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<strong>2016</strong><br />

<strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong>

<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> // 03

04 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> Annual <strong>Report</strong> Review<br />

Foreword from Nicky Murdoch<br />

<strong>2016</strong> has been a remarkable year for the <strong>DMWS</strong>. We are thrilled that Her<br />

Royal Highness, The Countess of Wessex agreed to become our Royal<br />

Patron. We received The Sovereign’s Medal of Merit from The Order of<br />

St John for exceptional service in support of the Armed Forces Community,<br />

the first time it has ever been awarded and we have continued with our<br />

transformation to an organisation that is “in the business of charity” and<br />

maintained our strategy of diversification in order to be sustainable.<br />

Nicky Murdoch<br />

To that end we have delivered our service to the entire Defence<br />

Community and their families and have also launched trials to deliver<br />

our service to the Police Community. Once again we have secured<br />

the contract to deliver our service to the MOD, which means we are<br />

supporting the serving population of the Armed Forces in Cyprus,<br />

Northern Ireland and in Birmingham. Additionally, we have established<br />

teams in Scotland, Avon and Somerset and the Greater Manchester area<br />

for the veteran’s community. Our path to diversification has also seen us<br />

working with veterans in the Cheshire and Greater Manchester Probation<br />

Service as part of a prevention strategy and with the Police in Hampshire<br />

and Avon and Somerset. We are really pleased with the progress and<br />

outcomes of these new projects and delighted that we are making a real<br />

difference to those who put themselves in harm’s way for the Nation.<br />

We are very grateful for the ongoing support provided by our partners<br />

Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion for funding our service in<br />

Catterick and nationally, Germany and in the Battleback Centre. These<br />

partnerships allow us to maintain a national footprint and reach in to all<br />

areas where the Armed Forces serve.<br />

We are also very proud of our work in “professionalising welfare”<br />

through the development of our training provision. Our flagship Level<br />

3 Diploma in Welfare Studies is in significant demand by a very broad<br />

audience because it delivers the skills required to be an effective welfare<br />

practitioner. Our resilience courses are also gaining traction as part<br />

of the early intervention pathway for developing good mental health<br />

and wellbeing.<br />

Our welfare officers are continuing to provide an excellent service that<br />

makes a very real difference to improve the lives of our beneficiaries.<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> – Caring for those who serve from the frontline to recovery.<br />

Nicky Murdoch<br />

Chief Executive, Defence Medical Welfare Service

Over 1, 000 000<br />

patients and their<br />

families supported<br />

since 1943<br />

<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> // 05<br />

Evolution of <strong>DMWS</strong><br />

The Defence Medical Welfare Service (<strong>DMWS</strong>)<br />

was formed from the Joint War Committee of the<br />

British Red Cross and The Order of St John in 1943.<br />

For over 70 years <strong>DMWS</strong> has been providing<br />

medical welfare support to the Armed Forces<br />

Community. In order to retain the humanitarian<br />

ethos of both our parent charities and to adapt<br />

to changing requirements, <strong>DMWS</strong> evolves<br />

constantly to meet new needs and <strong>2016</strong> has been<br />

no exception.<br />

Key advances include:<br />

• Diversifying the provision of welfare to new<br />

beneficiaries on the frontline such as the police,<br />

the probation service and the NHS<br />

• Recognition that <strong>DMWS</strong> has been at the forefront<br />

of the ‘professionalisation’ of welfare, setting the<br />

standard for training and delivery of welfare<br />

• Gathering evidence and outcomes that<br />

demonstrate the cost benefit and value that<br />

professional welfare can deliver<br />

• Creation of a comprehensive portfolio of<br />

wellbeing and welfare training, which offers both<br />

preventative and interventional strategies for<br />

those helping others in a welfare setting.<br />

The comfort and support you<br />

provide at such a difficult and<br />

emotional time is priceless. Thank<br />

you from the bottom of our hearts<br />

for all your time and dedication.”<br />

Wife of a wounded soldier

06 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> Annual <strong>Report</strong> Review<br />

The ongoing support and reassurance should not<br />

be underestimated. The presence of the <strong>DMWS</strong><br />

during my past 6 months helped me keep going and<br />

moving forward” Critically ill dependant of a soldier<br />

What makes us unique<br />

What we do<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> has been providing an independent and<br />

