294.85± Acres | Leon County | Sold Price: $2,680,000<br />

23. RE/MAX Advanced Real Estate<br />

Clayton Hays<br />

295± Acres | Leon County | Sold Price: $2,680,000<br />

24. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

John Tarrillion<br />

357± Acres | Bandera County | Sold Price: $2,677,500<br />

25. Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

Patrick Murray<br />

1,785± Acres | Red River County | Sold Price:<br />

$2,665,000<br />

26. RES-Real Estate Services<br />

Charles B. McKissick<br />

36.9± Acres | Collin County | Sold Price: $2,650,000<br />

27. Keller Williams Luxury Farm and<br />

Ranch<br />

Keith Brumlow<br />

182± Acres | Comal County | Sold Price: $2,600,000<br />

28. Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

Patrick Murray<br />

1,233± Acres | Taylor County | Sold Price: $2,525,600<br />

29. Premier N Texas Real Estate<br />

Dillon Tyler<br />

43± Acres | Denton County | Sold Price: $2,500,000<br />

30. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

Robert Dullnig<br />

702± Acres | Frio County | Sold Price: $2,457,000<br />

31. Keller Williams Metropolitan<br />

Heidi Allbritton<br />

951.41± Acres | San Jacinto County | Sold Price:<br />

$2,378,525<br />

32. Perry Bushong Real Estate<br />

Jane Bushong Brown<br />

1,030± Acres | Real County | Sold Price: $2,310,000<br />

33. Capitan Realty, LLC<br />

Stacy Turney<br />

2,695.4± Acres | Val Verde County | Sold Price:<br />

$2,300,000<br />

34. Cross Bar Land Co.<br />

Mike Barbour<br />

479± Acres | McCulloch County | Sold Price:<br />

$2,300,000<br />

35. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

2,400± Acres | Collingsworth County | Sold Price:<br />

$2,280,000<br />

36. Steve Grant Real Estate<br />

Steve Grant<br />

269.43± Acres | Henderson County | Sold Price:<br />

$2,262,500<br />

37. David O Faust, Broker<br />

David Faust<br />

230± Acres | Llano County | Sold Price: $2,250,000<br />

38. Trinity Ranch Land<br />

Karen Lenz, Shana H, Inga B, Matt G, Mark & Christina<br />

R, Dee M & Erik W<br />

647± Acres | Coleman County | Sold Price: $2,200,000<br />

39. J.Gruber Properties<br />

J. Gruber<br />

721± Acres | Medina County | Sold Price: $2,200,000<br />

40. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

John Tarrillion<br />

100± Acres | Kendall County | Sold Price: $2,150,000<br />

41. NWP Brokerage<br />

Craig Gandy<br />

720± Acres | Henderson County | Sold Price:<br />

$2,011,005<br />

42. Pinnacle 1 Realty<br />

Sonya Powers<br />

43± Acres | Burnet County | Sold Price: $1,999,990<br />

43. Burgher-Ray Ranch Sales/<br />

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

Harlan Ray & David Burgher<br />

371± Acres | Grayson County | Sold Price: $1,975,000<br />

44. Plateau Land Group, L.P.<br />

Craig Bowen<br />

172± Acres | Hays County | Sold Price: $1,947,990<br />

45. Legacy Land Auctions<br />

Jenni Winegarner<br />

2,390± Acres | Gray County | Sold Price: $1,921,700<br />

46. RE/MAX DFW Associates<br />

80.92± Acres | Denton County | Sold Price: $1,900,000<br />

47. Carswell Real Estate Co. Inc.<br />

Lisa Carswell<br />

8.21± Acres | Montgomery County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,890,000<br />

48. Cobb Properties<br />

Stefanie Cobb & Tai Cobb-Klam<br />

620± Acres | Comanche County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,860,000<br />

49. Signature Properties<br />

J.C. Lowe<br />

215± Acres | HIdalgo County | Sold Price: $1,853,000<br />

50. Busch Family Limited Partnership<br />

Todd Busch<br />

1,473± Acres | Coleman County | Sold Price: $1,800,000<br />

51. Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

Republic Ranches, LLC<br />

489± Acres | Anderson County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,800,000<br />

52. Collin County Land Company<br />

Kathy Webster<br />

31.26± Acres | Collin County | Sold Price: $1,7000,000<br />

53. Texas Land & Ranch Co.<br />

Morris Killough<br />

97± Acres | Bandera County | Sold Price: $1,650,000<br />

54. Culver/LANDTX, Inc.<br />

David Culver<br />

447± Acres | Mason County | Sold Price: $1,637,321<br />

55. Triangle Realty<br />

Craig Cooper<br />

730± Acres | Ochiltree County | Sold Price: $1,620,000<br />

56. Century 21 Harvey Properties<br />

Century 21 Harvey Properties<br />

873± Acres | Red River County | Sold Price: $1,581,408<br />

57. Rawhide Realtors<br />

Clint Bumguardner<br />

1,253± Acres | Taylor County | Sold Price: $1,572,515<br />

58. Gillispie Land Group, LLC<br />

Shawn Gillispie<br />

960± Acres | Hansford County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,536,000<br />

59. Dullnig Ranches/Kuper Sotheby’s<br />

Robert Dullnig<br />

445± Acres | Atascosa County | Sold Price: $1,535,250<br />

60. Essex Properties<br />

Phil Essex<br />

144± Acres | Guadalupe County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,500,000<br />

61. Reata Ranch Realty, LLC<br />

Michele “Mitch” Smith & Associates<br />

187± Acres | Llano County | Sold Price: $1,498,560<br />

62. United Country Real Estate<br />

Kay Davis<br />

109± Acres | Upshur County | Sold Price: $1,475,000<br />

63. Frio Canyon Real Estate, LLC<br />

Shawn Gray<br />

640± Acres | Real County | Sold Price: $1,472,000<br />

64. Hodde Real Estate Co.<br />

Erik Haugen<br />

205± Acres | Austin County | Sold Price: $1,450,000<br />

65. Navasota Realty<br />

Nancy Perry<br />

42.75± Acres | Montgomery County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,440,000<br />

66. McDougal & Moore<br />

Fain McDougal<br />

154± Acres | Brazos County | Sold Price: $1,440,000<br />

67. Morales Realty<br />

Cassie Saunders<br />

360± Acres | Medina County | Sold Price: $1,438,200<br />

68. Walker and Associates Real Estate<br />

Doyle Hoff<br />

0.13± Acres | Llano County | Sold Price: $1,400,000<br />

69. Ridge Tex Realty<br />

Ridge Taylor<br />

400± Acres | Comanche County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,400,000<br />

70. Hodde Real Estate Co.<br />

Randy Hodde<br />

63.85± Acres | Austin County | Sold Price: $1,383,500<br />

71. Moreland Properties<br />

Jim Hardie<br />

60± Acres | Guadalupe County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,350,000<br />

72. Cunningham Real Estate<br />

Karen S. Gray<br />

50± Acres | Hays County | Sold Price: $1,350,000<br />

73. Keller Williams, Partners in Real<br />

Estate Group<br />

Jackie Maloy<br />

12.04± Acres | Hays County | Sold Price: $1,343,000<br />

74. Harrison Partners Realty, LLP<br />

Patrick Davis<br />

35.4± Acres | Guadalupe County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,325,000<br />

75. David O. Faust, Broker<br />

David Faust<br />

44± Acres | Austin County | Sold Price: $1,295,000<br />

76. Keller Williams, Partners in Real<br />

Estate Group<br />

Jackie Maloy<br />

2.93± Acres | Hays County | Sold Price: $1,262,000<br />

77. Cornerstone Brokerage, LLC<br />

Don Stanley<br />

494± Acres | Henderson County | Sold Price: $1,260,000<br />

78. Gillispie Land Group<br />

Shawn Gillispie<br />

1± Acres | Randall County | Sold Price: $1,250,000<br />

79. RE/MAX Trinity<br />

Jenna Hawkins<br />

292.07± Acres | Montague County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,250,000<br />

80. Georgetown Commercial Properties<br />

Tim Harris<br />

32± Acres | Williamson County | Sold Price: $1,250,000<br />

81. Tri-County Realty, LLC<br />

Gary Helmcamp<br />

199.6± Acres | Colorado & Lavaca Counties | Sold<br />

Price: $1,237,513<br />

82. Cherokee Real Estate Company, Inc.<br />

379± Acres | Cherokee County | Sold Price: $1,237,085<br />

83. Perry Bushong Real Estate<br />

Jane Bushong Brown<br />

460± Acres | Kerr County | Sold Price: $1,236,312<br />

84. Keller Williams Farm and Ranch<br />

Keith Brumlow<br />

104± Acres | Washington County | Sold Price:<br />

$1,232,500<br />

85. CENTURY 21 Patterson Agency<br />

Charlie Patterson<br />

380± Acres | Hopkins County | Sold Price: $1,232,000<br />

86. Trinity Ranch Land<br />

Karen Lenz, Shana H, Inga B, Matt G, Mark &<br />

Christina R, Dee M & Erik W<br />

600± Acres | Callahan County | Sold Price: $1,214,703<br />

87. Williamson-Branson Real Estate<br />

Jeff Branson & Benet Stewart<br />

952± Acres | Fisher County | Sold Price: $1,200,000<br />

88. Keller Williams Realty<br />

Paul Powell<br />

21± Acres | Collin County | Sold Price: $1,200,000<br />

89. Patton International Properties<br />

Myla Patton<br />

1.59± Acres | Collin County | Sold Price: $1,195,900<br />

90. Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty<br />

Brenda Moerschell<br />

34.1± Acres | Collin County | Sold Price: $1,193,535<br />

91. Burks Real Estate<br />

Calvi Burks<br />

209± Acres | Coryell County | Sold Price: $1,190,000<br />

92. Oldham Goodwin Group, LLC<br />

Cyndee Smith<br />

34± Acres | Washington County | Sold Price: $1,180,000<br />

93. Lou Dusek, Realtors<br />

Lou Dusek<br />

171.57± Acres | Bell County | Sold Price: $1,175,000<br />

94. Allman Company Realtors<br />

Crystal Hegley<br />

0.75± Acres | Jasper County | Sold Price: $1,170,000<br />

95. Horseshoe Bay ONE Real Estate, Inc.<br />

Tesa M. Whitley<br />

0.25± Acres | Llano County | Sold Price: $1,170,000<br />

96. United Country - Coleman & Patterson<br />

Tom Patterson<br />

96± Acres | Grimes County | Sold Price: $1,150,000<br />

97. Carswell Real Estate Co. Inc.<br />

Lisa Carswell<br />

12± Acres | Montgomery County | Sold Price: $1,150,000<br />

98. Countryland Properties<br />

Countryland Properties<br />

170± Acres | Lee County | Sold Price: 1,100,500<br />

99. Cameron Real Estate<br />

Phillip Cameron<br />

36± Acres | Montgomery County | Sold Price: $1,100,000<br />

100. Texas Ranches for Sale<br />

Ken Hoerster<br />

405± Acres | Kerr County | Sold Price: $1,100,000<br />



TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

A Comprehensive Overview<br />





The Guadalupe River rises<br />

in two forks in western Kerr<br />

County. Its North Fork begins<br />

just south of State Highway<br />

41, four miles from the Real-<br />

Kerr county line (at 30°06’<br />

N, 99°39’ W), and runs east<br />

for 22 miles to its confluence<br />

with the South Fork, near Hunt (at 30°04’<br />

N, 99°20’ W). The South Fork rises three<br />

miles southwest of the intersection of State<br />

Highway 39 and Farm Road 187 (at 29°56’ N,<br />

99°35’ W) and runs northeast for 20 miles to<br />

meet the North Fork. After the two branches<br />

converge, the Guadalupe River proper flows<br />

southeast for 230 miles, passing through<br />

Kerr, Kendall, Comal, Guadalupe, Gonzales,<br />

DeWitt, and Victoria counties. It then forms the<br />

boundary between southern Victoria County<br />

and Calhoun County and between Calhoun and<br />

Refugio counties before reaching its mouth<br />

on San Antonio Bay (at 28°26’ N, 96°48’ W).<br />

The Guadalupe’s principal tributaries are the<br />

Comal and the San Marcos rivers. Its drainage<br />

area is about 6,070 square miles. The upper<br />

Guadalupe flows across part of the Edwards<br />

Plateau. Near the river, high limestone bluffs<br />

support bald cypress, mesquite, and grasses.<br />

The Balcones fault line, which the river crosses<br />

near New Braunfels, marks the transition to<br />

the coastal plains. Sections of the upper and<br />

middle reaches of the river are suitable for<br />

canoeing, but a number of small waterfalls<br />

prevent uninterrupted navigation of the entire<br />

river. The lower Guadalupe is generally much<br />

quieter and has more sand bars that lend<br />

themselves to camping and day use.<br />

The name Guadalupe, or Nuestra Señora de<br />

Guadalupe, has been applied to the present<br />

river, at least in its lower course, since 1689,<br />

when the stream was so named by Alonso<br />

De León. Domingo Terán de los Ríos, who<br />

maintained a colony on the river from 1691 to<br />

1693, renamed it San Agustín, but the name<br />

Guadalupe continued to be used. Most of the<br />

early explorers, including Father Isidro Félix de<br />

Espinosa, Domingo Ramón, and the Marqués<br />

de Aguayo, called the Guadalupe River the San<br />

Ybón above its junction with the Comal, and<br />

referred to the Comal River as the Guadalupe.<br />

Above the mouth of the Comal the name<br />

Guadalupe was applied to the present river at<br />

least as early as 1727, when Pedro de Rivera y<br />

Villalón so referred to it.<br />


Artifacts dating from the Archaic era have<br />

been found in the Guadalupe River valley,<br />

suggesting that the area has supported<br />

human habitation for several thousand<br />

years. The peoples encountered by early<br />

explorers belonged to the Tonkawa, Waco,<br />

Lipan Apache, and Karankawa Indians. These<br />

early inhabitants were gradually displaced<br />

by settlers from Mexico, Europe, and the<br />

United States. European settlement along<br />

the Guadalupe began as early as the 1720s,<br />

when the Spanish established several<br />

missions above the site of present Victoria.<br />

In 1755 the short-lived San Xavier Mission<br />

was established near San Marcos <strong>Spring</strong>s.<br />

For a brief time in 1808 a settlement grew<br />

up at the intersection of the Guadalupe<br />

River and the Old San Antonio Road, but<br />

flooding and the threat of Indian raids made<br />

the site untenable. Settlements of a more<br />

permanent nature along the Guadalupe<br />

were not long in coming, however. Martín De<br />

León established Victoria near the mouth<br />

of the river in 1824, and in 1825 James Kerr<br />

founded Gonzales 60 miles further upstream,<br />

where on the south bank a historic marker<br />

has been placed to commemorate the firing<br />

of the first shot for Texas independence in<br />

the battle of Gonzales (October 2, 1835).<br />

During the 1830s some 30 or 40 families<br />

homesteaded along the banks of the lower<br />

Guadalupe, which was an early boundary of<br />

the Power and Hewetson colony. Settlement<br />

farther upriver increased in the late 1830s.<br />

Seguin (then called Walnut <strong>Spring</strong>s) was<br />

surveyed by Benjamin McCulloch in 1839,<br />

and New Braunfels was founded in 1845 by a<br />

group of German settlers led by Prince Carl<br />

of Solms-Braunfels. In 1856 Kerrville was<br />

established on the upper Guadalupe. The<br />

construction of railroads through the middle<br />

and upper Guadalupe valley in the 1880s<br />

brought large numbers of new residents to<br />

the area. Kerrville, Comfort, Luling, and Cuero<br />

were among the small communities on the<br />

Guadalupe that prospered with the arrival of<br />

the railroads.<br />

Projects to make the Guadalupe navigable<br />

were approved by the Mexican government<br />

in the late 1820s and early 1830s, but these<br />

were interrupted by the Texas Revolution.<br />

Some improvements to the lower reaches of<br />

the river were authorized by the Republic of<br />

Texas in the 1840s and by the Texas legislature<br />



TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

play a critical role in providing the surrounding<br />

area with power, water, and recreation. Kerrville,<br />

New Braunfels, San Marcos, Seguin, Gonzales,<br />

and Victoria, as well as smaller communities such<br />

as Prairie Lea and Fentress, relied on the river for<br />

their municipal water supply. At least six power<br />

stations in the middle and lower portions of the<br />

river depended on a steady release of water from<br />

Canyon Dam, and the construction of several<br />

more such stations was under consideration.<br />

Recreation on the river, which included canoeing<br />

and inner-tubing as well as water parks and the<br />

facilities available at Canyon Lake and Guadalupe<br />

River State Park, attracted large numbers of<br />

people to the vicinity and contributed heavily to<br />

the area’s economy.<br />

in the 1850s. Large snags in the Guadalupe above Victoria<br />

made travel upriver impossible, but commercial routes<br />

were developed from Victoria to ports on the Gulf of<br />

Mexico. River traffic declined after the completion of<br />

the San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Railway from Victoria<br />

to Port Lavaca in 1861. Interest in the river’s potential<br />

navigability was renewed in the early 1900s, but a 1935<br />

study by the United States Army Corps of Engineers<br />

pronounced such a project economically unfeasible.<br />

Instead, the corps proposed a canal paralleling the river<br />

to connect Victoria with the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.<br />

The proposal was reviewed in 1950, and construction<br />

began soon thereafter. The 35-mile Victoria Barge Canal<br />

was opened to commercial traffic in the mid-1960s, thus<br />

eliminating the need to improve the Guadalupe itself for<br />

such a purpose.<br />

The steady flow from the springs that feed the<br />

Guadalupe and its tributaries have made the river<br />

an attractive source of waterpower. The Guadalupe<br />

Waterpower Company was established in 1912, and by<br />

1920 the company had built a series of dams between<br />

New Braunfels and Seguin in an effort to harness the<br />

river’s power. Flooding, however, continued to be a<br />

problem. In 1933 the state legislature established the<br />

Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority to oversee the control,<br />

storage, and distribution of water from the Guadalupe<br />

and Blanco rivers. In 1958 the corps of engineers, in<br />

cooperation with the river authority, began construction<br />

of the dam at Canyon Lake several miles upriver from New<br />

Braunfels. After its completion in 1964, the dam provided<br />

the first effective flood control for areas downstream.<br />

During the early 1990s the Guadalupe River continued to<br />


A Rare Opportunity on the Guadalupe River<br />




TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

Flowing River Ranch<br />

108± Acres in Kerr County, Texas<br />

Offered at $4,750,000<br />

Property ID: 3222929<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

(830) 739-3815 mobile<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

The Flowing River Ranch,<br />

located about 10 minutes<br />

south of Hunt in<br />

Kerr County, offers the<br />

exceedingly rare opportunity<br />

to purchase 108±<br />

acres of undeveloped<br />

land on the south fork of<br />

the Guadalupe River. The south fork is<br />

known for its high water quality as well as<br />

the surrounding scenery. The crystalline<br />

river, arguably Texans’ favorite, courses<br />

through the ranch for about 1,200 feet.<br />

The property fronts Highway 39 making<br />

access easy. Imagine whiling away long<br />

summer afternoons on the banks of the<br />

Guadalupe, indulging in cooling dips,<br />

relaxing picnics and naps in the shade.<br />

The only other people present are those<br />

you invite. The ranch, with gently rolling<br />

terrain shaded by mature post oaks and<br />

live oaks, is a beautiful blank canvas.<br />

Because there are no buildings on the<br />

property, the new owners will have the<br />

complete freedom to create a personal<br />

masterpiece, be it a private recreational<br />

getaway or a corporate retreat. A discerning<br />

eye will spot the locations that lend<br />

themselves to be prime building sites.<br />

The combination of native vegetation and<br />

plentiful water attracts wildlife. The region<br />

is home to white-tailed deer and turkey<br />

as well as roaming exotics such as axis,<br />

sika and fallow deer. To experience the<br />

rare opportunity that is the Flowing River<br />

Ranch, contact Howard W. Hood at<br />

(830) 739-3815. The property is available<br />

for $4.75 million.<br />



RANCHO<br />

AGUA<br />

GRANDE<br />

With the rich, abundant diversity<br />

of wildlife, it’s no wonder<br />

that Rancho Agua Grande is<br />

considered one of the nation’s<br />

premier hunting destinations.<br />

17,132 ±<br />

ACRES<br />

KINNEY &<br />

UVALDE<br />



$100,000,000<br />


33074 52<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

(830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718<br />


The 17,132-acre Rancho Agua Grande,<br />

located 25 miles northwest of Uvalde where<br />

South Texas, West Texas and the Hill Country<br />

meet, is one of largest live water ranches for<br />

sale in Texas. Year-round Live Oak Creek,<br />

fed by more than 30 springs, bisects the<br />

ranch from north to south for about seven<br />

miles. The line between Uvalde and Kinney<br />

counties is on a similar north-south axis.<br />

The shady pecan bottom along the creek<br />

stands in contrast to the rugged hills<br />

and deep canyons that characterize the<br />

transitional landscape. The ranch is home to<br />

Boiling Mountain, the highest peak in Uvalde<br />

County, and Salmon Peak, the highest point<br />

in Kinney County. Because three ecoregions<br />

converge on the Rancho Agua Grande, the<br />

vegetation is diverse ranging from pinon<br />

pines to live oaks and mesquites, huisache,<br />

guajillo and black brush. It’s a feast for<br />

human eyes and a natural buffet for wildlife.<br />

Live Oak Creek is a calling card for the<br />

ranch’s native and exotic wildlife. They<br />

gather to drink and loaf under the trees<br />

making it easy to view some of the more<br />

than 40 species of game from around the<br />

globe that roam the property. It’s possible<br />

to see kangaroos, camels, zebras, gemsbok,<br />

sable, water buffalo, white bison, Iranian red<br />

sheep, scimitar-horned oryx and water bucks<br />

just to name a few in a single afternoon.<br />

Whitetails, turkey, dove and a limited<br />

population of quail are native to the ranch.<br />

More than 50 miles of high-fence encircle<br />

the perimeter keeping the desirable<br />

managed wildlife inside and the freeranging<br />

game out. With the rich, abundant<br />

diversity of wildlife, it’s no wonder that<br />

Rancho Agua Grande is considered one of<br />

the nations premier hunting destinations.<br />

To see the unique splendor and unlimited<br />

potential of the Rancho Agua Grande for<br />

yourself, contact Howard W. Hood at<br />

(830) 739-3815. The ranch is available for<br />

$100 million.<br />



RANCHO<br />


With its combination of rugged<br />

South Texas brush and grassland<br />

savannahs, the Rancho Estrella,<br />

located 42 miles southwest<br />

of Hebbronville, is like two<br />

ranches in one. Encompassing<br />

approximately 8,050± acres in<br />

Jim Hogg and Starr counties, the<br />

ranch provides incredible hunting<br />

and superlative privacy for its<br />

owners and their guests.<br />

8,050±<br />

ACRES<br />

JIM HOGG<br />

& STARR<br />



$30,000,000<br />


3061902<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

(830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718<br />


The Rancho Estrella is divided into four<br />

pastures: the Brush Pasture, the Front<br />

Safari Pasture, the Back Safari Pasture<br />

and the House Pasture. The exterior<br />

and interior fences are high to facilitate<br />

wildlife management. Miles of allweather<br />

and quick-drying ranch roads<br />

provide easy access.<br />

Managed for wildlife for almost three<br />

decades, the Rancho Estrella is home to<br />

white-tailed deer, bobwhite and scaled<br />

quail, Rio Grande turkeys, javelina,<br />

dove and feral hogs. While quail hunting<br />

occurs regularly on the ranch, the native<br />

population has been supplemented with<br />

pen-raised birds to keep the numbers stable.<br />

In addition to healthy populations of native<br />

game, the ranch has a full complement of<br />

desirable exotics: sable antelope, scimitarhorned<br />

oryx, axis and zebras.<br />

The well-managed brush country habitat<br />

is supplemented with protein feeders as<br />

well as winter and summer food plots. The<br />

ranch has 24 protein feeders ranging in<br />

capacity from 1,000–2,500 pounds as well<br />

as 18 quail feeders. To facilitate hunting,<br />

there are 30 Atascosa deer blinds and 30<br />

1,000-pound corn feeders strategically<br />

located throughout.<br />

In addition to wildlife, the ranch is wellsuited<br />

for cattle. The new owners can<br />

choose to run their own herds or lease out<br />

the grazing for an additional income stream.<br />

There are two sets of cattle pens: one on<br />

the Brush Pasture and a newly constructed<br />

set that can be accessed from the remaining<br />

three pastures.<br />

Water for wildlife and livestock are plentiful.<br />

The Rancho Estrella has nine water wells;<br />

two of which are run on solar pumps and<br />

the remainder on electric submersible<br />

pumps. There are also four stock tanks, three<br />

of which are supplemented by water from<br />

the wells. The other relies on rainwater. Plus,<br />

there are more than 30 wildlife waterers<br />

scattered throughout the property.<br />

Rancho Estrella is designed to entertain<br />

large numbers of family, friends, colleagues<br />

or clients, providing opportunities for both<br />

camaraderie and privacy. The scope and<br />

scale of the facilities can handle special<br />

events. For instance, the focal point of one of<br />

the dining rooms is a 24-foot mesquite table.<br />

There are two separate compounds to<br />

house guests, one in the Brush Pasture and<br />

one in the House Pasture. At each location,<br />

there is a combination of a main lodge as<br />

well as apartments and casitas. The smaller<br />

quarters offer partial kitchens and private<br />

baths. The Brush Pasture Compound, which<br />

reflects the style and tradition of South<br />

Texas, also has a swimming pool and a<br />

series of common areas designed to bring<br />

people together. There is a master plan in<br />

place outlining potential expansion of the<br />

House Pasture.<br />

The owner’s home is located at the Brush<br />

Pasture compound. It is a four-bedroom,<br />

four-bath house with half baths attached<br />

to the kitchen and family room. While it<br />

is central to the compound’s design, the<br />

owner’s home includes a separate wing<br />

where the family can gather privately.<br />

There are two modular homes for staff.<br />

The ranch’s infrastructure is also designed<br />

to support ranch work and entertaining.<br />

For instance, there is a 10’x25’ walk-in<br />

cooler for storing game and kennels for<br />

housing the ranch’s bird dogs. Guests can<br />

enjoy shooting skeet from both a high and<br />

low-house. A watch tower near the owners’<br />

home provides a view of Mexico’s Sierra<br />

Madre Mountains.<br />

The ranch has been both a hunting<br />

destination and a corporate retreat. If the<br />

new owner chooses, Rancho Estrella could<br />

easily be transformed into a commercial<br />

hunting operation.<br />

Brush country. Grassland savannahs.<br />

Camaraderie. Privacy. Rancho Estrella<br />

provides an opportunity for the best of<br />

all worlds.<br />

To schedule a private showing and make<br />

Rancho Estrella part of your world, call<br />

Howard W. Hood at (830) 739-3815.<br />



DOUBLE B<br />

RANCH &<br />

RESORT<br />

The 560± acre Double B Ranch<br />

and Resort, located just 20<br />

minutes from Fredericksburg and<br />

15 minutes from Kerrville, is the<br />

best-priced live water property<br />

available in Gillespie County.<br />

560±<br />

ACRES<br />


COUNTY<br />


$5,950,000<br />


3222962<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

(830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718<br />


Three year-round, spring-fed, live water<br />

creeks—Nott Branch, Klein Branch and Two<br />

Mary’s Creek—criss-cross the classic Hill<br />

Country landscape<br />

The Double B currently hosts commercial<br />

hunts for native, exotic and super African<br />

exotics, and special events including<br />

weddings and corporate retreats. Its<br />

potential as an entrepreneurial venture or a<br />

highly appointed private retreat is unlimited.<br />

The rustically elegant 10,000-squarefoot<br />

lodge can sleep up to 45 guests and<br />

easily accommodate buffet-style banquet<br />

dining. The lodge features two offices, a<br />

commercial-grade kitchen, a commercialcapacity<br />

laundry and loading dock.<br />

Beaux Hickey’s, a 5,600-square-foot<br />

rectangular open air pavilion with two<br />

kitchens, is a special events destination<br />

accommodating up to 250 guests.<br />

In addition to the three year-round, springfed<br />

creeks, the Double B has five water wells<br />

located throughout the ranch including a<br />

deep water well.<br />

The three-story main house offers 6,000<br />

square feet of living space. The ranch<br />

house is a three-bedroom, two-bath with<br />

expansive porches that is currently used for<br />

guest lodging.<br />

Three cabins, ranging in size and style from<br />

a one-bedroom efficiency to a two-bedroom<br />

with a full kitchen and living room, provide<br />

additional accommodations.<br />

The ranch entrance conveniently fronts a<br />

paved county road, which makes coming and<br />

going easy. Paved, caliche and gravel roads<br />

provide access throughout. The front 155±<br />

acres are low-fenced, while the remaining<br />

400± acres is high-fenced.<br />

Ranch infrastructure includes a 12-stall<br />

horse barn with an office and an adjoining<br />

arena; a heavy equipment barn; a three-bay<br />

shop with a lift; and a large pole barn for<br />

equipment storage.<br />

To explore the opportunities Double B Ranch<br />

and Resort offers, contact Howard W. Hood<br />

at (830) 739-3815. The property is available<br />

for $5.95 million.<br />




W RANCH<br />

Rocking W Ranch, located<br />

between Kerrville and Comfort,<br />

offers the best of Hill Country<br />

living on the perfect scale. At<br />

84.09± acres, the ranch has room<br />

to roam, but is easily manageable.<br />

84.09±<br />

ACRES<br />

KERR<br />

COUNTY<br />


$2,200,000<br />


3223562<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

(830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718<br />

<strong>Spring</strong>-fed Bluff Creek transects the Rocking<br />

W from north to south. In addition, the<br />

Rocking W has a commercial water well<br />

permitted for pumping up to five million<br />

gallons annually.<br />

The landscape is traditional Hill Country with<br />

rolling hills, shallow valleys and ancient live<br />

oaks. The range is primarily native grasses,<br />

although there is a 20± acre patch of coastal<br />

Bermuda. The brush has been deliberately<br />

sculpted to maintain the property’s wildlife<br />

valuation. The low-fenced property is home to<br />

white-tailed deer, axis deer and turkeys. All<br />

of the property’s gates are electric, and the<br />

roads are either concrete or blacktop.<br />

The ranch’s main house is 4,050± square<br />

feet of custom comfort with two or three<br />

bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. An<br />

open floor plan and exquisite touches such<br />

as black walnut cabinetry, travertine tile and<br />

hardwood floors create a sense of elegance.<br />

An expansive deck overlooks the pool, its<br />

burbling waterfall and a 1,000± square-foot<br />

pool house.<br />

The nearby 2,400± square-foot, twobedroom,<br />

three-bath “barn house,” complete<br />

with a kitchen and a laundry, provides<br />

superlative guest lodging.<br />

Ranch infrastructure includes: a 40’x60’<br />

equipment barn; a 20’x75’ concrete pad with<br />

a barn awning that is currently used for RV<br />

storage, but could be easily enclosed to make<br />

another barn; a 10’x60’ mobile home pad; a<br />

12’x20’ utility barn with three attached horse<br />

stalls and a 40’x50’ livestock pen. There is<br />

also a set of covered livestock holding pens<br />

and a set of livestock working pens.<br />

To explore the easily manageable lifestyle<br />

offered by the Rocker W contact Howard W.<br />

Hood at (830) 739-3815. The property is<br />

available for $2.2 million.<br />


ROCKIN’ L<br />

RANCH<br />

The 312-acre, high-fenced<br />

Rockin’ L Ranch, located 13 miles<br />

west of Brackettville, is perfect for<br />

a family hunting retreat, full-time<br />

residence or a commercial hunting<br />

operation. The rolling, mixed<br />

brush land is transected by Big<br />

Perdido Creek.<br />

312±<br />

ACRES<br />

KINNEY<br />

COUNTY<br />


$1,200,000<br />


3570245<br />

The 312-acre, high-fenced Rockin’ L Ranch,<br />

located 13 miles west of Brackettville, is<br />

perfect for a family hunting retreat, full-time<br />

residence or a commercial hunting operation.<br />

The rolling, mixed brush land is transected by<br />

Big Perdido Creek. Every major improvement<br />

is less than a year old.<br />

The Rockin’ L has an MLDP Level II permit<br />

and can qualify for an MLDP III permit in<br />

<strong>2017</strong>. The ranch has been managed primarily<br />

for white-tailed deer and has TC1 rating.<br />

The ranch has four, three-quarter-acre deer<br />

breeding pens that are fully outfitted with<br />

water, feed troughs, 12’x20’ shade covers<br />

and double-gated runways. All breeder deer<br />

and wildlife-related equipment, including<br />

feeders and blinds, transfer with the sale.<br />

The ranch is also home to axis, turkey, dove,<br />

quail, ducks and assorted varmints. The large<br />

tank is stocked with bass, bream and perch.<br />

The lodging compound contains three metalroofed,<br />

red cedar log cabins with expansive<br />

porches. The interiors are finished in red<br />

cedar and white pine. A barbecue area, fire<br />

pit and parking are nearby.<br />

The one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath<br />

main cabin is 1,500 square feet of open<br />

concept design featuring a gourmet kitchen.<br />

The 900-square-foot, two-bedroom guest<br />

cabins have private vanities in each bedroom<br />

and provide access to a shared bathroom.<br />

Cabins’ furnishings are negotiable.<br />

The 30’x40’ concrete block barn includes a<br />

large capacity walk-in cooler. A water well<br />

supplies all residential and ranch needs.<br />

To embrace Rockin’ L Ranch’s “wild<br />

life,” contact Howard W. Hood at<br />

(830) 739-3815. The ranch is available<br />

for $1.2 million.<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

(830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718<br />



336<br />

RANCH<br />

The 336 Ranch, located 28<br />

miles northwest of Kerrville in<br />

Kerr County, provides easy<br />

access, complete privacy and the<br />

opportunity to create a ranch to<br />

your own exacting specifications.<br />

336±<br />

ACRES<br />

KERR<br />

COUNTY<br />


$1,107,120<br />


3578680<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

(830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718<br />

The 336 Ranch, located 28 miles northwest of<br />

Kerrville in Kerr County, provides easy access,<br />

complete privacy and the opportunity to create<br />

a ranch to your own exacting specifications.<br />

The 336-acre property, which is just three<br />

miles from the convenience of I-10, showcases<br />

a variety of Hill Country terrain.<br />

Within its fence lines, you will find bottom<br />

land along the seasonal creek as well as<br />

rolling hills and slightly higher elevations with<br />

three-mile views that are ideally suited as<br />

home sites. The primary ranch road is caliche.<br />

With wildlife management in mind, 95<br />

percent of the ashe juniper has been removed.<br />

To augment the native range, the owners<br />

supplement with alfalfa, protein and corn.<br />

Three bulk protein feeders, six corn feeders and<br />

all hunting blinds transfer with the property.<br />

The ranch is home to native whitetails and<br />

wild turkey as well as a host of exotics<br />

including axis deer, fallow deer, sika deer,<br />

black buck antelope and a small herd of<br />

purebred mouflon sheep. The top-of-theline<br />

Tightlock® fence, which gives game<br />

managers complete control of ingress and<br />

egress, is less than five years old.<br />

Ranch infrastructure includes two 12’x24’<br />

wooden buildings suitable for storage<br />

or conversion to camp houses. The property<br />

has electricity and water from a deep,<br />

productive well.<br />

To claim the potential of the 336 Ranch<br />

for yourself, contact Howard W. Hood at<br />

(830) 739-3815. The ranch is available for<br />

$3,295 per acre.<br />


V&K<br />

RANCH<br />

The V&K Ranch, located just minutes<br />

from Kerrville, is an ideal place to<br />

call home. With two entrances off<br />

Freedom Trail Road, the 99.38-acre<br />

property is easily accessible and<br />

the right size to enjoy.<br />

99.38±<br />

ACRES<br />

KERR<br />

COUNTY<br />


$1,695,000<br />


3072601<br />

The high-fenced ranch, which features classic<br />

Hill Country topography and beauty, is<br />

divided into two 50± acre pastures. The land<br />

retains its natural character while providing<br />

a home to blackbuck antelope, elk, sika deer<br />

and whitetails.<br />

There are three wells on the property (one with<br />

a submersible pump, a second that is windmill<br />

powered, and a third, still cased in, taps into<br />

the Trinity Aquifer) as well as three handcrafted<br />

stone water troughs and a stock tank.<br />

The house is 3,274± square feet and features<br />

three bedrooms and three baths on a single<br />

floor. There is also a library/study, a<br />

reading room and an office that is tucked<br />

away for privacy.<br />

The home’s adobe construction, Saltillo tile,<br />

and light-filled rooms are reminiscent of<br />

Santa Fe. The spacious, gourmet kitchen,<br />

which opens into the living room, is a<br />

focal point for both family gatherings and<br />

entertaining. A large two-level deck<br />

opens off the living room bringing the<br />

outside indoors.<br />

The guest house features two bedrooms and<br />

two baths, a kitchen, dining room and a huge<br />

multi-purpose room that the current owners<br />

are using as a personal gym.<br />

The ranch also features two barns. The most<br />

recent addition is a horse barn with stalls<br />

and attached paddocks. The older barn is<br />

suitable for horses or hay storage.<br />

The V&K Ranch is ideal—and idyllic.<br />

To see the ideally located V&K Ranch<br />

for yourself contact Howard W. Hood at<br />

(830) 739-3815. The ranch is available for<br />

$1.695 million.<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

(830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718<br />



EAST<br />

TOWN<br />

CREEK<br />

ESTATE<br />

On the outskirts of Kerrville,<br />

Texas, along the historic Western<br />

Cattle Trail to Dodge City, Kansas,<br />

and beyond is this 55± acre<br />

East Town Creek Estate.<br />

55±<br />

ACRES<br />

KERR<br />

COUNTY<br />


$3,975,000<br />


1005917<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

(830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718<br />

The main residence overlooks a beautiful<br />

lake on Town Creek and is comprised of<br />

17,000 square feet. The estate is perfectly<br />

situated and configured for luxury living<br />

and lavish or relaxed Texas Hill Country<br />

entertainment. The estate accentuates indoor<br />

and outdoor living with a large 50’x30’ pool<br />

and spa, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits for<br />

outside entertainment during the mild Hill<br />

Country nights.<br />

The estate is open and bright with two art<br />

galleries filled with western art, one leading<br />

to the master bedroom suite and the other<br />

connecting the main living areas to the game<br />

room and trophy room wing. The home features<br />

a large living room, library, dining room, den,<br />

sun room, and a large country kitchen with<br />

utility room. Six large fireplaces located in the<br />

main living areas and in the bedroom suites<br />

keep the estate warm and cheerful during<br />

chilly winter nights. Outside the den area is an<br />

outdoor fireplace situated on a covered porch<br />

overlooking the pool, which provides an ideal<br />

cocktail hour venue.<br />

There are four bedrooms, each with en suite<br />

baths, and a guest suite with a panoramic view<br />

of the main lake, horse paddocks, and hills.<br />

The master suite features a large two-story<br />

master bedroom with fireplace, two adjacent<br />

gyms, and his and her bathrooms. Upstairs<br />

from the master bedroom is a large main office,<br />

secondary office, loggia, map room, half bath,<br />

and coffee bar. A long covered porch off the<br />

office suite overlooks the pool and main lake.<br />

From the main den there is a wide art gallery<br />

hall leading to a 40’x27’ game room with<br />

fireplace overlooking the pool. Another<br />

wide gallery decorated with wildlife art and<br />

scenes of Africa leads to a 60’x40’ trophy<br />

room featuring a full kitchen and an adjoining<br />

antique bar room accented by a real antique<br />

bar and walls of antique long leaf pine.<br />

Upstairs from the bar is the palatial guest suite<br />

overlooking the lake, outside fire pit, and<br />

views beyond.<br />

If the estate home itself is not enough, consider<br />

that the lakes have been stocked for over 20<br />

years with a bountiful habitat of world-class<br />

Florida bass and large catfish. The estate<br />

grounds feature a thoroughbred horse barn,<br />

tack room, and office. Close by is a large shop,<br />

work areas, green house, and air conditioned<br />

storage room. There are many separately high<br />

fenced pens and alleys designed for the efficient<br />

handling of horses, exotic animals or whitetailed<br />

deer. Large high-fenced fields allow for<br />

the enjoyment of many exotic animals such as<br />

greater kudu, nyala, zebra, red deer, aoudad,<br />

axis, blackbuck, or any other beautiful creatures<br />

that the new owner chooses to enjoy.<br />


LAKE<br />


872.6±<br />

ACRES<br />


COUNTY<br />


$2,600,000<br />

Lake Amistad is rated the #1 bass lake in the United States. This property<br />

is versatile and unique for development potential, a corporate retreat,<br />

recreational camp, or just living the good life.<br />


951942<br />

MAYO<br />

RANCH<br />

69±<br />

ACRES<br />

KERR<br />

COUNTY<br />


$2,200,000<br />


1187419<br />

The Mayo Ranch is nestled into the heart of the Texas Hill Country.<br />

Within its high-fenced borders, you can experience the full spectrum<br />

of Hill Country beauty.<br />

Howard W. Hood, Broker • Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com • (830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com • View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718<br />



