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Spur Winnipeg 2017 Program: Risk

Greetings from the

Greetings from the Festival Director Last summer, as we were considering our 2017 festival theme, we were struck by the juxtaposition of Canada’s sunny sesquicentennial plans and the darkening clouds of ‘populist’ intolerance gathering in the US and around the globe. The 75 Spur events we produced last year, under the “Our New Tribalism” theme, seemed suddenly more prescient, as partisanship grew rapidly and communities splintered in the US public space. This year, accordingly, we’ve decided to tackle these issues from another, urgent angle: RISK. Namely, in light of this nation building anniversary, what are the real and perceived threats facing a better Canada and a better world? And what are we willing to risk to build a more just and equitable society? Across topics such as the environment, the economy, geopolitics, war, race, health and the role of journalism and art, we ask, are the things we typically fear really the biggest risks for us as individuals and societies? Why do we perceive some issues, challenges or people as risky – and not others? I’m glad you’ve joined us. We can all commit to acts large and small that move us in the right direction. Our hope is that through the amazing array of writers, thinkers, scientists, community leaders, journalists and others from Canada and the US taking part in Spur, you will both find inspiration and an opportunity to contribute. Your voice is important as anyone else’s at Spur, so I hope you will attend, ask questions and provide commentary. Talk to us, and to each other. And please, fill in the feedback forms, as they are essential to our designing programming that truly has impact. With thanks for being part of Spur. HELEN WALSH Festival Director 4 4 4

Festival Staff HELEN WALSH Festival Director MICHAEL BOOTH Head of Production and Operations CHRISTIAN SHARPE Festival Administrator ANTHONY BURTON Production and Marketing Coordinator KENDRA MAGNUS-JOHNSTON Winnipeg Producer JOY BALMANA Associate Producer JOSEPH PILAPIL Graphic Design ADAM KELLY Photography Director MATT VEITH Creative Director SANJANA VIJAYANN House Manager KRISTJAN MANN Sponsorship MIKE PETERS Social Media For the LRC: Sarmishta Subramanian, Editor in Chief Michael Stevens, Managing Editor Bardia Sinaee, Assistant Editor For Diaspora Dialogues: Zalika Reid-Benta, Program Manager Special Thanks to... Roger Norberg of RBC and his crew of amazing volunteers. Michael Elves, Sound Engineer 5

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