impartial medical welfare service for “Those who<br />

Serve” for more than seven decades and are the<br />

only organisation providing a medical welfare<br />

service throughout the clinical care pathway.<br />

Our Welfare Officers offer practical and emotional<br />

support to ensure that no family goes through the<br />

worry of injury or illness alone.<br />

We work with patients when they are receiving<br />

treatment on a clinical care pathway – when their<br />

medical needs are being met but when other issues,<br />

problems or social influences, may be distracting<br />

them from their recovery. To that end we act<br />

as care navigators, identifying need and finding<br />

voluntary and statutory organisations to link with<br />

the individual to reduce pressure on NHS staff and<br />

to enable the patient to return to health, work and<br />

home at the earliest opportunity.<br />

The types of cases can range from assisting with<br />

traumatic and complex injuries, less severe cases<br />

where more practical help is needed to dealing with<br />

bereavement and terminal illness.<br />

We have been described as the ‘guardian angels’ at<br />

incredibly difficult and stressful times, largely unseen<br />

but ever present and always ready to help.<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> is an organisation with history, credibility<br />

and a very strong reputation. We have unequalled<br />

and extensive experience of delivering a professional<br />

welfare service.<br />

Our Welfare Officers are drawn from a wide variety<br />

of backgrounds including health professionals,<br />

former military personnel and police with welfare<br />

experience. Every one of them is trained in Mental<br />

Health First Aid and holds a Level 3 Diploma in<br />

Welfare Studies.<br />

We are unique:<br />

• <strong>DMWS</strong> are the only organisation providing a<br />

medical welfare service throughout the health<br />

care pathway<br />

• Highly trained, operationally experienced and<br />

professionally accredited staff<br />

• More than 70 years of experience in the most<br />

difficult of circumstances including front line and<br />

highly charged environments<br />

• In addition to helping individuals we assist<br />

organisations by contributing to earlier return to<br />

work / unblocking beds in the NHS<br />

• Leverage our strong network with partners, charities<br />

and statutory agencies for coordinated solutions<br />

• Our welfare service is available 24 hours a day,<br />

365 days a year<br />

• National and international footprint<br />

• Independent and impartial welfare service<br />

• <strong>DMWS</strong> is at the forefront of transforming welfare<br />

into a profession

<strong>DMWS</strong> helped reduce<br />

service users’ Length-of-Stay<br />

in hospital by 411 bed days<br />

– equating to over £240,000<br />

saving for the NHS<br />

<strong>2016</strong> Annual <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> Review // 07<br />

I firmly believe that had we not<br />

had the specialist support from<br />

the <strong>DMWS</strong> Team, we would not<br />

have been able to achieve the<br />

positive placement and outcome<br />

for the patient.” Charlotte Walker,<br />

Operations Manager – Hospital Social Work Team,<br />

Fairfield General Hospital<br />

The wider impact of our service<br />

Apart from the obvious benefits to patients and<br />

their families, working with <strong>DMWS</strong> provides wider<br />

advantages to linked organisations and health<br />

care providers involved in the individual’s clinical<br />

care pathway.<br />

The outcomes include:<br />

• Saving money by reducing hospital Length-of-<br />

Stay through fostering positive engagement and<br />

sourcing external support.<br />

• Helping to tackle Delayed Transfer of Care issues<br />

by providing additional options for transitional<br />

care thus reducing ‘bed-blocking’<br />

• Reducing ‘Did Not Attends’ (DNAs) rates by<br />

accompanying patients to appointments<br />

• Freeing up clinical staff to concentrate on their<br />

core duties by dealing with non-medical issues<br />

• Assisting in the creation of a more coherent and<br />

coordinated discharge plan<br />

• Working with other organisations to improve<br />

homecare provision and reduce re-admission<br />

risk<br />

• Helping to reduce the risk of complaints or<br />

litigation by acting as a professional intermediary<br />

• Delivering a positive patient experience leading to<br />

improved feedback for health care partners.

08 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Our Staff<br />

Our specialist knowledge, rooted in operational<br />

experience, means that <strong>DMWS</strong> Welfare Officers<br />

have a deep understanding of working with Armed<br />

Forces personnel and their families, as well as with<br />

veterans, and increasingly other uniformed services<br />

including the Police Force and the Probation Service.<br />

Our Welfare Officers are experts in their field, drawn<br />

from a variety of backgrounds including healthcare,<br />

social work and counselling, and many are veterans<br />

of the Armed Forces and policing as well as military<br />

spouses. They deliver a high quality welfare service,<br />

often dealing with highly complex cases in pressured<br />

circumstances. – They are our most valuable asset.<br />

98% of our service users<br />

think our Welfare Officers<br />

are professional,<br />

knowledgeable and helpful<br />

For our Welfare Officers to deliver the best<br />

service, we recognise, we need to look after them.<br />

This is why we actively encourage staff development<br />

both personally and professionally and invest in<br />

them by ensuring that they gain a Level 3 Diploma in<br />

Welfare Studies accredited by the Institute of Welfare<br />

and are qualified in Mental Health First Aid.<br />

Our Welfare Officers make us what we are – a<br />

high-quality medical welfare service provider.<br />

Caring, genuine people to talk to,<br />

listen to and help with any concerns<br />

I had. I looked forward to my visits<br />

from <strong>DMWS</strong>. I can’t express my<br />

gratitude and thank them enough.<br />

My wife was amazed and impressed<br />

with how <strong>DMWS</strong> looked after me.”<br />

Wounded Soldier<br />

The service provided to my wife<br />

and myself by <strong>DMWS</strong> was superb.<br />

In my 30-year career, I have never<br />

experienced such top quality<br />

welfare support. Nothing was<br />

too challenging, the commitment<br />

exemplary…” Brigadier G Deakin OBE<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> will be remembered<br />