Howard W. Hood, Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

(830) 739-3815 Mobile<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

HoodRealEstateInc.com<br />

Howard W. Hood/Broker<br />

Howard@HoodRealEstateInc.com • (830) 739-3815 mobile<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/39718 222 Sidney Baker South, Suite 223 • Kerrville, Texas 78028<br />


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North Texas Ranches<br />

Dale Ranch<br />

Offered at $15,500,000<br />

2,010± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3521212<br />

Lone Oak Ranch<br />

Offered at $10,000,000<br />

1,000± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3450677<br />

The Dale Ranch is a turnkey hunting ranch located 45 minutes from Fort<br />

Worth and just 20 minutes north of Weatherford. The buyer will enjoy a<br />

well maintained and managed ranch with great deer, natural hardwoods,<br />

native grasses, large lake, many ponds, great road system and a good water<br />

supply with beautiful amenities and alluring pastoral views. The buyer will<br />

reap the rewards of an operation that has been in place and managed for 15-<br />

plus years. The seller’s stewardship of the land, amenities and proven track<br />

record as a game ranch affirms it as one of Texas’ most premier ranches.<br />

Lone Oak Ranch is a beautiful compound and ranch assembled over<br />

years by the former well-known head of Dr Pepper. The amazing houses,<br />

35-acre lake, cattle and horse facilities are all first-class and almost<br />

impossible to reproduce less than an hour from downtown Dallas in<br />

northeastern Collin County, Texas. This ranch compound centers around<br />

the spectacular 5,885-square-foot custom log home with spectacular long<br />

views of the ranch, 35-acre lake and landscape. Additional improvements<br />

include two guest houses, the cabana, garage, horse barn and hay barn.<br />

Trio Texas Ranch<br />

Offered at $6,500,000<br />

40± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3655649<br />

Mountain View Ranch<br />

Offered at $1,999,950<br />

15± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 2227996<br />

Trio Texas Ranch is a combination residential retreat and cattle ranch<br />

situated on a 40-acre hilltop with water front views of Ray Roberts Lake<br />

and 360-degree views for miles, beautiful scattered hardwood trees and<br />

rolling topography. The eight-bedroom main house was designed for<br />

indoor/outdoor entertaining with media room, gym, and pool with spa.<br />

Two-bedroom manager’s compound includes a six-stall barn with auto<br />

water, wash rack and tack room, separate workshop, and more. Only 60<br />

minutes from downtown Dallas and Fort Worth.<br />

Conveniently located in the heart of the North Texas horse country,<br />

between Denton and Frisco, this ranch is ideal for family living and<br />

entertaining. Nestled in a bucolic country setting, the updated 5,600-squarefoot<br />

main house has panoramic views of the pool, outdoor entertaining<br />

areas, mature trees and beautiful pastures. There is an eight-stall,<br />

5,000-square-foot, custom metal barn with a two-story apartment, two<br />

stocked fishing ponds, split by a low-water crossing that leads to the house<br />

and barn, and a 1,000-foot deep aquifer well on the property.<br />

RANCH AND LAND DIVISION | 2913 Fairmount, Suite 200, Dallas, Texas 75201 | ranch.briggsfreeman.com

460± ACRES<br />


OFFERED AT $4,500,000

This property can only be described as magic! Pony Creek Ranch<br />

is located just outside Glen Rose and approximately one-and-a-half<br />

hours from Dallas and an hour from Fort Worth. With two-and-a-half<br />

miles along both sides of the rocky bottom Pony Creek in a hidden<br />

valley surrounded by large hills, it feels much larger than its 460 acres.<br />

This high-fenced property has been owned and developed by the<br />

same family for over four decades. The centerpiece of the compound<br />

is a large custom lodge perfect for entertaining small or large groups<br />

and encompasses three 150-year-old log cabins. There are numerous<br />

outdoor areas around the house including a private patio with stone<br />

fireplace and several porches overlooking the grounds, lakes and<br />

surrounding valley. Adjacent to the lodge are four historic log cabins,<br />

swimming pool and spa and pavilion complete with two bars and full<br />

kitchen, perfect for hosting weddings and parties. This entire compound<br />

overlooks two large stock lakes. A chapel constructed of 150-year-old<br />

timbers is located on a hilltop overlooking the property and valley. A<br />

second compound of cabins is located nearby with views over the lake.<br />

There are several swimming holes, three concrete and stone dams/<br />

low water crossings, a bridge to the house and down several steps<br />

is a sitting area to view a water fall. The land is a combination of hills<br />

(Hill Country), creek bottom, trees/wildlife habitat and approximately<br />

one-third is mature pasture land. There are four pastures ranging in<br />

size from 14–25± acres planted in costal Bermuda and other improved<br />

grasses. A manager’s house is at the back entrance near several barns.<br />

Currently home to an abundance of typical Texas wildlife (deer, turkey,<br />

dove and duck,) but also numerous exotics such as axis and fallow<br />

deer, elk, watusi, zebra, wildebeests, black buck, rare donkeys, aoudad<br />

sheep and gemsbok. The deer will literally eat out of your hand on the<br />

porch of the lodge.<br />

This is a generational opportunity to own one of the most incredible<br />

ranches in this part of the state. This fine ranch is offered at $4,500,000.<br />

Some of the equipment, furniture and exotic animals are available<br />

for purchase separately. Contact David Burgher and Harlan Ray<br />


DBurgher@BriggsFreeman.com<br />

c: 214.213.8715<br />


HRay@BriggsFreeman.com<br />

c: 214.908.7770


c: 214.213.8715<br />

dburgher@briggsfreeman.com<br />


c: 214.908.7770<br />

hray@briggsfreeman.com<br />

Central Texas Ranches<br />

Astin Farm<br />

Offered at $10,000,000<br />

2,119± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3427187<br />

Valhalla Farms<br />

Offered at $4,950,000<br />

784± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 2917928<br />

A rare opportunity to own productive farmland located in the heart of<br />

the Brazos River Valley. A wide variety of sandy soils can be found across<br />

the farm. This farm has seven water wells that are used to irrigate the<br />

entire property through a grid of underground waterlines and there is<br />

also 174-acre-feet of water rights from the Brazos River. Located 17 miles<br />

northwest of Bryan/College Station, 175 miles northeast of San Antonio, 120<br />

miles northwest of Houston and 100 miles northeast of Austin, the property<br />

is accessible by rail lines owned and maintained by Union Pacific Railroad.<br />

Valhalla Farms sits on the banks of the San Gabriel River and has three-fourths<br />

of a mile of frontage. Primarily used as a horse farm, breeding facility and<br />

racetrack, the farm also offers fishing and hunting along the banks of the river.<br />

There are over 600 acres of improved pastures and approximately 163 acres<br />

of native pastures. Improvements include a 6,541-square-foot main residence<br />

with pool, an office/apartment, tack rooms, feed rooms and wash racks. This<br />

turnkey operation also includes rehabilitation and exercise building, five horse<br />

walkers, covered round breaking pen and numerous horse paddocks and traps.<br />

Hog Creek Ranch<br />

Offered at $1,386,500<br />

407± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3184401<br />

Hall Lake Ranch<br />

Offered at $933,000<br />

259± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3187123<br />

Located in the heart of central Texas only 25 minutes northwest of<br />

Waco, this unique ranch offers opportunities for both fishing and hunting.<br />

The ranch has two spillways and good surface water including over half<br />

a mile of frontage on both sides of Hog Creek. In addition to the creek<br />

frontage, there is a stock pond in the southern pasture. Excellent fishing<br />

opportunities on Hog Creek, include largemouth bass, sunfish and<br />

bluegill. The terrain, tree cover, and surface water lend the ranch to be a<br />

good hunting ranch for whitetail deer, turkey, ducks and dove.<br />

Hall Lake Ranch is a true Central Texas gem. Located only 25 minutes<br />

from Waco in the town of Valley Mills, the property is easily accessible<br />

by Highway 6. This property has been traditionally used as a cattle ranch,<br />

but has some exceptional development potential due to the excellent<br />

road frontage on Highway 6. The property has good cover around the<br />

6.5-acre lake, while the rest of the property is in rolling grass lands.<br />

Contact Harlan Ray or David Burgher for more information.<br />

RANCH AND LAND DIVISION | 2913 Fairmount, Suite 200, Dallas, Texas 75201 | ranch.briggsfreeman.com

Recreational Ranches<br />

Steele Creek Ranch<br />

Offered at $3,800,000<br />

856± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3603313<br />

Stone Creek Ranch<br />

Offered at $2,995,000<br />

310± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3526322<br />

Steele Creek Ranch is one of the most incredible offerings currently available<br />

in this part of Texas with abundant creek and water frontage. Steeped in rich<br />

Bosque County history, portions of this ranch have had only two or three<br />

owners in the last 150 years. There are wonderful opportunities for a working<br />

ranch with agricultural/farming and cattle/livestock plus a recreational aspect<br />

with hunting, fishing in the six-acre lake and 14 ponds and creeks across the<br />

property. The ranch is well-outfitted with a variety of improvements across<br />

the ranch and plenty of room for guests with a main house and guest house.<br />

Stone Creek Ranch which features some of the most beautiful and diverse<br />

landscape found in Texas, is offered as a turnkey property with top-of-theline<br />

improvements and rich with wildlife. The attention to detail poured with<br />

a decade of work has truly created a sportsman’s paradise. This ranch offers<br />

something for everyone. In addition to hunting, a large newly built lodge sleeps<br />

12–24 people, includes a cook’s kitchen, game room with a home theater,<br />

shuffle board, pool table and 1,800-square-foot covered porch that looks out<br />

to a well-stocked lake with fishing dock plus much more.<br />

Rockin’ Z Ranch<br />

Offered at $2,995,000<br />

256± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3710016<br />

Triple D Ranch<br />

Offered at $1,700,00<br />

271± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3508182<br />

Live in the country and work in the city! This ranch sits on the highest point<br />

in Johnson County, just 30 minutes south of Fort Worth and 50 minutes<br />

southwest of Dallas. Enjoy incredible views from the front porch of this<br />

custom three-story Victorian home with basement, tennis courts, pool,<br />

cabana with guest quarters, and an outdoor fireplace. The entire ranch has<br />

perimeter-fencing with over 200 acres under high-game-fencing. A variety of<br />

wildlife including whitetail deer, red stag, audad sheep, hogs, duck, and dove<br />

can be found on the ranch and there is great fishing on the 13-acre lake.<br />

Triple D Ranch is one of the true gems of central Texas, located just south<br />

of the quaint town of Hubbard in Hill County. The ranch has seven stock<br />

ponds and over 2,600 feet of frontage on both side of Cottonwood Creek.<br />

This turnkey ranch features a top-notch whitetail heard, as well as dove<br />

and turkey hunting, and some excellent fishing in the ponds. Improvements<br />

on the ranch are in excellent shape; the 3,500-square-foot main house<br />

overlooks the swimming pool and several stocked ponds. There is also a<br />

2,500-square-foot barn, perimeter-fencing and over 3.75 miles of high-fence.<br />

RANCH AND LAND DIVISION | 2913 Fairmount, Suite 200, Dallas, Texas 75201 | ranch.briggsfreeman.com


c: 214.213.8715<br />

dburgher@briggsfreeman.com<br />


c: 214.908.7770<br />

hray@briggsfreeman.com<br />

Recreational Ranches<br />

Bosque Canyon Ranch<br />

Offered at $1,450,000<br />

PART OF 3,744 ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3440417<br />

Lucky Cross Ranch<br />

Offered at $2,999,950<br />

432± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 2855124<br />

Only 90 minutes from DFW, this property and house are part of the 3,744<br />

acres Bosque Canyon Ranch. This Shared Ranch Community is at the “Top of<br />

the Hill Country” and a great alternative for the persons who want the feeling of<br />

owning a large ranch without the headache or cost. Situated on an oak and elm<br />

tree shaded hilltop, the three building compound includes a four-bedroom, fourbath<br />

home with adjacent spa/art studio/bunk room/office/garage and climate<br />

controlled workshop/storage building with two car carport. Enjoy spectacular<br />

views of the western ridge of the ranch from the outdoor patio of this retreat.<br />

This working cattle ranch is nestled within the Palo Pinto Hills, with over<br />

2,000 feet of frontage on the Brazos River. There are improved pastures<br />

for cattle and grazing, several stock ponds and a deep-water well to supply<br />

water for the custom-built ranch house and improvements. In addition,<br />

the ranch offers unlimited recreational activities including hiking, canoeing,<br />

tubing, fishing, camping and hunting for wild turkeys and native deer.<br />

Other improvements include a barn with a separate one-room apartment,<br />

equipment storage and space for a tractor and other farm implements.<br />

Sabana River Ranch<br />

Offered at $2,340,000<br />

938± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3641336<br />

Rush Creek Ranch<br />

Offered at $1,599,000<br />

175.94± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3603382<br />

This beautiful ranch, located just south of Carbon, has frontage on<br />

FM 1027, CR 413 and CR 408 in Eastland County. There is gentle roll<br />

throughout the property with a significant ridge looking south creating<br />

some excellent views of the neighboring countryside. The fertile soils<br />

in the draws provide excellent forage for a variety of wildlife including<br />

whitetail deer, hogs, dove, quail, duck and turkey. The strong native<br />

grasses provide great grazing for cattle. This ranch is approximately two<br />

hours from Dallas, 80 minutes from Fort Worth.<br />

Amidst the rolling hills of Erath and Eastland counties lies a truly diverse<br />

and spectacular ranch filled with natural beauty, breathtaking views and<br />

frontage along the Red Fork of Rush Creek and Middle Creek where they<br />

flow through the ranch. This ranch offers an abundance of recreational<br />

opportunities ranging from deer, turkey and hog hunting, a variety of<br />

waterfowl and bird hunting and fishing is available in the creeks, ponds and<br />

lakes. The property is also suitable for a livestock or agricultural operation<br />

with several pastures varying in size excellent for rotational grazing.<br />

RANCH AND LAND DIVISION | 2913 Fairmount, Suite 200, Dallas, Texas 75201 | ranch.briggsfreeman.com

Alvarado<br />

Offered at $832,500<br />

111± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 2995436<br />

Selah Ranch<br />

Offered at $6,750,000<br />

1,022± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3212914<br />

Remarkable ranch with great views and home site possibilities. The<br />

range conditions are in great shape with abundant native grasses that<br />

have not been overgrazed and countless large beautiful mature oak trees<br />

scattered throughout the property. The property has five ponds with<br />

the biggest one being roughly three-and-a-half acres. This property is<br />

an ideal candidate for turning into a nice country estate or great for a<br />

residential development while still being just a short drive to town.<br />

Selah Ranch, a breathtaking resort, is conveniently located less than two<br />

hours from Dallas. Situated on 1,022 acres of woodlands, lakes, and trails,<br />

this retreat is one of the best places in Texas to observe wildlife and the<br />

perfect spot for a corporate retreat. Selah features an 11,000-square-foot<br />

traditional stone main lodge and three guest cottages. Enjoy fishing for<br />

largemouth bass, channel catfish, and crappie. The ranch also features two<br />

John Houck designed championship 18-hole disc golf courses.<br />

Twin Creeks Ranch<br />

Offered at $814,800<br />

194± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3615073<br />

CFR Lodge<br />

Offered at $2,500,000<br />

500± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 2671640<br />

The ranch is located northeast of Sulphur <strong>Spring</strong>s on paved County<br />

Road 3504 and two miles north of Interstate 30. The beautiful 194-acre<br />

ranch consists of great pastures, mature timber, two year round creeks,<br />

hay pastures, and excellent hunting. The property is improved with a<br />

large livestock barn with a completely updated two-bedroom, one-bath<br />

apartment. The apartment is ideal for the weekend retreat or could be<br />

used as a temporary place to stay while a house is being constructed.<br />

Chrystal Falls Ranch is approximately 500 acres of excellent hunting<br />

habitat in Stephens County, Texas. The property sits along the bank of<br />

the Clear Fork of the Brazos River with over one mile of river frontage.<br />

Overlooking the river and surrounding hill side is the custom built<br />

hunting lodge with ten bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Additional<br />

3,500 acres of high-fence adjoining the property is also available.<br />

PATRICK MURRAY C: 214.679.4341 | pmurray@briggsfreeman.com<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/283132<br />

RANCH AND LAND DIVISION | 2913 Fairmount, Suite 200, Dallas, Texas 75201 | ranch.briggsfreeman.com

Chrystal Falls Ranch<br />

Offered at $7,000,000<br />

3,500± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3532109<br />

Chrystal Falls Ranch is approximately 3,500 acres of managed hunting paradise. The ranch has been under high-game-fence management for the last seven years<br />

and is home to many trophy whitetail deer, turkey, hogs and bobwhite quail. The ranch is well-watered with various wet-weather creeks and a good number of<br />

ponds with the largest being over two acres. Along with providing great watering sources for the wildlife and livestock, these ponds provide great fishing and<br />

waterfowl hunting opportunities. The current owners have done extensive brush clearing for food plots and to enhance the pastures for livestock. Adjacent to<br />

the property is an additional 500 acres with hunting lodge that is also available. The ranch has many locations to build a lodge including one of the highest points<br />

in the county. All equipment and hunting vehicles are available for purchase.<br />

Rio Vista<br />

Offered at $451,000<br />

82± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 2995456<br />

Lakehurst Ranch<br />

Offered at $2,800,000<br />

415± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3392454<br />

Just 45 minutes south of downtown Fort Worth, along the southern border<br />

of Johnson County, is an 82-acre ranch unlike any other. The topography<br />

of the property is flat with about half of the property being covered in<br />

mature mesquite and other native trees while the balance is open pasture<br />

in good condition. There are a number of good sized ponds and along the<br />

western border is a natural wetland area that typically holds water yearround.<br />

During the winter months, this watershed is full of ducks.<br />

The Lakehurst Ranch is among the finest estate properties in East Texas.<br />

65 miles from downtown Dallas, this beautiful 415-acre gentleman’s<br />

ranch boasts an opulent 7,231-square-foot main home with the finest<br />

appointments. Also includes caretaker’s home, two barns, expansive pipe<br />

and cross-fencing, 20-plus acre lake with boat house and 10 ponds. This<br />

highly improved and luxurious property is a rare offering for those seeking a<br />

recreational ranch retreat of the highest quality.<br />

PATRICK MURRAY C: 214.679.4341 | pmurray@briggsfreeman.com<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/283132<br />

RANCH AND LAND DIVISION | 2913 Fairmount, Suite 200, Dallas, Texas 75201 | ranch.briggsfreeman.com

TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

Nature Photography<br />

A Natural Fit<br />

While a picture is worth a thousand words,<br />

a nature photography operation can be<br />

worth thousands of dollars to landowners.<br />



“Nature photography is the fastest growing recreation<br />

industry in America,” said John Martin, a retired financial<br />

advisor, amateur nature photographer and conservationist<br />

who founded the Images for Conservation Fund. “The last<br />

time I looked 30 million people self-identified as nature<br />

photographers and 11 million of them said they traveled<br />

eight days or more per year to pursue their hobby.<br />

“I’m not greedy,” he continued. “I just want 1 million of<br />

them to come to Texas.”<br />

According to Martin, nature photography makes<br />

sense as an additional revenue stream for Texas<br />

ranchers because it’s complementary to what they’re<br />

already doing.<br />

“It takes at least 100 acres to establish a nature<br />

photography destination but 200 to 300 is an ideal place<br />

to start,” Martin said. “Some people choose to segregate<br />

nature photography from their other enterprises,<br />

while others, with careful planning, incorporate nature<br />

photography into their hunting and livestock operations<br />

because those activities create images photographers<br />

want to capture.”<br />

Landowners who are interested in nature<br />

photography need to start by assessing their ranches<br />

and identifying the unique characteristics that someone<br />

would pay to photograph.<br />

“Do you have a rare species? Or do you have a wide<br />

variety of wildlife that gathers in a central spot like a water<br />

hole? What does your ranch have that sets it apart in this<br />

big, beautiful world?” Martin said.<br />


Rolf Nussbaumer/Fennessey Ranch<br />



TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

Big Bucks: ICF Photo Tourneys<br />

Using professional golf as a model, John Martin, working<br />

under the Valley Land Fund and Images for Conservation Fund<br />

banners, conceived a series of nature photography tournaments.<br />

“Golf is a slow game and yet it is a $40 billion/year industry<br />

worldwide,” Martin said. “Because of the demand for golf, more<br />

than 2 million acres worldwide have been kept open.”<br />

With that in mind, Martin designed tourneys to create<br />

demand for high-quality nature photography and provide<br />

financial reward for photographers and the landowners<br />

who hosted them. After two years of planning, Valley Land<br />

Fund hosted the first tournament in 1994. It was held in the<br />

Rio Grande Valley and involved 108 ranches paired with 108<br />

photographers. Martin and his team of volunteers raised<br />

$94,000 to support the event, and paid out $77,000 in prizes of<br />

which the landowners got half.<br />

“From its inception, the Valley Land Fund Wildlife Photo Contest<br />

was the richest photo tournament in the world,” Martin said.<br />

Building on that initial success, the Valley Land Fund<br />

hosted a tournament every other year from 1994–2008.<br />

Images for Conservation Fund was created in 2003 to develop<br />

the Pro-Tour of Nature Photography and held three Pro-Tour<br />

events that rotated between the Hill Country, the Gulf Coast<br />

and the Borderlands involving a total of more than 10 million<br />

acres. Each tournament was supported by a book showcasing<br />

the winners.<br />

The Pro-Tours paired 20 photographers with 20 ranches<br />

for 30 days. The photographers’ goals were photographing the<br />

biodiversity on the ranches.<br />

“When photographers shoot at this level of detail, ranchers<br />

are always surprised to see what is calling their habitat home,”<br />

Martin said.<br />

The prize money for the three Pro-Tours alone was $500,000.<br />

“We understand that conservation can’t be driven by desire<br />

alone,” Martin said. “Landowners have to have the financial<br />

resources to keep their land holdings together, thereby<br />

protecting our natural resources.”<br />

For more information ICF and its upcoming events<br />

including its on-going series of Pro-Am tourneys, see<br />

www.ImagesForConservation.org.<br />

While Martin sees the potential in nature photography,<br />

particularly as a way to allow the next generation of<br />

landowners to remain on the ranch, he understands it takes<br />

work to make the enterprise successful.<br />

“It’s not a matter of build it and they will come,” he said.<br />

“Nature photography is a hospitality business. It takes<br />

aggressive, thoughtful marketing to get people’s attention<br />

and then it takes attentive customer service to ensure<br />

they’re satisfied with the experience.”<br />

In addition, it takes infrastructure such as suitable<br />

photo blinds and, depending on the land’s proximity to<br />

town, lodging.<br />

“Photographers live for the golden hours of light early in<br />

the morning and late in the afternoon,” Martin said. “They<br />

don’t particularly like to tack an hour’s pre-dawn or postsunset<br />

drive to a hotel on to their days.”<br />

Nature photography is still a relatively new business on<br />

the Texas landscape; Martin estimates there are 15 ranches<br />

across the state that have fully embraced the enterprise. He,<br />

working like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed, continues<br />

to plant seeds that he hopes will grow into financially<br />

rewarding conservation.<br />

“Using photography to prompt conservation is nothing<br />

new,” Martin said. “In 1872, photographer William Henry<br />

Jackson was part of the three-year Haden Expedition in<br />

Wyoming and Montana. On his return he made prints of the<br />

journey for the President and every member of Congress.<br />

The result? Our first national park. Images create an<br />

emotional connection that prompts action.”<br />

Todd Steele/Shape Ranch

T he TWA Connection<br />

The Texas Wildlife Association understands<br />

that voluntary private land stewardship is the<br />

state’s most powerful force for conservation.<br />

These days, it takes diverse income streams<br />

ranging from livestock production and<br />

hunting to non-consumptive nature tourism<br />

activities like nature photography to keep<br />

land in private hands.<br />

Cathy Illg/Redcreek Ranch<br />

Tom Ulrich/Pierce Ranch<br />

A Case Study: Santa Clara Ranch (Starr County)<br />

The Santa Clara Ranch, located on 300 acres about 40 miles<br />

northwest of Edinburg, is John Martin’s favorite example of<br />

a successful nature photography destination.<br />

“In the mid-80s, the owner Dr. Beto Gutierrez, a native<br />

of Edinburg, Texas, made his way back to South Texas<br />

after a stint in New Mexico where he was practicing<br />

medicine. When he came home, he bought 300 acres and<br />

immediately stocked it with cattle. Soon after the cattle<br />

market nose-dived.<br />

He told me, ‘I bought cattle—and I lost my ass.’<br />

I knew that while he was out-of-state, Dr. Gutierrez<br />

had acquired the skills to become a recreational nature<br />

photographer, so I suggested that he establish a nature<br />

photography destination. This was in 2008. He ran with the<br />

idea, but soon discovered that he didn’t have enough time<br />

to devote to operating a medical practice and developing<br />

a nature photo destination, so he brought in two fellow<br />

photographers to help.<br />

One, Hector Astorga, was a skilled amateur photographer<br />

with roots in Honduras. At the time, he owned another<br />

business, but as he began spending time on the ranch and<br />

discovering its hidden beauty and potential, he switched his<br />

focus. Soon, he was dedicating four to five days a week to<br />

developing and marketing the ranch.<br />

The first steps were identifying prime sites for photo<br />

blinds and optimizing them for photography success. For<br />

instance, the blinds are situated across from a pond and<br />

partially buried so the photographers are on eye-level with any<br />

animals or birds that come into the specially staged habitat.<br />

Hector’s initial marketing efforts consisted of joining<br />

photography forums and posting his stunning nature<br />

photos with both his name and Santa Clara Ranch. The<br />

photos caught the attention of his fellow photographers,<br />

who began inquiring about the chance to shoot at the Santa<br />

Clara. Hector began acting as a manager and a guide.<br />

Eighteen months into the business, they built a lodge—<br />

simple, clean and comfortable—so guests wouldn’t have to<br />

navigate the 40 miles back and forth to the nearest hotel.<br />

Over a period of three intensive years, they built it,<br />

marketed it, and photographers began to come. Eight years<br />

later, the Santa Clara is booked solid from March 1-July 1 with<br />

photographers. The operation nets about $60,000 year solely<br />

on photography and generates about $140,000 in economic<br />

impact in the nearby rural community. I venture to say very<br />

few 300-acre ranches generate that type of income.<br />

To top it off, Hector has gone from being an amateur with<br />

a passion for photography to a professional photographer,<br />

instructor and tour guide with a global reach. In addition to<br />

his workshops at the Santa Clara, he will be leading photo<br />

tours to Honduras and Africa in <strong>2017</strong>.”

John Hendrickson/Rosetta Ranch<br />


A Q&A with a Professional<br />

For the past 15 years, Larry Ditto has been a full-time<br />

nature photographer, a pursuit he has been engaged<br />

in for more than 40 years. Prior to becoming a full-time<br />

photographer, Ditto put his wildlife science degree from<br />

Texas A&M to work as a refuge manager in the U.S. Fish<br />

and Wildlife Service’s National Wildlife Refuge System.<br />

He has focused his camera primarily on South<br />

Texas, but has shot extensively in the West and<br />

Midwest. His work is featured in books such as Texas:<br />

A Photographic Journey and magazines such as<br />

Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Highways and Bird<br />

Watcher’s Digest. In 2000, he along with Greg<br />

Lasley won the prestigious Valley Land Fund Wildlife<br />

Photo Contest.<br />

According to Ditto, his science background has given<br />

him an advantage as both a photographer and a leader/<br />

instructor at the nature photography workshops and<br />

instructional photo tours he hosts each year. In addition,<br />

he judges various photography contests and lectures at<br />

nature festivals across Texas.<br />

I caught him on the fly, so to speak, and got his<br />

perspective on nature photography destinations.<br />

LAW: As a<br />

photographer,<br />

what makes a<br />

good nature<br />

photography<br />

destination?<br />

LD: For me, a good<br />

nature photography<br />

destination is one with lots of accessible and<br />

approachable wildlife, especially birds. Most of us who<br />

do this are at the age where “accessible” means we<br />

can drive close or only have to walk a short distance to<br />

get the photos. We all have way too much gear, so that<br />

tends to hold us back from climbing to the mountain<br />

tops, although that can be wonderful, too.<br />

Ranches, parks and wildlands with unusual animals<br />

and birds really attract photographers because we are all<br />

looking for that shot that no one else has—or that critter<br />

that few photographers get to see in a view finder.<br />

This is why South Texas ranches are so successful<br />

as photo destinations. They have green jays, great<br />

kiskadees, Audubon’s orioles, and many other species<br />

that are unusual, colorful and fun to photograph. In the<br />

Hill Country, a ranch with golden-cheeked warblers and<br />

black-capped vireos tends to be more attractive that<br />

other Central Texas locations that have the more typical,<br />

widespread birds.<br />

Landscape is important as well. Backgrounds are a<br />

critical component of most good nature photos, so a<br />

nice earth-tone background is desirable.<br />

Beyond that, photographers will be more<br />

successful if there is good habitat around the area<br />

where we are looking for wildlife: where there is good,<br />

varied habitat there is a lot of wildlife. Of course,<br />

that is more of a land management maxim than a<br />

photography issue.<br />

LAW: From an infrastructure perspective, what do<br />

photographers want and need?<br />

LD: I think most photographers prefer areas with little<br />

human disturbance because part of nature photography<br />

is enjoying the landscape, the solitude, the nature<br />

sounds and the rest. Being immersed in nature makes<br />

the trip worthwhile, even when we aren’t successful in<br />

getting all the images we’d like to capture.<br />

“Social media is an incredibly effective marketing tool for<br />

photography, if you create a consistent presence. Facebook, photo<br />

forums and the rest are hungry beasts and if you engage them, it’s<br />

important that they be fed every day or every other day to create<br />

a following. If you can’t commit to that then you might want to<br />

hire someone to do it for you.” —John Martin<br />

Now, highway access, ranch roads and relatively<br />

comfortable and effective photo blinds are critical, too.<br />

Many photographers fly in for a few days of shooting, so<br />

they often rent small cars that aren’t really designed for<br />

rough, rocky roads.<br />

Most traveling photographers really appreciate a good<br />

map provided by the landowner. A good map and good<br />

roads gives them a lot of security, which they need.<br />

Remember, most of these photographers are urbanites<br />

and they’re not used to being out in the “wild” country.<br />

If photographers visit ranches and parks without<br />

a leader, then they need a ranch guide or very good<br />

signage and orientation from the rancher or printed<br />

literature. Always remember, the photographers are<br />

going to be happiest when they know where they are,<br />

know they are safe from the elements and the critters.<br />



“Starting a nature photography business is just like<br />

starting any other business, you have to have enough<br />

money on hand to run it for three years, so you’re not<br />

undercapitalized as a start-up.” —John Martin<br />

A landowner can’t afford to cut corners on blind<br />

design, comfort, and site planning. Photographers need<br />

places where the animals will gather early and late in<br />

the day and these places need to be oriented so that<br />

nice, warm sunlight comes over the blind and bathes<br />

the animals in yellow and orange light just after sunrise<br />

and before sunset.<br />

Accommodations for sleeping, eating and workshop<br />

discussions are very important to photographers and<br />

workshop leaders. Most of us hate driving back and<br />

forth to a town 40 miles from the ranch. I think you will<br />

find most of the successful photo ranches have these<br />

amenities and the photographers are more than willing<br />

to pay reasonable fees for these items.<br />

LAW: As a teacher/workshop leader, what makes<br />

a good nature photography destination? Are there<br />

different requirements for beginning students versus<br />

advanced students?<br />

LD: We covered a lot of this in the previous question,<br />

but needs do vary a little between beginners and “old<br />

hands.” However, the leaders usually accommodate this in<br />

planning for the trip.<br />

I find that beginners and older photographers really<br />

prefer shooting from the stability and comfort of a blind.<br />

Younger, active photographers are happy to walk a little<br />

and negotiate some reasonably rough terrain if they can<br />

get the subjects they came for.<br />

A meeting room with tables and a lot of electrical<br />

outlets provide good places to share information and<br />

instruction while giving the photographers/students<br />

a place to plug in their computers and work on their<br />

images while recharging camera batteries.<br />

LAW: As both a photographer and workshop leader,<br />

what advice would you give to a landowner who<br />

might be considering adding nature photography to<br />

their ranch as a potential revenue source?<br />

LD: Ranchers considering adding photography to their<br />

operation need to, well actually must, get the advice of<br />

a good, professional photographer who understands<br />

Texas wildlife and habitats and who is aware of what it<br />

takes to lure wildlife and to create photogenic settings<br />

for photographers.<br />

For instance, when I do ranch consultations, I show<br />

the owner where to locate blinds, what brush to chop and<br />

what brush to keep, where to put water and feed, and<br />

how to maintain the site to keep it attractive to wildlife<br />

and photogenic. The landowners get information on how<br />

to build blinds, what kinds of feeders and feeds work<br />

best for birds and other animals. I recommend the kinds<br />

of chairs that are most functional in photo blinds, how<br />

to properly camouflage and design the blind for safety,<br />

weather proofing, temperature and how to make it easy to<br />

get those big lenses set up for wildlife photography.<br />

In addition, I’ll address issues like designing the blind<br />

to take advantage of natural lighting in the fall, winter<br />

and spring—and maybe even summer. Light availability<br />

and proper direction are paramount.<br />

Those landowners who successfully host nature<br />

photographers are usually people who enjoy<br />

photography themselves. Some aspect of this business<br />

will require the owners or their employees to do<br />

something five to seven days per week. They have to<br />

let photographers in and out the front gate, feed them,<br />

house them, fix an occasional flat, provide phone<br />

service and/or WiFi, keep water and feed at each blind<br />

every day, keep the blinds clean, trees along the road<br />

must be trimmed so limbs don’t scratch customers’ car<br />

doors, and much more of that sort of thing.<br />

It is also critical that the owner appreciate the value<br />

of having reptiles, predators and such, as well as birds,<br />

if they want to succeed. Killing every coyote, bobcat<br />

and rattlesnake usually runs against the grain of what<br />

photo ranches are about.<br />

LAW: When you host a photography workshop on a<br />

private ranch, what do you provide and what does<br />

the landowner provide? In other words, what is the<br />

division of labor for an event?<br />

LD: When I take a group to a ranch, I usually make<br />

reservations with the owners for meals, rooms, blinds<br />

and the other “baseline needs,” which keeps the owners<br />

from having to deal with a bunch of photographers who<br />

really aren’t sure of what they will need. I work out the<br />


TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

costs with the owners, add my fee and pass that total<br />

along to the photographers.<br />

I try to visit each site before taking groups to the ranch<br />

so I know what to expect. Then, I can help the owners fine<br />

tune things to accommodate most situations.<br />

I provide guide service and photo instruction. Many<br />

ranch owners like to assist me with getting people into<br />

the blinds and preparing the photo set so it lures the<br />

most animals and is as photogenic as possible. For<br />

instance, Larry Jay at Block Creek Natural Area near<br />

Comfort drives us to the blinds, puts out the feed, water<br />

and colorful flowers for background color. I tweak the<br />

blind and setup when we arrive at a blind.<br />

Once we get the group situated, the owner leaves<br />

and I stay and shoot with the photographers. I’m on-site<br />

to take care of problems, help them get their<br />

camera gear working correctly and handle<br />

anything else on the photography end.<br />

LAW: In your opinion, what makes nature<br />

photography such a powerful force for conservation?<br />

LD: Nature photography puts the ordinary people and<br />

voters in direct contact with ranch owners and managers<br />

where they educate each other about personal needs<br />

and perspectives. While photographers give the<br />

landowners another revenue source, their interaction<br />

helps both appreciate the viewpoints of the other.<br />

Many owners are kind of “blown away” to learn<br />

about many critters on their land that they’ve never<br />

seen. They learn firsthand just how important every<br />

type of plant and wildlife species is to the general<br />

public. Ranchers get a charge out of hearing and<br />

seeing how valuable their life’s work has been and will<br />

be to the non-ranch public.<br />

In a nutshell, nature photographers validate the land<br />

manager’s values and sense of importance. When<br />

these folks meet, it’s an educational experience for all,<br />

and everyone leaves feeling fulfilled and with a better<br />

understanding of and appreciation for natural things.<br />

Many lasting friendships are forged in the nature<br />

photography settings. Owners are a lot more likely<br />

to see their roles in a different light. I dare say that<br />

after encountering the passionate respect of nature<br />

photographers, many landowners have—and will—alter<br />

their ranch management activities to further improve<br />

the quality of the habitat, soil, water, and animals, which<br />

in turn improves it for humans.<br />

Jason Hahn/Pedrotti-Sorgente Ranch<br />







www.DULLNIGRANCHES.com<br />

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate<br />

(210) 213–9700<br />

DullnigRanches@gmail.com<br />




Opportunity to own one of the finest hunting ranches located in the famed<br />

Texas ‘Golden Triangle’. This turnkey La Salle County ranch is truly unique.<br />

There is one± mile of both sides of the Nueces River, great whitetail and<br />

exotic hunting and immaculate improvements including an exceptional main<br />

home, lodge, foreman’s home and staff house. The ranch has been intensely<br />

managed over the past 14 years. The combination of some of the state’s best<br />

natural habitat and management expertise has resulted in a trophy whitetail<br />

deer herd. Property ID: 3541960. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />


www.DULLNIGRANCHES.com<br />

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate | DullnigRanches@gmail.com | (210) 213–9700 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/5122


Incredibly beautiful, this magnificent ranch features a rare two-and-a-half±<br />

miles of crystal-clear Cedar Creek and impressive views from scenic oak<br />

and pecan tree-lined creek bottoms, to gentle valleys, to the mountain rims<br />

that lead up to the Balcones Escarpment. An abundance of native wildlife<br />

including whitetail deer, fallow, axis, aoudad, turkey, hogs, dove, quail and<br />

free-ranging elk and red deer among others. Rich historic influences are seen<br />

throughout with Indian sites and the original settlement structures worthy<br />

of restoration. Minutes from Highway 55, this ranch is both accessible and<br />

incredibly private and serene. Property ID: 3745406.<br />

Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />





Owned and operated by the same family for 50-plus years, this beautiful<br />

rolling terrain offers great, low-fenced hunting. There are two water wells<br />

with seven± miles of underground piping to eight troughs and two ponds.<br />

Improvements include one set of cattle pens and scenic Coastal pastures<br />

sculpted into the 60 percent native diverse brush. Selectively cleared senderos<br />

offer opportunity to view whitetail deer, turkey, javelina, dove, quail and<br />

hogs. Minerals. Property ID: 2505595. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />



Diverse terrain supports abundant native wildlife with its habitat of diverse<br />

brush. The land has a mixture of rolling hills with long distance views,<br />

creek bottoms with large brush and sandy mott country great for quail<br />

hunting. Adequately watered for both wildlife and cattle with 17 troughs<br />

and nine tanks. Perimeter-fencing and two sets of working pens. Ready for<br />

improvements, municipal water and electricity in place.<br />

Property ID: 2936650. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />


Opportunity to own a low-fence, free-range hunting ranch in truly wild and<br />

untamed country with incredible water present. Maverick County is renown<br />

for producing large free-range deer and abundant native wildlife. Mula Creek<br />

provides drainage through the ranch and feeds several tanks, providing<br />

potential for a large lake. Three water wells; one Carrizo well pumps<br />

200–300 GPM, plus there is a six-inch pipe that runs through the ranch.<br />

Property ID: 3382064. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />



www.DULLNIGRANCHES.com<br />

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate | DullnigRanches@gmail.com | (210) 213–9700 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/5122


This is a highly productive irrigated farm in the desirable Wintergarden area,<br />

and has been owned and operated by the same family since the late 1800s.<br />

Under the high-fenced farm area are two Edwards irrigation wells that water<br />

four pivots. There is a main home, guest house, 2,400± square-foot metal<br />

barn, grain bins and pump house at the headquarters.<br />

Property ID: 3741661. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />


Here is a rare opportunity to own the South Texas brush country outside<br />

of the Eagle Ford Shale that has been owned and operated by the same<br />

family since 1906. Diverse brush has large oak trees present throughout<br />

and supports native whitetail deer, turkey, javelina, hogs, quail and dove.<br />

Property ID: 2016559. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />




This truly scenic property has 1,200± feet of the flowing Frio River, one of<br />

the largest ranches for sale in the scenic Frio River Canyon. Year-round<br />

activities include hunting to fishing to swimming and water activities. There<br />

are three charming small homes and perimeter-fencing and cross-fencing.<br />

Excellent wildlife includes whitetail, axis, aoudad, turkey, javelina and hogs<br />

plus the Frio River offers bass and cat fishing. Property ID: 2477134.<br />

Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />


An ideal investment for a large acreage hunting and/or cattle ranch.<br />

Breathtaking and scenic terrain varies from gentle rolling hills to large<br />

dramatic canyons and seasonal creek drainages that provide excellent habitat<br />

for wildlife. The ranch offers great hunting opportunities and has several<br />

water wells piped to troughs to support cattle and wildlife. 11± miles of paved<br />

frontage along FM 1024 provides easy access. Property ID: 2614059.<br />

Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />





YO4 RANCH<br />

An opportunity to own a large portion of the historic Y.O. Ranch! The rolling<br />

hills and rock limestone peaks are studded with live oak, post oak, cedar and<br />

mesquite trees. Aoudad Hill provides strong views across four counties. The<br />

gentle, open pastureland is covered with native grasses.<br />

Property ID: 3451921. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />


This renown high-fenced ranch received multiple awards of TGR Ranch of the<br />

Year, Outfitter of the Year, plus trophy whitetail awards including #1 Big Buck<br />

entries, 2012–2014. The amazing wildlife is all inclusive, with an exquisite lodge<br />

with paradise pool and spa. Five water wells, 11 tanks/ponds, barn, cleaning<br />

facilities, kennels, blinds, feeders and ranch vehicles. This spectacular ranch is<br />

ready for recreational enjoyment on all levels! All minerals owned will convey.<br />

Property ID: 2862613. Marc Sherron, (830) 739-0919.<br />




Spectacular acreage is at the heart of Kerrville's main corridor fronting on IH<br />

10 and Highway 16. Prime development potential or personal ranch with great<br />

views, vistas, canyons and meadows. Perimeter high-fencing in place, with ag.<br />

exempt taxes. Just east of Kerrville and only 30 minutes north of Boerne.<br />

Property ID: 3090691. Robert Dullnig and Marc Sherron, (830) 739-0919.<br />


Here is a desirable turnkey ranch that captures exciting views from its hilltop<br />

location. An attractive main home, complemented by a guest cabin, includes<br />

all furnishings plus the ranch improvements including blinds, feeders and<br />

hunting trucks. The ranch is located just outside Junction and is convenient to<br />

the town of Kerrville as well. Owner will convey half minerals owned.<br />

Property ID: 2838216. Marc Sherron, (830) 739-0919.<br />



www.DULLNIGRANCHES.com<br />

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate | DullnigRanches@gmail.com | (210) 213–9700 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/5122


This ranch is in the gorgeous and highly sought after, in the Wimberley/<br />

Dripping <strong>Spring</strong>s area. It has ample paved road frontage on three sides,<br />

beautiful creek bottoms, high hills with long distance views, large trees<br />

throughout, is almost entirely cleared of cedar, and has been in the same<br />

family since the 1940s. This will be a great investment for someone wanting<br />

to enjoy a beautiful ranch in a very inviting area only 37 miles southwest of<br />

Austin. Property ID: 3702546. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />



An exceptional location of this breathtaking ranch offers excellent privacy<br />

but is only minutes from Horseshoe Bay Resort and nearby Marble Falls.<br />

This picturesque rolling ranchland has excellent native tree and brush<br />

coverage providing an ideal habitat for wildlife, supporting wild turkey and<br />

whitetail deer with trophy bucks. There is a hunter’s cabin with all utilities,<br />

RV hookups, plus several impressive hilltops that invite improvements with<br />

spectacular long range views. Minerals. Property ID: 3385258.<br />

Marc Sherron, (830) 739-0919.<br />


This is a beautiful Hill Country ranch with abundant agricultural and<br />

recreational opportunities along with development potential. This diverse<br />

property has Purgatory Creek bottomland, high points with long distance<br />

views, and open fields of native grasses with highlighted large hardwood<br />

trees. Improvements include four water wells and one barn. Abundant native<br />

whitetail deer, turkey, dove, quail and wild pigs. Property ID: 3228112.<br />

Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />






Owned and operated by the same family for over 60 years! This uninhabited,<br />

low-fence ranch offers a truly wild hunting experience. Excellent brush<br />

diversity, one tank and drainages maintain an abundance of native wildlife<br />

including whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove & more. Property ID: 3719640.<br />

Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />


In the heart of the Golden Triangle, and less than 100 miles from San Antonio,<br />

this ranch offers great hunting and cattle grazing opportunities. The diverse<br />

brush on the ranch provides the nutrition needed to grow large whitetail<br />

deer while five ponds offer ample water for both livestock and wildlife. Small<br />

farmhouse, barn, shed, cattle pens plus one water well. Property ID: 3616673.<br />

Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />




Ideal low-fence, recreational hunting ranch is only one hour from San<br />

Antonio offers a nice home, good water, excellent brush and nice elevations.<br />

Owned and operated by the same family since 1985, it includes a nice home,<br />

three water wells, two stock tanks and Buckhorn Creek. Excellent brush<br />

supports excellent wildlife including whitetail deer, quail, turkey, javelina and<br />

hogs, plus the tanks provide bass fishing, dove and duck hunting.<br />

Property ID: 3732036. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />



This is an opportunity to own a prime hunting ranch only 45± miles from<br />

downtown San Antonio. Featured is diverse brush, drainages with large trees,<br />

two tanks, two water wells, good road system, and plentiful game. Small<br />

home, low-fencing/cross-fencing, cattle pens plus two blinds and two feeders<br />

convey. Don’t miss a chance to own a ranch in the highly desirable<br />

Frio County. Property ID: 3692561. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />


www.DULLNIGRANCHES.com<br />

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate | DullnigRanches@gmail.com | (210) 213–9700 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/5122


Owned and operated by the same family since 1956, Tri-County Ranch<br />

sprawls out over three of the most desirable counties of the Texas Coastal<br />

Plains. Ranches of this size do not come on the market often in any of these<br />

three choice counties. This is an uninhabited ranch, with lush pastureland<br />

and grand oak trees scattered throughout, serving as both a cattle ranch and<br />

recreational hunting ranch. Property ID: 3523966.<br />

Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />


This beautiful ranch is located only 25± minutes north of historic<br />

Fredericksburg. This scenic ranch is predominately rolling usable land with<br />

good grasses and scattered, huge oak trees. There are one-and-a-half± miles<br />

of both sides of year-round live-water. With a great shape and county road<br />

frontage, this raw showplace is ready for someone to come in and make it<br />

their own! Seller will divide into two tracts, please contact broker for details.<br />

Randy Cadwallader, (210) 860-0093.<br />




A rare setting features live water Seven <strong>Spring</strong>s that feeds a 3-acre lake, just<br />

minutes from the Hunt Store. An incredible custom home is complemented by<br />

offices, foreman’s apartment, barn, stables with adjoining riding arena and<br />

an event barn along the lake with multiple swimming holes. Ag. exempt with<br />

fencing/crossfencing. Native and free-ranging exotic wildlife, turkey and bass<br />

fishing. Property ID: 3743896. Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />


A desirable river property is only 16± miles south of downtown San Antonio.<br />

There are over 1.2± miles of cypress-lined Medina River frontage plus a<br />

home, barns, grain silos, cattle pens and perimeter low fence. The river<br />

attracts abundant native wildlife, but the land is also ideal for grazing<br />

livestock and has areas that can be farmed. Property ID: 3157549<br />

Robert Dullnig, (210) 213-9700.<br />





Sandy <strong>Spring</strong>s<br />

Ranch<br />


The 1,200-acre Sandy <strong>Spring</strong>s Ranch, located just 13 miles<br />

west of Gilmer, Texas, is a true sportsmen’s paradise.<br />

The land and its gently rolling topography are filled with a<br />

plethora of hardwoods and pine trees, creating a natural<br />

canvas to be sculpted to fit your dreams. The focal point of<br />

the ranch is a breathtaking, spring-fed, 16-acre bass lake<br />

which has been professionally managed for four years.<br />

Caliche<br />

Whitetail Ranch<br />


1,440 acres of high-fenced, rolling South Texas terrain. From<br />

low creek bottoms to roller-chopped hilltops. Six cultivated<br />

food plots help supplement the wildlife with approximately<br />

29 miles of good roads and three electric gates allowing easy<br />

access throughout the ranch. Caliche has been extensively<br />

game-managed for 15 years, producing trophy whitetail from<br />

200–232 inches, with 24 bucks over 170 inches.<br />

Mule Hollow<br />

Ranch<br />


This 1,132-acre ranch is located just five miles south of<br />

Bandera and offers endless opportunities, improvements,<br />

and breathtaking views only the Hill Country can provide.<br />

A three-acre stocked lake has been created to capture creek<br />

and spring water for recreational and wildlife use alike. The<br />

topography consists of rolling hills transitioning into fertile<br />

valleys with elevation changes of 250 feet!<br />

TexasLandMan.com<br />

Trip duPerier/Broker • (830) 755–5205<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/34454

Colorado<br />

River Ranch<br />


The Colorado River Ranch, located just eight miles<br />

south of Colorado City, Texas in Mitchell County,<br />

is a true sportsman destination. Don’t miss this<br />

rare opportunity to own over three miles of the<br />

Colorado River. This 2,240-acre high-fenced ranch<br />

has been intensively managed for white-tailed deer<br />

for the past 12 years along with over 30 exotic game<br />

species. The gently rolling topography with shear<br />

bluffs carved by centuries of flowing water create<br />

picturesque landscape and breathtaking views<br />

while providing the attributes needed to support the<br />

diverse flora and fauna inhabiting the ranch.<br />

Rock River Ranch<br />


Located in the eye-catching Texas Hill Country and just minutes from town, this ranch offers a lot of potential and opportunity for a number of ventures, from<br />

cattle ranching or a recreational/hunting operation to land development. One of the most striking and beautiful features of this ranch is two miles of crystalclear<br />

Nueces River. The terrain is flat to gently rolling up to an elevation of about 1,420 feet that provides for some fantastic views.

Rancho Nina<br />


The Rancho Nina is located just two-and-a-half miles east of<br />

Tarpley and 10 miles from Bandera. This spectacular ranch<br />

offers nine-tenths of a mile of spring-fed Commissioners<br />

Creek meandering east to west through the property. The<br />

creek has been dammed to create a 1.6-acre lake, providing<br />

year-round recreation. The rolling topography, characteristic<br />

of this area, provides the canvas for a diversity of native<br />

flora. Elevation changes of 450 feet provide breathtaking<br />

views of the ranch.<br />

Sister Creek<br />

Ranch<br />


Just south of Sisterdale, Texas, the Sister Creek Ranch<br />

offers all the attributes of a true Hill Country gem. Live water<br />

abounds and has sculpted the ranch over time creating<br />

fertile fields, majestic creek beds and rolling topography.<br />

The land is comprised of a plethora of native hardwood<br />

species, and 45 acres of rich bottomland is established in<br />

coastal Bermuda.<br />

Cauthorn Ranch<br />


The ranch is comprised of three distinct habitat types<br />

ranging from Chihuahuan Desert and Edwards Plateau<br />

to South Texas Brush land. Rolling hills, shear rock bluff<br />

canyons, flat land and old arroyos carved through time make<br />

up the landscape. Wildlife abounds throughout the ranch due<br />

to the habitat diversity. Game species include white-tailed<br />

deer, turkey, blue and bobwhite quail, aoudad, dove and<br />

occasionally mule deer.<br />

TexasLandMan.com<br />

Trip duPerier/Broker • (830) 755–5205<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/34454

Freer Ranch<br />


Located just 15 miles east of Freer, this 5,245-acre<br />

high-fenced ranch offers all the attributes of a<br />

sportsmen’s paradise. Rolling topography blanketed<br />

with a diversity of native South Texas flora and fauna<br />

lend to the beauty and adventure of this ranch.<br />

A great network of roads provides excellent access to<br />

all parts of the ranch.<br />

Turkey Knob Ranch<br />


Located just minutes from quaint Boerne, Texas, this 645-acre paradise lays in one of the most desired areas of the Texas Hill Country. This property offers an<br />

excellent road system which navigates one through majestic hills and valleys. The ranch offers many unique building sites with 20-mile views across the Hill Country<br />

landscape. The ranch has three lakes and the headwaters of a major creek system.

Gillespie County<br />

Ranch<br />


Located in the heart of Texas wine country, this property is<br />

truly one-of-a- kind. The property’s improvements include a<br />

stunning, newly-constructed lodge, two guest cottages and<br />

a central cooking house for entertaining guests. Worldclass<br />

trophy whitetail deer have been introduced to the<br />

property along with a number of exotic species. Along with<br />

the wildlife, a special interest has been taken to allow this<br />

property to operate as a cattle ranch as well.<br />

Running Bay<br />

Ranch<br />


This exquisite Hill Country equestrian property is one of the<br />

finest Texas has to offer. The ranch has all of the necessities<br />

and many other improvements that will make it stand out<br />

in the crowd. The ranch includes a 4,257-square-foot main<br />

house with four bedrooms and baths, an office and a<br />

trophy room.<br />

Cold <strong>Spring</strong>s<br />

Ranch<br />


800 acres featuring a crystal-clear, spring-fed creek with<br />

multiple dams that form deep and clear-water features. There<br />

is also an aqueduct system that starts at one of the dams<br />

and channels water to different irrigation ponds. Plus, one<br />

mile of frontage on the South Llano River!<br />

TexasLandMan.com<br />

Trip duPerier/Broker • (830) 755–5205<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/34454

Rock Cliff<br />

Ranch<br />


A spectacular Hill Country home sitting on the banks<br />

of a pristine, semi-private lake is located just minutes<br />

from Kerrville and Bandera. The property consists of<br />

25± acres and shares access to a large, private lake.<br />

The lake is only accessed by land owners and offers<br />

excellent recreation and fishing. This is a must-see<br />

property conveniently located to San Antonio.<br />

Dos Angeles Ranch<br />


The lifeblood of this ranch is provided by three miles of beautiful Pinto Creek which meanders through the property and has three concrete dams strategically<br />

placed along the creek. Improvements include a spectacular, 6,500-square-foot stucco lodge overlooking the creek and a swimming pool including plenty of<br />

room for outdoor entertainment. This 11,889-acre ranch has been high-fenced since 1984.

TEXAS LAND / Market<br />



2016<br />


Following the robust price recovery from 2012<br />

through 2013 when prices surged by seven<br />

to 10.5 percent annually, Texas land markets<br />

seem to have taken a break. Prices remained<br />

almost unchanged in 2015 with a one percent<br />

increase followed by the 2016 increase of 2.8<br />

percent. At $2,501 per acre, the year-end 2016<br />

price retreated modestly from the third-quarter<br />

price level with inflation-adjusted prices<br />

retreating to a modest 1.7 percent increase<br />

over 2015 year-end results. However, that real<br />

price of $434 (in 1966 dollars) set another<br />

record high annual price for the state. The<br />

statewide typical size was 1,119 acres.<br />




Dollars per Acre<br />

Oil price woes continued to plague regional<br />

markets, seeing weak performance the Gulf<br />

Coast–Brazos Bottom, South Texas, and<br />

Austin-Waco-Hill Country regions where land<br />

prices retreated or barely increased over 2015<br />

results. Continued price increases in the West<br />

Texas, Northeast Texas, and Panhandle and<br />

South Plains regions offset the performance in<br />

those weak regions to register the 2.8 percent<br />

statewide rise in prices.<br />

Continuing weakness in prices for agricultural<br />

commodities as well as uncertainty about<br />

oil prices loom as threats to the market for<br />

<strong>2017</strong>. As the year unfolds clarifying trends in<br />

those influences, future land price trends will<br />

become apparent moving reluctant would be<br />

participants to become buyers and sellers.<br />


Percent Change<br />




540± Acres in McCulloch County<br />

This beautiful recreational/hunting ranch is located about nine miles northeast of Brady. The gently rolling terrain lends itself to a multitude<br />

of options. Numerous hardwoods, but mostly made up of live oak, mesquite and persimmon. A nice mix of open and heavy cover perfect<br />

for the serious hunter. The main house is a historic 3,100-square-foot home that was once the main headquarters to the Bratton Ranch. It is<br />

a comfortable three-bedroom, three-bath home with a spacious kitchen and living areas. From the large wraparound porch you can enjoy<br />

the beautiful morning and evening views. Next to the main house is a garage for equipment and ATV storage. Further past the house sits<br />

a set of pens and a historic barn. This ranch has many options for either the serious hunter or the everyday cattleman. If you or a client are<br />

interested in something of this size, with the opportunity this one offers, give us a call for a showing. Property ID: 3346154<br />


900± Acres in Gillespie County<br />

One-of-a-kind property located just minutes from Fredericksburg and Kerrville with year-round, crystal- clear, live water and unbelievable<br />

views. High-fenced with white-tailed deer and other native wildlife. <strong>Spring</strong> Branch Creek meanders from one side of the ranch to the other,<br />

emptying into a newly- constructed lake. There are several hilltop building sites overlooking the water for your home or lodge. Ranch has<br />

a great road system and is accessed by a paved, private road traversing through a scenic valley. Property ID: 2968598<br />

FredericksburgRealty.com<br />

(830) 997–6531<br />

112 East Austin Street, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624


10± Acres in Bandera County<br />

A beautiful, cypress-lined river property located on the north prong<br />

of the Medina River. A cozy two-bedroom, two-bath home that<br />

features an enclosed sun porch and wood floors in some rooms;<br />

original home is believed to have been built in the late 20s–30s and<br />

was remodeled in the 1950s. Truly a charming property ready for<br />

your personal touch! Property ID: 3702656<br />


638± Acres in Kimble County<br />

High-fenced ranch extensively managed for approximately 10<br />

years, with the main focus being to improve the native genetics of<br />

the area. Property offers two breeding pens and three weaning/<br />

soft release pens each one-acre in size, three water wells, one<br />

tank, several water troughs throughout, six protein feeders,<br />

1,400-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath manufactured home<br />

and 578-square-foot storage/workshop. Property ID: 3346153<br />


25± Acres in Mason County<br />

Beautiful acreage on the Llano River with 1,850± feet of frontage.<br />

Great place for a weekend retreat or build the permanent home<br />

of your dreams with amazing views! Private well and Central Texas<br />

Electric Co-op (CTEC) electric already on the property. Sloping<br />

terrain with native hardwoods, pasture and exceptional views to<br />

enjoy while hunting and fishing. Approximately one-and-a-half<br />

miles from Castell. Property ID: 3570549<br />


21± Acres in Bandera County<br />

Beautiful cypress-lined Rocky Creek with great views and open<br />

pastures. There is a 1950s country-style home with three bedrooms<br />

and one-bath. There is a current ag. exemption. This would<br />

make a wonderful weekend retreat or your permanent home.<br />

Property ID: 3574120<br />




1,678± ACRES IN BEE COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3655704<br />




(210) 213-5402<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/22374<br />


REALTOR®<br />


(512) 940-0543<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/177275<br />


Serving Buyers & Sellers Throughout Texas Since 1989<br />




PROPERTY ID: 3721118<br />




PROPERTY ID: 3144663<br />



PROPERTY ID: 3616645<br />




(210) 213-5402<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/22374<br />


REALTOR®<br />


(512) 940-0543<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/177275<br />




149.34± ACRES IN BANDERA COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3671362<br />


460± ACRES IN REAL COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3042143<br />




(210) 860-3006<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/22382<br />


Serving Buyers & Sellers Throughout Texas Since 1989<br />



997± ACRES IN FRIO COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 2901538<br />






(210) 860-3006<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/22382<br />





This outstanding ranch offers excellent Colorado River frontage with river access. The property<br />

offers two stock tanks with one of them spring-fed, as well as a spring-fed creek. The longrange<br />

views on this ranch go for miles from numerous high hilltops and building sites. The<br />

access to the ranch is right off of a gravel county road. Richland <strong>Spring</strong>s WSC is available<br />

for water needs. Electricity is available to the ranch. The mineral estate is not being offered.<br />





(512) 633-0500<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/1419<br />



The Kunda Ranch sits on the outskirts of Austin MSA, Leander, Cedar Park and Georgetown areas, offering<br />

a fantastic building site away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Austin. The well-fenced property can<br />

be divided into 10–25 acre tracts and offers scattered trees, as well as a historic ranch house. This fantastic<br />

acreage features frontage on Stapp Creek and a spring-fed pond. A water line with City of Georgetown is just<br />

to the east of the property. There is minimal flood plain on the land, and it is currently leased out for cattle.<br />


Serving Buyers & Sellers Throughout Texas Since 1989<br />


144 SAGA STREET<br />

13.89± ACRES IN COMAL COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3700705<br />

This fantastic residential acreage features stunning water frontage on beautiful Canyon Lake.<br />

Offering unparalleled privacy, the property’s prime building site is situated at its highest point<br />

and is surrounded by abundant oaks and open grassland. The naturally terraced topography is<br />

perfect for a home and backyard recreational area positioned for extraordinary sun and moon rises<br />

and is further shielded from the afternoon sun. The extensive frontage on Canyon Lake features<br />

gentle slopes and easy access to the water. The exclusive gated community offers numerous<br />

amenities including a community center, lakeside park, pool, sports court, walking trails and more.<br />

711± ACRES—FM 2001<br />


Conveniently located in Lockhart, this outstanding ranch offers over 711 acres of gently rolling<br />

terrain. Over 200 acres of road frontage has been cleared for potential development. Deer,<br />

dove, turkey and quail frequent the four tanks and 42-acre lake situated on the property.<br />

The expansive acreage features short distances to both the Cherryville development and<br />

the Walton Group development. An electrical easement is included with the property.<br />


REALTOR®<br />


(512) 965-4240<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/286890<br />




TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />






Sisterdale River Ranch | $5,998,000<br />

Grand home overlooking deep, flowing, cypress-lined Guadalupe River frontage. Develop or private use.<br />

Mostly level oak and elm-covered land. Fenced and cross-fenced. Highway 3351 frontage.<br />

123± ACRES | KENDALL COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 2031978<br />

www.LandInvesTex.com | Jim Fuchs, Broker<br />

(210) 901–1000 | info@landinvestex.com<br />


Texas Hill Country Creek | $638,000<br />

Very rare opportunity to own a unique Hill Country property on beautiful Jackson Creek just off scenic Highway 337 between Vanderpool and<br />

Medina. About 1,200 feet of crystal-clear Jackson Creek runs through the property dividing the very productive bottom land on the west side of<br />

Jackson Creek, and a great hunting canyon just behind one of the building sites on the east side of the creek. Great views of the surrounding hills<br />

from everywhere on this unique property, and there is very little land in the flood plain. This property is also available without the 20-acre hunting<br />

canyon for $388,000. Broker/owner.<br />


Inks Lake Homesite | $320,000<br />

Home/Commercial Property<br />

Beautiful tiered terrain to build your dream home over looking the<br />

Colorado River Canyon, complete with views of Lake Buchanan and<br />

Inks Lake. The 16 acres offers gorgeous oaks and a seeping spring.<br />

A very special property!<br />

16± ACRES | BURNET COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3444845<br />

Price just reduced! Highway 181 and Business Highway 181 frontage<br />

in Kenedy. Nice three-bedroom, two-bath home. New kitchen counter<br />

tops, windows and a new metal roof. Large concrete floor barn, cattle<br />

pens, good fences, new 220-foot water well, septic, and electric.<br />

Call for price.<br />

9.5± ACRES | KARNES COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 2256247<br />

200 Northcrest Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78213 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/60408<br />



Nueces River Ranch | $1,182,000<br />

Price just reduced! The prettiest oak and pecan-covered live water ranch on Pullman Creek and Nueces River. Huge pecans, oaks, elms and sycamores.<br />

Home, barn, shop and galvanized silo adds utility for recreational or ag. use. Knee-deep in axis, whitetail and turkey.<br />

197± ACRES | REAL COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3006406<br />

71 Acres Premium Commercial<br />

66 Acres Kenedy<br />

Development property on Business Highway 181<br />

and CR 147. All or part. Call for price.<br />

71± ACRES | KARNES COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 1144666<br />

Development opportunity on about 66 acres with Highway 181<br />

frontage. Access to utilities. Mix of terrain. All or part. Call for price.<br />

66± ACRES | KARNES COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 1754872<br />

www.LandInvesTex.com | Jim Fuchs, Broker<br />

(210) 901–1000 | info@landinvestex.com<br />


Bluebonnet Oak Ranch | $1,975,000<br />

Ideal opportunity to own a country getaway or enjoy full-time living with two creeks traversing a mixture of open and wooded rolling land<br />

between highly desirable Brenham and Round Top. Five-bedroom, four-bath home with swimming pool, tool shed and stables. A must-see!<br />


200 Northcrest Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78213 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/60408<br />



Elliott Ranch | $4,878,780<br />

147± beautiful acres off 2854. A perfect combination of thick piney woods and open pasture. The soft rolling hills throughout the property will make<br />

a spacious dream home location or an excellent development site, ideal location for all of the growth taking place in the area. Water well, utilities on<br />

site, stock pond with pier, and cross fencing. One-and-a-half miles south of a new Kroger on the corner of 2854 and 105 and just a few miles north<br />

of the new Lake Creek High School on 2854. A must-see, special property.<br />


www.LandInvesTex.com | Jim Fuchs, Broker<br />

(210) 901–1000 | info@landinvestex.com<br />


Bryan/College Station Cattle Ranch<br />

Perfect cattle and hay ranch just 15 minutes west of College Station. Great soil, fenced, small pond. Call for price.<br />


Winnie Cattle Ranch | $448,500<br />

70-Acre Premium Live Water<br />

About 130 acres tucked away on the Jefferson and Chambers County<br />

line. Just 30 minutes from Beaumont and 20 minutes from the Gulf<br />

Coast. Perfect cattle grazing land with partial brush cover, water tank,<br />

and electricity near by.<br />


You have to see this property to appreciate the crystal-clear live water,<br />

views and great building sites. One-of-a-kind, premium water front on<br />

the cypress-lined Sabinal River along a deep, wide section. Call for price.<br />


46 Acres Kenedy | $457,700 5.7-Acre Development Property<br />

Highway 181 frontage at Escondido Road in Kenedy.<br />

Ready to develop. All or part.<br />

46± ACRES | KARNES COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 2045561<br />

About 5.7 acres in several tracts and can be divided on Highway 80<br />

near Karnes City. City utilities. Hotel joins the properties. Priced right.<br />

5.7± ACRES | KARNES COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3375262<br />

200 Northcrest Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78213 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/60408<br />




Jimmy Fuchs, Broker/Owner | (210) 901–1000 | info@landinvestex.com | www.LandInvestex.com

Matt Mann/Broker • matt@lgland.com • (713) 402–8827 • www.LGLand.com<br />


237± Acres in Colorado County<br />

Located 45 miles from Katy, this heavily-wooded ranch is a hunter’s<br />

dream! Great water, great access, abundant wildlife and surface<br />

control make this ranch a rare find in today’s market. Seller may divide.<br />

PRICE: $7,950 PER ACRE • PROPERTY ID: 3317286<br />

• YOAKUM RANCH •<br />

123± Acres in Dewitt County<br />

This ranch is a beautiful combination grazing and hunting property that<br />

is approximately 60 percent wooded and 40 percent improved pasture.<br />

Has a five-acre lake, water well, excellent fences and several barns.<br />

PRICE: $5,000 PER ACRE • PROPERTY ID: 3494823<br />


1,762± Acres in Zavala County<br />

This ranch has three miles of Nueces River frontage, is high fenced<br />

and has a high-quality managed deer herd. The main home overlooks a<br />

stocked lake. There are three barns, a Carrizo water well and 15 ponds.<br />

PRICE: $3,200 PER ACRE<br />


172± Acres in Fayette County<br />

This beautiful ranch is 25-percent wooded with a half-mile of creek<br />

bottoms, the rest being pastureland with improved and native grasses.<br />

Boasts a one-acre pond, windmill, electricity and abundant wildlife.<br />

PRICE: $6,995 PER ACRE • PROPERTY ID: 3146547<br />


463± Acres in Karnes County<br />

This South Texas ranch is covered in large mesquite and live oaks, as<br />

well as native and improved grasses, making it a perfect combination<br />

hunting and grazing ranch. With one mile of Escondido Creek and<br />

110 feet of elevation changes, this ranch offers beautiful views and<br />

interesting terrain. Some minerals available.<br />

PRICE: $4,100 PER ACRE • PROPERTY ID: 2273995<br />

309 Leisure Lane, Friendswood, Texas 77546 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/10693<br />



(830) 755–5420 | www.TexasLandMen.com<br />

Rolling Hills Ranch<br />

136.9± Acres in Bandera County<br />

Rolling Hills Ranch is a beautiful 136-acre property in the heart of the Texas hills and is located just steps away from the north prong of<br />

the Medina River! Only eight miles from the town of Medina down paved roads right to the front gate. Enjoy panoramic views from the<br />

front porch of the rock home that sits at the base of a hill.<br />

Hill Country Ranch<br />

105± Acres in Bandera County<br />

This Hill Country gem is nestled along a spring-fed river and contains available options for additional acreage! Designed with<br />

architectural antique accents and one 100-year-old beams, the main house is an ideal lodge or owner’s retreat. The Carriage<br />

house includes two guest suites, a designer Junior Olympic pool, and 20 air-conditioned guest cottages that accommodate 225,<br />

complementing one another in a park-like setting!<br />

Bastrop Ranch<br />

244± Acres in Bastrop County<br />

From time to time, a very special and unique ranch quietly enters the market and provides a rare treat for those few who get to see<br />

it before it is sold. This gorgeous 244 acres in deep southern Bastrop County is one of those ranches. This property defines the word<br />

privacy as it is located just one hour from San Antonio or Austin and less than two hours from Houston!

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/31727<br />

Swimmin’ Hole Ranch<br />

168± Acres in Kimble County<br />

Enjoy a secluded ranch behind an electric, gated entry that is off the beaten path, away from the noise and chaos of the city. Featuring<br />

a deep, blue, year-round, spring-fed “swimmin’ hole,” quality improvements, beautiful views, usable land, varieties of hardwood trees<br />

and wildlife.<br />

4 <strong>Spring</strong>s Ranch<br />

1,137± Acres in Kimble County<br />

4 <strong>Spring</strong>s Ranch is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to build their dream ranch without having to pay for someone else’s<br />

improvements. If you are interested in a property to be your clean slate, then you need to take a look. The ranch is partially low-fenced<br />

and partially high-fenced. Four different springs provide a water source for livestock and game with the possibility for excavation into<br />

small lakes. The hilltops offer some of the finest sweeping views imaginable of the large valleys with rolling grass fields. This property<br />

has the potential to be a fantastic game ranch!

(830) 755–5420 | www.TexasLandMen.com<br />

Horseshoe Bay<br />

484± Acres in Llano County<br />

This is an amazing opportunity to acquire your own piece of wild Texas only minutes from the world-class golf resorts at Horseshoe Bay,<br />

as well as all of the recreational opportunities offered on constant-level Lake LBJ. This incredibly rare ranch is nestled along the south<br />

side of scenic Highway 71 in Llano County just 45 miles to Austin and only 85 miles to San Antonio. Owner may divide.<br />

Ghost Creek Ranch<br />

1,895± Acres in Val Verde County<br />

A rare and unique opportunity to own a ranch bordering 37,000 acres of state park! Ghost Creek’s fantastic views, rugged beauty,<br />

countless wildlife and comfortable improvements make this a perfect spot to realize your dreams of owning one of the finest hunting<br />

ranches in West-Central Texas.<br />

Thaxton Ranch<br />

512± Acres in Lee County<br />

The opportunity to own a large-acreage, well-rounded, grazing and hunting ranch in this area doesn’t come along very often. Except for<br />

110 acres of improved grasses, this ranch has been unimproved and awaiting the next owner’s vision to be put in place. The topography<br />

provides excellent roll and views throughout the property, lending itself to great development and/or home sites. Large post oak and<br />

cedar elms provide excellent cover throughout the property for lock-on stand hunting for the avid bow hunter.

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/31727<br />

River Front Estate<br />

127.1± Acres in Kerr County<br />

Gorgeous home overlooking the Guadalupe River and Flat Rock Creek! Five bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths, pool area on the bluff with<br />

enclosed party area and full bath and outside barbecue kitchen. Many other improvements including a 32-stall rock horse barn and<br />

arena, two cottages and a foreman’s home. This wonderful property has good road frontage on two paved roads.<br />

Twin Elm Ranch<br />

185.8± Acres in Bandera County<br />

Twin Elm Guest Ranch is located on the Medina River and only 45 minutes from San Antonio! Twin Elm is one of the original dude<br />

ranches that have been around since the early 1930s and is well-known by the community and around the world. This is a Hill Country<br />

retreat that comes with a ranch house, 21 guest rooms, game room, pool, pavilion and rodeo arena. Many say there is a peaceful spirit<br />

that lives on the ranch, and if you catch it, you’ll fall in love with Twin Elm.

(830) 755–5420 | www.TexasLandMen.com<br />

Lost River Ranch<br />

446± Acres in Victoria County<br />

“Wild” is the only word that truly captures the essence of the 446-acre Lost River Ranch. Dropping down into the property, one feels like<br />

they are going back in time to an undiscovered world. The Lost River Ranch is waiting to be explored, fished, hunted and enjoyed.<br />

Hoot Owl Hollow<br />

85± Acres in Kerr County<br />

Year-round live water is easily accessible on the Johnson Creek at the Hoot Owl Hollow Ranch. The river bottom is currently designed for<br />

raising hay. 17 minutes away from Kerrville, Texas, this ranch is perfect for entertaining friends and family!<br />

Waelder Ranch<br />

500± Acres in Caldwell County<br />

The Waelder Ranch consists of 500 acres of heavily-wooded, rolling countryside conveniently located to San Antonio, Austin and<br />

Houston. The property is high-fenced and has been developed to create an excellent wildlife habitat. There are a large number of cleared<br />

meadows which have been produced to increase the availability of wildlife habitat. The property has several stock tanks with additional<br />

locations to add others. The property could be subdivided into two or more tracts.

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/31727<br />

Medina River Estate<br />

624± Acres in Bandera County<br />

This ranch has one of the largest native river pecan bottoms in Texas and one mile of cypress-lined Medina River! As soon as you see the<br />

ranch from the road and enter through the gate, you feel like you have gone back in time. This is truly one of the most unique ranches in<br />

the Hill Country!<br />

Hunt Game Ranch<br />

356± Acres in Kerr County<br />

This ranch has several springs throughout the property which provide ample water for game. Dry Creek runs throughout the ranch for<br />

one mile. Approximately one-fourth of the ranch has been cleared of cedar, and the remainder provides excellent cover for the whitetail,<br />

red stag, blackbuck, axis and turkey. Great location and excellent hunting make this ranch a must-see before hunting season begins.