by all the families they have<br />

helped. Going that extra mile<br />

every day of the week, far<br />

beyond their call of duty.”<br />

Mum of a marine injured by an IED

<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> // 09<br />

Our National Footprint<br />

Our Achievements in <strong>2016</strong><br />

We had contact with 3072 beneficiaries of which 31% were family members<br />

DWMS Welfare Officers made a total of 4,389 visits<br />

and spent 2,277 hours with service users and their families<br />

16%<br />

of Cases were High Complexity<br />

59%<br />

Emergency Admissions<br />

28%<br />

Planned Care<br />

29%<br />

were supported to access<br />

statutory services, including<br />

other NHS care<br />

68%<br />

were referred to the<br />

third sector including<br />

military charities<br />

82%<br />

required emotional support<br />

58%<br />

required specific and<br />

detailed advocacy<br />

69%<br />

required detailed support to<br />

access services including help<br />

with completing forms<br />

80%<br />

have already shown<br />

improvement in wellbeing<br />

(assessed 6-8 weeks<br />

post discharge)<br />

Headquarters:<br />

Andover<br />

•Inverness<br />

Service Locations United Kingdom:<br />

Inverness<br />

Edinburgh<br />

Catterick (North-East)<br />

Wigan<br />

Greater Manchester<br />

Cheshire<br />

Lilleshall<br />

Avon and Somerset Area<br />

Northern Ireland<br />

Service Locations Overseas:<br />

Germany<br />

Cyprus<br />

•<br />

Northern<br />

Ireland<br />

•Edinburgh<br />

•Catterick<br />

•Wigan<br />

•Manchester<br />

•Cheshire<br />

Lilleshall•<br />

•Birmingham<br />

•Avon &<br />

Somerset<br />


010 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Our work in Hospital<br />

Any hospital or medical treatment, whether<br />

planned or unplanned, can be stressful.<br />

We deliver an independent, impartial, and<br />

confidential welfare service centred on the<br />

needs of patients and their families whilst at the<br />

same time assisting health care organisations in<br />

delivering better patient outcomes. We do this<br />

96% of our service users<br />

said that <strong>DMWS</strong> made their<br />

hospital stay easier<br />

by providing practical and emotional support<br />

when it is most needed. Our early intervention<br />

encourages a more positive approach to<br />

treatment, leading to quicker recovery, greater<br />

independence, and reduced lengths-of-stay<br />

in hospital.<br />

The Difference We Make: Kate’s Story<br />

Our Welfare Officer Tina said:<br />

“When Kate found out she was pregnant with<br />

twins she felt both excited and anxious. For a<br />

long time she has suffered from severe kidney<br />

problems and the condition meant that her<br />

pregnancy was extremely high risk. As a Welfare<br />

Officer I provided the backbone structure to<br />

ensure she and her husband stayed strong.”<br />

CHALLENGE: The local hospital could not provide<br />

the specialist care Kate needed so she had to travel<br />

to a specialist clinic more than one hour away from<br />

home for weekly check-ups and for the birth. As<br />

her anxiety heightened the further along in the<br />

pregnancy she was and to ensure the best birth<br />

care the decision was made to deliver the babies by<br />

C-Section. The babies were premature and one was<br />

admitted to ITU, on oxygen.<br />

As the family was based overseas, there were the<br />

additional challenges of dealing with a language<br />

barrier and cultural differences within a medical<br />

care environment.<br />

SOLUTION: The combination of welfare support<br />

and knowledge of the local language meant that<br />

Tina could update Kate and her husband on<br />

treatment/medicine. Tina also liaised between<br />

hospital staff and patient to explain cultural<br />

differences and managing expectations. This<br />

reassured Kate and reduced misunderstanding and<br />

potential conflict.<br />

OUTCOME: By providing emotional support Tina<br />

managed to reduce the stress and anxiety of Kate<br />

and her husband. Kate has now returned home with<br />

healthy twins.<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> was an essential link<br />

between myself as a patient and<br />

those requiring information.<br />

They have helped to take away<br />

a huge stress.” Kate*<br />

*names have been changed to protect confidentiality

<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> // 011<br />

Our Support during Recovery<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> has teams at Battleback Centre in<br />