For What It’s Worth...<br />


SAN ANTONIO 210.828.3743 • BOERNE 830.816.2400 • AUSTIN 512.872.5051<br />

The Title Experts<br />


NEEL<br />

T ITLE<br />


ESTABLISHED 1925<br />

We Love to Close Ranches!<br />

A Full Service Title Company . Farm & Ranch Sales<br />

Serving Webb, Zapata, La Salle, Duval & Jim Hogg Counties<br />

1202 WELBY COURT, LAREDO, TEXAS 78041 | (956) 723-6346 | NEELTITLE.COM<br />





COWBOY<br />








TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />








TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

When the American Civil War was over, thousands of<br />

Confederate soldiers, being without home or job,<br />

went west to Texas to work on the frontier as cattle<br />

hands for the early cattlemen who chose that wonderful area of<br />

free grass.<br />

They took innovation with them: skills as mule skinners, wild<br />

game hunters, craftsmen of all kinds, and, most important, the<br />

desire to live and work outside.<br />

They acquired new skills of riding stock horses and handling<br />

herds of free-range cattle.<br />

To this new and exciting industry they lent the well-worn “rebel<br />

yell” to the driving of cattle, a yell that was feral in nature and<br />

that would soon become the early version of the cattle call. With<br />

this yell, used to coerce cattle to change directions or just move<br />

forward, these men of renown drove the big herds north from<br />

deep South Texas to northern markets. From this era a new “job<br />

title” was coined—cowboy.<br />

Within 10 years, these strong young men would find<br />

themselves handling a<br />

newly invented ferrous<br />

material, barbed wire.<br />

This new metal product<br />

would forever change<br />

the cattle industry by<br />

fencing the open range.<br />

The open range years<br />

were over. Large crews of<br />

former cowboys suddenly<br />

became ranch fence<br />

builders. They traded<br />

their stock horses for<br />

teams of mules, supply<br />

wagons and post-hole<br />

diggers.<br />

They slept on the ground in all types of weather. The great XIT<br />

Ranch of the Texas Panhandle required 6,000 miles of barbed<br />

wire fence. With this new innovation in ranching came another<br />

new job title—fence hand. This class of unsung men contained<br />

those who fenced and secured our ranches and some of their<br />

early work can still be found today in isolated areas.<br />

The First and Second World Wars changed the lives of many<br />

of these ranch laborers, but at the same time, taught them new<br />

skills, the most important of which was welding.<br />

By the early 1950s, ranchers were replacing weaker, wooden<br />

implements with stronger, longer-lasting metal implements built<br />

by the skilled war-welding cowboys. Soon gates were fashioned<br />

of metal rod and pipe. Even metal war-surplus landing mats,<br />

which had been used in the islands as makeshift runways for<br />

war planes, became ranch gates and working-pen fences.<br />






Soon, metal cattle guards, metal cattle chutes, head gates,<br />

even metal cattle pens were built and installed.<br />

Then came the iconic metal cattle trailer, with more changes on<br />

the way. One day the neighbor had a fancy, new, decorative gate<br />

installed on the county road with the addition of a brand logo<br />

to the gate. Soon, names were written in metal script explaining<br />

who the ranch belonged to, the type of cattle raised therein, and<br />

on, and on.<br />

Today, the sky’s the limit! Life-like figures have been added<br />

to gated ranch entrances in recent years, depicting cowboys<br />

roping, horses bucking, cattle drives, silhouettes of big deer—<br />

you name it, you got it. They just keep on ‘a-comin’. As Butch<br />

Cassidy said, “Who are those guys?”<br />

A ranch owner must have good ranch hands. They are the men<br />

who make the ranch go ‘round. Ranch owners can’t operate with<br />

a transient workforce. Good, strong, stable family men, who love<br />

their work more than their pay, are those men who build and<br />

decorate our ranches.<br />

The Browns of Bee<br />

County in South Texas<br />

are most fortunate to<br />

employ one such man.<br />

Pablo Garcia, our ranch<br />

welder and mechanic, is<br />

the best in the business.<br />

He builds our “stuff.” He<br />

builds anything we ask<br />

him to build and when<br />

done, it is perfect for the<br />

use and nice to look at<br />

as a bonus.<br />

Garcia was raised in our<br />

area and was trained as<br />

a mechanic and welder by<br />

his father. He is a pipeline class welder. He can do it all. He<br />

has built all of our feedlot cattle handling facilities and pens<br />

over the 20 years he has worked for us.<br />

Thanks to him, instead of having to stop and open gates,<br />

we sail quickly over numerous pipe cattle guards built and<br />

installed by him.<br />

The ranch welding shop is his domain and where many of<br />

our tools and implements are constructed as well as repaired.<br />

We also take in outside welding from other ranchers as<br />

time permits. Many of these jobs involve decorative ranch<br />

entrances.<br />

It is an honest statement that we would not be able to ranch<br />

as effectively in this fast-paced society we live in without<br />

Pablo Garcia’s faithful work ethic and the necessities and<br />

conveniences he provides for us through his welding skills.<br />


CHAD LEE<br />












415± Acres Uvalde County Property ID: 3475178<br />

I have always said, it doesn't get any better than the Seco Valley and<br />

submit the famous 415-acre White Elk Ranch as the most picturesque<br />

property I have offered in some time. With 600+ feet on Seco Creek,<br />

this high-fenced property has two houses, each serviced by two deepwater<br />

wells and web cameras providing real-time views of its wildlife and<br />

serene beauty. The guest house overlooks two spring-fed tanks, both of<br />

which have been completely reworked supplying precious water during<br />

the 2012–2013 drought. The three-bedroom, 3,600-square-foot main<br />

house was built in 2009 on the east side of the property overlooking the<br />

Seco Valley. It overlooks the pool and a very large stone and concrete<br />

deck. Adjacent to the guest house is the equipment barn and outdoor<br />

entertainment area complete with new walk-in cooler and outdoor<br />

television. The wildlife on this ranch have been well fed with significant<br />

whitetail, turkey and occasional exotics. This property is priced to the<br />

quality that it is. Call Morris, (210) 415-9850.<br />


MBKillough@SWTexas.net (210) 415-9850 Office (830) 966-2334 Fax


1,688± Acres Real County Property ID: 2629706<br />

Located between Leakey and Camp Wood with frontage on scenic<br />

FM 337, the 1,688-acre Saddle Mountain is an exceptional gamefenced<br />

hunting ranch that offers incredible diversity along with great<br />

improvements and infrastructure. Improvements on the ranch include<br />

paved access, a fabulous 7,200-square-foot main home, a 3,200-foot<br />

airstrip, a 2,000-square-foot lodge, a game cleaning and processing<br />

building, foreman's house, workshop, three barns, three water wells,<br />

three large feed silos, perimeter game-fencing and cross gamefencing,<br />

breeder pens and multiple feed and water stations scattered<br />

throughout the ranch. The ranch offers multiple springs, seasonal Camp<br />

Wood Creek, axis, fallow, aoudad, blackbuck, elk, red stag and a large<br />

number of native animals. The headquarters of the ranch offers paved<br />

and concrete driveways, lighted tennis courts, a fabulous custom pool<br />

surrounded by a huge rock patio, limestone fire pit, indoor and outdoor<br />

hot tubs, dance floor, a very unique greenhouse and a multilevel rock<br />

patio with custom cooking facilities perfect for entertaining for large<br />

groups of clients, friends or family. One-of-a-kind. Price: $5,600,000.<br />

Call Morris, (210) 415-9850.<br />


View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/14814 LANDMAGAZINES.COM<br />



1,013± Acres Bandera County Property ID: 3015413<br />

The historic Foster Ranch has been in the same family since 1880<br />

and offers a buyer the rare opportunity to own a large ranch in<br />

a fabulous location that covers portions of both Sabinal River<br />

Valleys. The ranch offers large neighbors and incredible end-ofroad<br />

privacy. The cozy home is located at the original headquarters<br />

to the ranch, and other improvements include a workshop and<br />

stage building, carport and covered equipment shed. Additional<br />

improvements include two small modern cabins situated on two<br />

small hills with absolutely breathtaking views of the surrounding<br />

valley and hills. The ranch is game-fenced along the northern<br />

boundary and remaining fencing is a low-stock fence. Two water<br />

wells are located on the ranch; one in the southwestern valley that<br />

is on a working Windmill, and the second located at the hunters<br />

cabin supplying water to the home and cabin. The windmill well is<br />

piped into a small, nearby pond and provides water for the large<br />

numbers of game located on the ranch. Price: $3,895,000.<br />

Call Morris, (210) 415-9850.<br />


MBKillough@SWTexas.net (210) 415-9850 Office (830) 966-2334 Fax


1,350± Acres Uvalde County Property ID: 3434166<br />

Located just minutes south of Utopia, this awesome ranch offers<br />

everything the Hill Country is about. The ranch offers highway frontage<br />

on the west side of FM 187, 2,300± feet of cypress-lined Onion Creek<br />

with three dams, 1,200± feet of Sabinal River with historic dam,<br />

springs, numerous fields and food plots for cultivating, wide open<br />

valleys, steep hills with awesome views, deep limestone-lined canyons<br />

and multiple Indian mounds. The ranch is loaded with whitetail,<br />

exotics, turkey and hogs. Improvements include paved airstrip, new<br />

game-fencing on southern border, four water wells, three homes,<br />

four-bedroom mobile home, horse barn, stalls, equipment barn and an<br />

excellent road system that provides easy access to most of the ranch.<br />

This is one of the most beautiful and dramatic ranches available in the<br />

Texas Hill Country. Price: $7,733,750. Call Morris, (210) 415-9850.<br />


View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/14814 LANDMAGAZINES.COM<br />



Located just two miles north of Utopia on FM 470, this awesome new listing is what this beautiful area is all about. The ranch offers a fourbedroom,<br />

four-bath limestone house with a 3,400-square-foot living area and a 2,600-square-foot wraparound covered porch sitting atop of<br />

a hill providing million dollar views in all directions. Recent updates include new interior and exterior paint, new carpet, new dishwasher and<br />

garbage disposals, new Rinai whole-house on-demand hot water heaters, new whole-house reverse osmosis water treatment system and four<br />

1,000-gallon propane tanks (buried). The ranch has a three-car detached garage, paved roads, two barns, one deer blind and four deer feeders.<br />

Won't last. Call Morris, (210) 415-9850.<br />

103± Acres Bandera County, Texas Property ID: 3567389<br />


Located six miles south of Comfort, on paved county road, it is small, unique and offers everything wanted in a Hill Country ranch. The tract<br />

offers a beautiful spring-fed creek, fabulous small pond with concrete drive across and spillway, waterfalls, stock tank, incredible views from<br />

multiple home sites, coastal field and the ranch is loaded with game. Improvements include six-stall rock horse barn, rock equipment building,<br />

metal horse corral, large limestone entrance and an excellent road system. Won't last. Call Morris, (210) 415-9850.<br />

80± Acres Kendall County, Property ID: 3732580<br />



MBKillough@SWTexas.net<br />

MBKillough@SWTexas.net (210) 415-9850 (210) Office 415-9850 (830) Office 966-2334 (830) Fax966-2334 Fax



Located just minutes from San Antonio with frontage on FM 471 two<br />

miles north of Castroville, this turnkey cattle, hay and hunting ranch is<br />

the perfect weekend getaway or permanent retirement property. The<br />

exceptionally planned and finished ranch offers fantastic access straight<br />

to a recently constructed two-level rock and stucco home. Features an<br />

Edwards water well with large concrete storage tank, two wet-weather<br />

creeks and the perfect mix of 70 acres of tifton grass for hay and cattle<br />

and 52 acres of heavy brush for the large numbers of whitetail, turkey<br />

and hogs. Call Morris, (210) 415-9850.<br />

122± Acres Bandera County Property ID: 3658337<br />


Available in 74, 95, 155 and 213-acre parcels. This is a rare opportunity<br />

to own an excellent turnkey cattle and hunting ranch on the Edwards<br />

Plateau in western Bandera County. The Ranch offers huge healthy<br />

oaks, gentle rolling terrain, a nice small home, carport, excellent<br />

water well, light to heavy cover, all low fencing, surrounded by large<br />

neighbors, fabulous hunting with whitetail, hogs, turkey and occasional<br />

exotics including axis deer, nice home sites with great views and<br />

fantastic privacy. Won't last. Call Morris, (210) 415-9850.<br />

536± Acres Bandera County Property ID: 3566922<br />


Located in one of the most scenic areas of Texas between Vanderpool<br />

and Medina, this 86-acre Jackson Creek tract is one of the most unique<br />

live-water properties available in the Hill Country. The tract offers an<br />

1800s era log cabin, county road frontage, electric and phone service<br />

and is currently in a wildlife exemption. The property also offers an<br />

abundance of the features that make this area so desirable including<br />

3,000± feet on both sides of crystal-clear live-water, deep tillable soils<br />

suitable for a vineyard or orchard, beautiful hardwood-lined limestone<br />

bluffs, several varieties of huge healthy oaks, multiple dam sites and<br />

fantastic home sites along the creek. The tract is mainly valley land<br />

surrounded by majestic hills and is loaded with whitetail, turkey and a<br />

multitude of other native animals and birds. This tract may be divided.<br />

Won't last. Call Morris, (210) 415-9850.<br />

103± Acres Bandera County<br />


View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/14814 LANDMAGAZINES.COM<br />



(210) 415-9850 Office TexasLandAndRanch.net


1,505± ACRES IN SUTTON COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3702847 | $2,851,975<br />

Bar C Ranch is a tremendous high-fenced hunting property with long-range views. Rolling terrain, good genetics and frequent sightings of turkey<br />

are a few of the ranch’s highlights. The fenced headquarters includes a custom-built 2,000± square-foot rock house with a nice pond fed by a<br />

windmill. A guest house and a barn with working cattle pens is nearby and a metal container shed with game cleaning area and game cooler is<br />

included. A nice draw stretches over 3,500± feet on the west side of the ranch. Hunting on the ranch is excellent with a solid whitetail population,<br />

axis deer, turkey, hogs, dove and other game. The ranch is well watered with five wells and five stock tanks. The 15± acre field is an excellent food<br />

plot or a great area to plant milo or sunflowers for dove hunting.<br />




PROPERTY ID: 3223599 | $1,795,000<br />

Enjoy the splendor of Big Saline Creek Ranch! A rare find, comprised of<br />

both sides of clear flowing Big Saline Creek, multiple hilltops with longrange<br />

views, and beautiful picturesque valleys. Clear flowing springs<br />

along the creek provide an oasis among beautiful pecan trees, and<br />

several springs are located in Brewer Hollow southwest of the main<br />

house. A concrete and rock barn lends character to the ranch. A set of<br />

cattle pens is included, and a nice large field is perfect for horses or<br />

livestock. The ranch is well supplied with water from the creek, springs,<br />

a solar well, submersible well, holding tank, large concrete pila and<br />

numerous troughs.<br />


2,120± ACRES IN SUTTON COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3659233 | $3,500,000<br />

Bull Hollow Ranch is a superb property with outstanding views and exceptional hunting. High<br />

elevations and rolling terrain provide great lookout points for hunters. One hill overlooks<br />

the ranch headquarters. A couple of nice draws run through the bottom land, retaining<br />

some water during the wet season and providing tactical hunting sites. Free-roaming game<br />

includes whitetail, axis, blackbuck antelope, turkey, dove, quail and hogs. Trophy axis have<br />

been taken in close proximity to the ranch in recent years. A nicely remodeled historic home,<br />

several barns, cattle pens, a water trough system and stock tank are included.<br />

www.TexasRanchesForSale.com | Ken Hoerster, Broker<br />

Info@TexasRanchesForSale.com | (830) 249-9339



PROPERTY ID: 3732716 | $2,572,700<br />

Downie Draw Ranch features long draws and beautiful bluffs. The extensive<br />

landscape of rolling hills, valleys, and canyons create views that go on for miles.<br />

There is a nice metal hunter’s cabin with electricity and water at the headquarters.<br />

Hunting is excellent with abundant game including whitetail, mule deer, quail,<br />

elk, and dove. There are 10 feeders and 12 water troughs distributed throughout<br />

the property. Indian artifacts are scattered across the terrain, giving explorers the<br />

possibility to discover something extraordinary. Two water wells provide water<br />

for the cabin and wildlife.<br />

124<br />


865± ACRES IN CONCHO COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3590783 | $2,504,175<br />

Kickapoo Creek Ranch is known for its abundant wildlife and superb live water. High-fencing,<br />

multiple senderos, and both sides of Kickapoo Creek make this hunting property distinctive. The<br />

creek flows long and wide through the center of the property, providing deep fishing holes and<br />

opportunities to canoe or kayak. The ranch includes a modular home, a field with bird feeding<br />

stations, and a solar pump from the creek that supplements a nice stock tank. High elevations<br />

give great views of both sides of the creek for spotting whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove, duck<br />

and other wildlife.



PROPERTY ID: 3625769 | $1,266,650<br />

North Llano River Ranch features clear flowing North Llano River and<br />

abundant game. The most impressive feature on the ranch is the 1,700±<br />

feet of North Llano River lined with beautiful mature pecan trees,<br />

sycamore, and other large timbers. Quality access gives anglers the<br />

opportunity to fish up and downstream with ease. The avid hunter will<br />

be impressed with the available wildlife, including an abundance of axis<br />

deer. A three-bedroom home, windmill, and stock tank are included.<br />


4,200± ACRES IN SUTTON COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3464162 | $5,124,000<br />

Live Oak Ranch is a superb hunting and cattle ranch located just southeast of Sonora. The<br />

property has thick live oak motts and deep mesquite flats. Game is abundant, including<br />

herds of free roaming axis, whitetail deer, turkey, hog and dove. A good all-weather road<br />

leads from FM 1691 to the main headquarters, with an older home and cattle pens with barns<br />

located nearby. A second house has been used as a hunting cabin. Several water wells and a<br />

caliche tank supply water to the homes and wildlife. Property can be divided.<br />

www.TexasRanchesForSale.com | Ken Hoerster, Broker<br />

Info@TexasRanchesForSale.com | (830) 249-9339


249± ACRES IN BLANCO COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3612749 | $2,198,688<br />

Crabapple Peak Ranch is a unique 249± acre ranch known for breathtaking views.<br />

At the top of an impressive hill in the west section is one of the best 360-degree<br />

views in the Hill Country, an exceptional location to build your dream home.<br />

Frequent spottings of whitetail deer, axis deer and turkey. A nicely restored<br />

house, several sheds, and a storage tank are included. This property will serve as<br />

a wonderful weekend get-away or permanent residence.<br />


747± ACRES IN SCHLEICHER COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3573367 | $1,490,265<br />

Turkey Draw Ranch features great road frontage and fantastic views. Towering hills overlook<br />

the rich native grasses and mesquite trees. A winding draw bisects the ranch for nearly a mile,<br />

attracting wildlife when water is present, giving hunters a strategical advantage. A water well<br />

services a large pila with a spillover that has created a small pond, frequently attracting wildlife<br />

including whitetail deer and turkey. Perimeter-fencing is in good shape and 85± acres is crossfenced<br />

with pens in the southeast corner.<br />

126<br />


135± ACRES IN KERR COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3520429 | $1,650,000<br />

Towering views and exceptional hunting opportunities are just a few characteristics<br />

of High View Ranch. Located just outside of Kerrville, this ranch rests on one of the<br />

highest points in Kerr County and has easy frontage road access. Numerous areas<br />

are available for building sites with picturesque views. Perimeter-fencing is in good<br />

shape and hunting is excellent, with frequent sightings of whitetail, sika deer, turkey<br />

and other native animals. A spring-fed creek flows into a sizable stock tank.



PROPERTY ID: 3517888 | $1,335,000<br />

Rancho Suerte is a nice commuter ranch in Kendall County just outside<br />

of Boerne. The ranch has 3,500± feet of highway frontage. There is<br />

plenty of room for entertaining inside or outdoors. A roomy split-level<br />

home rests on an impressive hilltop and features large windows to<br />

provide natural light and marvelous views, leading to an impressive<br />

deck. Tree cover from beautiful juniper, madrone, pecan and mature<br />

oaks dot the landscape. Three water wells, outbuildings, barns, and a<br />

field are included.<br />



PROPERTY ID: 3432675 | $1,592,500<br />

Live Oak Ranch is a haven for wildlife. Quail, duck, turkey, hogs, axis, whitetail<br />

deer, and other animals are plentiful on the ranch, providing exceptional<br />

opportunities for hunters. The ranch has level to gently rolling terrain, robust<br />

grasslands and beautiful views. Electric lines run through the property,<br />

allowing for additional building sites and wells. Roads are in good condition.<br />



PROPERTY ID: 3444779 | $3,995,000<br />

This scenic high-fenced ranch is a superb combination of abundant wildlife<br />

and live water, with nearly two± miles of both sides of the Colorado River.<br />

The river bottom contains live oak trees and other large timbers, providing<br />

thick cover for wildlife. A cultivated field has the potential to serve as a<br />

food plot or a strategic location for bird hunting, with its close proximity to<br />

the river. High hills once served as lookout points, resulting in a multitude<br />

of Indian artifacts scattered across the property. A two-bedroom hunter’s<br />

cabin includes a metal building and a processing area.<br />

www.TexasRanchesForSale.com | Ken Hoerster, Broker<br />

Info@TexasRanchesForSale.com | (830) 249-9339

TEXAS LAND / Profile<br />





OF THE<br />


GOOD<br />


Although there was not a right or wrong answer, the<br />

question I posed to Peter John Holt, executive vice<br />

president and general manager of Holt Cat in San<br />

Antonio, wasn’t necessarily fair.<br />

“So if you had to choose between hunting for a muy grande<br />

or sitting courtside at a Spurs play-off game, which would you<br />

choose?”<br />

Holt, whose family owns majority interest in the San Antonio<br />

Spurs, countered, “Playoff game or finals?”<br />

“Finals.”<br />

“That, then, is a very good question,” he said. “Fortunately,<br />

though, I’ve been blessed to harvest my share of big bucks<br />

because deer season in Texas doesn’t run into June and overlap<br />

with the NBA Finals.”<br />

Laughing he admitted that he’d actually been on the horns—<br />

or the claws as it were—of that particular dilemma. It was 2013<br />

and the first time the Spurs squared off against the Miami Heat<br />

in the finals. The series directly conflicted with a long-planned<br />

and long-awaited Montana bear hunt with his closest friends.<br />

“The bear won—literally,” Holt, who is an avid bowhunter, said.<br />

“We walked about 10 miles every day at 10,000 foot altitude and<br />

never pulled the bow. It was a life lesson in patience.”<br />

Holt, a self-described “go-go-go” guy, cherishes his time in<br />

the wilderness because it allows him to slow down and focus on<br />

the things that are important.<br />

“The trip was such a good lesson in the importance of the<br />

journey, not the result,” Holt said. “I was with my best friends.<br />

We saw moose wandering around, elk calving and trout rising<br />

from pristine streams. We were in nature and in the moment.”<br />

He added, “Now don’t get me wrong. I will pick a different<br />

outfitter, go back to Montana and God willing get a bear—but it<br />

was a very good trip.”<br />



TEXAS LAND / Profile<br />


“My dad served on the Texas Parks & Wildlife<br />

Commission. During his tenure, I learned in more detail<br />

what it takes from the public side as well as the private<br />

side to continue our legacy of conservation—and I<br />

encountered TWA for the first time.<br />

Initially, I was involved in the fun stuff like the<br />

convention and the magazine. Then, some good folks<br />

on TWA’s Board of Directors reached out and invited<br />

me to serve on the Executive Committee. I’ll admit that<br />

I’ve been on a learning curve, but am preparing to give<br />

back hopefully.<br />

In my life, I’ve been blessed with some really good<br />

mentors, including Larry Mills, who worked with my<br />

dad and grandad for more than 50 years. Larry helped<br />

us prioritize our hearts’ desires. For me those desires<br />

are wildlife conservation, improving youth through<br />

education and general community progress.<br />

I only join organizations that hit those marks and<br />

where I feel that my skill set can help the organization<br />

achieve its mission and make a meaningful difference.<br />

TWA and I are a good fit.”<br />

In 2016, Holt and his sister, Corinna Holt Richter, began the<br />

process of buying their parents out of Holt Cat, the largest<br />

Caterpillar dealership in the nation. As they take the helm<br />

of a business that can be traced back to their great-great<br />

grandfather, Benjamin Holt, who developed and manufactured<br />

the first track-type tractor, Holt is aware of the legacy.<br />

“It’s an honor to carry on the business,” Holt said.<br />

“Stewarding a legacy business is akin to stewarding a legacy<br />

ranch: we’re providing growth and stability so that the next<br />

generation can participate.”<br />

The Holt family has a long legacy with the land. Peter Holt, an<br />

avid outdoorsman, was born in Peoria, Illinois and reared in an<br />

industry that was directly tied to land. He came to Texas when<br />

his father opened a Caterpillar dealership in Corpus Christi,<br />

which the younger Holt eventually expanded into presentday<br />

Holt Cat. Julianna Hawn Holt grew up as part of a farming<br />

and ranching family who split their time between Nueces and<br />

Gonzales counties.<br />

“My mother and father were the ones who showed me the<br />

value of land ownership and land stewardship in a very personal<br />

way,” Holt said. “My mother introduced me to production<br />

agriculture—and the very important idea that humans can<br />

benefit from the land and give back to the land. My father<br />

taught me the same lesson about wildlife and its management.”<br />

The elder Holts knew that life on the land would teach their<br />

children life lessons and help instill values such as honesty,<br />

innovation and commitment. They lived on a ranch in Blanco<br />

and commuted daily to San Antonio for work and school.<br />

“In hindsight, it had to have been hard on my parents, but<br />

it was great for me,” Holt said. “I got to grow up with horses,<br />

cattle and hunting. I was a bad little kid, who probably got a Red<br />

Ryder BB gun way too early.”<br />

Hunting, whether it was joining family and friends at their<br />

ranches around the state, or getting outdoors on their own<br />

property, was central to the Holt family experience. His<br />

childhood was filled with multi-family jaunts on quail buggies,<br />

where the kids chased lizards and rabbits while the adults set<br />

out after a covey of bob whites, and a lot of early mornings and<br />

late afternoons in deer blinds.<br />

“I really liked hunting with Dad better than Mom just because<br />

Mom was so serious about it,” Holt said. “She loves hunting, but<br />

she’s also very goal-oriented.”<br />

One afternoon Holt, who was eight or nine years old at the<br />

time, was hunting with his mom on the Prade Ranch in Real<br />

County. They had gotten themselves situated in a traditional<br />

rifle blind set up in close proximity to a corn feeder. When the<br />

feeder didn’t go off as scheduled, his mother dispatched young<br />

Holt to set it off. Her final instructions? “Act like a deer.”<br />

“I thought she was teasing, so I just took off walking across<br />

the pasture to the feeder until she opened the window and<br />

made it clear she was not joking,” Holt said.<br />

The youngster took her at her emphatic word.<br />


“I put my fingers up like antlers and started walking slowly—<br />

starting, stopping, sniffing the air and arching my back,” Holt<br />

said. “I finally made it to the feeder and set it off.”<br />

His ruse worked. Later that afternoon, the duo harvested<br />

a doe.<br />

“My mom said, ‘See, I told you. That doe wouldn’t have come<br />

in if you’d bumbled over there like a boy,’” he said. “In hind<br />

sight, hunting has never been just about the results, it’s always<br />

been about the good times.”<br />

Good times tied to the land are experiences that Holt and his<br />

wife, Lauren Kate, actively seek out for their own daughters,<br />

who are one- and three-years-old.<br />

“They already have their own boots,” Holt said. “One of<br />

the greatest joys of my life is taking them out to our place in<br />

Blanco. They don’t know what a fire truck is, but they can<br />

identify a corn feeder.”<br />

The explorers load up in the ranch truck to search for skunks,<br />

foxes and deer, they are always on the lookout for some water to<br />

splash in or mud to play in. It’s not uncommon to stop and have<br />

a visit with the foreman about the status of the grass.<br />

“When one of the girls says, ‘That’s a Hereford,’ it makes me<br />

smile,’” Holt said. “I try to expose them to ranching and the<br />

outdoors as much as I can, so they’ll love it as much as I do.”<br />

Even this early in their lives, the land is leaving a mark.<br />

“It’s fascinating for me to see the positive correlation between<br />

the time they spend on the land and their behavior,” Holt said.<br />

“When we spend time together outside, they’re happier, they<br />

eat better, they sleep better—and they get up ready to do it<br />

again the next day.”<br />

While the land ownership is definitely pleasurable,<br />

Holt embraces the responsibility that is part and parcel<br />

of the privilege.<br />





“As a land steward, my responsibility is to strive for balance<br />

in all things,” Holt said. “Balance, whether it’s introducing<br />

livestock or managing wildlife or optimizing the habitat, is<br />

the key to attain the elusive win-win-win-win-win for the<br />

environment, for wildlife, for agriculture, for society and for<br />

the family.”<br />

Being a good steward and working for the greater good<br />

resonates with Holt.<br />

“What’s the point of making money, having a great<br />

family and going on incredible hunts, if you’re not actively<br />

participating in life’s journey and striving to achieve a higher<br />

purpose,” Holt said. “You have to aim for a higher purpose for<br />

life to be truly worthwhile.”<br />


At a time when many American businesses measure<br />

their success on sheer size and short-term financial<br />

gain, Holt Cat chose another route. Under the<br />

leadership of Peter Holt, the company developed an<br />

operating philosophy that measures success against a<br />

series of ethical principles.<br />

“As a privately held company we have the ability<br />

to do things that a publicly held company can’t such<br />

as running our company based on our family’s core<br />

values,” Peter John Holt said. “We don’t have to blow<br />

in the wind because we have a set of values that guide<br />

every decision whether it’s hiring, compensation,<br />

collaboration, expansion or any other issue of day-today<br />

business.”<br />

Values-Based Leadership, the company culture, is<br />

embraced from the top down and the bottom up.<br />

“Values-Based Leadership is how we are expected<br />

to lead and make decisions and it is how we expect<br />

others to lead and make decisions,” Holt said. “Some<br />

people might argue that core values complicate<br />

doing business, but actually they simplify it. There<br />

is a checklist and clear standards to weigh every<br />

decision against.”<br />

Because the operating philosophy is built on ethics,<br />

its influence reaches beyond the company’s walls.<br />

“My first conscience is God, my second conscience<br />

is my family and my third conscience is Values-Based<br />

Leadership and these core values,” Holt said. “If I’m at<br />

home and trying to cheat the lawn man out of $50, how<br />

can I stand in front of our employees and ask them to<br />

embrace our core values? They are something we live<br />

with every day in every aspect of our lives.”<br />

The approach has been so successful at Holt Cat,<br />

the family has now created a consulting firm to share<br />

the operating philosophy with non-profits, schools and<br />

other organizations that could benefit.<br />

“In business—and in life—doing what’s right is never<br />

a bad thing,” Holt said.<br />



David E. Culver, Broker<br />

(210) 422–4676 | (325) 294–4616<br />

dec@landtx.com<br />


1,144± ACRES | BLANCO COUNTY | $8,580,000<br />

This supremely-positioned offering consists of the high-wooded hills overlooking Blanco and US 281, only 45 minutes from either Austin or<br />

San Antonio. Classic Hill Country terrain allows fantastic vistas over sweeping, grassy valleys framed by majestic live oaks. Multiple springs<br />

and seasonal creeks offer excellent lake potential, and a nicely-restored, four-bedroom, two-bath German farm house and miles of old rock<br />

walls add charm and character. Minerals included. Property ID: 3715979<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/3373<br />


PO Box 860, 954 San Antonio Street, Mason, Texas 76856 | www.landtx.com<br />



David E. Culver, Broker<br />

(210) 422–4676 | (325) 294–4616<br />

dec@landtx.com<br />


312± ACRES | MASON COUNTY | $5,500,000<br />

One of the most fantastic Llano River ranches of all is now offered<br />

for sale with manicured, irrigated pastures, beautiful resort-quality<br />

homes, landscaped and accessible river frontage beyond compare<br />

and solid water rights. This Hill Country property has massive<br />

views of the painted cliffs on the Llano upstream and gorgeous<br />

panoramas of the mountains to the south. If you seek lots of power<br />

in a tiny package, this cannot be surpassed. Minerals included.<br />

Property ID: 3486912<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/3373<br />



3,160± ACRES | KENDALL COUNTY | $17,222,000<br />

One of the largest remaining contiguous tracts of land in rapidlygrowing<br />

Kendall County, this legacy ranch has been in the same family<br />

for generations and is rugged, wild, pristine and oozing with character<br />

and history. Dunners Mountain looms over the West Sister Creek valley<br />

like a sentinel, offering dramatic vistas and scenery of the highest order.<br />

Fertile, level fields of grass flanked by heritage oaks, pecans and elms<br />

dominate the lush bottoms while soaring ridges seem to touch the sky<br />

above, cloaking huge lake sites in untouched canyons below.<br />

Minerals included. Property ID: 2705323<br />

PO Box 860, 954 San Antonio Street, Mason, Texas 76856 | www.landtx.com<br />



David E. Culver, Broker<br />

(210) 422–4676 | (325) 294–4616<br />

dec@landtx.com<br />


51± ACRES | MASON COUNTY | $1,250,000<br />

If you seek the beauty and scenery of Mason County on the strongest and prettiest river in the Texas Hill Country only 30 minutes from<br />

sizzling Fredericksburg, read on. LRJ includes a comfortable, stylish ranch home within earshot and view of the fabled river on landscaped,<br />

manicured grounds with easy river access, nice metal barn, working pens and ranch water system. Native rangeland offers habitat to deer,<br />

turkey and songbirds, with a high point having distant views to the south. Minerals included. Property ID: 3356801<br />


651± ACRES | CONCHO COUNTY | $1,708,875<br />

The wide, deep Concho River forms the southern boundary of this fine, all-around working/recreational ranch for 3,000 feet, offering top fly<br />

fishing, boating, swimming, floating and paddling. Giant pecans line the water’s edge, with deep-soil bottomland fields capable of growing<br />

crops or orchards comprising almost 50 percent of the site. Several large lakes hold fish year-round as well, with brushy hills rising to<br />

dramatic vista points to the north. Minerals included. Property ID: 2052240<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/3373<br />



168± ACRES | MASON COUNTY | $1,092,000<br />

Simply put, this is the strongest-flowing, most reliable live water in an<br />

absolutely fantastic private setting in all of the Hill Country west of Mason.<br />

Leon Creek surges through at 100 GPM, creating one of the finest swimming<br />

holes ever seen with solid rock “bathtubs” and noisy falls throughout. Wild,<br />

native fish abound in the crystal-clear waters which are perfect for fly fishing,<br />

floating, swimming and relaxing. Entirely manicured, the exquisitely varied<br />

land includes caves, cliffs, hardwood bottoms, dramatic views and evidence of<br />

Native Americans. Minerals included. Owner/Broker. Property ID: 3308360<br />


744± ACRES | KIMBLE COUNTY | $3,348,000<br />

This sweet spot includes a large, gushing spring with a nice lake site that was the site of one of the last fatal Indian raids in Texas that is<br />

described in the History of Harper, and the walnut tree mentioned in the story still stands. The hard-flowing creek stays on the property for<br />

about one-third of a mile and features a gorgeous riparian bottom loaded with lazy pecan/walnut/oak. A nice three-bedroom, three-and-ahalf-bath,<br />

stone home overlooks the creek bottom and includes a beautiful entertaining patio. A super-nice, insulated barn rounds out the<br />

headquarters which is nestled in a secluded bowl overlooked by towering peaks with distant views. Minerals included. Property ID: 3313969<br />

PO Box 860, 954 San Antonio Street, Mason, Texas 76856 | www.landtx.com<br />



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Texas Hill Country, South Texas,<br />

Edwards Plateau, and Rolling Plains of<br />

Northwest Central Texas.<br />

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skills in the business.<br />

Best technical knowledge and mapping<br />

capabilities in the segment.<br />

Proven dedication to protection and<br />

preservation of rural Texas and Texans.<br />

Seasoned conservation pros with healthy<br />

respect for private property rights.<br />

David E. Culver, Broker<br />


PO Box 860, 954 San Antonio Street, Mason, Texas 76856<br />

(325) 294-4616 office • (210) 422-4676 cell • dec@landtx.com<br />

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RanchInvestments.com<br />

John Ed Stepan | Principal<br />

Twin Creeks Ranch<br />

For the first time in over 20 years, the opportunity has arisen to own one<br />

of the most special and treasured ranches in all of Central Texas.<br />

A truly remarkable and rare find one hour from downtown Austin, the<br />

Twin Creeks Ranch near Marble Falls is a live-water paradise.<br />

With magnificent rock-bottomed Hamilton Creek traversing this rolling,<br />

Hill Country ranch for well over a mile, and spring fed Hairston Creek for<br />

nearly a half mile, there is no lack of live water. An engineered, concrete<br />

dam on Hairston Creek creates a permanent body of water over five<br />

acres in size that affords excellent fishing for bass, catfish and bluegill.<br />

The site is extremely private being over a half mile from the nearest<br />

public road with none of the improvements visible from neighboring<br />

ranches. The magnificent 5,200-square-foot, three-bedroom, threeand-a-half-bath<br />

home has exceptional design, architecture, construction<br />

materials and finish out including mesquite doors, windows and builtins,<br />

Kohler, Rohl and Herbeau bath fixtures, exposed Cedar beams<br />

throughout, drapery by designer Amy Boykin, Lutron lighting system,<br />

surround sound, custom chandeliers and mirrors, handcrafted finishes<br />

and designer paint throughout. A fabulous chef’s kitchen is open to<br />

the living area and features gorgeous granite counters, center island<br />

with breakfast bar, two sinks and ample storage. Stainless Thermador<br />

appliances include a double oven, range stove with griddle, warming<br />

drawer and a Sub Zero refrigerator. Formal dining has a wet bar with<br />

copper under-mount sink, refrigerator, ice maker and extra cabinet<br />

space. The master retreat features a fire place and cozy sitting area with<br />

gorgeous creek views. His-and-her separate bathrooms both include<br />

King-size walk-in closets, built-ins and abundant storage.<br />

Info@RanchInvestments.com | (800) 447–8604<br />



A lovely expansive great room ties this masterpiece together with a large<br />

limestone fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows with exceptional views and<br />

an antique elk-horn chandelier. Enjoy a movie in the media room with<br />

professional equipment, enhanced lighting and full screen.<br />

The butterfly garden meets the guests of this home with a courtyard<br />

and a covered pergola. Lush landscaping and vast decks along the<br />

back of the home allow for outdoor entertaining and enjoying the<br />

peaceful sounds of the creeks and wildlife. The lake created by the dam<br />

on Hairston Creek is accented by a permanent platform for fishing,<br />

sunbathing, swimming, kayaking and canoeing a few short steps from<br />

the house. This is an incredible opportunity to own such an amazing<br />

property in close proximity to Austin and San Antonio. Rolling hills, wide<br />

meandering creek bottoms, open meadows and dense brush offer<br />

the diversity necessary to make this the perfect hunting ranch. It truly<br />

embodies the finest of luxury living in the Texas Hill Country.<br />

Excellent wildlife habitat exists with a wide variety of trees, brush and<br />

native grasses such as live oak, elm, sycamore, pecan, mesquite, cedar,<br />

persimmon and others. The entire ranch is enclosed by an eight-foot<br />

game proof fence and is home to excellent herds of whitetail deer and<br />

Rocky Mountain elk. A true sportsmen’s paradise offering the finest<br />

in hunting and fishing on a square mile of the magnificent Texas Hill<br />

Country! Minerals Available! Co-listed with Brandy Archer, KW Realty.<br />

Price Reduced: $6,995,000<br />


PO Box 6309 | San Antonio, Texas 78209 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/168<br />



RanchInvestments.com<br />

John Ed Stepan | Principal<br />

The Jackson Ranch is located approximately 13 miles west of Lampasas, Texas<br />

on FM 580 and approximately 63 miles from the Austin, Texas city limits. 1.62<br />

miles of the Colorado River frontage, varies from 200-foot high cliffs overlooking<br />

the river and views to the west, to low sloping grassy banks sheltered by pecan<br />

trees. The ranch is contiguous native rangeland which is located in the famed<br />

Texas Hill Country. The terrain is hilly to rough with a substantial portion on the<br />

west being rocky hills, ridges and canyons. Currently a working cattle ranch and<br />

taxed at agriculture valuation. 50 percent of mineral estate to be conveyed.<br />