Lilleshall and Brydon House in Germany, two<br />

Recovery Centres run by The Royal British<br />

Legion and we also work in the Phoenix Centre<br />

in Catterick run by Help for Heroes. The<br />

Centres offer comprehensive recovery courses<br />

and programmes for all wounded, injured and<br />

sick soldiers .The activities include welfare,<br />

medical, educational and resettlement courses,<br />

designed to help those who are experiencing<br />

difficulties adjusting to their physical injuries or<br />

mental traumas.<br />

Our Welfare Officers at the Centres are<br />

there to motivate and support residents. We<br />

operate an open door policy where soldiers<br />

can find a safe haven to discuss any issue in a<br />

confidential manner.<br />

due to the amount of time spent on sick leave at<br />

home developing agoraphobia which also caused<br />

marital disharmony. It was difficult for him to open<br />

up and benefit from the course activities.<br />

The Difference We Make:<br />

Jack’s Story<br />

Our Welfare Officers Ann and John said:<br />

“Jack was injured in Afghanistan and in addition had<br />

been admitted to hospital at the beginning of the<br />

year for an operation on his brain which had caused<br />

him severe trauma. Over the last few months we<br />

have seen a huge difference in him.”<br />

CHALLENGE: Jack was suffering with PTSD, OCD,<br />

a fear of the dark, a fear of bright light and a fear of<br />

hospitals. He had anger issues and became isolated<br />

SOLUTION: During the course one of our Welfare<br />

Officers supported him daily, providing a listening ear,<br />

escorting him to medical appointments and breakfast,<br />

lunch and dinner as he did not feel up to going on his<br />

own. Speaking to Jack we found out that he is a keen<br />

fisherman and we arranged to take him out fishing.<br />

Partaking in his favourite hobby made Jack feel more<br />

at ease talking to us and opening up.<br />

In addition, <strong>DMWS</strong> also supported his wife who<br />

could speak to us confidentially to discuss her feelings<br />

and concerns.<br />

OUTCOME: This is an ongoing case but over<br />

the course of the last few months, Jack has<br />

improved significantly. He is more relaxed, less<br />

anxious and socially interactive with the longterm<br />

aim of returning to work. In addition, his<br />

wife also benefitted from the extra support and<br />

feels less stressed.<br />

When I first started here (Recovery Centre) I was a very different man. With<br />

the great work of <strong>DMWS</strong> Welfare Officers I feel now I have my life back on<br />