Price: $11,059,650<br />



This special offering is for multiple tracts in Rivera, ready to be developed. Rarely<br />

do large tracts come available along the Texas Coast. Riviera is a sportsman’s<br />

paradise, with Baffin Bay renowned for its fishing and waterfowl hunting. You are<br />

in some of the best whitetail deer and quail hunting in Texas. A wide variety of<br />

South Texas brush species, native grasses, and tree cover are on the property.<br />

The bird life is unparalleled, with the fall and winter months being a waterfowl<br />

mecca. The largest tract is 92 acres with an adjacent 12 acres along the bay.<br />

There is a total of 13 bayfront acres separated by the county road from the main<br />

tract. A public fishing pier separates the two bayfront tracts. Municipal water,<br />

telephone, and electricity are available. Price: $2,350,000<br />



The Mesa Verde is a turnkey game ranch. The majority is high-fenced with two<br />

pastures remaining low-fenced. Inside the high fence, genetically superior whitetail<br />

deer were stocked over the years and the ranch consistently produces trophy<br />

bucks in the 160–180 class. There are also axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck,<br />

scimitar oryx, aoudad sheep, mouflon, corsican, hawaiian black, Texas dall sheep<br />

elk, red deer, and nilgai. Multiple blinds and feeders are scattered across the<br />

pastures. Improvements include a lodge with three bedrooms, three bathrooms,<br />

an office, and a large kitchen which opens to the great room. The lodge sits on a<br />

high mesa with phenomenal 20-mile views. This is the perfect ranch property to<br />

step into and be in business this fall! Price: $3,958,500<br />



Info@RanchInvestments.com | (800) 447–8604<br />



Located less than 10 minutes from downtown Lampasas with access to Highway<br />

183. A well-manicured, game-proof fenced ranch with native and improved grasses.<br />

Fertile soils conducive to food plots for winter grazing of livestock or for the managed<br />

herd of blackbuck antelope, whitetail, axis, and fallow deer. The main house is a<br />

three-bedroom, four-bath, custom-built Spanish/Mediterranean-style home of<br />

approximately 4,300 square feet. The guest house is a two-bedroom, two-bath<br />

frame farmhouse. Three ponds and a well with a submersible pump supply the ranch<br />

with water. Additional improvements include a 90x75 hay/cattle barn, pipe working<br />

pens, and a 30x50 workshop/garage with office. This is a rare opportunity to buy a<br />

turnkey combination cattle and hunting ranch. Price: $1,850,000<br />

LJ RANCH<br />


This offering presents an excellent land ownership and business opportunity. Two<br />

farms, located minutes northwest of Rockdale, offer an excellent land investment<br />

with a steady income stream. The two farms have four operational poultry houses on<br />

contract with Cargill raising turkey. Being less than two miles apart, management of<br />

both farms has been streamlined for efficiency. Additional income could be derived<br />

from a cow/calf operation as each parcel has pasture land not currently being<br />

utilized. Furthermore, each parcel has dense tree cover and a variety of native brush<br />

offering wonderful wildlife habitat. Rarely does an opportunity such as this come on<br />

the market. Two well-maintained and diverse ranches operating at a very nice return<br />

on investment. Price: $7,400,000<br />


Located just seven minutes east of the city of Marble Falls on 1431 East, this<br />

property features all you would want in a ranch, hunting land, exotic game ranch<br />

and home site. The ranch is completely perimeter high-fenced and ranges from<br />

level land to rolling terrain in the back. The front of the property has a nice open<br />

pasture with lush native grasses for grazing or food plots. A large surface tank in<br />

this area provides water year-round, with an additional spring-fed surface tank<br />

located in the midsection of the ranch. Beautiful large hardwoods such as live<br />

oaks, Spanish oaks, pecan, and elm trees cover the ranch. Dense areas of the<br />

property provide excellent wildlife habitat. Hunting is great for whitetail deer,<br />

turkey, dove, ducks and other native animals. Price: $1,814,410<br />


213± ACRES | BURNET COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3561796<br />

PO Box 6309 | San Antonio, Texas 78209 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/168<br />



RanchInvestments.com<br />

John Ed Stepan | Principal<br />

Surrounded by beautiful high escarpments, Thunderbird Resort and Event<br />

Center sits on 26 acres and is located on Lake Buchanan. This business consist<br />

of 23 cottages, a 3,900-square-foot newly constructed event center, a beautiful<br />

2,450-square-foot log home, swimming pool, a 14-boat stall marina and fishing<br />

dock, office, and several other buildings. This is a great place for weddings,<br />

family gatherings, and cooperate retreats. This business has unlimited potential<br />

for growth on the 15 acres of undeveloped land connected to this property. Call<br />

us for a complete information package. Price: $2,890,000<br />



This Gulf Coast ranch, bordered by the Victoria Barge Canal and in view of San<br />

Antonio Bay, is a veritable wildlife paradise. Waterfowl hunting is unparalleled,<br />

with approximately 200 acres of wetlands. There is a variety of quality soil types,<br />

providing a high-carrying capacity for grazing. A mixture of native and improved<br />

grasses are present throughout the property. Due to the location being coastal,<br />

the ranch is predominantly level with a good mix of open grasslands and several<br />

oak motts. This property has investment potential, being on the barge canal.<br />

There are two water wells and electricity on the property. The pasture roads are<br />

in good condition and perimeter-fencing is cattle-tight. Surface sale only. No<br />

minerals to convey, there are three producing gas wells. Price: $1,699,000<br />



This game ranch offers the next owner a great head-start for the perfect getaway/<br />

hunting property. Several home sites have been identified and multiple water<br />

wells with electricity provide the basic services. The owner stocked the property<br />

with axis, fallow, and red deer along with blackbuck, addax, and gemsbok.<br />

Superior whitetail deer were introduced when all the native bucks were taken off<br />

to improve quality. Herd management has taken place under the guidance of a<br />

wildlife biologist and numbers are growing. The varied topography has medium-todense<br />

cover for the wildlife, excellent soils in some areas for food plots, and open<br />

grassland for the antelope species to graze. Price: $1,630,125<br />



Info@RanchInvestments.com | (800) 447–8604<br />



At the intersection of Highway 85, and FM 140, this versatile parcel is located<br />

five miles west of Charlotte and only 18 miles from the ever-growing Jourdanton/<br />

Pleasanton area. With an estimated 100 acres in native South Texas brush and<br />

the remainder in Bermuda and native range grasses, this property suits the needs<br />

of a variety of prospective landowners. Having frontage on both Highway 85 and<br />

County Road 349 (Davis Switch Road), accessibility is exceptional. This property<br />

has an ample water supply consisting of a 220 GPM Carrizo well and two smaller<br />

domestic wells. There are also two stock tanks. The property is currently under<br />

agricultural exemption. Seller to convey 25 percent of current minerals owned at<br />

closing. No past or present mineral production. Contact for price.<br />

30-30 RANCH<br />


Private and secluded, yet an easy one-hour drive north of Austin, this gorgeous Hill<br />

Country ranch has all the components for a perfect family retreat. End-of-the-road<br />

privacy, undulating terrain with outstanding hilltop views, densely covered with live<br />

oak, Spanish oak, elm, sumac and cedar. The neighboring properties include a<br />

2,500-acre low-fenced ranch that has been game-managed for years, plus several<br />

200-plus acre properties. Wildlife is abundant, including native whitetail deer, wild<br />

turkey, feral hogs, ducks, and doves in the season. Two nice ponds provide water<br />

for the wildlife and livestock. There is municipal water available from the Kempner<br />

Water Supply and electricity is run to the land. Price: $3,650 per acre<br />



This beautifully scenic wildlife ranch is located only 10 miles southwest of<br />

Rocksprings. Offering end-of-the-road privacy, this is a wildlife haven with tree<br />

cover, large valleys, incredible vistas, and rugged hills. The live oak, shin oak, and<br />

pinon pine cover provide browse and habitat for the axis, elk, fallow, whitetail,<br />

turkey, feral hogs, dove, and quail. Electricity and a water well are located on a<br />

high bluff. Undulating Hill Country with elevations from 1,800–2,200, canyons,<br />

and flat-topped mesas. The entire Indian Creek subdivision is behind a game-proof<br />

fence, the native and exotic game move freely about. Varmint hunting is excellent<br />

throughout the year. A seasonal creek bisects the property and a water well was<br />

drilled and cased near a building site overlooking the ranch. Price: $320,087<br />



PO Box 6309 | San Antonio, Texas 78209 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/168<br />



TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

LAND<br />









From the expansive, rugged terrain of West Texas<br />

to the lush, rolling estates of the Hill Country, to<br />

working ranches and fertile farmground scattered<br />

throughout the state, Texas is uniquely identified<br />

across the United States and around the world by the diverse<br />

terrain and iconic landscapes that have shaped its history.<br />

For property owners, the unique character and diversity that<br />

defines Texas and draws in visitors from around the world can<br />

create difficulty when the time comes to consider selling.<br />

As a landowner, where do you turn when it’s time to sell your<br />

premium agricultural property?<br />

Traditional real estate markets are very effective when selling a<br />

home or other property with a lower price point. The success<br />

of this approach often relies on market continuity and data<br />

collected from comparable sales—both of which are often<br />

unavailable for one-of-a-kind farm and ranch land.<br />

As the complexity and value of a property increases, the pool<br />

of potential buyers decreases. And in the case of premier farm<br />

and ranch real estate, the higher<br />

value of the property also limits<br />

the number of buyers with the<br />

financial means to purchase. The<br />

result for owners of premium<br />

agricultural land can be pricing<br />

guesswork that may either<br />

overvalue a property and result in<br />

excessive days on the market or<br />

undervalue a property and lead<br />

to a quicker sale but a discounted<br />

return. Even with the very best land agent, unique, high-value<br />

rural properties with a limited pool of potential buyers may<br />

linger on the market with little interest in a traditional listing.<br />

Together, these factors may amount to planning uncertainty,<br />

lost dollars, and indefinite carrying costs for landowners.<br />





The National Auctioneers Association estimates that in 2010,<br />

more than 24 percent of all auctions involved real estate<br />

transactions. And beginning in 2003, residential, farm, and<br />

ranch real estate represented the fastest growing segment of<br />

auctions conducted nation-wide. In 2008, land and agricultural<br />

real estate auctions represented an estimated $26 Billion in<br />

sales volume.<br />

There are a number of key benefits for sellers, brokers, and<br />

buyers alike that can be achieved when offering a property at<br />

auction—and together, the following advantages are making<br />

auctions a more and more frequent choice for discerning<br />

landowners.<br />

Sellers are figuring out that auctions provide an accelerated<br />

marketing alternative that puts them in the driver’s seat and<br />

eliminates the hassle of a drawn-out listing and negotiation<br />

process. An auction brings together a pool of potential buyers<br />

at one time, creating excitement and competition that offers the<br />

fastest way to reveal the true-market-value on any property.<br />

An auction eliminates the<br />

guesswork often required in<br />

pricing high-value, premier<br />

agricultural properties. On<br />

auction day, the auction process,<br />

in real-time, uncovers the market<br />

value of your property.<br />

A successful auction requires<br />

multiple willing and able buyers<br />

competing for a property. Both<br />

through the multi-parcel auction process and a concentrated,<br />

dynamic marketing campaign, the lead-up to auction day must<br />

be thoughtfully executed to maximize the number of bidders<br />

at the table and to enhance the urgency and excitement<br />

generated by a property auction.<br />

But this paradigm is shifting.<br />

Unlike ever before, owners of hard-to-value, premium<br />

agricultural properties are turning to auctions. For too long, the<br />

marketplace has viewed auctions as a last-resort, fire-sale tool<br />

for flawed properties. But thanks to success in the luxury home<br />

market and in the sale of expansive ranches in the northern<br />

tier of the U.S., this perception is changing. From small rural<br />

homesteads to sprawling farmland holdings, customized<br />

auction approaches can and are delivering premium sales<br />

prices for property owners across all parts of Texas.<br />

Multi-parcel (multi-par) auctions divide properties into multiple<br />

tracts, expanding the number of purchasing options – which<br />

in turn expands the pool of potential bidders. Bidders arrive<br />

on auction day with full knowledge of the property and ready<br />

to buy. With the multi-par process, bidders have control over<br />

exactly which property they want with the option to bid on one<br />

tract, bid on a few, or bid on them all!<br />

To achieve a successful outcome on auction day, landowners<br />

should look for a dynamic, professional marketing effort<br />

leading up to sale day that showcases and intensively markets<br />

a property to the audiences most likely to buy. A typical<br />


TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

window between the date an auction contract is signed and<br />

sale day often ranges from 30 to 60 days. Working within a<br />

seller-preapproved marketing budget, auction companies<br />

utilize traditional print and radio channels along with online<br />

advertising, direct mail marketing and one-on-one outreach to<br />

make sure there is enthusiasm about a property and energy and<br />

excitement with the broadest pool of potential buyers possible.<br />

Another important tool in a successful land auction is<br />

participation from area land brokers. Incorporating the client<br />

networks of multiple brokers throughout a region not only<br />

multiplies the reach of an auction’s marketing effort but also<br />

brings more interested, qualified bidders to an auction. For<br />

brokers, participating in auctions with their clients can provide<br />

another important tool in their client services portfolio. As a<br />

landowner looks for an auction company, it is important to<br />

find a firm that actively works to engage outside brokers and<br />

agents, and is willing to back that up with a competitive broker<br />

commission.<br />

Auctions put sellers back in the driver’s seat when putting a<br />

premium agricultural property on the market. Giving careful<br />

consideration to external factors such as hunting and growing<br />

seasons, commodity markets, economic factors, and even the<br />

weather, sellers work with their auction company to schedule<br />

a sale date and target closing date designed to maximize a<br />

property’s potential value and best suit the needs of the seller.<br />

As a landowner, this gives you the planning certainty to make<br />

future arrangements—no more waiting on the market to bring<br />

you reasonable offers.<br />

Sellers should also discuss their needs and goals when<br />

determining whether to conduct an absolute auction, giving<br />

buyers the guarantee that the property will sell, or an auction<br />

with reserve, which provides some protection for a seller but<br />

can detract from the excitement and enthusiasm inherent to<br />

an absolute auction. Most importantly, with an auction, there’s<br />

no more waiting weeks, months, or even years to receive a<br />

reasonable offer. You force the market to bring the offers to<br />

you! Bidders come to your auction prepared to buy, with no<br />

contingencies.<br />

commission is typically covered by a buyer’s premium added to<br />

the high bid price to arrive at a final sales contract price. Sellers<br />

can anticipate gross proceeds that are roughly equal to the high<br />

bid price on the property being sold.<br />

Whether simply looking for renewed energy on a property that<br />

has been listed for some time or seeking the planning certainty<br />

that comes from a definite sale and closing date, an auction is<br />

the smart choice to market and sell your property. But not all<br />

auction companies are created equal.<br />

Would you hire an appliance salesman to sell your home or<br />

a landscaper to remodel your kitchen? Why then would you<br />

consider using a real estate salesperson who specializes in<br />

marketing homes or commercial properties or an auction<br />

company who focuses on equipment auctions to sell your<br />

premium farm, ranch, or agribusiness? When the time comes to<br />

consider selling a premium farm or ranch property, it’s critical to<br />

find a broker and auction company with experience in farm and<br />

ranch land. An agent or broker with expertise in selling luxury<br />

resorts or commercial properties may not have the experience<br />

to showcase your unique farm or ranch land. The approach to<br />

marketing premier agricultural properties should be as unique<br />

as the land itself. And if you’re looking for a premium result,<br />

why trust anything less than a premium marketing effort by an<br />

auction company with hands-on agricultural experience?<br />

Focused on people, partnerships, and results, Legacy<br />

Land Auctions is committed to being the leading<br />

provider of marketing solutions for premier<br />

agricultural properties. Contact us today to<br />

find out why an auction may be the perfect<br />

choice for selling your property!<br />

www.LegacyLandAuctions.com<br />

To eliminate the out-of-pocket<br />

expenses for a seller, in many<br />

auction circumstances, buyers<br />

are responsible for the bulk<br />

of the property closing<br />

costs, including title policy<br />

expenses and necessary<br />

surveying. And the auction<br />





RANCH<br />

323.61± ACRES<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3630110<br />

Shown by appointment only<br />

PRICE: $3,500,000<br />

The ranch is located on the western edge of Bastrop, Texas.<br />

Downtown Austin is just 30 miles away and Austin-Bergstrom<br />

International Airport is even closer. This is a great working cattle<br />

ranch with fantastic coastal Bermuda grass pastures, good<br />

fencing, working pens, great hay production, strong sandy loam<br />

soils and shallow underground water. The western boundary is<br />

Cedar Creek, a live creek that provides great habitat for deer,<br />

turkey, hogs and waterfowl. Tree cover consists of live oak,<br />

hickory, elm, mesquite and yaupon thickets. One of the highlights<br />

of the ranch is a world-class bass lake stocked in 2000. The lake<br />

is maintained by a strong water well during drought. 10-pound<br />

native-Texas bass are not uncommon. This ranch is a prime<br />

candidate for a residential development opportunity.<br />

David O. Faust, Broker | (512) 940–3300 | DiamondFRanch@hotmail.com<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/46871

Tammy King, Broker Tammy@KingLandWater.com<br />

James King, Agent James@KingLandWater.com<br />

Harrison King, Agent Harrison@KingLandWater.com<br />

Jeanine Bishop, Agent/Office Manager<br />


Ranch on Top<br />


Tammy King, Broker Tammy@KingLandWater.com<br />

James King, Agent James@KingLandWater.com<br />

Harrison King, Agent Harrison@KingLandWater.com<br />

Jeanine Bishop, Agent/Office Manager<br />


Ranch on Top<br />


PRICE: $24,965,919<br />

Ranch on Top has been reconfigured to its original acreage of<br />

45,393 acres. An 8,400x100-foot paved runway is next to the<br />

headquarters with two cross caliche and grass strips of 4,500 and<br />

5,000 feet. Alamo Canyon and several canyons cut into the<br />

ranch boundary, providing excellent habitat for mule deer<br />

and other game and non-game animals. Ranch on Top is<br />

very usable and accessible while still having mountain<br />

views and scenic vistas.<br />

Ranch on Top, is just that, a ranch on top of a<br />

high desert plateau of yucca grasslands and<br />

steep rims and vegetated canyon heads.<br />

This vast ranch lies in an elevation range<br />

of 4,250 to 5,182 feet, allowing<br />

for a mix of vegetation from<br />

the mid—high Chihuahuan<br />

Desert such as Spanish<br />

dagger, yucca, sotol,<br />

and cholla with main<br />

grassland of blue<br />

grama, grama,<br />

sideoats,<br />

tobosa,<br />

black grama, tobosa, bear grass, and cane bluestem to broad<br />

creosote grass flats and vegetated canyons.<br />

Ranch on Top is an island grassland habitat for a large population of<br />

mule deer, pronghorn, blue quail, mourning dove, white wing dove,<br />

javelina, and many other game and non-game species. Rugged<br />

canyons next to lush grasslands are perfect to support a very large<br />

population of desert mule deer where one can find many trophy<br />

class animals. This grassland is known also for some of the highestscoring<br />

pronghorn. Here you can still find large populations that<br />

have not been diminished like many parts of the trans-pecos.<br />

The headquarters, built in the 1970s has numerous houses, buildings,<br />

outbuildings, and a trap shooting course, as well as a huge airport<br />

and hangar. The following is a list of just some of the buildings:<br />

owners home, foreman’s house, guest house and lodge, workers<br />

house, workshop and barn, back-up generator barn, 150x140-foot<br />

hangar with 14x60-foot doors, saddle room, horse trap and stalls,<br />

working pens, hay barn and water.<br />

There are four shallow wells and one deep well providing<br />

water for cattle, wildlife and domestic use. The shallow<br />

wells are excellent sweet water from solar pumps and<br />

submersible electric pumps. The deep well is 2,100<br />

feet and produces a little saltier water in huge<br />

volumes, but adequate for livestock needs<br />

on the ranch. There is an additional pump<br />

jack well on the preacher ranch which<br />

is the smaller tract to the east.<br />

Property ID: 2779443

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/13262 | www.KingLandWater.com | 432) 426-2024

Tammy King, Broker Tammy@KingLandWater.com<br />

James King, Agent James@KingLandWater.com<br />

Harrison King, Agent Harrison@KingLandWater.com<br />

Jeanine Bishop, Agent/Office Manager<br />


Pecos Canyon Ranch<br />


PRICE: $6,640,000<br />

The Pecos Canyon Ranch is dominated by the<br />

river and the canyon lands that drain into it. It<br />

is really two ranches, split by the county road,<br />

with excellent new fences and entrance gates for<br />

privacy and security. The western one-third has<br />

the old headquarters ruins with two wells and<br />

a lot of juniper cover with rolling hills and dense<br />

vegetation along Harkell Canyon, perfect for mule<br />

deer and blue quail hunting. The eastern twothirds<br />

is dominated by huge slick-rock canyons,<br />

high Ceniza mesas, and one-and-a-half miles of the<br />

Lower Pecos River. Property ID: 2989031<br />

Rainbow Ranch<br />


PRICE: $4,590,000<br />

The Rainbow Ranch is situated at the convergence<br />

of three biologically-distinct eco-regions in Texas;<br />

the Texas Hill Country to the east, the Chihuahuan<br />

Desert to the west, and the subtropical<br />

Tamaulipan Brushland to the south, creating<br />

one of the most unique wildlife habitats in the<br />

state, with abundant mule deer and whitetail.<br />

This is not flat plateau country with dissected<br />

canyons, but rather an extensive landscape of<br />

rolling hills, valleys and long canyons creating<br />

very scenic and amazingly beautiful views.<br />

Property ID: 2613536<br />

Eagle Piñon Ranch<br />


PRICE: $2,518,550<br />

This high Chihuahuan Desert ranch has elevations<br />

ranging from 4,600 feet to 5,800 feet and is a series<br />

of canyons, peaks, and valleys, creating a rugged<br />

yet accessible terrain. The higher elevations of the<br />

Eagles are to the north at 7,400 feet. The Rio Grande<br />

valley to the south, with the Mexico mountains<br />

beyond, creates extraordinary geology and rock<br />

outcrops, one of which, Sawtooth, towers over the<br />

ranch. At this elevation, there is a lush grassland<br />

matrix with brush, cacti, and pion trees creating a<br />

Davis Mountains appearance. There is a series of<br />

4x4 roads shown on the map which get you around<br />

to the various features on the ranch. An excellent<br />

well and a new hunting lodge with six private rooms,<br />

each with a private bath, make this a comfortable<br />

and functional hideaway. Property ID: 2450171

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/13262 | www.KingLandWater.com | 432) 426-2024<br />

Mills Pecos<br />

River Ranch<br />


PRICE REDUCED: $6,224,400<br />

The Mills Pecos River Ranch encompasses a<br />

unique part of Texas. History abounds on this<br />

ranch, as it was once part of the settlement of<br />

Pandale. The two-story headquarters house<br />

was built in 1924 from cut limestone blocks<br />

chiseled from cliffs along Howard Draw<br />

creating a classic iconic early Texas home. This<br />

working ranch enjoys more than six miles of<br />

crystal clear spring-fed Pecos River frontage,<br />

which provides some of the best recreation<br />

water in the country. The ranch fronts the<br />

Pecos River on both sides for more than a<br />

mile and a half, making this private stretch<br />

for camping, hunting, and fishing unique<br />

among most ranches on the Devils and Pecos.<br />

Property ID: 2031943<br />

HLB Piñon Ranch<br />


PRICE: $5,988,645<br />

HLB Piñon Ranch is located on Highway 90,<br />

east of Alpine, within the north slopes of the<br />

Del Norte Mountains and adjacent to the<br />

unique gated ranch community of Sierra La<br />

Rana with its maintained roads, underground<br />

electricity, and other amenities. The ranch<br />

has ownership of several hundred acres<br />

of land in several large platted lots within<br />

Sierra La Rana, designed for future home<br />

sites with utilities in place. Several thousand<br />

acres of adjacent ranchland offer mountains<br />

and grasslands for hunting and recreation.<br />

Property ID: 2988957<br />

Quebec Ranch<br />


PRICE REDUCED: $8,562,500<br />

The Quebec Ranch is Texas cow country at<br />

its finest and represents some of the best<br />

Yucca Grasslands in the US. It is part of the<br />

Marfa Plateau, a mile-high desert grassland<br />

of basin range topography between the Davis<br />

Mountains to the north and the Chinati/Sierra<br />

Viejas Mountains and Rio Grande River on the<br />

south and southwest. The views are stunning<br />

and the ranch overlooks the landscapes of the<br />

Davis, Chinati and Sierra Viejas Mountains,<br />

Capote Mountain and the great expanse of<br />

grasslands in between. This is a working cattle<br />

ranch which has been well-managed by the<br />

same family for over five-and-a-half decades.<br />

Property ID: 1555099

Tammy King, Broker Tammy@KingLandWater.com<br />

James King, Agent James@KingLandWater.com<br />

Harrison King, Agent Harrison@KingLandWater.com<br />

Jeanine Bishop, Agent/Office Manager<br />


Rock House Draw Ranch<br />


PRICE: $6,808,400<br />

Rock House Draw Ranch was formally part of the Cerf Ranch<br />

and is naturally divided into two main drainages; Rock<br />

House Draw on the north with its old headquarters, and the<br />

headwaters of Independence Creek on the south, where there<br />

have been substantial range, road, and fence improvements.<br />

The property is available at 11,919± acres or can be divided<br />

into as many as four separate parcels (as shown on available<br />

map), allowing the purchase of 1,197–5,659 acres. Recent<br />

use and management has been focused on improving and<br />

growing elk, mule deer, and whitetail deer populations, which<br />

are tremendous. The population is about 50/50 for these two<br />

deer types and within the steep terrain along the canyons,<br />

one can also find Aoudad sheep. Wing shooting for blue quail<br />

and mourning dove are tremendous. Property ID: 3063489<br />

Highway 2400 Ranch<br />


PRICE: $5,935,553<br />

Highway 2400 Ranch is 10,900 acres, situated at the<br />

convergence of three biologically-distinct eco-regions in<br />

Texas; the Texas Hill Country to the east, the Chihuahuan<br />

Desert to the west, and the subtropical Tamaulipan Brushland<br />

to the south, creating one of the most unique wildlife habitats<br />

in the state. This is not flat plateau country with dissected<br />

canyons, but rather an extensive landscape of rolling hills,<br />

valleys and long canyons creating very scenic and amazingly<br />

beautiful views. Excellent access, good internal roads, and<br />

remarkable range condition make this one of the best hunting,<br />

grazing, and recreation ranches on the market in the area.<br />

The ranch can be divided into up to three parcels, allowing<br />

purchase of 2,837–4,797 acres. Property ID: 3063521<br />

Red Mill Ranch<br />


PRICE: $20,533,600<br />

Red Mill Ranch represents some of the best native and<br />

improved grasslands in West Texas. With eight sectionsized<br />

improved Klein grass fields this 300-cow ranch is<br />

ready-to-go. The landscape is wide-open rolling grassland,<br />

interspersed with hills and mountains, and surrounded<br />

by rugged limestone outcrop mountain ranges. This<br />

ranch lies at an elevation that supports vegetation like<br />

century plants, Spanish dagger, yucca, and cholla with<br />

a dominant grassland of taboso, blue gamma, side oats<br />

gramma, cane bluestem. Areas of brush and trees like pion<br />

pine, juniper, mesquite, and hackberry are also present.<br />

Property ID: 3063517

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/13262 | www.KingLandWater.com | 432) 426-2024<br />

Black Hills Ranch<br />


PRICE: $10,454,495<br />

This is a working cattle and hunting ranch owned by the<br />

same family for more than 80 years, making this a unique<br />

opportunity to own a heritage West Texas ranch. There<br />

are entrances on Highway 67 with winding roads through<br />

the Black Hills. A concrete dam was built in the 1930s to<br />

provide irrigation water to fields below. Water rights will<br />

convey. This property is home to many species of birds<br />

and larger wildlife. The headquarters has electricity<br />

and water. There is a main house, old barns, sheds, and<br />

working pens nearby. There are four wells, water storage<br />

tanks, troughs, surface tanks, and a few large headers.<br />

A pipeline system transports water to strategic storage<br />

tanks in even the roughest part of the Black Hills.<br />

Property ID: 3146412<br />

Prairie Canyon Ranch<br />


PRICE: $9,303,140<br />

The main drainage across the northern half of the<br />

ranch is Prairie Canyon, named for the rich natural<br />

grasslands that once dominated this region. This is<br />

full of early Texas history, including Judge Roy Bean,<br />

who ruled from nearby Langtry. This is a working ranch<br />

leased to a neighboring heritage landowner who keeps<br />

up the roads and water infrastructure over the entire<br />

property. Owner financing is available for this property.<br />

The north half of the ranch makes a great location<br />

for a future headquarters, with electricity and water<br />

already in place. Waters are distributed in a variety<br />

of wells, pipelines, water storage, and water troughs.<br />

There are also two full-time springs providing excellent<br />

natural waters for the local wildlife across the ranch,<br />

including some of the best blue quail hunting in Texas.<br />

Property ID: 3063529<br />

Yates Cattle and<br />

Conservation Ranch<br />


PRICE: $9,240,000<br />

There is a property in the Hill Country where the<br />

bedded limestone strata and the historic layers of time<br />

come together to create a place like no other. Yates<br />

Cattle and Conservation Ranch’s name says it all: a<br />

marriage of rich Texas ranching heritage with an array<br />

of unique natural resources in a protected, quiet world<br />

all its own. Saltlick is just minutes away, and the amazing<br />

restaurants of Austin are a mere short ride away down<br />

MoPac Boulevard, immersing you in the culture of music,<br />

food, art, nature, and outdoor recreation that makes<br />

Austin one of the most popular cities in the U.S. The<br />

ranch is centrally-located just southwest of downtown<br />

Austin on Bear Creek, fronting on the northbound<br />

side of Highway 45 where it turns into South MoPac.<br />

Property ID: 3547106






The history of Spicer Arena spans seven generations stemming<br />

back to a working cattle ranch south of Walden, Colorado. The<br />

current owners father looked to expand the family business and<br />

chose Eaton, Colorado as the home for his vision of creating an<br />

equestrian facility to be enjoyed by family and friends. Naming the<br />

facility Spicer Arena created a connection with the cattle ranch<br />

where it’s located below Spicer Peak. Established in 2001, the<br />

property serves as a premier equestrian facility for a wide variety of<br />

events held weekly. The 140x225 indoor arena is big enough to host<br />

any equestrian event and includes features that will accommodate<br />

a large number of horses and people. Improvements to boast<br />

include roping boxes, cattle pens and so much more! There are<br />

also horse and dog boarding amenities with heated automatic<br />

waterers and wash racks both inside and outside. On the property,<br />

there is an outdoor arena, horse pens, and steer pens. There are<br />

several other large storage buildings to support operation as well<br />

as two separate residences. Additionally, a majority of the acreage,<br />

131± acres is irrigated. $3,800,000 | Property ID: 3683587<br />



At Stone Creek Ranch, the views of Pikes Peak to the north, Spanish<br />

Peaks to the south, and the Wet Mountains to the west, combine<br />

to create the ultimate backdrop for this ranch and a perfect place<br />

to build your dream home. Located at the foothills of the Wet<br />

Mountains, named for the amount of snow that falls in the winter, the<br />

views are breathtaking especially from December to March. Native<br />

Colorado comes to life here with seasonal creeks, rolling hills, and<br />

the variety of wildlife that still travels across the lots. Nestled in the<br />

Red Creek Ranch development about 20 minutes west of Pueblo,<br />

Colorado, with direct access to HWY 96, the property still retains<br />

a sense of seclusion because of the varied terrain in combination<br />

with the minimal development within Red Creek Ranch. This would<br />

be the ideal property for developers looking to build in Southern<br />

Colorado. $972,000 | Property ID: 3697205<br />



JT & Jamie Haynes, Broker/Owners<br />



Come stumble upon this little oasis in the eastern Texas Panhandle!<br />

Hrnciar Lake is situated in the northwest corner of an undivided<br />

section of land that a variety of wildlife call home. This property is<br />

prime recreational land for excellent hunting and fishing activities.<br />

It is very unique to surrounding land in the area because of its ample<br />

water supply year-round. Aside from the main lake, there are various<br />

creek beds that zigzag across the property and a couple of smaller<br />

ponds. Avid hunters have plenty of room to roam and explore<br />

through the shifting and unpredictable landscapes adjacent to<br />

the lake. The dense brush cover and large mature trees create a<br />

shelter for the healthy population of deer that wander through the<br />

property. The main lake, locally known as Hrnciar Lake, fluctuates<br />

in size, but averages out at over eight acres and is fully stocked with<br />

several species of fish. Access to the lake was once regulated by a<br />

required membership fee and could potentially produce income<br />

again in the future. Despite the property’s location one mile north<br />

of I-40, it preserves a feeling of seclusion and isolation making<br />

this land desirable to the wildlife that live here. Hrnciar lake is the<br />

ideal getaway for weekend escapes and extended excursions.<br />

$2,000,000 | Property ID: 3439177<br />



Nestled in the northwest corner of Oklahoma, this ranch is outfitted<br />

for avid hunters, ranchers and those looking for the ultimate<br />

recreational land. Escape to this ultimate getaway flying in on a<br />

3,700-foot landing strip leading up to the main lodge. With five<br />

bedroom suites, a gourmet kitchen and much more, the lodge was<br />

built to provide a comfortable place for guests visiting the ranch.<br />

Originally a small log cabin, the lodge was gutted, remodeled and<br />

the floor plan expanded making it the ultimate retreat that it is<br />

today overlooking a picturesque stocked lake with bass, channel<br />

catfish and sunfish. There are also several other prime fishing spots<br />

along the tributaries of the North Canadian River that runs along<br />

the western edge of the property. The combination of elevation<br />

changes, long draws, open fields and natural water sources<br />

attract a wide range of wildlife. Indian <strong>Spring</strong>s Ranch is known<br />

for its established deer and quail wildlife management programs.<br />

Currently, there are strict land management plans put into place<br />

focused mainly on the eradication of the Western red cedar in<br />

addition to other improvements for the wildlife. To boast, there<br />

are about 16 corn feeders, five deer protein feeders and 42 quail<br />

feeders. In addition, there are four insulated hunting tower blinds,<br />

two fiberglass hunting tower blinds and 16 hanging tree ladder<br />

strands. $8,756,000 | Property ID: 3570498<br />






With an awe-inspiring backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains,<br />

Wolf Creek Ranch of New Mexico is the ideal getaway for any Texas<br />

outdoorsman. Hunters, fisherman and ranchers alike are welcomed<br />

by the crisp mountain air and varying landscapes from thick timber<br />

trees to spacious meadows and rolling hills. Native grasses grow<br />

densely along Wolf Creek as it snakes across the property and<br />

together they attract an abundance of wildlife year-round. Just a few<br />

of the animals seen on the land include black bear, elk, mule deer,<br />

antelope, wild turkey and various other birds. A healthy population<br />

of Blue Gill currently inhabit the live water on the property and there<br />

remains potential for other fish to be stocked. With I-25 frontage,<br />

the ranch’s ideal location permits easy access to familiar travel<br />

destinations such as Angel Fire, Santa Fe and Taos. But for those<br />

who are looking to fly into the ranch, a metal hangar still stands<br />

on the property allowing for quick weekend getaways. Overall, this<br />

ranch provides a great opportunity to escape and explore wild and<br />

native New Mexico land. $2,591,290 | Property ID: 3313282<br />



The wild west comes alive at Monsimer Ranch. A beautiful<br />

property with 5,420± acres in the rolling hills and flat mesa tops<br />

of eastern New Mexico just south of Conchas Lake State Park.<br />

The property boasts water availability, highway access, and close<br />

proximity to Tucumcari, New Mexico. There is an abundance of<br />

native grasses and brush cover ideal for running cattle and also<br />

provides a natural hub for the wildlife in the area. The terrain offers<br />

prime hunting of mule deer, antelope, the occasional sightings<br />

of mountain lions, and small game. A few of the improvements to<br />

mention include four water wells, two dirt tanks, a windmill, fivestrand<br />

barbed-wire cross-fencing, and numerous ranch roads.<br />

$2,086,700 | Property ID: 3081399<br />



JT & Jamie Haynes, Broker/Owners<br />



Collingsworth River Ranch is the epitome of Texas ranching<br />

properties. The ranch boasts live, running water with access to both<br />

sides of approximately three miles of the Salt Fork of the Red River.<br />

Additionally, the property features two other running creeks, live<br />

springs, and several dirt tanks. The land can support cattle grazing<br />

for ranchers and a large population of wildlife for recreational<br />

purposes. The terrain is conducive to the wildlife in the area with<br />

the elevation changes, brush cover, feeders, long draws, and open<br />

flat areas for grazing. Brush cover includes cedar, cottonwoods,<br />

mesquite, hackberry, wild plums, and mustang grapes. There are<br />

also a few natural ponds as well as three windmills scattered across<br />

the ranch. $2,208,000 | Property ID: 3536650<br />



Great hunting property in Briscoe County, maybe known as the<br />

buffalo capital of the world, but the deer are in abundance in this<br />

area. There are 97.53± acres of dryland farming and 120.6± acres<br />

enrolled in CRP. There are shelter belts and grassland great for<br />

the wildlife who call the place home. Plowed ground creates the<br />

opportunity for income potential and to develop food plots, great<br />

for attracting a variety of wildlife including whitetail deer, quail,<br />

turkey and other game. There are two wells on the property and<br />

major seasonal creeks run nearby. Located near wild and native<br />

canyon landscapes, the wildlife flourish in the area untouched by<br />

development. $360,000 | Property ID: 3650026<br />



Arnold Ranch is situated on a wide mesa with stunning views of the<br />

surrounding canyon terrain near Caprock Canyons State Park. The<br />

wide variety of wildlife that call the place home include aoudad<br />

sheep, deer, turkey, quail, wild hog and other game native to the<br />

area. While there is steep ground on the northern portion of the<br />

ranch, the majority of the land is flat allowing for the development of<br />

cattle ranching. 112± acres of the 874± are under wheat cultivation.<br />

Additionally, there are pens and corrals built that include an open<br />

face shed and shop. There is an abundant source of natural water<br />

with the seasonal playa lakes and two dirt tanks scattered across<br />

the property. $1,223,600 | Property ID: 3665743<br />






Picturesque recreational property in Hall County, Texas. The<br />

combination of rolling topography, a large stocked lake, live<br />

water, and brush cover create a place for the native wildlife to feel<br />

protected. There are 134.5± acres enrolled in CRP. Rock Lake is<br />

currently used for recreational purposes with three deer feeders and<br />

six quail feeders. Deer, dove, quail, turkey and hogs have actively<br />

been seen on the property. The stocked lake also provides a good<br />

day of fishing! The dammed lake centrally located on the property,<br />

draws an abundance of wildlife. At 3.65± acres in size, it has been<br />

recently stocked with fish and a new fish feeder has been setup.<br />

Lastly, there are two seasonal creeks also running through the<br />

property, one feeding the lake. $697,500 | Property ID: 3654361<br />



Quarter section of excellent hunting land located just southwest<br />

of Memphis, Texas. The rolling landscape is picturesque and ideal<br />

for recreational land and attracts a great amount of wildlife. There<br />

are 109± acres of dry land farm ground, currently planted in wheat.<br />

Last year, the wheat crop produced around 350 round bales last<br />

year creating income potential for future owners. Wheat has also<br />

served as an attraction to wildlife including deer, dove, quail, turkey<br />

and wild hogs. If you are looking for a good fishing spot, <strong>Spring</strong><br />