track. They have supported me through this period of change with empathy<br />

and when needed a good sense of humour. They have always made time for<br />

me and my family. They are remarkable people.” Jack*<br />

*names have been changed to protect confidentiality

012 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

The Aged Veteran Project<br />

On average,<br />

involvement of <strong>DMWS</strong><br />

reduces bed blocking by<br />

1.2 days per service user<br />

As the veteran community is continuously<br />

growing we have expanded our service to<br />

support veterans when they are in the patient<br />

care pathway. Our Welfare Officers not only<br />

offer comprehensive and confidential medical<br />

welfare to patients but also to their immediate<br />

family, their widows or widowers, to their<br />

primary care givers and healthcare<br />

professionals. Their support is tailored to<br />

the individual needs and may include a<br />

confidential and impartial listening ear, helping<br />

to explain and resolve any medical care<br />

issue, referrals to other agencies for support.<br />

Our service has led to some excellent results<br />

including earlier hospital discharge.<br />

The Difference We Make: Alan’s Story<br />

Our Welfare Officer Jane remembers:<br />

“When I first met Alan, a 76 year old veteran, he<br />

sat on his hospital bed crying. I just sat with him<br />

and offered a listening ear. Alan had been admitted<br />

to hospital due to heart pains. The attending<br />

paramedic at the time noted that his wife was short<br />

of breath and decided to admit her as well. Sadly,<br />

she died only a few days later, leaving Alan feeling<br />

bewildered and angry.”<br />

CHALLENGE: Alan had been in hospital for more<br />

than 4 months due to constant super bug infections,<br />

which made him feel frustrated. He said: “I just<br />

want to get out of here and see my wives grave”.<br />

Alan started to be belligerent towards staff and his<br />

super bug infections meant that he was in Side<br />

Wards feeling lonely and isolated. At the same<br />

time he refused to take medication or engage in<br />

physiotherapy, all of which hampered his recovery.<br />

SOLUTION: Jane offered total holistic care,<br />

providing practical and emotional support, freeing<br />

up clinical staff to concentrate on their core<br />

duties. She mediated between Alan and the staff,<br />

highlighting the correlation between his anger and<br />

the grieving process to create better understanding.<br />

Establishing forward goals helped Alan to feel more<br />

in control and deal with the long hospital stay.<br />

OUTCOME: Alan was discharged to Ascot house,<br />

rehabilitation centre and moved back into his<br />

marital home just before Christmas. He was finally<br />

able to visit his wife’s grave. Alan is also looking<br />

forward to a two week break at Byng House Centre<br />

in the New Year.<br />

Having some control over<br />

my finances and the constant<br />

support from <strong>DMWS</strong>, has<br />

given me the strength to<br />

return home.”<br />

*names have been changed to protect confidentiality

<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> // 013<br />

Ex-Forces Action Network<br />

We have entered a partnership with Cheshire<br />

and Greater Manchester Community<br />

Rehabilitation Company and launched the<br />

Ex-Forces Action Network (E-FAN) in <strong>2016</strong>.<br />

E-FAN is a major new initiative which connects<br />

veterans in Cheshire and Greater Manchester,<br />

who have had any contact with the Criminal<br />

Justice System, to a wide range of services and<br />

forms part of our mission to support those who<br />

serve or have served.<br />

The Difference We Make:<br />

Rick’s Story<br />

Our Welfare Officer Isaac recalls:<br />

“Rick was referred to me from Salford probation<br />

via the Ex-Forces Action Network. His most recent<br />

offence was for criminal damage and public order<br />

breaking a window of a chip shop and being abusive<br />

to the staff as he was hungry. He was suffering with<br />

anxiety, depression and alcohol issues. “<br />

CHALLENGE: Rick was homeless and his benefits<br />

had been suspended. Without a means of being<br />

contacted it was impossible for Rick to apply for<br />

housing or financial benefits or find employment.<br />

With temperatures plummeting, no money<br />

and nowhere to go to there was a high risk of<br />

Rick reoffending.<br />

SOLUTION: There is a lot of support available<br />

for ex-forces personnel like Rick, but he did not<br />

know how to get help. Welfare Officer Isaac has<br />

the knowledge of what welfare support is available<br />

and can use his well-established connections to<br />

other support agencies. Using Isaac’s office address<br />

Rick could now apply for housing benefit and<br />

employment support. In the short term Isaac got<br />

him a warm coat from a clothing bank, a food<br />

parcel and most importantly a warm drink and time<br />

to listen to his story.<br />

OUTCOME: Rick moved into a new flat shortly<br />

before his 50th Birthday in December, his benefits<br />

have been reinstated. Isaac still supports Rick<br />

now to ensure his life is back on track for the<br />

long term.<br />

I don’t know where I’d be without the help from E-Fan – I’d either be in<br />

prison or dead as it was getting so cold sleeping outside.” Ex-Lancaster Fusilier, Rick

014 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

As at March <strong>2016</strong>, there<br />

were 2,429 police officers<br />

on long-term sick leave<br />

(Police Statistical Bulletin May <strong>2016</strong>)<br />

The Police Medical Welfare Support Service<br />

Our expertise and understanding of the challenges<br />

faced by those who provide 24/7 protection<br />

to the public, places us perfectly to extend our<br />

service to other frontline staff. Consequently, in<br />

<strong>2016</strong>, <strong>DMWS</strong> was commissioned to deliver The<br />