Creek running through the heart of the property, was dammed to<br />

create a nice sized pond at 1.5± acres in size and is stocked well.<br />

$336,000 | Property ID: 3298148<br />



Located in northwest Hall County about 16 miles south of<br />

Clarendon, Texas. The land is mostly flat and readily available for<br />

general agricultural uses. Over the years, the land has been farmed<br />

and planted in cotton this past fall. There is an older farmhouse and<br />

two other storage buildings on the property. Electricity has been<br />

ran to the house and provides a chance for further development of<br />

the land. Irrigated farmland surrounds the property and two test<br />

wells have been recently drilled promising good water. As well,<br />

Hall County is known for its prime hunting and with major creeks<br />

running nearby, wildlife flourish in the area and the occasional deer<br />

and game birds are seen. $472,800 | Property ID: 3618395<br />



Tranquility Ranch<br />

310± ACRES IN BANDERA COUNTY | PRICE: $3,995,000<br />

Water, water, water! This awesome ranch is less that 10 minutes from<br />

Bandera and less than one hour from San Antonio. It completely<br />

encompasses a beautiful 30± acre lake. There are tremendous<br />

building sites overlooking the lake for your dream home. The lake<br />

offers great fishing, waterfowl and recreation. There is also both<br />

sides of a tree-lined, rock bottom creek. A lot of whitetail and axis.<br />

The land is covered in wonderful hardwoods and great native grass<br />

that is perfect for livestock. There is an old landing strip that could be<br />

refurbished for your plane. A lot of privacy, yet close to the amenities<br />

of town. Can be bought in smaller tracts. Property ID: 2629288<br />

Klein Branch Ranch<br />

520± ACRES IN GILLESPIE COUNTY | PRICE: $3,614,000<br />

Gorgeous water property located between Kerrville and Harper.<br />

This ranch offers both sides of improved Klein Branch Creek. It is a<br />

wonderful place to swim, fish and beat the heat. It is lined with huge<br />

trees that are perfect places to put a rope swing. There is a nice<br />

three-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch house with open floor plan.<br />

The land has numerous large oak trees, and very little cedar. There<br />

is very nice soil and a lot of native grass. The land is great for horses<br />

and livestock. There is free roaming blackbuck, axis and whitetail.<br />

The land is cross-fenced into four pastures, and there are working<br />

pens and a nice implement barn with workshop. Property ID: 3423040<br />


Jimmy Reno, Broker | Jimmy@JimmyReno.com<br />

(830) 329–1930 | www.JimmyReno.com<br />

Slippery Ridge Ranch<br />

124± ACRES IN KERR COUNTY | PRICE: $2,999,000<br />

Gorgeous ranch with everything you want in the Hill Country. 1,400 feet of both sides of beautiful Indian<br />

Creek, it’s dammed in three places, offering great swimming and fishing opportunities. The ranch<br />

also has a nice duck pond. The four-bedroom, three-bath, two-half-bath, 4,533± square-foot custom<br />

rock home has 10-mile views, two living areas, large fireplace, custom country kitchen, large master<br />

suite, office, high ceilings, metal roof, large back porch, and more. There is an insulated 2,400-squarefoot,<br />

six-car garage with an air conditioned/heated workroom and bathroom. The land has great<br />

trees, nice fields, and rolling hills. It is very horse-friendly and has a lot of wildlife. Property ID: 2902418<br />

Bear Creek Ranch<br />

160± ACRES IN KERR COUNTY | PRICE: $1,995,000<br />

A gorgeous piece of property that has it all and is less than two<br />

miles from Kerrville. It offers 1,700 feet of both sides Bear Creek.<br />

The creek has been dammed, backing up beautiful water. The<br />

land offers two sprawling meadows, huge hardwoods, and<br />

tons of wildlife. There are 360-degree breathtaking views of<br />

town, the valley, and multiple building sites. Property ID: 1184449<br />

Fall Creek Ranch<br />

200± ACRES IN KERR COUNTY | PRICE: $2,199,000<br />

Beautiful Hill Country ranch in the highly desirable Fall Creek<br />

Road area. This ranch has it all! There is a nice four-bedroom,<br />

three-and-a-half-bathroom Hill Country home sitting on the hill<br />

overlooking the pond and valley below. The home offers high<br />

ceilings, indoor hot tub, nice porches, lots of woodwork, and<br />

much more. There is a nice three-car garage and workshop. There<br />

is a 30x50 insulated barn with three roll up doors, and a five-bay<br />

implement barn. The land is very clean with lots of oaks, and very<br />

little cedar. There is are beautiful draws and a nice spring. Wildlife<br />

includes whitetail, fallow, blackbuck and turkey. Lots of peace and<br />

privacy, and still only 10 minutes from town. Property ID: 3406101<br />

1614 Sidney Baker, Suite 200, Kerville, Texas 78028 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/7713

Twin Sisters Ranch<br />

258± ACRES IN KERR COUNTY | PRICE: $1,548,000<br />

Views, views, views! Twin Sister peaks on the ranch are over<br />

1,800 feet in elevation. They, along with other building sites offer<br />

tremendous views of the surrounding river valley. Less than 45<br />

minutes from northwest San Antonio. The ranch has large oak<br />

trees, good native grass and terrain that is easy to get around<br />

on. There is a nice little pond that is great for livestock and<br />

wildlife. Whitetail and free roaming exotics. Very little cedar, and<br />

the good native grass. A great place close to town to build your<br />

dream home on your Hill Country ranch. Property ID: 3251942<br />

Oak Ridge Ranch<br />

681± ACRES IN KIMBLE COUNTY | PRICE: $1,872,750<br />

Gorgeous turnkey hunting property conveniently located<br />

only an hour from Kerrville and two hours from San Antonio.<br />

Really nice soil, great oaks and just enough cedar to provide<br />

cover for the deer without choking up the land. Along with the<br />

whitetail, there is a nice axis herd. The rolling land offers great<br />

views while still being easy to get around. There are four large<br />

protein feeders, seven hunting blinds and two wells that supply<br />

water to eight troughs spread throughout the property. The<br />

hunting camp consists of a travel trailer, little house, cleaning<br />

station, liars pit and insulated storage shed. Property ID: 3716376<br />

Lone Tree Ranch<br />

255± ACRES IN KERR COUNTY | PRICE: $3,600,000<br />

A horseman’s dream! Unrestricted and ag. exempt land with 22-acre<br />

coastal hay field. Five miles to the center of Kerrville and 10 minutes<br />

to the Kerr County Airport. A gated entrance and impressive paved<br />

driveways lead to the barns and offices. Down the way is a stunning<br />

estate-style home with a magnificent great room, dining area with 20-<br />

foot vaulted ceilings, large rock fireplace, and a state-of-the-art kitchen.<br />

One-of-a-kind master bedroom suite is embellished with a chandelier,<br />

double waterfall shower, and gold clawfoot white bathtub. Second<br />

Creek runs through the property and is dammed up just below the<br />

house offering a great place to swim, fish, and enjoy the day. The land<br />

has hills, creek bottom, fields, and native pasture. Ideal for horses and<br />

cattle. The horse improvements include an indoor and outdoor arena,<br />

large horse barn, and multiple paddocks. For the outdoorsman, there<br />

is whitetail, free ranging axis, and blackbuck. This great Hill Country<br />

showplace needs to be seen to be appreciated. Property ID: 3148506<br />


Walker Canyon Ranch<br />




Joe Wilson, Broker (214) 784–3725 | jcwilson@jcwilsonint.com Sam Vester, Broker (210) 844–3942<br />

Walker Canyon Ranch<br />

Once part of the legendary Matador Ranch, the Walker Canyon Ranch is comprised<br />

of 10,436 deeded acres. The centerpiece of the ranch is its beautiful 100-plus<br />

acre live water lake which is a rarity and true blessing in Northwest Texas. The<br />

topography contains large hills and gently rolling prairie, and the soil is comprised<br />

primarily of a red sandy loam. Walker Canyon runs throughout the ranch and<br />

offers scenic views. Mesquite flats, cedar trees and native grasslands dominate the<br />

landscape, while hardwoods offer substantial cover for wildlife. Electricity enters<br />

the ranch on the southwest property line. Don’t miss out! This ranch is the perfect<br />

combination of a hunting, recreational and cattle property.<br />



www.JCWilsonRanches.com | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/62949

Wildlife — The terrain provides an excellent environment and<br />

world-class opportunities for hunting whitetail and mule deer, quail,<br />

doves, ducks, turkeys,wild hogs and fishing.<br />

Location — The Walker Canyon Ranch is located in Motley County<br />

and is approximately 10 miles north of Matador, Texas. It is also<br />

approximately 74 miles from Lubbock, 96 miles east of Amarillo,<br />

246 miles northwest of Dallas/Fort Worth, 260 miles northwest of<br />

Oklahoma City, 140 miles southwest of Wichita Falls, 145 miles north<br />

of Abilene and 187 miles north of Midland/Odessa.<br />

Access — Access to the property is from the south side which runs<br />

along four-and-a-half miles of Highway 94. The property can also be<br />

accessed from CR 222 and CR 239.<br />

Water — The ranch has an abundance of water with its 100-plus<br />

acre lake featuring 11 miles of shoreline and high bluffs overlooking<br />

the water. The lake is a popular hangout for winter geese, ducks<br />

and other migratory waterfowl. The lake and seven wells located<br />

throughout the ranch provide the primary source of water. There are<br />

also several surface ponds, including two new lakes on the east side—<br />

one six acres and the other three acres—as well as live and seasonal<br />

creeks that run across the ranch. New galvanized and fiberglass<br />

troughs hold water for livestock and wildlife. A solar pump on the lake<br />

and two storage tanks provide additional water into the pipeline.<br />

Housing — There is a two-bedroom hunter’s cabin, which has<br />

electricity and running water and sleeps six, located on the west side<br />

of the property.<br />



Buckhorn Community Property<br />

62.452± ACRES IN CHAPPELL HILL | PROPERTY ID #2638237 | $936,780<br />

Being 62.452 acres in size, this property offers its owner some outstanding amenities. One must see this property to fully appreciate<br />

it! Located in the Buckhorn Community, the property features several outstanding home sites with magnificent panoramic views. The<br />

“Ole Camphouse” is nestled in a grove of mature native pecan and live oak trees on the banks of an approximately four-acre stocked,<br />

Horseshoe Lake. The remainder of the property features significant elevation changes and is covered with native grasses, with a one-acre<br />

stocked pond, scattered large live oak trees and a 7,000± square-foot barn which meets the various needs of the daily livestock operation.<br />

Farm 446<br />


PROPERTY ID #1069493 | $1,474,220<br />

This rolling property is located on County Road 446 approximately<br />

five miles from Waelder in Gonzales County. It has approximately<br />

2,500-foot gravel road frontage, is rolling with fantastic views, has<br />

three ponds, a water well, iron pipe cattle pens, and good fencing.<br />

Mikeska Ranch<br />


PROPERTY ID #3531287 | $1,173,953<br />

Beautiful rolling acreage located just north of the quaint community of<br />

Bleiblerville, this secluded ranch has outstanding views to the north, east<br />

and west with a wildlife habitat. Access is by a well-maintained gravel<br />

road. The seller owns 100 percent of the minerals which are negotiable.<br />

KIM ZAPALAC Owner | www.BJRE.com | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/233191<br />

NEW ULM OFFICE (979) 992–2636 | 424 Cedar Street New Ulm, Texas 78950<br />

BELLVILLE OFFICE (979) 865–5969 | 420 East Main Street | P.O. Box 1201 Bellville, Texas 77418


Stransky properties<br />

Rosita Creek Ranch<br />


The Winn Ranch on Rosita Creek is a true sportsman’s paradise today, but<br />

has the potential to be a great investment for future development given its<br />

proximity to the city. The ranch has been managed for years under MLDP level<br />

III permitting and has great whitetail deer along with other typical South<br />

Texas species, along with great waterfowl hunting and fishing on the four<br />

massive lakes. Other improvements include a main lodge overlooking a 225-<br />

acre lake, lighted tennis court, high-fencing, hunter’s lodge, workers houses,<br />

a 6,200-foot paved runway and hangar, over five miles of paved roads, horse<br />

facilities, blinds, feeders, walk-in cooler, pipe cattle working pens, and city water.<br />

El Lagartijo Negro Ranch<br />


The El Lagartijo Negro Ranch is situated in Freer, Texas and is the<br />

perfect ranch for entertainment and hunting of several different species<br />

which include whitetail deer, axis, blackbuck antelope, red stag, hogs,<br />

turkey, dove and quail. Protein and corn have been fed year-round<br />

for the past four years. The property is high-fenced and currently set<br />

up primarily for bow hunting with nine different hunting stations<br />

and five ponds with water run to all of them. The improvements for<br />

entertainment are endless on this ranch and include a main house, two<br />

side houses for privacy, three-room hotel, cantina, and swimming pool all<br />

surrounding a 12-foot deep pond with pier stocked with bass and catfish.<br />

The Tandala Ranch<br />

1,513± ACRES | LA SALLE COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 2977472<br />

The high-fenced Tandala Ranch is being offered as a turnkey operation. Elm<br />

Creek runs through the ranch and is dammed up in two different locations<br />

creating great bass fishing and duck hunting lakes. There are also five other<br />

tanks/lakes on the property providing wildlife with plenty of water. Along<br />

with that there is a 4,000-foot water well. The main lodge is 3,500 square<br />

feet with an outdoor fire pit and hot tub separating it from the hunter’s<br />

cabin. Other improvements include an additional cabin, blinds, feeders,<br />

walk-in cooler, skinning shed, equipment barns, and grain silo. Wildlife<br />

includes whitetail deer, ducks, blue and bob-white quail, axis, and hogs.<br />




Camp Verde Ranch<br />

287± ACRES | KERR COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 2976636<br />

The Camp Verde Ranch has 240 feet of elevation changes from the coastal<br />

fields and creeks to the top of Cedar Ridge which overlooks the entire<br />

Camp Verde valley. Both sides of Verde Creek and Mico Creek run through<br />

the ranch with Mico Creek damned up creating a great fishing tank and<br />

two water falls on the other side. Other improvements include 80 acres of<br />

coastal grass, a 1,300-foot rifle range, paved roads, blinds, feeders, and three<br />

water tanks. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, red stag, axis, and blackbuck.<br />

Winn’s Tortuga Ranch<br />

552± ACRES | KERR COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 2976664<br />

The Winn’s Tortuga Ranch on Turtle Creek has some of the best trophy<br />

whitetail deer hunting you can find along with some exotics which<br />

are protein-fed year-round. The ranch is mostly high-fenced and<br />

both sides of Turtle Creek run through the north side of the property<br />

making for great swimming and fishing. The main lodge has a pool<br />

and outdoor entertainment cabana with great views. The ranch has<br />

three additional homes, a 20-acre soft release deer pen, four-stall<br />

horse barn, workshop, three water wells, and is being offered turnkey.<br />

The Wheeler Ranch<br />

100± ACRES | ERATH COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 2977513<br />

The Wheeler Ranch is about five minutes east of Morgan Mill and 15 minutes north of<br />

Stephenville, Texas in the Morgan Mill school district with over 3,600 of frontage on the<br />

North Paluxy River. This property is set up and ready-to-go for any type of livestock<br />

operation especially horses. There are six pipe/cable-fenced turn-outs with sheds in<br />

each one, pipe working pens for cattle, a three-stall horse barn, 40x50 workshop, and<br />

paved roads to all the improvements. The main house is a four-bedroom, four-bath<br />

custom home complete with outdoor kitchen and fire pit. There is also a new onebedroom,<br />

one-bath guest house set off away from the primary residence for privacy.<br />



Stransky properties<br />

River Ridge Ranch<br />

305± ACRES | KERR COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 2976515<br />

The River Ridge Ranch is on Highway 173 approximately four miles south<br />

of downtown Kerrville, Texas. It consists of 305 acres with Guadalupe River<br />

frontage overlooking and adjoining the Comanche Trace golf course. The main<br />

house on top of the hill is a eight-bedroom, six-bath home that has spectacular<br />

views of downtown Kerrville and the entire ranch itself. The property is divided<br />

into seven pipe-fenced pastures with over 160 acres of coastal grass for horses<br />

or cattle. Other improvements include three homes, two horse barns, two hay<br />

barns, an equipment barn, and a workshop all easily accessible by the paved<br />

roads within the ranch. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, axis, and blackbuck.<br />

Monterrey Ranch<br />

1,185± ACRES | STARR COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3389030<br />

The Monterrey Ranch is about one hour southwest of Hebbronville off of FM<br />

2686 and three miles down an easement road, making it secluded and private.<br />

The ranch has been in the same family for over 60 years, primarily for cattle<br />

and hunting and is 100 percent high-fenced with about eight separate lowfenced<br />

pastures within. There are two ponds on the property, one being 18<br />

feet deep, and three water wells that average about 900 feet in depth. Other<br />

improvements include a good set of cattle working pens and an old camp with<br />

three trailer houses. Several strips have also been cut on the ranch, making<br />

it ideal for quail hunting and providing great buffel grass for the cattle.<br />

Leopard Creek Ranch<br />

1,204± ACRES | LIVE OAK COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3315442<br />

The Leopard Creek Ranch is eight miles southwest of George West, Texas<br />

on Highway 59, with one mile of frontage on the south side of the highway.<br />

This is a very clean ranch, ready for hunting, cattle, or both. There is native<br />

brush with several cleared fields and elevation changes of over 100 feet,<br />

giving great views. All native species of wildlife can be found, including<br />

whitetail deer, turkey, hog, and quail. Blinds and feeders, which are all new<br />

MB Ranch King, will be conveyed. There is also a very nice set of pipe cattle<br />

working pens. Leopard Creek holds pockets of water after good rains and<br />

the same can be said for the water tank. There is a water well with piped<br />

water to several water troughs throughout the ranch. This ranch is being<br />

conveyed as is and with all owned minerals in the sellers current possession.<br />



As the<br />

director of Farm<br />

& Ranch at Keller Williams<br />

Realty International (KWRI) and the<br />

owner of Mock Ranches, Kasey Mock is a<br />

man on the move.<br />

“I don’t sit still very well, unless I’m hunting,” Mock,<br />

who is a native of Kyle in Hays County, said. “While I love<br />

the fast-pace and can’t imagine ever doing anything not<br />

involving land, people and business, there are days I envy<br />

mountain men just a bit. I love the solitude of leading a<br />

pack train in the western mountains.”<br />

Actually, it was his passion for the outdoors that<br />

prompted Mock, in 2009, to found Fever Pursuit, a<br />

consulting business designed to help landowners and<br />

outfitters maximize trophy hunting opportunities. It was the<br />

first company, in what has become a family of businesses,<br />

created by the serial entrepreneur.<br />

“At the time, I was working for [Texas AgriLife]<br />

Extension, which gave me the opportunity to work directly<br />

with a lot of landowners—and see what their needs were,”<br />

Mock, a graduate of Tarleton State University, said. “Fever<br />

Pursuit allowed me to fill in a niche in the marketplace, help<br />

landowners and do what I love.”<br />

Ranch real estate was a natural outgrowth of the initial<br />

business.<br />

“One day, as I was helping a landowner understand<br />

the highest and best use of his property. It turned out the<br />

landowner had used an agent to buy a small ranch, and the<br />

agent had sold him the wrong one, prompting me to ask<br />

myself, ‘Who’s the land professional here?’” Mock said.<br />

“Because I was delivering experience and expertise, it<br />

made sense that I should position myself to earn more than<br />

a consulting fee, so I drew up a business plan with partners<br />

to get into real estate.”<br />

And, there was a natural synergy between the outdoors<br />

enterprise and ranch real estate.<br />

“Fever Pursuit is a sales funnel to the real estate<br />

business,” Mock said. “It introduces us to landowners,<br />

outfitters and their clients, all of whom have an interest<br />

in land. Through our work in the hunting enterprise, our<br />

clients learn to trust us, so when they need ranch real<br />

estate they turn to us.”<br />

In Mock’s world, there is no such thing as “one and<br />

done,” so his team continues to serve clients after the sale.<br />

“It’s not enough just to connect at the point of<br />

sale,” Mock said. “My team and I have to deliver value<br />

throughout a business relationship. It’s the only way clients<br />

will give you permission to stay in front of them.”<br />

One of Mock’s recent value-adds is a podcast called<br />

Bucks To Business. During the hour-long segments, Mock<br />

interviews entrepreneurs who have succeeded in outdoor-<br />


TEXAS LAND / Profile<br />

Kasey Mock:<br />

A Man on the Move<br />




TEXAS LAND / Profile<br />

based businesses. While there may be a few hunting stories<br />

swapped, this is not a digital campfire. Instead, the guests share<br />

the secrets of their business success.<br />

“Our goal is to learn with our listeners,” Mock said. “It is a<br />

win-win: it gives our guests a larger platform for their business<br />

while expanding our network. Plus, because the information is<br />

valuable, it creates an engaged community and another sales<br />

funnel.”<br />

At this writing, the podcasts are a relatively new addition.<br />

In fact, the team is just completing its ninth episode, but the<br />

segments are already gaining a foothold in the market. Without<br />

spending a single dollar on promotion, more than 1,000 people<br />

per episode have downloaded the broadcasts.<br />

“It’s the long game and something different,” Mock said. “As<br />

a young guy in the ranch real estate industry, I can either do<br />

things the way that people have always done them or try to stir<br />

it up. I’m a stirrer.”<br />

The Keller-Williams Connection<br />

Mock appreciates the positive power of mentoring.<br />

“Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed to have good<br />

coaches and mentors,” Mock said.<br />

One of the most influential has been Gary Keller, COB and<br />

co-founder of Keller Williams Realty, the largest real estate<br />

company in the world. They met about six years ago.<br />

“Gary’s success comes from investing in people,” Mock<br />

said. “He likes people who think big and drive hard. Our lives<br />

intersected when I was ready for my next opportunity.”<br />

Mock had identified ranch real estate as his next business<br />

arena and he asked Keller for his advice about getting into the<br />

land brokerage business. Keller told Mock it was about time and<br />

he then coached him through writing a business plan.<br />

After that Mock met Mary Tennant, who was then serving<br />

as President of KWRI. They, too, developed a mentoring<br />

relationship. While Mock embraced the company’s philosophy<br />

and respected the company’s top leadership, there was a<br />

problem. KWRI was a residential company.<br />

Unbeknownst to Mock, there was a group of highlyrespected<br />

ranch brokers serving on a leadership council within<br />

the company and working toward developing a farm and ranch<br />

division. Mock joined the leadership council.<br />

“KWRI was built on the principle that if it’s good for the agent<br />

then it’s good for the company long-term,” Mock said. “We<br />

followed suit in the farm and ranch division, asking ourselves:<br />

How can we build a platform where agents would never want to<br />

leave?”<br />

As plans for the farm and ranch division were finalized, Keller<br />

Williams asked Mock to lead the new division’s launch and then<br />

stay on as its director. Mock seized the opportunity.<br />

To give KW Farm & Ranch the attention it deserved, Mock<br />

pulled back on his own business for a year. Then, he jumped<br />

back into production with Mock Ranches, running a lean team<br />

consisting of himself, a certified assistant and two referring<br />

associates. This year, he will hire two full-time land specialists.<br />

Mock Ranches is a Keller Williams Team, which gives the<br />

boutique firm the power of the international giant’s marketing,<br />

technology and training prowess. In 2015 for instance,<br />

Training Magazine named Keller Williams as the “#1 Training<br />

Organization in the World.”<br />

“We can bring the resources of the largest real estate<br />

company in the world to bear along with the personal service<br />

that people expect when they are making what is generally the<br />

largest expenditure in their lives,” Mock said. “It’s a winning<br />

combination for everyone involved.”<br />

Putting together a deal that is a win-win for everyone seated<br />

at the table is important to Mock. For him, the best deals are not<br />

always the biggest. One of his most memorable deals involved<br />

two ranches and an agreement between neighbors. The sellers<br />

hadn’t listed their property, but the buyers wanted to secure<br />

it as a hedge against development in rapidly developing Hays<br />


Mission, Values, Beliefs, Perspective<br />

Mission: To build businesses that matter, with people we value, while helping<br />

others realize their dreams.<br />

Values: The Best IDEAS – Innovation, Determination, Entrepreneurship,<br />

Accountability, Service<br />

Beliefs: That great businesses are defined by amazing people with innovative ideas.<br />

Perspective: A family of companies built on the foundations of faith, hard work<br />

and innovation that services landowners, businesses and outdoor enthusiasts.<br />


County. Over time, Mock negotiated a deal where the sellers<br />

were able to relocate and purchase a larger ranch and the<br />

buyers added a key piece to their legacy ranch, on which they<br />

established long-term conservation goals.<br />

“We were able to help everyone involved ensure their land<br />

legacy,” Mock said. “They each had a piece of Texas to call<br />

their own—a place where their stewardship would leave a mark<br />

for the future. It just doesn’t get much better than that.”<br />

A Family of Businesses Built on Family<br />

Hard work is Kasey Mock’s not-so secret ingredient for success.<br />

“I had the best parents ever; they taught us value of hard<br />

work while we were growing up on a small farm in Kyle,” Mock<br />

said. “My twin brother and I had our first job outside of the family<br />

when we were seven years old. We hoed cotton for a neighbor.”<br />

The Mock twins and their younger sister spent their<br />

formative years in livestock show rings. The trio wanted to be<br />

competitive at the major shows, but their budget didn’t allow<br />

them to buy the elite animals necessary to get the judge’s nod.<br />

The youngsters assessed the assets of their small operation,<br />

which included 80 Boer-cross goats, 15 sows and a handful of<br />

show cattle.<br />

Led by brother Kevin, they set out to learn the show industry<br />

and put together brood stock that allowed them to produce<br />

high-quality prospects. By the time his sister, who is four years<br />

younger than the twins, made it to high school, the family team<br />

was raising animals that consistently earned her spots in the<br />

winner’s circle, including a Reserve Grand Champion at the<br />

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and in the all-important<br />

sales at every major livestock show in the state. In the process,<br />

they also created a business that positioned Mock’s twin to go<br />

to the top of that industry, producing champion livestock for<br />

young people across the nation.<br />

“In life, you can either see challenges or opportunities,”<br />

Mock said. “You can wish for it or you can work for it. In our<br />

family, working trumped wishing.”<br />

After graduating from high school in nearby Kyle, Mock<br />

headed to Stephenville. At Tarleton State University, he<br />

earned his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Services and<br />

Development, a degree designed to prepare students for<br />

ag. careers in either teaching or outreach education such as<br />

AgriLife Extension.<br />

“Initially, I accepted a job in Extension and I learned a<br />

lot about team management, scheduling and the resources<br />

available to landowners,” Mock said. “But opportunities in<br />

private land industries called more loudly and quickly got my<br />

attention.”<br />

Something, well actually, someone else had already gotten<br />

his attention. When Mock was a senior, he was attending a Bible<br />

study where he crossed paths with a freshman from Lometa<br />

named Elizabeth Maddox.<br />

“Although I didn’t know her very well, I was smart enough to<br />

know that I couldn’t let her get away,” Mock said.<br />

The young couple married and made their home in Hays<br />

County. Elizabeth earned both her Bachelor’s degree and her<br />

Master’s from nearby Texas State University. Today, though, she<br />

is the work-at-home mother of two-year-old Maddox West who<br />

will be joined by a baby sister in May.<br />

“She’s the best mother I know,” Mock said. “My family<br />

inspires me to deliver my best every day.”<br />

While Mock is driven to be successful for his family and his<br />

clients, he knows that success can be a two-edged sword if not<br />

managed properly. To that end, he relies on a piece of wisdom<br />

he received as part of the KWRI team: “what you focus on<br />

expands.”<br />

“Essentially, it is a reminder that as businesspeople we have<br />

to focus only on the core activities that bring us closer to our<br />

goals,” Mock said. “By keeping focused, you make the most of<br />

your time, which in turn gives you time back to spend with the<br />

people you cherish.”<br />

When Mock isn’t building a business, he and Elizabeth serve<br />

at their church and enjoy the outdoors together doing things<br />

like backpacking and hunting elk in Colorado.<br />

Mock said “I think about this daily—’If today were the last<br />

day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’<br />

- Steve Jobs. For me, the answer is yes.”<br />



MOCK RANCHES Leaders in Land Marketing<br />


4,222± Acres · Comanche County · Property ID: 3244989 · $17,750,000<br />

Comanche Star Ranch is the largest contiguous ranching operation available today in this region of Texas. Best<br />

known for its eight professionally managed trophy lakes, Comanche Star Ranch totals approximately 4,222<br />

acres under high-game-fence. Cattlemen and wildlife managers alike will appreciate the diversity of mature<br />

hardwoods, superb native grasses and income producing farmland. Additionally, the seller will convey 100<br />

percent of owned mineral interest. The ranch has 2.7 miles of paved frontage on FM 1477 approximately<br />

15 miles northwest of Comanche, Texas. Comanche Star is a rare opportunity for today’s ranch investor.<br />


1,604± Acres · Mills County · Property ID: 3244995 · $5,614,000<br />

Once home to foundation whitetail bucks like Hondo, Dream Buck and Full House, Hoof & Horn Ranch has<br />

carved its name in the whitetail deer industry. Hoof & Horn Ranch totals 1,604 acres under contiguous<br />

high-fence, with eight interior cross-fencing and deer breeding facilities that are ready for a large<br />

operation. Cattlemen and wildlife managers alike will appreciate the diversity of habitat, superb native<br />

grasses and income producing farmland. The main house made of imported river rock and custom log<br />

hunting lodge round out this exceptional hunting property.<br />


Get Connected to the Outdoors with MOCK RANCHES<br />


188± Acres · Mills County<br />

Property ID: 3631708 · $815,000<br />

Regency 188 Ranch is a sportsmen’s escape on the banks<br />

of the Colorado River. Hunters and recreational ranchers<br />

will appreciate the diversity of habitat, stunning views<br />

and unspoiled landscape. The ranch is located in Mills<br />

County between Goldthwaite and San Saba, Texas, just<br />

upstream from the Historic Regency Bridge. This is old<br />

Comanche country and the history of Native Americans<br />

in this area is well documented. Remnants of an old rock<br />

fence still stand today from an early homestead. Regency<br />

188 Ranch is rich in history and loaded with wildlife<br />

making it a must-have for today’s discerning ranch buyer.<br />


154± Acres · Comal County<br />

Property ID: 3374908 · $7,500,000<br />

New Braunfels, Texas was recently recognized as the<br />

fastest-growing community in the United States. It is<br />

best known for exemplary schools, a strong economy<br />

and an amazing culture centered around the Guadalupe<br />

River, Schlitterbahn Waterpark and the historic<br />

Gruene Hall. There is a shortage of developed lots that<br />

are ready-to-go in New Braunfels where supply is not<br />

keeping up with demand. Dietert Farms offers enough<br />

acreage for approximately 500 homes. It is perfectly<br />

located near schools and shopping. The property<br />

is just outside the city limits and is not restricted.<br />


283 ± Acres · Brown County<br />

Property ID: 3748255 · $990,500<br />

Blanket Ranch is a 283-acre high-fenced game ranch<br />

in Brown County. High-quality whitetail deer,<br />

blackbuck, turkey and dove. Multiple food plots<br />

consisting oats and native sunflowers are on the<br />

ranch. The ranch has a great mix of post oaks, live<br />

oaks, and open fields. There is an 892-square-foot,<br />

three-bedroom, one-bath lodge with a fireplace,<br />

appliances and furniture. There is a newly built<br />

barn, three ponds, a water well, walk-in cooler,<br />

grain silo, corn feeders, and five large deer blinds.<br />

KASEY MOCK · kaseymock@kw.com · (512) 787-1849 · www.MockRanches.com<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/261039 · 1221 South Mopac Expressway · Building 1100 · Austin, Texas 78746<br />



Skyline Ranch<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3004646<br />

Outstanding bird lovers and hunting ranch<br />

located near Horseshoe Bay and Willow City.<br />

Building site with views for miles on ridge with<br />

a drop in elevation of 150–200 feet, part of the<br />

cedar has been removed, good tree cover, sandy<br />

soil, bluebonnets, rainwater collection system,<br />

deer, turkey and hogs. Price: $1,050,830<br />

Liveoak Creek Ranch<br />


Located one-and-a-half miles from the city and has over 2,100<br />

feet of Liveoak Creek. Good productive fields, large oak trees<br />

with views of the surrounding hills, remodeled farmhouse and<br />

one mile from the Gillespie County Airport. Good deer, turkey<br />

and axis hunting. Price: $1,453,900<br />

180<br />

www.NixonRealEstate.com<br />

Vic Nixon, Broker | (830) 997–2187 | vic@nixonrealestate.com<br />

1325 East Main Street, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/143

Fredericksburg “True West” Ranch<br />


If the Western and Native American culture is your passion, here is a very unique reinvented 1841 timber and frame home like no other available<br />

anywhere. Simple clean lines on the exterior, yet rustic extravagance is expressed throughout the interior of both the main home and the guest<br />

house. Accessories such as doors and hinges are either handmade or original from historic buildings, rawhide lighting fixtures with hand-crafted<br />

Western scenes, baths customized with limestone walk-in showers and extraordinarily beautiful hand rubbed and polished mesquite vanities<br />

supported by mesquite trunk bases, the likes of which cannot be duplicated. This one-of-a-kind property includes 6.29 acres with a barn/tack<br />

room, pipe-fenced corral, round pen, and pastures for your horses and is located a mere three miles outside of popular Fredericksburg, touted as<br />

the “Napa Valley of Texas”. If you are someone who appreciates the rare, unique, and very distinctive, then you’ll love this property.<br />

Listed by Marian Nixon, Associate Broker, (830) 889-0422. Price: $1,799,000<br />

Pedernales Crossing<br />


Since the 1800s the Pedernales River Ranch has been owned by<br />

two families. The original German rock homestead was expanded<br />

with an artist’s eye for blending original and contemporary styles<br />

and features an expansive master suite, four bedrooms, and twoand-a-half<br />

baths. The second large home, built in 2009, has four<br />

bedrooms and an open floor plan. Other structures include a<br />

guest house, 4,000-square-foot shop, and a large barn. The land<br />

has been managed for wildlife and has approximately 800 feet of<br />

Pedernales River. Call Vic Nixon, Broker (830) 889-2325 or Todd<br />

Lashley, Co-Broker/Owner (830) 459-0605. Price: $3,300,000<br />






Chacon Creek Ranch<br />

551± Acres in Frio County | Property ID: 3666994<br />

Approximately 551 acres just outside of Devine, Texas, only 35 minutes from downtown San Antonio. The ranch is a mixture of native brush,<br />

open fields, and oak bottoms. With this combination of terrain, native browse, improved pasture, and location, this property has it all. Chacon<br />

Creek forms the northern boundary of the property for almost a mile. There are also three sizable tanks on the ranch that hold water. The ranch<br />

can be accessed from both CR 7716 and CR 773. $2,015,000<br />

Esposo Farm<br />

180± Acres in Zavala County<br />

Property ID: 3287229<br />

180-plus acres of tillable productive farmland with over one mile<br />

of paved road frontage. This farm is currently leased and operated<br />

by a local farmer and planted in milo. Bird hunting is reserved by<br />

the owner, generating income on an annual basis. There is one old<br />

irrigation well on the property that the owner believes is operable if<br />

equipped. $441,000<br />

Hermano Farm<br />

150± Acres in Zavala County<br />

Property ID: 3287327<br />

150-plus acres of superb grazing land just west of La Pryor. The<br />

property is currently operated as dryland pasture with native grass<br />

but does come equipped with an irrigation well and pivot. The<br />

shape of the property makes for a very efficient farm with roughly<br />

80 percent of the property being under pivot. All fences are in great<br />

condition. Cattle are currently on the property. $419,250<br />


Chad Foster, Jr., Broker | www.FosterFarmAndRanch.com<br />



The Moos Ranch<br />

2,268± Acres in Uvalde County | Property ID: 2266587<br />

This ranch is in the transition zone between South Texas and the Hill Country, 10 minutes from Uvalde. It has over 3.8 miles of both sides of<br />

Cook Slough lined with large stands of oak trees, lush bottoms, and intermittent watering holes. The remainder of the property is covered with<br />

a variety of brush species and a thick grass cover. All-weather access and over 25 miles of interior roads make it easy to traverse. The entire<br />

perimeter is high-fenced featuring four water wells, over two miles of water lines, and several surface tanks. Wildlife includes turkey, seasonal<br />

dove, quail, and deer. The native herd has been heavily culled over the past few seasons, doe from a well-established trophy ranch were TTT<br />

transferred to the ranch and a DMP program has been put in place. A wildlife management plan is in effect. There are six blinds and eight<br />

feeders that will convey as well as a new cabin with a kitchen, living, and bunk room. There are no leases or mineral activity of any kind in the<br />

area. Some minerals are owned and may be conveyed with the sale. $5,205,060<br />





Beautiful property with Highway 59 frontage between George West and Freer, Texas. The property has breathtaking views and lush valley<br />

flats with excellent brush diversity. The deer herd is improved with 200-class genetics and wildlife includes turkey, javelina, quail and dove.<br />

Nice three-bedroom, two-bath headquarters with metal barn and walk-in cooler. Blinds and feeders included. Call Rick, (210) 389–4954.<br />




This raw, unimproved ranch has not been hunted in over<br />

40 years, according to the owners, and it has outstanding<br />

brush, several ponds, bull mesquite and live oak trees. The<br />

ranch is mostly low-fenced and has good access. There is<br />

oil production on the ranch that could be fenced out. This<br />

fine ranch is a clean slate waiting for the new owner to finish<br />

out and enjoy for years to come. Call Ryan, (361) 296–4749.<br />

The best of South Texas...red sandy loam country. Wellmanaged<br />

white-tailed deer herd and trophy exotics that<br />

include axis, fallow, blackbuck, addax, oryx and aoudad.<br />

Plentiful turkey, dove, quail and javelina. Nice improvements<br />

include an older ranch house, a newer dogtrot, huge barn,<br />

grain silo, walk-in cooler and grass airstrip. Turnkey and<br />

ready-to-go! Call Anthony, (210) 854–6365.<br />



1,274± ACRES IN FRIO COUNTY PROPERTY ID: 1021039<br />

New 16-acre pivot with new irrigation well! Newly remodeled lodge! Excellent white-tailed deer herd, axis, blackbuck, quail population<br />

and tons of dove. Water lines feed all the tanks. Best high-fenced ranch of this size in Frio County. Call Anthony, (210) 854–6365.<br />




1,566± ACRES IN WEBB COUNTY PROPERTY ID: 3612892<br />

This beautiful ranch property is all coastal Bermuda<br />

improved pasture and supports approximately 80 to 100<br />

head of cattle. The property is completely low-fenced<br />

and cross-fenced. The improvements could also lend<br />

themselves to an equestrian facility as well. Improvements<br />

would be suitable for any farming or ranching endeavor and<br />

some minerals are negotiable! Call Ryan, (361) 296–4749.<br />

Classic low-fenced hunting ranch located in big deer<br />

country! Outstanding brush and surrounded by large<br />

ranches. Improvements on the ranch include four tanks,<br />

eight watering stations, roads and single phase electricity.<br />

This ranch is a blank slate and ready for your personal<br />

touch. White-tailed deer, turkey, hogs, quail, dove and<br />

varmints. Call Anthony, (210) 854–6365.<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/44747 | Anthony@SimpsonRanches.com LANDMAGAZINES.COM<br />

| (210) 854-6365 187



A truly unique property awaits you with this immaculate custom-built home<br />

nestled on 80± acres of the scenic Texas Hill Country. Masterful design and<br />

modern luxury are uniquely embodied in this Hill-Country-style home. The<br />

home was designed to take advantage of the magnificent 85± foot waterfall<br />

cascading into the crystal-clear water of Lamb Creek. The open, light-filled,<br />

spacious design connects the great room, chef’s kitchen (featuring a hickory<br />

butcher block island) and dining room to make the space feel large and<br />

welcoming. The architect gracefully incorporated high-end finishes and<br />

innovative features. The media room, just off the living area, is complete with<br />

blackout screens and luxurious seating. The home is equipped with a Lutron<br />

lighting system, as well as a security system that can be controlled with your<br />

iPhone or computer while at the ranch or away. Three fireplaces make for<br />

a cozy environment in the great room, master bedroom and the outdoor<br />

loggia. Access to the master suite is by way of the elevator or the stairway<br />

which includes a lead-free, stained-glass masterpiece designed and created<br />

by the local Fredericksburg artist who also created a piece for the Pentagon in<br />

remembrance of 911. Views from the master suite of the waterfall and Zoysia<br />

turf grass that lines the banks of the creek are breathtaking. The master<br />

bath spa is highlighted by a spectacular Russian hand-blown chandelier.<br />

The bathroom also hosts a separate, glass-enclosed, steam shower with<br />

multiple shower heads spraying 32 gallons a minute. Jetted soaking tub and<br />

separate vanities are also included. A three-bedroom, two-bath log cabin<br />

is just steps away from the main residence, leaving plenty of room for your<br />

guests, who will truly have a unique Hill Country experience. There is also a<br />

5,000-gallon storage tank on the property. Timeless, quality construction,<br />

superb location, and lush, treed setting nestled in the heart of the Hill<br />

Country make this an appealing home for the most distinguished buyer.<br />

1209 Junction Highway, Kerrville, Texas 78028 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/139<br />




Double T Ranch is a 4,365± acre game-fenced hunter’s paradise located<br />

42 miles west of Kerrville and fronting on Highway 41. The three miles of<br />

paved road makes access to this recreational ranch easy. The ranch boasts<br />

awesome hunting with an abundance of game. These include not only<br />

trophy whitetail, but many trophy exotics, such as axis, fallow, red stag, red<br />

deer, sika, mouflon, red sheep, aoudad, oryx, elk, gemsbok and scimbok.<br />

Hunters can relax and enjoy the magnificent lodge consisting of seven<br />

bedrooms, eight full baths and entertainment areas both inside and outside<br />

accommodating everything you need for a perfect hunt. The five water-wells<br />

provide an excellent water source for the numerous animals that roam freely.<br />

This is truly a rare opportunity to own an exceptional Texas hunting ranch.<br />

Call Doug for a private showing and more details on this exceptional property.<br />



Located at the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Sisterdale, Texas, is the hidden<br />

gem of Kendall County. The 270± acres is situated on the border of the quaint<br />

historical town—a perfect location just 13 miles north of Boerne, Texas. Cypresslined<br />

Sister Creek flows through the property, giving the owner enjoyment of<br />

live water and creating an ideal setting to relax and enjoy the tranquility of<br />

the spring-fed creek. Abundant axis, whitetail and turkey roam freely on the<br />

ranch. Majestic views for the perfect building sites and the easy commute<br />

to Boerne make this a one-of-a-kind property. Property ID: 3224854<br />

Doug Evans, Land Broker | (830) 895–0777 | Doug@TexasRanchLandForSale.com | www.TexasRanchLandForSale.com<br />



Located on FM 2147 just west of Marble<br />

Falls and adjacent to Horseshoe Bay,<br />

this beautiful ranch is in one of the<br />

most desirable areas in all of the Hill<br />

Country. Being entirely high-fenced<br />

makes this a premier recreational<br />

property that has great development<br />

potential. A Fredericksburg-style rock<br />

home built in the 1800s, fantastic Lake<br />

LBJ views, year-round springs, and<br />

a variety of mature trees add to the<br />

beauty and charm of this ranch.<br />

414± Acres in Burnet County<br />

Krumm Ranch<br />

This nice property is located south of<br />

Bertram within the gates of Greystone<br />

Ranch and The Ranches at Canyon<br />

Creek, creating a secured location.<br />

The original ranch house is on the<br />

property and in the process of being<br />

restored; when finished, this would be<br />

a nice place for a weekend getaway.<br />

This ranch has lots of topography and<br />

long-distance views. $862,500<br />

The Ranch at Canyon Creek<br />

115± Acres in Burnet County<br />

Property ID: 3604809<br />

Great lake views and only six miles to boat ramps on the lake. Nine<br />

miles from Burnet and 60 miles from downtown Austin—all on<br />

paved public roads. Rolling terrain, a spring-fed seasonal stream,<br />

live oaks and post oaks. Majority of cedar has been cleared in<br />

recent years improving the wildlife habitat for the whitetail deer<br />

and Rio Grande turkey. Ranch history included being part of the old<br />

Dorbandt Ranch that once covered a large portion of northwest<br />

Burnet County. Fences and cross fences allow management of the<br />

cattle and improved pasture. Two water wells. The ranch house has<br />

a stone exterior and metal roof, 3,100 square feet, four bedrooms,<br />

two-and-a-half baths, plus a garage and carport. $2,358,000<br />

262± Acres in Burnet County | Property ID: 3449872 Lake Buchanan Ranch<br />

Chad Calhoun, Broker<br />

chad@jimberryranchsales.com • (512) 756-9230<br />

503 South Water, Burnet, Texas 78611<br />

www.JimBerryRanchSales.com • View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/1806

Since the purchase of the original tract in 1996, surrounding tracts<br />

have been added so that the ranch now includes one of the highest<br />

hilltops in the area as well as the good pastureland in the valleys.<br />

The land is taxed at its agricultural value due to cattle grazing;<br />

but wildlife management is another option. Deer and turkey are<br />

plentiful. There are two stock tanks with great fishing and two<br />

water wells. All the equipment needed to operate the ranch will<br />

be included. The home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, den,<br />

recreation room and a covered porch runs the length of the house<br />

with breathtaking views. No ranch of this size could offer more in<br />

the way of views, trees and water. $969,000<br />

102± Acres in Burnet County<br />

Property ID: 3253083<br />

Open Bar Ranch<br />

Nestled in the hills with views of Lake LBJ and the city lights<br />

of Marble Falls, this retreat offers a total of 5,262 square<br />

feet of living area in three beautiful buildings in the style of<br />

a French country farmhouse (main house, guesthouse and<br />

detached office [man cave] garage). Wildlife loves it here<br />

and provides the agricultural valuation for tax purposes.<br />

Friendly neighbors, just the right distance away, peaceful,<br />

secluded. $1,590,000<br />

Hill Country French Villa<br />

30± Acres | Burnet County<br />

Property ID: 3049581<br />

Nice property just a short distance<br />

from Bertram and less than an<br />

hour from Austin. There is a mix of<br />

woodlands and gently rolling Hill<br />

Country land. Great building sites<br />

with long distance views. A barn and<br />

water well are already located on the<br />

property. $699,000<br />

159± Acres | Burnet County<br />

Property ID: 3223457<br />

CR 272 Property<br />

Tuscan-style home overlooking Lake Buchanan with the bluffs<br />

just above the west property line. Built to last and designed<br />

by a structural engineer using his experience in tornado-proof<br />

construction. Even includes a vault large enough to be a safe room.<br />

Professional landscaping is fully matured and nature’s landscaping<br />

thrives outside the yard area. The 1,320 acres of Wolf Creek Ranch<br />

are a working cattle ranch and wildlife preserve. Cattle graze right<br />

up to the yard fence—all of the advantages of ranch life without<br />

the chores. $1,395,000<br />

White Bluff Trail<br />

7.7± Acres | Burnet County | Property ID: 3494449

Britsch Ranch<br />


Close to San Antonio, this exceptional home is just four miles from<br />

Hondo on Highway 173. The property is comprised of 70 acres including<br />

native brush and improved pasture. The grand custom, rock and<br />

stucco home has four bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, a gourmet<br />

kitchen, and high-end amenities. The home is nestled among<br />

century-old oak trees and surrounded by a large patio and a fabulous<br />

custom pool that has a luxurious hot tub–a delight for both adults<br />

and children. This unique home is perfect for entertaining a large<br />

crowd, friends or family. A must-see!<br />

Living Water Ranch<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3572061<br />

Working and recreational ranch ideally located in the Texas Hill Country.<br />

This picturesque ranch consists of fertile pastures, creek bottoms and<br />

rolling hills with gorgeous vistas. The entire ranch has been extensively<br />

cleared of cedar for many decades and is covered with an abundance<br />

of live oaks and native brush. The pastures are fenced and cross-fenced<br />

and currently are used to stock horses and cattle. Four water wells and<br />

corresponding troughs have been strategically placed throughout the<br />

ranch. Twin Hollow Creek and its tributaries run in wet weather and<br />

traverse the ranch giving excellent habitat for wildlife. This diverse<br />

property has been in the same family for three generations.<br />

Lazy R Ranch<br />


PROPERTY ID: 2266738<br />

The Lazy R Ranch encompasses 283 acres of the Texas Hill Country and is<br />

situated in northern Medina County just south of the Bandera County line.<br />

The beauty of the ranch starts at the entrance with its paved driveway<br />

leading up to a bluff where the three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath,<br />

custom rock home is situated. The entire back of the house is wrapped<br />

in porches that overlook some of the most beautiful scenery Texas has<br />

to offer. Not far from the home is a large metal barn/workshop with<br />

electricity and concrete floor. The terrain varies from high elevations with<br />

a couple of ridge views to low valleys. The majority of the land is covered<br />

with live oaks, cedar and additional native hardwoods and plants.<br />


Representing the Best of Texas<br />

Quail Ridge Farms<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3548540<br />

Nestled on a hilltop merely an hour from downtown San Antonio, Quail<br />

Ridge Farms is a luxury cattle, equestrian or deer estate with irrigated<br />

pastures and spectacular views. The home’s attention to detail is<br />

evident upon entering the beautiful wooden front doors. Meticulously<br />

constructed, this custom-built limestone home offers three bedrooms<br />

and three baths in a split-bedroom design. The open floor plan, consisting<br />

of the kitchen, living and dining areas, is great for entertaining. Other<br />

amenities located on the property include a perimeter high-fence with a<br />

gorgeous main entrance, two center pivot systems, earthen pond and an<br />

80x80-foot steel barn.<br />

Hancock Ranch<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3281393<br />

Hancock Ranch is located 10 miles north of Hondo and 20 miles south<br />

of Bandera off Highway 173 with CR 241 frontage. This ranch has a good<br />

blend of fertile soils, rocky cliffs and creek bottoms. The vegetation is<br />

typical for the area with live oaks, elms, mountain laurels and cedar with<br />

other native brush and grasses. A few select areas have been cleared and<br />

used for food plots. An Edwards Aquifer water well provides water to the<br />

house, barn and water troughs. The wet-weather Martin Creek traverses<br />

through portions of the ranch allowing for great wildlife habitat. Seller is<br />

believed to own all the mineral estate. The exact conveyance will be more<br />

accurately determined by new title commitment.<br />

Klaeger Ranch<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3371258<br />

This beautifully-designed and well-built custom home incorporates<br />

country living with upscale amenities on 46 acres and is truly a<br />

must-see. The house boasts tile and wood flooring, tall ceilings, granite<br />

counter tops in the kitchen, bar, and bathrooms. There are three<br />

bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths, a formal dining room/pool table<br />

room and a utility/mud room. The kitchen is open to the living room and<br />

bar. This ranch has a good blend of fertile soils and gentle rolling terrain<br />

with live oaks, mesquites and other native brush and grasses. There are<br />

two water wells located on the ranch with a pond that is ideally situated<br />

to allow viewing of the wildlife from the outside entertainment area.<br />




Singleton Ranch<br />

GRIMES COUNTY | 240± ACRES | $1,875,500<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3651688<br />

High-fence recreation—deer, duck, elk and more! Designed<br />

for the hunter and land steward, perfect for entertainment,<br />

retreat, family functions, etc. Galvanized steel-frame building<br />

with two barndominiums and outdoor kitchen. Truck bays,<br />

two water-wells, two sewer systems, two propane tanks and<br />

five lakes! Natural wooded mots, internal field roads, private<br />

gated entrance ensures seclusion yet easy access.<br />

Broke D Ranch<br />

WALKER COUNTY | 319± ACRES | $2,153,250<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3636097<br />

Rolling East Texas ranch with excellent location between<br />

Huntsville and College Station. Fenced and cross-fenced,<br />

seven pastures with water, three ponds, pine timber, portable<br />

working pens and underground electric. Improvements<br />

include a 3,000-square-foot metal barn with attached<br />

awnings, a mobile home with covered porches and carport<br />

and a camp house with living area, kitchen and bathroom.<br />

Rail Frontage<br />

WALKER COUNTY | 2,005± ACRES | $10,014,975<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3416958<br />

Historic forestland property in South Walker County,<br />

Texas, near New Waverly, Texas. Growth transitioning<br />

area. Industrial possibility with 1.7± miles of Union Pacific<br />

Railroad frontage. Excellent topography and soils for<br />

optional residential development or exclusive private<br />

ranch possibility.<br />

Andy Flack, Broker<br />

(936) 295–2500<br />

Andy@HomeLandProp.com<br />

John Paul Lampson, Broker<br />

(936) 295–2500<br />

JPLampson@HomeLandProp.com<br />


Brimberry Acres<br />

WALKER COUNTY | 1,185± ACRES | $3,851,250<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3433665<br />

I-45 frontage! Excellent access with major frontage. Wooded<br />

with merchantable pine and hardwood. Tracts this size are<br />

getting rare with interstate frontage and frontage road<br />

access. Forestry recreation development.<br />

Nueces River<br />

UVALDE COUNTY | 173.5± ACRES | $866,632<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3286139<br />

Located on the banks of the Nueces River, this is a hunting<br />

and recreational paradise. Great road frontage, excellent<br />

view and large tree cover make this property a good<br />

investment. Approximately 1,300 feet of frontage on the<br />

Nueces River. Offers privacy with easy access. There is a<br />

cabin with water, septic and electric. Property is fenced<br />

and cross-fenced.<br />


Trinity Forest<br />

TRINITY COUNTY | 9,753± ACRES | $29,210,235<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3264947<br />

Trinity Forest is a historic and intensively-managed forestry<br />

property with healthy, varying ages of pine plantations and<br />

intermittent Stream-side Management Zones (SMZ’s) along<br />

creek drains. Excellent public road frontage and access and<br />

internal road system for forestry operations and recreation.<br />

Well-located for access to forest product mills ensuring top<br />

prices. Please visit our website for more information.<br />

HomeLandLand.com<br />

1600 Normal Park, Huntsville, Texas 77340<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/2626<br />




TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

<strong>Spring</strong>time<br />

THU NDER<br />


We were set up against the base of a couple<br />

of big bull mesquite trees, overlooking a<br />

dry creek wash that was lined in mature<br />

hackberries which provided a perennial roosting site<br />

for turkeys. As the dark of night was giving way to the<br />

gray shades of morning, an ominous Texas spring-time<br />

storm was easing our way. We had yet to hear the first<br />

sign of confirmation that the roost was even occupied,<br />

which already had me thinking about a quick move<br />

to a Plan B, when the distant thunder of the storm let<br />

out a loud rumble, followed by a resounding chorus<br />

of some dozen gobbling turkeys. 20 minutes later,<br />

five long-beards came strutting into our view and as<br />

the third bird cleared the agarita 27 paces away, my<br />

client folded that big old gobbler with a load of #6<br />

heavy shot. As we admired the beautiful bird, while<br />

still enjoying the distant sounds of the storm and the<br />

gobblers, my client and business mentor Dick Laros<br />

extolled, “I never grow tired of hunting turkeys during<br />

the spring. In fact, out of all the game that I’ve hunted<br />

over the far reaches of North America and on several<br />

other continents, my favorite hunt is a toss-up between<br />

Cape buffalo on the mopane flats of the Zambezi Valley<br />

and calling gobblers in the cactus-laden country of<br />

West Texas.”<br />

THE BIRD<br />

In Texas, and elsewhere, the history of the wild turkey<br />

is one of the great wildlife conservation success<br />

stories. Though their numbers were plentiful during<br />

the first half of the 1800s, by the early 1900s these<br />

birds were on the brink of extirpation from most of their<br />

historic ranges, principally because of unregulated<br />

killing of the birds, along with the loss of critical<br />

habitat in certain locales. But, in the words of Aldo<br />

Leopold, “Game can be restored by the creative use<br />

of the same tools which have heretofore destroyed<br />

it,” and that’s certainly the case with the success of<br />

wild turkey restoration. Through a cooperative effort<br />

between hunters, private landowners, and state wildlife<br />

agencies, restoration programs were implemented<br />

using translocation of turkeys, sound regulations, and<br />

habitat management practices as the platforms for an<br />

amazing comeback of our country’s largest gamebird.<br />

Restoration funds were largely generated through<br />

hunting-related sources including hunting license fees,<br />

Pittman-Robertson funds (excise tax on sporting arms<br />

and ammo), and through sportsman’s groups.<br />

Today, Texas is home to more wild turkeys than any<br />

state in the country, supporting an estimated 600,000-<br />

plus birds, located in all but about 30 of Texas’ 254<br />

counties. The Rio Grande strain is by far the most<br />

numerous and widely distributed of the three strains<br />

found in Texas, but there are a modest number of<br />

Eastern birds in some East Texas counties, along with a<br />

very limited number of Merriam’s birds in a small area<br />

of the Tran-Pecos.<br />



TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

THE HUNT<br />

It’s been said that if turkeys had a decent sense<br />

of smell, they would be darn near impossible to<br />

successfully hunt. These birds have uncanny eyesight<br />

and hearing, which makes for a great hunting<br />

challenge, especially if you are hunting them in the<br />

traditional style of calling them in to within reasonable<br />

shotgun or archery range. The general spring turkey<br />

season for Rio Grande birds is six weeks long, with the<br />

south zone beginning on the third Saturday of March,<br />

two weeks earlier than the start of the north zone.<br />

The Eastern spring gobbler season is four weeks in<br />

length, beginning on the third Saturday of April. Some<br />

of the more popular hunting counties for Rios in the<br />

North Zone include Tom Green, Sutton, Schleicher,<br />

Concho, and McCulloch, while some of the more noted<br />

South Texas counties include Kleberg, Willacy, Brooks,<br />

Uvalde, and Zavalla. However, there are many great<br />

turkey hunting locales that are found in a host of other<br />

counties that are not mentioned here.<br />

Equipment requirements for hunting these birds during<br />

the spring include camo from head to toe, standard<br />

turkey calls, bug spray, and a gun or bow of choice.<br />

Turkey hunting purists generally frown on the use of<br />

rifles. Personally, I prefer a 12-gauge shotgun with<br />

#6 shot, and it’s my opinion that a 20-gauge can be<br />

a bit too light for these big birds. It is important to<br />

pattern your gun with the load of choice and to aim<br />

accordingly, taking into consideration the pellet density<br />

pattern. The vital kill zone of a turkey is the head and<br />

neck area if using a shotgun.<br />

Proper techniques for hunting these amazing birds is best<br />

accrued through some mentoring from a seasoned turkey<br />

hunter to establish some basics, and then fine-tuning<br />

those skills through the tribulations of trial and error. Like<br />

hunting elk during the bugle, it’s the interaction between<br />

the hunter and the quarry that makes spring turkey<br />

hunting so exciting and unique. When combined with the<br />

pleasantries of a nice Texas spring, this provides a hunting<br />

experience that’s hard to beat.<br />


Wildlife Systems, Inc. (WSI) is a hunting and wildlife<br />

management firm that was started in 1987. In addition<br />

to offering hunts for a wide variety of other game<br />

and exotics, WSI is one of the premier turkey hunting<br />

outfitters in Texas. This company conducts spring<br />

turkey hunts on over 100,000 acres in both the north<br />

and south zones, encompassing many different<br />

properties. These hunts are typically set up as a 2.5–3<br />

day hunt, including meals, lodging, guide, and game<br />

care. Guiding can be as basic as the guide dropping<br />

the hunters out at prime locations and allowing the<br />

hunter to do their own calling, or the guide can stay<br />

with the hunter providing the calling services for<br />

the client. Lodging varies from ranch style cabins to<br />

luxurious facilities. WSI also offers a limited number of<br />

unassisted turkey hunts where hunters do their own<br />

cooking and guiding, and lodging may or may not be<br />

included. Most packages that are provided by WSI<br />

include a 2 bird limit, but one unique package offers a<br />

combination of one turkey, one javelina, and one hog.<br />

For additional information on hunting with WSI, check<br />

out their website at www.WildlifeSystems.com or call<br />

(325) 655-0877.<br />



286± Acres in Colorado County . Property ID: 2972782<br />

A very rare find! 286-acre Colorado County ranch located near Frelsburg with 6,700 feet of Cummings<br />

Creek frontage. Property is two-thirds wooded with many elevation changes. Approximately one-third<br />

is improved pasture with scattered live oaks. Ranch has county road frontage on two sides. Custom-built<br />

four-bedroom, four-bath with 3,800 square feet of living area and 5,800 square feet under roof built<br />

in 2009. Home features a separate master suite, piano room/office, and a kitchen with three islands.<br />

Abundant wildlife makes this a wonderful recreational place or a livestock operation. Price: $3,242,000<br />

LJ Ranch<br />

105± Acres in Colorado County . Property ID: 3290091<br />

Exquisite custom designed and built California influenced Spanish hacienda on 105 acres. Great<br />

horse or cattle ranch with horse barn, arena, equipment barn and working pens, two ponds,<br />

good mixture of open pastures and woods. Wonderful ranch for entertaining with outdoor<br />

kitchen near pond, beautiful covered pool complete with outdoor fireplace. Price: $2,950,000<br />



Texas First Real Estate . 1116 FM 109, New Ulm, Texas 78950 . office (979) 992–3425 . fax (979) 992–3427<br />

www.TexasFirstRE.com . View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/18461<br />


725± Acres in Austin County . Property ID: 3136783<br />

Beautiful 725-acre ranch on FM 1094 between Cat <strong>Spring</strong> and New Ulm. Rare find<br />

of a ranch this size in a highly desirable area this close to Houston and Katy. Main<br />

home is over 6,600 square feet, manager’s house, two cabins, one overlooking a pond<br />

and a bunk house. Barn with pipe cattle pens. Great mix of open pastures and woods.<br />

There are trophy bass in the 22-acre lake plus seven other ponds. Great cattle ranch<br />

with high-profile presence with over 1.75 miles road frontage. Improved grasses in hay<br />

meadows. Perfect get away ranch with many possibilities whether it be horses, cattle,<br />

hunting and fishing or corporate retreat. Establish your legacy ranch. Price: $9,249,000<br />



Harpersville Ranch<br />


Harpersville Ranch is designed for deer, duck and dove hunting. The eight-acre Duck Lake contains a deep hole on one end and five to six acres of shallow waters on<br />

the other which attracts bait fish and ducks. This ranch offers ten ponds of various sizes including some with long winding draws that create plentiful waterfowl habitat.<br />

Harpersville Ranch has four small, fenced food plots and two 65± acre fields providing ample grass and sunflowers for dove hunting. Contact Boone Campbell,<br />

(940) 282-5500. Offered at $1,421,250.<br />

Tharp Ranch<br />


Tharp Ranch is 566 acres of wooded hunting and ranching land. The mature vegetation provides excellent bedding ground and cover for whitetail, turkey and other<br />

game. The cultivated fields on the southern half of the ranch offer an area for sunflowers used for dove hunts or wheat production. This acreage is predominately<br />

mesquite trees with lotebush and cat claw providing excellent loafing cover for quail. The native grasses (side-oats gramma, little bluestem and more) provide<br />

preferred seeds and nesting for quail as well as excellent grazing for cattle. This very private land with five ponds and deep draws leading to them is located just six<br />

miles from Throckmorton, Texas. Contact Boone Campbell, (940) 282-5500. Offered at $1,018,800.<br />


Boone Campbell, Broker (940) 549-7700 | BOONE@CFRLAND.COM<br />


Rafter D Ranch<br />


This wooded acreage comes with minerals and deep Texas history. The<br />

diverse topography creates great views while producing a wide variety of trees<br />

and cover along the creeks and draws. The fertile soil provides grass pastures<br />

enriched with small ponds scattered throughout the ranch. The west boundary<br />

of the property has a marker for the northwest corner of the Texas Lower<br />

Indian Reservation. This is an opportunity to own a unique piece of Texas<br />

history. Contact Boone Campbell, (940) 282-5500. Offered at $819,000.<br />

Lakeview Land<br />


This tract of land offers beautiful views of Possum Kingdom Lake and<br />

is ideal for a home site or hunting ranch. The heavily wooded acreage<br />

contains deep draws which feed the large pond in the middle of the<br />

property. The wetland area includes large, majestic post oaks attracting<br />

a variety of wildlife. This land has paved frontage less than a mile from<br />

Possum Kingdom Lake and a water meter in place. Contact Boone Campbell,<br />

(940) 282-5500. Offered at $584,380.<br />

Quail Draw Ranch<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3715192<br />

Quail Draw is located in an excellent quail and whitetail area and has quality<br />

habitat for each. The duck-covered ponds are all located inside the wooded<br />

area that is currently packed with dove. The remaining acreage is open with<br />

native grasses. The fallow fields provide good cover and nesting habitat for<br />

quail as well as excellent grazing for cattle. This property provides incomeproducing<br />

potential and has excellent hunting opportunities. Contact<br />

Travis Patterson, (254) 246-5266. Offered at $542,400.<br />

Wild Eye Mountain Ranch<br />

280± ACRES IN JACK COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3729528<br />

This land has it all from mountaintop views of fish-filled lakes down to huge<br />

trees covering the meandering West Fork of the Trinity River. Most of the<br />

ranch is heavily wooded with the northern portion having some open areas<br />

for food plots or grass pastures. The massive views are provided by the 220±<br />

feet of elevation change. Wild Eye Mountain Ranch is truly a special getaway<br />

ranch located within 75 minutes of Fort Worth, Texas. Contact<br />

Boone Campbell, (940) 282-5500. Offered at $999,500.<br />







This Hill Country paradise is located along the<br />

beautiful cypress-lined Medina River in Bandera<br />

County near Medina, Texas. Gorgeous engineered<br />

private lake, 6,500± square-foot masterly-crafted<br />

Aspen, Colorado-type lodge with guest house at<br />

2,000-foot elevation! Feels like Colorado in the<br />

Texas Hill Country! The property is high-fenced<br />

with trophy elk, red stag, axis and other exotics.<br />

Very private and very high-end improvements!<br />

Price Reduced: $5,950,000. Property ID: 3370303<br />



A fantastic ranch with a mile of flowing Salado<br />

Creek through the middle only 30 minutes<br />

northwest of Austin, Texas. Very good<br />

lake potential, lush coastal pastures, good<br />

elevations with big trees, ponds and over one<br />

mile paved frontage on CR 233 between Jarrell<br />

and Florence, Texas. No improvements and<br />

ready to build! This one has it all! Owner will<br />

divide. $6,507,300. Property ID: 3287656<br />


RANCH<br />

1,493± ACRES<br />


This is a turnkey ready-to-go ranch!<br />

Just move in and take over. All of<br />

the major improvements have been<br />

done. This ranch is set up for a great<br />

hunting operation for company<br />

fringe benefits hunts or an outfitter<br />

looking to start a new business.<br />

Ray Hanselman, Agent. $2,799,375.<br />

Property ID: 2043863<br />

Mark Meek, Broker | (830) 257–8881 | Info@MeekRanchSales.com<br />


www.MeekRanchSales.com | 1845 Water Street, Kerrville, Texas 78028<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/5594<br />


533.77± ACRES IN BELL COUNTY<br />

Pick up the Lucky Penny and look out from the headquarters situated atop the<br />

highest point and you can see forever. An assortment of activities for the ranch<br />

owner wanting to run cattle, ride horses, rope in a lighted arena, fish in an eightacre<br />

spring-fed stocked lake, hunt native and exotic game, search for arrowheads<br />

along one-and-a-half miles of Clear Creek, or just relax while entertaining family,<br />

friends and clients—this high-fenced ranch has it all. A range of improvements<br />

include well-appointed main and guest houses, foreman’s house, eight-stall horse<br />

barn, lighted arena, equipment barn, two sets of working pens with squeeze<br />

chute, three water wells, game-proof high-fencing, an eight-acre damned lake,<br />

and coastal and Klein grass fields which produce more than enough round bails<br />

for the year’s carrying capacity. The Lucky Penny is a rancher’s paradise and is<br />

heads up and waiting. Property ID: 3561091<br />



It may be the Devil’s River, but this is God’s country. 1,500± acres of beautiful<br />

views overlooking the deep blue waters at the confluence of Lake Amistad<br />

and the Devil’s River located north of Del Rio between Rough Canyon and<br />

Long Point. The Devil’s Lookout provides many opportunities for the ranch<br />

owner or the developer with a vision. As the population of Texas grows,<br />

properties with majestic lake views such as these are becoming rare. For<br />

land banking or recreational and residential development, this location has<br />

easy access with unlimited possibilities. Property ID: 3536763<br />

Bill Barton, Broker Associate | (830) 257–8881 | Info@MeekRanchSales.com<br />




200± Acres in Real County, Listed at $2,250,000, Property ID: 3630476<br />

Tres Vistas Ranch is a great Hill Country retirement hideaway. The ranch fronts RR337 12 miles west of Leakey and eight miles east of Camp Wood. The main house is<br />

a large, three-bedroom, three-bath, custom-built residence. The owner is a well-known home builder who built his retirement home at one of the highest elevations in Real<br />

County overlooking the spectacular Nueces Canyon Country with views of Southern Real and Edwards Counties. The home at Tres Vistas delivers dramatic, milliondollar<br />

views while surrounding you in luxurious Spanish-inspired architecture. The topography varies 375 feet from the back porch to the canyon floor. Game animals<br />

include aoudad, whitetail, numerous song birds and exotics. Tres Vistas Ranch sells lock, stock and barrel with home furnishings.<br />


1,478± Acres in Edwards County, Listed at $1,785 per acre, Property ID: 3714593<br />

The Weldon Ranch has been operated as a livestock and family hunting ranch for generations. The landscape is low, rolling hills covered with live oak, small canyons<br />

with limestone bluffs and wide open areas covered with elm trees, agarita and persimmon. Wild game animals include whitetail, turkey, elk, exotics and small varmints.<br />

Improvements include a ranch house, working pens, water well, tank, water troughs and pipeline to ponds.<br />



RANCH<br />


1,285± Acres in Edwards County, Listed at $3,495,000,<br />

Property ID: 3222563<br />

This beautiful canyon country is often referred to as the “Rocky Mountains of<br />

Texas.” Water features are extensive with about 7,000 feet of crystal-clear, sparkling<br />

Nueces River, a spring-fed creek and the largest spring branch in the Upper Nueces<br />

Water Shed. It is not unusual to see axis deer, whitetail, trophy aoudad, sika and<br />

red squirrels. Elk, bobcat and mountain lion have been spotted on the ranch.<br />

Improvements include a nice lodge, 40x80 metal shop and metal carport. Fourwheel-drive/ATV<br />

roads built around the mountaintops are ideal for hunting, hiking,<br />

mountain climbing and caving.<br />

874± Acres in Kinney County, Listed at $1,325 per acre<br />

Property ID: 1135402<br />

This is big buck country located in the popular area between the South Texas plains<br />

and scenic Hill Country. The ranch has been game managed for years. Wild game<br />

animals include whitetail deer, aoudad, axis, blackbuck, turkey and quail. The unique<br />

ranch lies in a spectacular setting between two mountain chains with rolling terrain<br />

and box canyons. Boot-high grass and high-protein brush species cover the landscape.<br />

Water is distributed to water troughs throughout the ranch. Corn and protein are<br />

fed year-round. Game-fenced on three sides. Quiet and peaceful location with low<br />

maintenance. Improvements include water well, metal shop and RV hookups.<br />



2,434± Acres in Edwards County, Listed at $1,650 per acre,<br />

Property ID: 3222563<br />

One will understand the name Psalms XXIII Ranch when they view the beauty<br />

and peaceful setting of the ranch—a scenic part of God’s beautiful creation. South<br />

Texas deer were released onto the ranch four years ago. There is an abundance of<br />

whitetail deer, axis deer, wild turkey and transient wild hogs. Improvements include a<br />

professionally-decorated three-bedroom, three-bath home built in 2008. Other living<br />

facilities include the original remodeled rock home with guest house, rock lodge, barn<br />

and cedar rail corrals and metal storage barn with heated gym. Five water wells furnish<br />

ample water for wild game and livestock. 12 game feeder and blinds are located in prime<br />

hunting areas. Sells turnkey with furnishings, deer blinds and deer feeders.<br />

128± Acres in Real County, Listed at $3,500 per acre with<br />

Owner Finance, Property ID: 2055532<br />

This old-time family ranch is for sale for the first time in almost a century. There<br />

are no restrictive covenants on the property. The ranch is located one mile north<br />

of Camp Wood, Texas, and lies along the east side of State Highway 55. There is a<br />

water well, electricity, telephone access, and a 40-acre field. Axis deer, whitetail deer,<br />

and wild turkey are the predominate wildlife found on the ranch. Great location for<br />

a Hill Country retirement ranch or weekend hideaway.<br />





Our Priorities Are Simple...They're Yours!<br />


Boggy Creek<br />


Escape the hassles of congested big-city life and create your own sanctuary<br />

on this breathtaking 58.06-acre tract, minutes from Brenham. Guest cottage<br />

(700± square feet) with loft, laundry room, covered patio and RV awning<br />

overlooks three stocked ponds reflecting gentle images of the countryside.<br />

Entrance lined with olive trees; three water wells, well houses and separate<br />

underground electric to all meters. Solar system of 19,600-watt DC ground<br />

mount electrical system, covered working pens, electric entry gate, perimeter<br />

hog wire fencing. Minerals negotiable with acceptable offer. Seller will divide.<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3114049<br />

Twin Lakes Ranch<br />

Wiecker Road<br />


A beautiful property with fantastic views. Two lakes, three wet-weather<br />

creeks and woods that are thriving with wildlife. A variety of Texas native<br />

trees, such as live oaks, water oaks, elm, cedar, pine and hickory. One<br />

bedroom, two baths, a living room and full kitchen. Small barn with stalls<br />

and large barn shell with partial concrete floor for equipment storage.<br />

Partial mineral conveyance is available!<br />

PROPERTY ID: 2955562<br />


Property is in the rolling Bleiblerville area. Even without improvements,<br />

it has many benefits including Texas wildflowers and wildlife. It is under<br />

agricultural exemption. Being located at almost the end of a gravel road,<br />

you will have lots of privacy with views, views, views!<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3085645<br />

Sandy Hill Farm<br />


Motivated sellers! Country property in Sandy Hill Area-Brenham! Looking<br />

for a ranchette with convenient access to Houston? Great place for<br />

weekend getaway or permanent living. Located in Washington County,<br />

minutes from Brenham. 45-plus acres, rolling hills and beautiful views<br />

await! Perfect for the weekend rancher, cattle grazing, horses or the<br />

novice farmer. A four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home, two-bedroom,<br />

two-bath guest house; 60x40-foot barn with concrete floor, three roll<br />

up doors and overhang; small pole barn and pond. Sellers will divide!<br />

PROPERTY ID: 2722831<br />

Shelly Moschak BROKER/OWNER<br />

SHELLY@5STARCOUNTRY.COM | (979) 830-5040<br />

2628 HIGHWAY 36 SOUTH, #311, BRENHAM, TEXAS 77833<br />



Drew@TXRanchBrokers.com<br />

PO Box 1338, Burnet, Texas 78611<br />

(512) 755–2078<br />


Mike@TXRanchBrokers.com<br />

PO Box 201330, Austin, Texas 78720<br />

(512) 940–8800<br />

Reavis Ranch<br />


Less than one hour from Austin, this ranch has a big feel with views from several<br />

locations. Gregory Creek flows clear over the rock bottom with waterfalls,<br />

limestone bluffs and Lampasas River frontage. There are four wells. Improvements:<br />

three-bedroom, one-bath brick home and a small hunter’s cabin. $2,600,000<br />

Big Sky Ranch<br />


Dramatic elevations, rolling terrain, cleared cedar, hardwood cover and coastal<br />

fields. Exceptional main house, two guest apartments, barn, eight lakes, five wells<br />

and interior roads. High-fenced for genetically-selected breeding. Exotics, MLD<br />

permitted. Turkey, dove and duck for hunting options. $2,950,000<br />

Creekside Ranch<br />


Ranch with varied terrain, 100 acres of improved pasture, elevation changes, 1.3<br />

miles of live water, three concrete dams, drought-resistant bass-stocked lake,<br />

remodeled two-bedroom, one-bathroom home, abundant game and land geared<br />

for cattle or horses. Currently under wildlife management exemption. $3,900,000<br />

Llano Live-Water Ranch<br />


This stunning ranch located near Llano is highly improved, complete with a Texasstyle<br />

rock home, detached garage and barn with a workshop, breathtaking views,<br />

1,000 feet of creek frontage and 3,500 feet of dramatic Llano River frontage. The<br />

ranch is high-fenced and offers excellent native and exotic wildlife. $2,450,000<br />

Arrowhead Ranch<br />

1,626± ACRES IN BURNET COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 3572449<br />

Elevation changes and big views. Large fishing ponds, intermittent creek, highfenced,<br />

game-managed, great hunting and a river bottom full of arrowheads and<br />

artifacts. Four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home, four-bedroom, three-bath log<br />

home, air conditioned barn/shop, five wells and more. Minerals convey. $8,937,500<br />

Latigo Ranch<br />

248.93± ACRES IN BURNET COUNTY | PROPERTY ID: 1762622<br />

The Latigo Ranch is the perfect legacy ranch. Exceptionally scenic and perfectly<br />

suited for family gatherings, entertaining, sports and livestock. The ranch includes<br />

a rock home with deck and covered porch near the creek, guest house, metal barn,<br />

office/apartment, equipment storage, stock shelter, and working pens. $1,995,000<br />


View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/683 LANDMAGAZINES.COM 213