Police Medical Welfare Support Service available<br />

to Police Officers, staff or family members of the<br />

Hampshire Constabulary.<br />

Our service offers extra welfare support to sick,<br />

injured and assaulted officers with the aim to<br />

improve recovery time, wellbeing and resilience<br />

across the Force. Our Welfare Officers provide<br />

a confidential and impartial listening ear,<br />

practical assistance, home visits, liaising with the<br />

constabulary, and emotional support. <strong>DMWS</strong> works<br />

in partnership with existing police, welfare and<br />

charitable organisations with the aim of improving<br />

the experience for patients and their families at a<br />

time of need.<br />

Hampshire Police Federation Chairman John Apter<br />

has welcomed the service:<br />

“<strong>DMWS</strong> are well known at providing first class<br />

medical welfare within the Military, to have that<br />

now within policing can only be a good thing. Our<br />

officers and staff perform a difficult and challenging<br />

job; in times of need it is vital they have the very<br />

best support available. They deserve nothing less.”<br />

Hampshire is the first county to receive the support<br />

with the project rolling out in the Avon and<br />

Somerset area in early 2017.<br />

I found the support given by <strong>DMWS</strong> invaluable<br />

and think their service is long overdue in a policing<br />

environment.” Anonymous quote, Police Officer

<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> // 015<br />

Even before the official launch of<br />

The Police Medical Welfare Support<br />

Service in December <strong>2016</strong>, <strong>DMWS</strong><br />

Welfare Officers have supported<br />

several cases and feedback from<br />

those being supported has been<br />

extremely positive.<br />

The Difference We Make:<br />

Kevin’s Story<br />

Our Welfare Officer Sue remembers:<br />

“Over the last few months we have been supporting<br />

Kevin, an injured Hampshire Police Constable and<br />

his family after he suffered a severe ‘Road Traffic<br />

Collision’ on his way to work resulting in a loss of<br />

limb. We have visited Kevin in hospital and helped<br />

him and his family with practical and emotional<br />

support to ensure the best possible outcomes<br />

following his life changing injury.”<br />

CHALLENGE: After a long hospital stay, Kevin<br />

was keen to be discharged and start his road to<br />

recovery back in his own home. However, even<br />

when he was deemed medically fit, a great deal for<br />

organisation was required before he could return<br />

home at a time when the family was least able to<br />

deal with extremely time consuming tasks.<br />

SOLUTION: On the practical side, the <strong>DMWS</strong><br />

Welfare Officers liaised with the housing provider<br />

to ensure that essential house adaptations were<br />

completed. When Kevin needed a suitable<br />

wheelchair <strong>DMWS</strong> used their charitable<br />

connections with the Blue Lamp Foundation who<br />

not only covered the cost for his mobility aid<br />

but also provided financial support to fund the<br />

accumulated high hospital parking costs.<br />

DWMS also offered emotional support to the whole<br />

family. Kevin’s wife initially found the severity of<br />

his injuries upsetting and valued extra support at<br />

this time. <strong>DMWS</strong> listened to the worries and fears<br />

expressed and used their counselling skills to offer<br />

direct personal support.<br />

OUTCOME: Due to consistent follow ups with the<br />

housing provider, <strong>DMWS</strong> managed to ensure that<br />

adaptations were carried out quickly and Kevin<br />

was discharged from hospital much earlier than<br />

expected. Less than half a year after the accident<br />

Kevin returned to work.<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> Welfare Officers visited me very early on in<br />

my recovery, and remained a constant source of support<br />

throughout. Their help in dealing with the housing provider<br />

and persistently and tirelessly contacting them until the<br />

necessary adjustments were made to our home was a huge<br />

burden removed from us. I’m grateful that the <strong>DMWS</strong><br />

was made available to me as a police officer, and I would<br />

commend the service to my colleagues.” Kevin*<br />

*names have been changed to protect confidentiality

016 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Mental health problems<br />

affect 1 in 4 people in<br />

any given year<br />

Training: Learn. Empower. Protect.<br />

We are experts in the delivery of Welfare, Resilience and Mental Health First Aid Training.<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> has been delivering welfare services for over 70 years. We took our knowledge, experience and<br />

skills and turned them into a comprehensive portfolio of wellbeing and welfare training courses. Our<br />

training provides both preventative and interventional strategies not only for people working in the welfare<br />

arena but anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and confidence in supporting others.<br />

Our Training offer includes a suite of courses in welfare, mental health, resilience and wellbeing:<br />

• L3 Diploma in Welfare Studies<br />

• Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) – Adult<br />

• Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) – Youth<br />

• Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) – Armed Forces<br />

• Strengthening Personal Resilience<br />

• Manager’s Role In Resilience<br />

• Armed Forces Community Awareness Training<br />

• Applied Suicide Intervention Training (ASIST)<br />

<strong>2016</strong> Training Highlights:<br />

• 50+ courses held over the year<br />

• Diploma established as the welfare level<br />

3 qualification for professional welfare staff<br />

• 150 attendees passed the Welfare Diploma<br />

• 750 people trained in Mental Health First Aid<br />

• Nationally recognised independent provider of<br />

Mental Health First Aid<br />

• <strong>DMWS</strong> Associate Programme formed to<br />

provide a network of highly qualified specialist<br />

instructors across the UK<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> // 017<br />

Training Feedback<br />

Range of Clients<br />

We have clients from a broad range of sectors some of which include:<br />

Training Testimonials<br />

Read what our past participants say about our courses:<br />

“I really enjoyed this course. The knowledge gained and information presented will be<br />

extremely helpful for the future.”<br />

“Fantastic teaching and amazing content. I have learned more about behaviour over the last<br />

2 days than I have in my other 43 years.”<br />

“Great instructor – fantastic presentation. Brilliant knowledge of the subject.”<br />

“Very insightful and worthwhile course that should be rolled out across all organisations in the<br />

relevant sectors.”<br />

“Fantastic course delivered at an understandable level. Excellent use of exercises to help<br />

understand.”<br />

“I very much enjoyed the course and especially the opportunity to meet with professionals<br />

from other agencies and share experiences.”<br />

“Highly recommended.”<br />

“Overall an excellent course very professionally presented and managed. I would recommend<br />

to my colleagues as a way to add credibility to our professions and obtain a qualification.”

018 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Celebrating our Awards <strong>2016</strong><br />

Our mission is to offer practical and emotional support to enable patients to return to health, work and<br />

home at the earliest opportunity. Making a difference to the people we support is a reward in itself.<br />

However, being recognised and rewarded by external organisations for our work is a real honour.<br />

The Sovereign’s Medal of Merit by The Order of<br />

St John<br />

In April <strong>2016</strong>, <strong>DMWS</strong> was presented with the Sovereign’s Medal of Merit<br />

from The Order of St John. The award is given in recognition of the<br />

‘exceptional support to members of HM Forces, their dependents and others<br />

engaged by our Armed Forces through the provision of hospital welfare<br />

services in operational theatres around the world; in Germany, Cyprus and in<br />

the United Kingdom. This medal is extremely significant as it has never been<br />

awarded before.<br />

The official ceremony took place at the historic Priory Church of St John<br />

in London. Lt Gen John Stokoe CB CBE, Chairman of <strong>DMWS</strong> received the<br />

medal from Rodney Green, CBE, who was the Prior of the Order of St John<br />

at that time.<br />

Women In Defence Awards <strong>2016</strong><br />

Women in Defence UK exists for a community of people who wish to promote<br />

the value of women in defence with the aim to encourage women to succeed<br />

authentically, share experience, build networks and also to encourage talent at<br />

all levels to join the defence sector.<br />

We are very proud of Nicky Murdoch, who was shortlisted as a top ten<br />

nominee for the Awards in the “Outstanding Contribution” category from over<br />

200 nominations across all categories.<br />

Lieutenant General Richard Nugee, Chief of Defence People, presented the<br />

inaugural Women in Defence Awards at the Honourable Artillery Company’s<br />

Headquarters in October <strong>2016</strong>.<br />

Soldering On Awards 2017<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> is delighted to be notified in <strong>2016</strong> that we had reached the finals of<br />

the Soldiering On Awards 2017. This recognition is split into two categories;<br />

‘International Award’ plus an individual nomination for our CEO Nicky<br />

Murdoch, who was selected by the judges for the Sunday Express ‘People’s<br />

Choice Award’. The Soldiering On Awards provide National recognition for<br />

the outstanding achievements of those who have served their country and<br />

individuals and groups who work together with the Armed Forces Community.<br />

I congratulate you on providing such an<br />

excellent welfare service to those in need.“<br />

Mother of a serving solider injured by an IED

<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> // 019<br />

Thank you for your support<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> is immensely grateful to everyone who<br />

supports us. Whether making an individual or<br />

corporate donation; whether large or small, it all<br />

contributes to our work in supporting those who put<br />

their life at risk to serve our country. We would like<br />

to thank the following organisations and donors who<br />

generously supported us during <strong>2016</strong> with grants or<br />

by community fundraising.<br />

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity<br />

Awards for All England<br />

Cllr Zilliah Brooks – Hampshire County Councillor<br />

Grant<br />

Legion Scotland Inverness Branch<br />

Morrisons Foundation<br />

Support The Heroes<br />

The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals<br />

The WRAC Lionesses<br />

Waitrose Community Matters (Frimley)<br />

Julian Astie – JSSU Cyprus<br />

Jo Blagden<br />

Lt Col (Retd) Robert Douglas<br />

Ed Gaffney – RNCM<br />

LCpl Kwami Henry<br />

Holybourne Singers<br />

Henry Murphy – Churcher’s College Junior School<br />

Maesmor Hall Shoot<br />

K.J. Simmill (Author)<br />

A generous grant has been given to <strong>DMWS</strong> Training by the Morrisons Foundation. The<br />

grant will be used to deliver 10 Mental Health First Aid courses to over 100 volunteers<br />

in the voluntary sector across the country. This will ensure that many more people<br />

benefit from MHFA Training in the community.<br />

Fundraising for those who serve<br />

Highlights of <strong>2016</strong> have been our first parachute jump by<br />

Jo Blagden, a run by the Lionesses of the WRAC Association,<br />

a visit by Matt Dawson in Cyprus and the RNCM Student<br />

Gala Concert – all in aid of the Defence Medical Welfare<br />

Service. Some exciting fundraising events for 2017 are<br />

already booked in including a special Panto performance, the<br />

Mayor of Bournemouth Military Musical Celebration and the<br />

London Marathon.<br />

Everyone can make a difference to <strong>DMWS</strong>. If you would like<br />

to fundraise for us your support will enable us to continue to<br />

provide a much needed service to those who sacrifice so much.