The Thibodeaux Ranch is located in Wheeler County northwest of Shamrock,<br />

Texas. This is a premier hunting and cattle ranch with plenty of water, grass<br />

and cover for wildlife. It also has 684 acres of CRP that has an annual income<br />

of $20,428 per year. The ranch is well-watered with several windmills, solar<br />

wells and spring-fed draws. The grass is exceptional. The ranch has rolling<br />

hills with plenty of elevation change, draws and wet-weather creeks that<br />

provide great cover for wildlife and protection for cattle. Excellent hunting<br />

ranch with trophy whitetail deer, abundance of quail, turkey, wild hogs and<br />

dove. The fences are fair to good, electricity is available and there is adequate<br />

subsurface water for cattle, wildlife and hunting cabin or new home.<br />

Price: $3,254,400 or $1695 per acre. Property ID: 3680809<br />



The McAdams Ranch is located in Southwest Foard County at the end of FM<br />

654. This ranch has some of the best hunting that Northwest Texas has to<br />

offer. The property has excellent deer, turkey, quail and dove hunting. The<br />

ranch has produced several 150–170 Boone and Crockett whitetail bucks.<br />

There is a large spring on the east side of the ranch that has been dammed up<br />

by beavers that offers great habitat for ducks and geese. One of the greatest<br />

assets of the property is Boiling <strong>Spring</strong>s and Good Creek. Boiling <strong>Spring</strong>s<br />

offers great habitat for ducks and geese. Good Creek is lined with hardwoods<br />

and offers great cover for the wildlife and beauty to the ranch. This is one<br />

of the finest hunting ranches to come on the market in a long time. Price:<br />

$3,211,600 or $1295 per acre. Property ID: 2675789<br />



This is a highly improved ranch with excellent fences, multiple pastures,<br />

some cultivation, and well-watered with several earth tanks, springs and<br />

rural water piped all over the ranch. This is a great combination ranch for<br />

cattle and hunting. This area of North Texas is known for trophy whitetail<br />

deer and great bird hunting with turkey, quail and dove. The KC River Ranch<br />

also lies in the migratory flyway, and offers abundant ducks and geese for<br />

the water fowl hunter. The North Wichita River runs through the ranch, is<br />

spring-fed and has year-round water. The ranch has a lot of elevation change,<br />

great tree cover, several tanks scattered throughout the property and has<br />

large neighbors with minimal hunting pressure. Minerals! Price: $8,966,085<br />

or $1,195 per acre. Property ID: 2251018<br />

DANE MOUNT, BROKER · (940) 839–6247 · Dane@DavisVernon.com · View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/7228<br />

1011 Hillcrest Drive, Vernon, Texas 76384 · 115 West Main, Suite A, Llano, Texas 78643<br />


“Ranchers Selling Ranches”<br />

Fredonia Hill Country<br />

78± Acres in Mason County, $595,000<br />

Texas Hill Country at its finest! Great combination ranch with<br />

gorgeous hillside views (home sites), excellent balance of wooded<br />

native pasture and improved grasses. Two wells, one reported to<br />

be irrigation, and a dirt pond. Insulated 30x40 metal barn with<br />

covered extension, sheds and a good set of metal working pens.<br />

Nice Oak Creek three-bedroom two-bath mobile home, currently<br />

rented. Excellent location only minutes from Mason.<br />

Property ID: 3694458<br />

Ranch 386<br />

44± Acres in Mason County, $400,000<br />

For the discerning buyer, 40± acres of very desirable Texas Hill<br />

Country. Peaceful pastoral views, excellent home sites, an excellent<br />

mix of improved grasslands, and brushy cover for wildlife as well as<br />

mature live oak and post oak trees that are scattered throughout the<br />

property. For someone searching for their dream property, this is it!<br />

Conveniently located just minutes from Mason with easy highway<br />

frontage access. Modest deed restrictions, CTEC electric available and<br />

good underground water. Seller will drill water well and share cost of<br />

division fence. Give us a call to view this impressive property!<br />

Property ID: 3044219<br />

San Saba River Tract<br />

95± Acres in Menard County, $475,000<br />

This San Saba River tract has approximately 792 feet of river frontage.<br />

The ranch has a small two-room cabin, equipped well and water<br />

trough. Perimeter fences are in good condition and there are two<br />

cross fences dividing the property into three pastures, one being old<br />

cultivation. Most cedar has been removed from the front half of the<br />

property. Wildlife abounds and the hunting is exceptional! This is<br />

great place for outdoor recreationalists who like to hunt and fish.<br />

Property ID: 2863893<br />

View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/4132<br />

Tim & Helen Dockal, Broker | Dockal@WeSellRanchLand.com | (325) 347–8020 LANDMAGAZINES.COM 215



PROPERTY ID: 2815733 • $1,699,999<br />

This recently remodeled home is a three-bedroom, three-and-a-halfbath<br />

with a large game room. The property has beautiful manicured oak<br />

trees. There are exterior rock walls and patios, granite counter tops, new<br />

appliances, upgraded sprinkler systems and a pool with a new pump and<br />

filter system. Other features include horse facilities with an arena, 10-plus<br />

acres of pipe-fencing for horses to graze and a barndominium with horse<br />

stables and tack room. The additional foreman’s house is three-bedroom,<br />

three-bath. There is a gated stone entry with a paved private drive!<br />

Ag. exempt. Additional raw land available.<br />



PROPERTY ID: 3273637 • $878,000<br />

This Hill Country oasis has the perfect mix of<br />

large mature oak trees and pasture land. Cedar<br />

trees have been cleared from the property and<br />

there is a seasonal creek and tank that attract<br />

the native animals in the area. Ag. exempt and<br />

owner financing available. Please visit our<br />

website for additional pictures and land layout.<br />

W<br />


AMY GOMEZ (956) 451–8120 • AMYNGOMEZ8@GMAIL.COM<br />

MICHAEL GOMEZ (956) 648–7678 • MHGOMEZ2001@YAHOO.COM<br />



(325) 650-9833 | chipcole@verizon.net<br />


(325) 277-8071 | cacole4@gmail.com<br />



$2,800,000 • $335 PER ACRE<br />

This pretty mountain ranch is 50 miles east of El Paso and<br />

about three miles off of Highway 62/180 near Cornudas, Texas.<br />

The ranch is about 75 percent mountains and canyons which<br />

is an ideal habitat for the mule deer, abundant aoudad sheep<br />

and blue quail. The vistas from the 5,600-foot mountaintops<br />

are incredible. Less than an hour from El Paso and about<br />

three hours from Midland and Odessa. Property ID: 3740326<br />

WWW.CHIPCOLERANCHBROKER.COM | (325) 655-3555<br />

14 East Beauregard Avenue, Suite 201, San Angelo, Texas 76903 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/25563

www.RileyMcLean.com 505 Walsh, Austin, Texas 78703<br />

14.5± Acre Deeded Homesite & 1/7th Ownership of 231± Acres<br />

in Hays & Blanco Counties ▪ Property ID: 3375817<br />

The Narrows Conservancy<br />

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own and enjoy the<br />

Narrows on the Blanco River, one of the Hill Country’s<br />

best-kept secrets. Off limits to anyone besides the shared<br />

owners, this crystal-clear water paradise has been kept in<br />

pristine condition and is a luxury to anyone who has the<br />

chance to experience it. For the right buyer, this is a gem!<br />

Co-listed with Ranch Investments. Price: $1,275,000<br />

684.429± Acres in Blanco County ▪ Property ID: 3144512<br />

Just 45 minutes west of Austin, the iconic Pedernales River Ranch<br />

features over 725 feet of Pedernales River frontage and the falls<br />

and a charming three-bedroom, two-bath, one-story ranch<br />

house. The property has all that the best of the Hill Country<br />

should—live water, pristine springs, dramatic views, fertile fields,<br />

canyons, hilltops, oak and cedar and abundant native game.<br />

Co-listed with Martine Properties. Price: $10,266,435<br />

Pedernales River Ranch<br />

406.31± Acres in Hays County ▪ Property ID: 3610124<br />

Red Eagle<br />

Red Eagle Ranch provides big views from numerous locations<br />

and includes a small lake, spring-feed creeks, numerous<br />

madrone, beautiful oaks and ravines. The property is platted<br />

as four lots and accessed through the Ranches at Hamilton<br />

Pool on Grand Summit Boulevard, a private gated road.<br />

Price: $8,000,000<br />

298± Acres in Hays County ▪ Property ID: 3636527<br />

The Little Bear Creek Ranch is located on FM 967 in the<br />

exclusive Driftwood area, approximately one-and-a-half miles<br />

east of FM 1826. The property is rolling with live oaks, post<br />

oaks and cedar and 6,200 feet of Little Bear Creek. Excellent<br />

horse property. Includes some surface water rights and can be<br />

used for recreation, commercial, vineyard or other creative uses.<br />

Price: $7,301,000<br />

Little Bear Creek Ranch<br />

Carlotta C. McLean<br />

CCM@RileyMcLean.com<br />

218<br />

(512) 960-4676<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/135<br />

Tim W. Riley<br />



6823 Ranger Creek Road<br />

in Boerne, Texas<br />

106.94± Acres in Kendall County<br />

Features of this property include a 5,100± squarefoot<br />

main home, pool house, outdoor kitchen and<br />

fireplace, garage with offices and exercise room,<br />

guest house, and a shop/barn with apartment.<br />

Major price reduction. Price available upon request.<br />

Property ID: 1984932<br />

Kevin Manner Kevin@MannerPropertyGroup.com | 210.722.5822 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/210554<br />



TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

Water for Wildlife<br />



V<br />

alues associated with wildlife are significant and<br />

diverse. It’s been estimated that the economic impact<br />

of hunting and fishing in Texas contributes over $3.3<br />

billion annually to our state’s economy. Additionally,<br />

people not only simply value wildlife from a monetized<br />

standpoint, but also in other contexts, as well. These other<br />

diverse values of wildlife may include recreational, aesthetic,<br />

spiritual, emotional, and ecological values. Thus, attention to<br />

providing requisites for enhanced wildlife habitability is not<br />

only good for wildlife, but it’s good for society. Since much of<br />

Texas is often described as an arid to semi-arid environment,<br />

there exists plenty of opportunities through creative, financial,<br />

and sweat equities to invest in water as a means of providing a<br />

better home for wild creatures and for people.<br />

Water as a Nutrient<br />

When discussing nutrients as part of the wildlife management<br />

conversation, it seems that there tends to be more gravitation<br />

toward discussing supplemental feeding and forage<br />

management, with water being an afterthought in many of<br />

these discussions. Protein pellets and food plots tend to be<br />

sexier than the colorless,<br />

tasteless, and odorless<br />

properties of water.<br />

However, make no mistake,<br />

when it comes to servicing<br />

the diverse function of the<br />

living body, water reigns<br />

king. Water is intricately<br />

involved with transport of<br />

other nutrients, oxygen,<br />

and waste into and out of<br />

the cells. It contains several<br />

necessary electrolytes, it<br />

is critical in the digestive<br />

process, and even acts as<br />

a cushioning component<br />

for joints, spinal cord, and<br />

brain. Though water has no<br />

calories, it does serve as a medium for chemical reactions that<br />

are part of our normal bodily processes including the metabolic<br />

reactions involved in energy production. So, when discussing<br />

strategies for growing bigger deer, more quail, and creating<br />

greater wildlife diversity for backyard pleasure, it may be wise to<br />

move water to the front of the discussion line.<br />

Sources and Catchments<br />

When we think of how water ends up on our landscape, many<br />

people tend to think of that which falls from the sky. Indeed, the<br />

moisture that we receive from our atmosphere is necessary for<br />

our planet’s survival, and when you look across the lands of<br />

Texas, the water that you see in the form of dirt tanks, lakes,<br />

rivers, and potholes, is almost exclusively the result of rainfall.<br />

But let’s be reminded that there are some locales where soil<br />

types are simply not conducive for holding water, as the porosity<br />

may be too great. And as already mentioned, many areas of the<br />

state have long stretches in-between rainfall events, creating an<br />

environment where evaporation, percolation, and water usage<br />

simply exceeds what is captured from rainwater run-off. There<br />

are ways to manage around some of this shortfall, such as lining<br />

dirt tanks with bentonite clay or even using artificial liners, but<br />

droughts can still create problems when we are strictly relying<br />

on rainwater in arid regions.<br />

The other primary source for creating available surface water<br />

for the benefit of wildlife (and livestock), is by pumping it from<br />

the depths of the earth to the surface of the land, and then<br />

distributing it and making it available through drinking devices.<br />

The primary options for pumping groundwater to the surface is<br />

either through windmills or submersible pumps. Once pulled to<br />

the surface of ground, the now available water is often stored<br />

in an artificial tank, and is then delivered to a trough or drinker.<br />

Troughs are typically in the form of cement, plastic, or metal<br />

containers. Large properties will often feature extensive pipeline<br />

infrastructure where miles of pipelines are laid, generally<br />

through PVC, or these<br />

days, through polyethylene<br />

pipe, which is more durable<br />

than traditional PVC.<br />

Guzzlers are another option<br />

for providing wildlife water<br />

in arid regions or locales<br />

where groundwater is not<br />

available. The guzzler<br />

concept is typically based<br />

on having an apron which<br />

increases the collection<br />

area from rainwater, and<br />

the apron will funnel into<br />

a storage container that is<br />

fully enclosed to reduce<br />

evaporation, and is then<br />

fed through a pipe into a small drinker. Guzzlers have been<br />

especially popularized through some of the desert bighorn<br />

restoration projects in Texas and elsewhere.<br />

Distribution Counts<br />

Since water can be a weak link in the habitability matrix for<br />

a variety of wildlife, one of the fundamental premises is that<br />

increased distribution of water allows for increased usable<br />

space for those localized populations of wildlife. Thus, there is<br />

enhanced efficiency in making use of all habitat features across<br />

the landscape by bridging this distribution of use through water<br />

provisions. Increased water distribution addresses fragmented<br />

characteristics of habitat, minimizing “island-affects” and<br />

helping to transform patchy habitat characteristics into larger<br />

livable space for those populations of wildlife living in those<br />



TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />

areas. In addition to increasing wildlife population numbers<br />

through improved water distribution, these same populations<br />

tend to also be more stable with greater resilience to various<br />

environmental pressures.<br />

Don’t Forget the Small Critters<br />

Accessibility to surface water is sometimes an overlooked feature<br />

when water troughs are implemented. The limiter for accessibility<br />

is generally created through too much distance from the top of the<br />

trough to the surface of the water. Fawns, birds, small mammals,<br />

and even reptiles are sold short when they cannot access the<br />

water. This accessibility issue can be easily mitigated by stacking<br />

large rocks at one end of the trough, or using expanded metal<br />

that is shaped like inverted V and provides a sloping platform<br />

for crawling up from the ground and down to the water’s edge,<br />

or even wiring a log to the side of the trough; anything creates a<br />

perch for accessing the water. Overflows are also great ways to<br />

create wildlife-friendly watering locations.<br />

Water and Tax Consequences<br />

Passed in 1995, Proposition 11 allows Texas private landowners<br />

to qualify for their 1-d-1 Open Space Ag. Valuation through a<br />

provision of wildlife management use. Part of the requirements<br />

of this ad valorem tax valuation is an approved wildlife<br />

management plan that includes at least three of the seven<br />

designated wildlife management practices, including water<br />

development. Thus, another important feature of private<br />

landowners actively implementing water improvements for<br />

wildlife, is that this investment may be applied toward a wildlife<br />

valuation, should the landowner choose to go that route. The<br />

central appraisal district (CAD) within each county can provide<br />

more details, or you can consult a private consultant, such as<br />

Wildlife Consultants, LLC.<br />

To seek consultation on various wildlife and hunting<br />

related matters, contact Greg Simons or Ruben Cantu at<br />

(325) 655-0877 or go to www.TheWildlifeConsultants.com.<br />


G r e g S i m o n s<br />

Wildlife Biologist<br />

Wildlife@WildlifeSystems.com<br />

O u r P h i l o s o p h y<br />

The health of habitat and<br />

wildlife is related directly to<br />

the committed stewardship<br />

of private landowners and<br />

land managers. As wildlife<br />

biologists, we understand<br />

that it’s our job to help<br />

landowners and land<br />

managers achieve their goals,<br />

which in turn helps keep<br />

open space land sustainably<br />

productive and ecologically<br />

functional, benefiting us all.<br />

R u b e n C a n t u<br />

Wildlife Biologist<br />

Ruben@TheWildlifeConsultants.com<br />

W i l d l i f e C o n s u l t i n g & H u n t i n g S e r v i c e s<br />

( 3 2 5 ) 6 5 5 - 0 8 7 7<br />

w w w . T h e W i l d l i f e C o n s u l t a n t s . c o m



(512) 589–1315 | 1601 EAST CESAR CHAVEZ #107, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78702<br />


403± Acres in Lee County Property ID: 2267117<br />

Centrally located between Austin and Houston, these three contiguous<br />

tracts of land total 403± beautiful acres. Buy all three or split them up.<br />

FM 1624 frontage. The property offers nice returns on hay production<br />

and is meticulously maintained. Both Lincoln and Lee County water,<br />

multiple tanks, improved open land boasting high quality coastal<br />

grasses. Perfect for continued hay production, grazing or development.<br />

House, barns with electricity, nice roads. Water rights convey.<br />


9.99± Acres in Hays County Property ID: 3465098<br />

This beautifully-maintained, horse and livestock-friendly facility is a fully-fenced, ag. exempt property with<br />

rolling hills in developed ranchette neighborhood. The stylish and solidly-built Tilson home, 100 percent<br />

brick, has raised vaulted ceilings, added windows for spectacular views, spa overlooking the property and<br />

very attractive grounds and neighborhood with an artist’s feel. Outfitted with a 20x60-foot master barn and<br />

tack room. This facility showcases horse-fencing and well-designed stalls, with a crushed granite base for<br />

excellent drainage with front and rear slider entry and exit doors. Additionally, there are 12x12-foot openstalled<br />

areas, making eight total stalls! Property also features a high-bay garage/art studio/workshop with<br />

front-to-back entry and exit. Live/work.<br />



Spectacular Hunting &<br />

Entertainment Ranch<br />


The Mi Sueno Ranch is a spectacular, high-fenced, intensely managed<br />

ranch, with great facilities and superior, genetic, trophy-class whitetailed<br />

deer. The headquarters complex consists of a large, openstyle,<br />

three-bedroom, two-bath, fire pit, barns, equipment sheds,<br />

game cleaning station, shooting range. Water is excellent with six<br />

wells including an irrigation well, six tanks, pivot irrigation system,<br />

water pipelines and troughs. Also, deer breeding pens and working<br />

facilities, blinds, feeders, and much more included. Exceptional<br />

wildlife habitat. South Texas’ best. Turkey, quail, dove and fishing.<br />

Minerals | $9,533,090 | Property ID: 3178514<br />

Nueces River Ranch<br />


This gorgeous 168± acre riverfront/lakefront property sits on the<br />

banks of the Nueces River in Zavala County. With over 1,300-feet<br />

of frontage, the large, deep natural lake harbors bass, catfish,<br />

crappie and perch. The bottomland has large pecan trees, live<br />

oaks, hackberry, cedar elm while native brush covers the upland.<br />

There is excellent deer, turkey, hog, quail and dove hunting. Bird<br />

watching, wildlife viewing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking<br />

and arrowhead hunting is alluring. A water well, small equipment<br />

barn, and good roads complete this outdoor recreational paradise.<br />

$655,200 | Property ID: 3367321<br />

Circle V Ranch<br />


Circle V Ranch is centered in the famed Golden Triangle of South<br />

Texas, in Dimmit County, west of Carrizo <strong>Spring</strong>s on Highway 277.<br />

This low-fenced hunting ranch has trophy-class white-tailed deer,<br />

javelina, hogs, bobcats, dove, turkey and quail. The deep red sands and<br />

excellent diversity of high-quality native brush provide prime habitat<br />

for wildlife. There are three food plots including a 10-acre irrigated<br />

high-fenced food plot. The ranch is well-watered with two wells, water<br />

pipelines, troughs and two tanks. There’s a 4,000-square-foot, fourbedroom<br />

three-bath lodge with a swimming pool. Equipment barn,<br />

walk-in cooler, shooting range, hunting blinds and feeders included.<br />

$1,715,000 | Property ID: 3741512<br />









974.55± ACRES, RAINS COUNTY · PROPERTY ID: 2325309<br />

Unparalleled riverfront recreation. Reduced: $4,990,000<br />


Private 550± acres lake, hardwoods, elevation, hunting. $15,000,000<br />




Desirable recreational ranch near Hico. Reduced: $1,560,000<br />


Secluded with superb wildlife. $1,586,500<br />


JT RANCH<br />


High-fence ranch on Denton Creek. $2,800,000<br />


First-class improvements with 28± acre lake. Will divide. $5,181,300<br />

HRCRANCH.COM · (214) 361-9191<br />

10711 Preston Road, Suite 240 Dallas, Texas 75230 · View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/585


(830) 928-4820 • jones3bart@gmail.com<br />


Lazy Eye Ranch<br />

This beautiful 200 acres on the Sabinal River offers 1,200 feet of private river with<br />

dam. The exquisite home is hidden on the side of a hill in a wooded valley. It is<br />

designed with tall glass windows, dry-stack stone walls and cedar posts. The threebedroom,<br />

three-bath home has three fireplaces and about 2,000 feet of porches.<br />

Indoor cedar ceilings rise from 12 to 20 feet to allow for outside light. The home has<br />

an indoor screened porch with fireplace. The master bedroom has a fireplace and<br />

high-window walls which make you feel as if you were sleeping outdoors. Stone<br />

gated entrance with an asphalt drive that goes along the river, across the dam and<br />

up to the house. This wildlife-exempt ranch has some level ground up to high hills<br />

and an undisturbed canyon. The ranch has rarely been hunted. It is located two<br />

miles north of Vanderpool near Lost Maples State Park.<br />

200± ACRES IN BANDERA COUNTY • PROPERTY ID: 3227588 • $3,750,000<br />


www.DBLRealEstate.com<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/1732<br />

Madisonville, Texas<br />

Horse Lovers<br />



(936) 348-9977<br />

DBLRealEstate@sbcglobal.net<br />

Madison County Ranch<br />

8.9± Acres in Madison County<br />

$489,000 • Property ID: 3590915<br />

This four-bedroom, three-bath, three-half-bath CPT two-story<br />

home was originally built in 1911 and completely remodeled in<br />

2014. The home features granite countertops, stainless steel<br />

appliances, hardwood floors on the first floor, carpeting upstairs<br />

and tile in bathrooms. Other improvements include 1,400 square<br />

feet of covered porches, pond, riding area and a 5,000-square-foot,<br />

six-stall barn with a 14-foot Big Ass Fan, tack room, workshop,<br />

80 percent concrete floor and 2,000-square-foot equipment shed.<br />

City water and sewer, natural gas and new 665-foot water well.<br />

166.25± Acres in Madison County<br />

$997,500 • Property ID: 3699049<br />

This great cattle or recreation ranch is ready for your home site<br />

and/or livestock and features a roughly three-acre lake, stock<br />

pens, fence, electricity and water well. The land is approximately<br />

40 percent open and 60 percent wooded, with several game trails<br />

showing evidence of deer, hogs and other wildlife. Other features<br />

include large, gorgeous hardwoods and over 1,900 feet of paved road<br />

frontage on FM 2158. Don’t pass up this rare, large land tract.<br />





Steve Bennett<br />

broker associate<br />

Steve@LoneStarBoerne.com<br />

(210) 287–3776 cell<br />

(830) 249–7979 office<br />

LonestarBoerne.com<br />

TexasLandBrokers.org<br />

Photos | sRagnar Fotographi<br />

View All Properties:<br />

LandsofAmerica.com/member/62026<br />

The cypress-lined Sabinas Creek with its crystal-clear, spring-fed<br />

water flows gently across the ranch creating a unique aqua park<br />

setting. Numerous ponds and windmills provide a consistent source<br />

of nutrition for the native wildlife and family livestock. The 809 acres<br />

is quite diverse offering fertile soils, coastal fields, rugged canyons,<br />

towering cypress, sycamore and pecan trees, highlighted by stunning<br />

long-range views of the Guadalupe River Valley. The historic ranch,<br />

settled in 1847, is located only seven miles from the Kendall County<br />

Courthouse and within the boundaries of Boerne I.S.D.<br />

809± Acres in Kendall County • Property ID: 3370355<br />



Tecolote Ranch<br />


PROPERTY ID: 1085255<br />

Protected location only 18 miles from a jet runway (Edinburg<br />

Airport), ideal terrain for a combination of quail, nilgai, deer, dove<br />

and duck hunting. Gorgeous Bob Simpson designed ranch house<br />

on Big Bass Lake, manager’s residence, hunter’s lodging, kennels,<br />

barns, walk-in cooler, water wells and miles of pipelines to natural<br />

wildlife ponds and concrete troughs. This is a once-in-a-lifetime<br />

ranch, well-known for conservation research, wildlife photography<br />

and natural wildlife diversity. Tecolote Ranch adjoins King Ranch<br />

for four miles and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge for two miles.<br />

Santa Cruz Ranch<br />


PROPERTY ID: 3724548<br />

A unique oasis of pristine, virgin brush, located 10 miles west of<br />

McCook and three miles from the Hidalgo County line. Arguably<br />

deep South Texas’ finest all around hunting ranch. 90 percent<br />

is high-quality soils with three reversible fenced LAB food<br />

plots. Charming Camargo-style three-bedroom ranch house<br />

with two-bedroom high-quality barndominium. Headquarters<br />

overlooks a gorgeous lake. Only 30 minutes from McAllen with<br />

good water. A rare wildlife paradise in the Rio Grande Valley!<br />

Campbell Patton (956) 605-6737 | CPSouthTexas@aol.com<br />

2414 Sendero Drive, Mission, Texas 78573 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/58973<br />




Legacy <strong>Spring</strong>s Ranch totals an outstanding 21,305 acres. Located in the Texas Hill Country, it is one of the<br />

largest remaining ranches in the area. Legacy <strong>Spring</strong>s Ranch is roughly 70 miles northwest of downtown<br />

Austin—the hub of a thriving city that shows no signs of slowing down. With elevations ranging from 1,020–<br />

1,600 feet above sea level, there is no doubt that this property is something special. For the first time, portions<br />

of Legacy <strong>Spring</strong>s Ranch are being offered as three separate parcels.<br />


$23,953,600 • 5,444± ACRES • BURNET COUNTY<br />

Silver Creek Cove Ranch boasts approximately two-anda-half<br />

miles of frontage on Lake Buchanan on both sides<br />

of Beaver Creek Cove. Paved road frontage on US HWY<br />

2341 allows for easy access. The ranch has excellent<br />

residential development potential. Approximately 1,800<br />

acres are designated as a Municipal Utility District and<br />

development plans already exist. Developable water<br />

frontage with an excellent marina site is surrounded<br />

by hillsides offering stunning views of Lake Buchanan.<br />


$19,369,350 • 5,031± ACRES • BURNET COUNTY<br />

Brushy Mountain Ranch has approximately 2.4 miles of<br />

pristine Colorado River frontage. Deer Creek, a tributary<br />

to the Colorado River, winds its way through the ranch’s<br />

rolling topography. An interior lake covers two acres.<br />

Picturesque views of the beautiful Texas Hill Country<br />

landscape are nothing short of spectacular and could<br />

be equated to those one would see at a National<br />

Park. 1,662 acres are protected by a conservation<br />

easement with an established conservation bank.<br />


$15,646,950 • 3,161± ACRES • BURNET COUNTY<br />

Gray Mountain Ranch has approximately four miles<br />

of untouched Colorado River frontage. Multiple<br />

waterways wind their way throughout: Davis Hollow<br />

Creek, Buzzards Roost Creek, Sycamore Creek and<br />

Ashby Branch. An improved network of roads provides<br />

easy access to the many points of interest. Panoramic<br />

views of Lake Buchanan, the Colorado River, and of a<br />

large waterfall make this ranch the ultimate escape.<br />




(254) 855-6430<br />


Travis.10Turner@gmail.com / (469) 582-0212<br />



250± ACRES / $1,750,000 / ROBERTSON COUNTY / PROPERTY ID: 3717010<br />

The home is a 3,500-square-foot custom-built, single-story, ranch-style home with gorgeous<br />

upgrades! This four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath stone home with open floor plan is<br />

ready-to-go for a new owner! Electric private front gate. There is an eight-stall covered<br />

horse barn with full tack room, water and electric. Hay-producing costal fields, sandy<br />

loam soil and Kentucky-style white fences on the perimeter with cross fencing, turn<br />

out traps by house and mare monitors as well as several loafing sheds. Breeding<br />

and train facilities on site as well as multiple large ponds, one lake and beautiful<br />

live oaks all over the property. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, ducks, feral hogs<br />

and turkey. All known mineral royalties will convey upon sale to a new owner.<br />


103± ACRES / $6,000,000 / DENTON COUNTY / PROPERTY ID: 3334015<br />

This pristine horse property is located in Horse Country USA, Aubrey, Texas! Offering<br />

now for exclusive sale, the legendary Bucks and Barrels Ranch. Bordering HWY 377, horse<br />

barns with a full breeding facility, hay-producing costal field with active irrigation pivots.<br />

With over 50 stalls, this property also has a covered rodeo arena with announcers stand,<br />

training and breeding facilities and an aqua tread for horse conditioning. The property has fiveplus<br />

homes, managers office and separate living quarters and more amenities than can be listed!<br />





PROPERTY ID: 3281894<br />

Meandering for over nine miles through the Thompson River Ranch, the Colorado River creates its own<br />

unique ecosystem of river bottomland, picturesque cliffs, strong grassland and numerous species of<br />

plants, wildlife and natural beauty. This ranch has abundant wildlife, improved bluestem pasture and a<br />

picturesque colonial home. From the front porch you can watch livestock graze, wildlife scamper, water<br />

fowl migrate or enjoy a beautiful sunrise. There are two small cabins adjacent to the main house. There<br />

is no comparison in this area of Texas to find water, wildlife, grass and relaxation. Please call for an<br />

appointment for your own piece of heaven. One-eighth minerals will convey with sale. Contact for price.<br />






This ranch is a recreational paradise with a beautiful 2,608-squarefoot<br />

ranch-style home, an infinity pool and a detached guest house.<br />

The total complex is a well-landscaped, environmentally-friendly<br />

and low-profile development. The land is rolling and heavily<br />

treed with a well-stocked, year-round, four-acre lake. Contact<br />

Mike Irvin, Agent and Keith Morrison, Agent at (254) 675-3818,<br />

MIrvin@Hughes.net or KMorrison@BosqueCountyProperties.com.<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3745464 | $1,900,000<br />



This turnkey Texas-Spanish-style ranch house is ideal for<br />

cattle and horses. One of the best hunting properties in Erath<br />

County. Convenient location to Dallas, Austin, Stephenville<br />

and Hico. 4,136-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-and-a-halfbath<br />

home; separate guest and bunk houses. Seven ponds and<br />

lots of wildlife. Contact Sandy Thomas, Agent at (254) 675-3818<br />

or CowgirlThomas@gmail.com.<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3584693 | $3,750,000

Different to Make a Difference<br />

Country Retreat<br />

30± Acres in Johnson County<br />

$1,350,000 | Property ID: 3370355<br />

25 Minutes South of Fort Worth<br />

Stunning custom four-bedroom, three-and-ahalf-bath<br />

home including an office on 30 acres.<br />

Tons of custom features including NUDURA<br />

insulated concrete form walls, reclaimed wood<br />

and ceiling tiles, granite counters, laundry shoot<br />

in master, hand-scraped wood floors, custom<br />

cabinets, saltwater pool with stamped concrete,<br />

outdoor kitchen, oversized porch, and a<br />

detached and oversized carport. Huge insulated<br />

workshop with three roll-up doors and living<br />

quarters above. Guest house at front of property.<br />

Mindy Potts, Agent (817) 517-9101 | Mindy@PottsRealtyGroup.com | PottsRealtyGroup.com<br />

605 North Nolan River Road, Suite F, Cleburne, Texas 76033 | View All Properties: LandsofAmerica.com/member/458953<br />



68± ACRES<br />

0.2± MILE HWY 290 FRONTAGE<br />







Tuesday, March 28, <strong>2017</strong> • 11 AM<br />

Hampton Inn • Austin/Oakhill<br />


6401 US HWY 290, WEST AUSTIN, TEXAS 78735<br />

PROPERTY ID: 3708263<br />


4510 WEST US HWY 290<br />


TXS6949<br />

254.760.1156 | 254.947.5804<br />

billhall@hughes.net<br />





moore<br />

ranch<br />

452.28± ACRES<br />


$1,500,000<br />

Hill Country hunting ranch with rolling hills, large scattered oaks and big views. Over<br />

450 acres waiting for your desired improvements. Currently has a cabin, well, RV covers<br />

and hookups. Ag. exempt and unrestricted. Low-fenced acreage has been a recreational<br />

hunting ranch for many years with some blinds remaining. Just over 12 miles to Junction<br />

and 20 miles to Harper. Property ID: 3175600<br />

tim fulfer (512) 376-1766 tfulfer@gmail.com www.starlandandrealtyco.com<br />




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Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) had another busy year in<br />

2016. We added some new staff members, along with their<br />

energy and fresh ideas, to the TWA team.<br />

Staff and volunteer efforts to drive recruitment and retention<br />

by focusing on value, outreach, and incentives pushed our<br />

membership to about 10,000. It’s invigorating to see TWA’s<br />

message resonate with our fellow Texans.<br />

Our education programs reached 661,000 Texans achieving<br />

a new high watermark this year. Our Texas Big Game Award<br />

banquets had more attendees and entries than ever before.<br />

Our Texas Youth Hunting Program hosted nearly 200 hunts<br />

which put about 1,200 young Texans in the field. Let there<br />

be no doubt, these programs make a difference for Texas:<br />

eyes are opened, lessons are learned, hunters are made, and<br />

conservationists are born.<br />

At this writing, the Texas Legislature has just convened its 85th<br />

Session. TWA is fully engaged on behalf of our members. We<br />

are keeping a vigilant eye on all land, water and wildlife issues.<br />

During this session we hope to advance meaningful reforms to<br />

eminent domain statutes, establishing more equitable treatment<br />

for rural landowners. We are fortunate to not only have strong<br />

partners but the “high ground” on the argument. We will<br />

continue working to maintain responsible disease management<br />

in our wildlife resources, which includes sufficient funding<br />

for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas<br />

Animal Health Commission. We will also be standing for the<br />

established ownership of groundwater as private property.<br />

The makeup of the Texas Legislature reflects our state’s<br />

massive rural/urban imbalance, creating headwinds for our<br />

policy priorities. It’s only through active engagement and<br />

organized efforts with like-minded organizations that we can<br />

hold the line for our great state’s remaining wild, open spaces.<br />

Just as TWA needs partners for our policy efforts, we need<br />

partners for our Texas Youth Hunting Program. Please take a<br />

moment to reflect on this past hunting season and consider<br />

whether you had time to host a hunt on your property or to<br />

volunteer to help with a hunt.<br />

As I mentioned, TYHP hosts about 200 hunts a year with just<br />

five staff members. Oftentimes, there will be 20 or more hunts<br />

running simultaneously on any given weekend. How do we do it?<br />

With the generous support of volunteers and willing landowners.<br />

These hunts get young Texans, who have little or no other<br />

opportunity to hunt, out in the field. They are accompanied by<br />

their parent or guardian and are under the tutelage of trained<br />

volunteers. We incorporate educational activities and the<br />

“gospel” of land stewardship into each hunt.<br />

This program has a huge impact. For many of these kids, this is<br />

not only the first time they will experience Texas’s rich wildlife<br />

resources, but it is the first time they’ve ever seen stars in<br />

the night sky or heard the birds awaken at sun rise. If you’re<br />

interested in helping, please contact us at the TWA office at<br />

(800) 839-9453. In our experience, the landowners who are<br />

hosting hunts get as much—or more—out the weekend as the<br />

young hunters.<br />

Each summer we host the TWA Annual Convention at the J.W.<br />

Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio. This year it<br />

will be held July 13–15. Mark your calendars now. Visit<br />

www.Texas-Wildlife.org to register.<br />

The educational programs are second to none; the trade show<br />

is one of the best in the state; the speakers are engaging;<br />

the fellowship is welcoming; the food is great; the drinks are<br />

cold, and the accommodations are first-class. As part of the<br />

weekend, we host the statewide Texas Big Game Awards,<br />

a Private Lands Summit and a Grand Auction with items<br />

of exceptional quality, including hunts that are unavailable<br />

elsewhere. This convention helps fund our programs, but more<br />

importantly it gives our members—new and old—a chance to<br />

get together to celebrate the wildlife of Texas.<br />

As a fellow enthusiast for Texas’s open spaces, thanks for all<br />

that you do to care for them.<br />


TEXAS LAND / Roundup Issue<br />



Is cash still king? It would still seem so to your TLBN broker<br />

members. It is without surprise that the market conditions<br />

across Texas vary, and often with very significant drivers.<br />

Ranches with a strong recreational component and within<br />

reach of a large city, still see quite strong sales, especially<br />

in those of higher quality. Ranches and farms with a strong<br />

production agriculture component have found sales hard to<br />

come by, yet inventory is still remarkably light in most regions.<br />

With the continued financial squeeze on commodities, most<br />

would predict this trend to continue. Nearly across all sectors,<br />

inventory is tight, and evidence would suggest that for most<br />

rural properties equity is not an issue, for buyers or sellers. So,<br />

cash is still king for now. Likely a great time to get your farm or<br />

ranch on the market.<br />






The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA)<br />

hosted their <strong>2017</strong> Cattlemen at the Capitol event this week in<br />

Austin, Texas. They kicked the event off on Tuesday night with a<br />

reception at The Driskill hotel, where many state officials attended<br />

and visited with leaders from the association. TSCRA leaders were<br />

at the Texas State Capitol on Wednesday where they met with<br />

Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Speaker Joe<br />

Straus and more than 50 other State Senators and Representatives<br />

about legislative priorities for the 85th Legislative Session.<br />

The most prevalent topic of conversation was the need for<br />

eminent domain reform. To learn more about eminent domain<br />

reform efforts visit TexansForPropertyRights.com.<br />



Whether you are buying or selling rural property, there are<br />

numerous reasons why you want to engage in the services of<br />

a member of the Texas Alliance of Land Brokers (TALB). Our<br />

members offer:<br />

• Knowledge of land markets and mineral, water and timber rights<br />

• Knowledge of how to locate rural properties<br />

• Specialized knowledge of the Texas Farm and Ranch Contract<br />

• Ability to find financing for rural properties<br />

• Understanding of political and government regulations related to rural<br />

land ownership<br />

Our mission is to assist our membership through broker<br />

cooperation, ethics, marketing, private property rights,<br />

fellowship and educational speakers who can provide<br />

information that is useful to our rural land experience. Our<br />

members attend monthly meetings with guest speakers who<br />

are professionals in their field. The March meeting will be held<br />

at the Woodrose Winery in Stonewall, Texas, on Wednesday,<br />

March 22nd at 11:15 a.m. with Charles Porter speaking. Our final<br />

event of the year will be our Christmas Party, December 7th at<br />

the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg.<br />

Contact Jane Bushong Brown at (830) 329-3354 for more<br />

information or to RSVP for the meeting.<br />



A Rare Opportunity on the Guadalupe River<br />

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