020 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> Annual <strong>Report</strong> Review<br />

We are very happy to be working with the <strong>DMWS</strong> Welfare<br />

Officers to deliver the best possible support for our beneficiaries.<br />

This partnership allows us to share best practice and offer even<br />

greater support to the wider Armed Forces community”<br />

Stephen Barnett, Assistant Director of Operations for the Royal British Legion<br />

Our Partners and Major Donors<br />

The Royal British Legion For more than 5 years, <strong>DMWS</strong> has supported<br />

residents of Recovery Centres run by the Royal British Legion in the UK<br />

and Germany. The centres offer a wide range of courses and programmes<br />

to those adjusting to injuries and trauma. We are proud of our partnership<br />

with the Royal British Legion and thank them for their ongoing support.<br />

Help for Heroes has recently funded two projects which enables <strong>DMWS</strong><br />

to extend it’s welfare service across a broader geographic spread. By<br />

working with the Help for Heroes outreach programme, we are able<br />

to offer support to wounded, injured and sick members of the Armed<br />

Forces Community irrespective of geographic location. Additionally, we<br />

have been able to extend our support to individuals following discharge<br />

from hospital, when medical welfare is still required for the completion of<br />

their treatment.<br />

The Soldiers Charity has continued to offer support to <strong>DMWS</strong> is various<br />

ways. In <strong>2016</strong> we received funds to create a promotional video that will<br />

raise awareness of our welfare and training services, with the ultimate aim<br />

of reaching more people who may benefit from our work.<br />

The Covenant Fund <strong>DMWS</strong> has been able to provide welfare services in<br />

several exciting projects that have been funded through the Ministry of<br />

Defence Covenant fund. Projects include support for:<br />

• veterans in hospitals across the Greater Manchester area<br />

• Veterans in hospitals across the Avon and Somerset area<br />

• The Armed Forces Community in hospitals across the Wigan area<br />

• The Armed Forces Community in hospitals across the Highlands and<br />

Lothian areas of Scotland<br />

The NHS With the assistance of a grant from the Armed Forces Covenant<br />

Fund, we have worked alongside NHS England, NHS Scotland and NHS<br />

Northern Ireland, to support our Armed Forces Community.<br />

The MOD In February <strong>2016</strong>, the Ministry of Defence has once again<br />

selected <strong>DMWS</strong> to be their medical welfare provider of choice. We are<br />

very proud to continue our long standing history of supporting the Armed<br />

Forces Community.

<strong>2016</strong> Annual <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> Review // 021<br />

Our Patrons, Champions, Trustees and<br />

Senior Leadership Team<br />

Our Royal Patron<br />

We are delighted that, in June <strong>2016</strong>, Her Royal Highness, The Countess of Wessex,<br />

formalised her support for and the interest in the welfare of the Armed Forces<br />

Community and became the charity’s first Royal Patron.<br />

Our Champions<br />

Baroness Audrey Emerton DBE DL<br />

General Sir Gordon Messenger KCB DSO OBE ADC<br />

Lieutenant General (Retired) Sir Alistair Irwin KCB CBE<br />

Lieutenant General (Retired) Sir Mark Mans KCB CBE DL<br />

Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE<br />

Major General R T I Munro CBE TD (LATE PARA)<br />

Major General (Retired) S M Andrews CBE<br />

Major General (Retired) J Stokoe CB CBE<br />

Dr. Professor Rosemary Kennedy CBE OstJ TD<br />

Dr Gordon Paterson OBE<br />

Simon Brown<br />

Nigel Jackson<br />

Sue Liburd MBE<br />

Kevin Mackie<br />

Jill Scott OBE DL<br />

Sally Scott<br />

Andrew Stewart-Roberts<br />

Harvey Tilley<br />

Our Trustees<br />

Allan Thomson – Chairman<br />

Steve Cowden – Deputy Chairman<br />

Maryanne Burton JP<br />

David Keenan OBE<br />

Andrew Buckham<br />

Beverley Young<br />

Tony Shepherd<br />

Mike Griffiths CBE<br />

Nick Pollard<br />

Stephen Golding FinstSMM<br />

My family and I will always be<br />

grateful for the support given by<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> in the dark days following<br />

my injury.” Simon Brown, <strong>DMWS</strong> Champion

022 // <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

The Future<br />

Thought Leader and Professionalising Welfare.<br />

<strong>DMWS</strong> is an organisation with history, credibility and a very strong reputation, which has been<br />

transformed over the last five years into a highly responsive and professional welfare provider. Recent<br />

new projects with organisations such as the police, the NHS, the probation services and the Armed<br />

Forces veterans community demonstrates the broad appeal of the organisation and its application to a<br />

wide set of frontline services. Moving forwards <strong>DMWS</strong> will continue to provide thought leadership that<br />

sets the standard for professional welfare activity, qualification and standards.

<strong>DMWS</strong><br />

Headquarters,<br />

The Old Stables<br />

Redenham, Nr Andover<br />

Hampshire SP11 9AQ<br />

01264 774 000<br />

www.dmws.org.uk<br />

info@dmws.org.uk<br />

Defence Medical Welfare<br />

Service-<strong>DMWS</strong><br />

@The <strong>DMWS</strong><br />

Defence Medical Welfare Service<br />

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1087210) and in Scotland (SCO45460)<br />

Company Limited by Guarantee No. 04185635 (England and Wales)

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