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#together<br />

<strong>2017</strong> <strong>CLIA</strong><br />

<strong>Yearbook</strong><br />


ms Koningsdam was<br />

christened by<br />

Queen Maxima of<br />

the Netherlands<br />

Harmony of the Seas sailed into Southampton<br />

for the first time in May, prior to visits as part of<br />

the <strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 10th anniversary<br />

Welcome<br />

Carnival Corporation's Arnold Donald speaks to the<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 2016 delegates<br />

Welcome to the <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> <strong>Yearbook</strong> – our<br />

second edition, and<br />

packed with a look back<br />

on success in 2016, and a<br />

look ahead to the events<br />

and online resources and<br />

learning that you can<br />

engage with in <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

And 2016 was a success<br />

both for <strong>CLIA</strong> and for the<br />

wider UK and Ireland<br />

cruise sector.<br />

Our own stats show that a record<br />

1,900,000 holidaymakers from the<br />

UK and Ireland took an ocean cruise<br />

in 2016. A six per cent year on year<br />

increase on 2015, proving both the<br />

cruise industry’s resilience to political<br />

and economic change and the value<br />

provided by a cruise holiday.<br />

Similar growth this year would see<br />

numbers top the two million mark for<br />

the first time and would represent a 50<br />

per cent increase in UK passengers in<br />

just 10 years.<br />

Our figures also show the ever-growing<br />

appeal of river cruising which led to an<br />

11 per cent rise in the number of UK<br />

passengers taking a river holiday on<br />

waterways in Europe and further afield<br />

(166,900 passengers).<br />

We have come to expect year on<br />

year growth in the numbers taking a<br />

cruise; but we should never take it for<br />

granted, and we should celebrate the<br />

fact that every element of the cruise<br />

industry – cruise lines, travel agents<br />

and media – are working together to<br />

reach those who have yet to take a<br />

cruise holiday.<br />

Integral to the industry’s success are<br />

those individual travel agents who<br />

have achieved accredited status with<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong>, thereby demonstrating a drive<br />

to increase their own knowledge<br />

and expertise to help them sell more<br />

cruises. Keeping up to date with<br />

new ships, itineraries and destination<br />

experiences is something we can<br />

all benefit from – and it is great to<br />

recognise those who have achieved<br />

our ultimate level of learning – the<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Masters. That recognition<br />

starts on page 38 and will continue<br />

the night of the Travel Weekly Agent<br />

Achievement Awards in July where<br />

for the first time we will crown our<br />

ultimate <strong>CLIA</strong> Master.<br />

Learning is possible online in our<br />

Learning Academy, at our events, and<br />

at the generously supplied ship visits.<br />

Engage with <strong>CLIA</strong> and the cruise<br />

lines, attend events, and get to know<br />

the experiences on offer, and increase<br />

your knowledge and expertise.<br />

Together, we can continue to work<br />

to get more people to cruise.<br />

BBC Breakfast's Ben Thompson speaks at the<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Cruise Forum - December 2016<br />

Seven Seas Explorer launched July 2016<br />

Andy Harmer<br />

SVP Membership, <strong>CLIA</strong>

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

WAVE Awards 2016 - January 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 2016 - Southampton<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 2016 - Southampton<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Cruise Media Award Winners <strong>2017</strong> - held in March at the London offices of Seatrade Cruise<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 2016 - Southampton<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Discovery Expo 2016 - Portsmouth<br />

“Our membership to <strong>CLIA</strong> is<br />

invaluable to our company.<br />

The team are always on hand<br />

to provide support and advice,<br />

the online training is secondto-none<br />

in the industry and<br />

perfect for new-team members<br />

to learn about the different<br />

styles of cruising. The events<br />

that <strong>CLIA</strong> organise are the<br />

perfect way to see new ships,<br />

learn about the latest trends<br />

and to hear from industryleading<br />

figures that would be<br />

out-of-reach otherwise”<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Summer Party - July 2016<br />

Scott Anderson<br />

The Luxury<br />

Cruise Company<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 2016 - Southampton<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 2016 - Southampton<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> River Cruise Conference - November 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 2016 - Southampton<br />

Su Dillon, Travel Counsellors - wins the <strong>CLIA</strong><br />

Cruise Promotion Award at the AAAs 2016

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Cruise Excellence Award Winners 2016 - held at the Cruise Forum in December<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 2016 - Southampton<br />

“As a large cruise specialist, we find the<br />

conferences very useful for our sales consultants<br />

and other people throughout the business,<br />

to learn more about cruise and get a better<br />

understanding of the market. We send people<br />

to the main cruise conference but also the luxury<br />

and river ones too and they all benefit immensely”<br />

Cindy D'Aoust speaks at <strong>CLIA</strong>'s Cruise Forum 2016<br />

Simone Clark<br />

Iglu Cruise<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Cruise Relay in Dover - September 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> River Cruise Conference - November 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Annual Dinner - December 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Cruise Relay in Portsmouth - September 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> River Cruise Excellence Award Winners 2016 - held in Amsterdam, November 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> River Cruise Conference - November 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Annual Dinner - December 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Annual Dinner - December 2016

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay<br />

Left Postcard: Shop houses in Peranakan neighbourhood JooChiat<br />

Right Postcard: Aerial view of Singapore F1 Circuit in Marina Bay<br />

Welcome to<br />

Singapore<br />

Docking in Singapore<br />

Top services and facilities for cruise travellers<br />

In 2016, the cruise industry saw cruise passenger<br />

throughput rise by 16 per cent year-on-year to about<br />

1.2 million and welcomed 10 maiden calls. Singapore’s<br />

appeal as a cruise destination continued to be<br />

recognised with numerous industry accolades, including<br />

being ranked the Top Cruise Destination at the<br />

Seatrade Cruise Awards and the Top Asian Port of<br />

Call at the Cruisers’ Choice Cruise Critic Awards<br />

Singapore lies at the heart of Southeast<br />

Asia, a collection of 10 culturally diverse<br />

countries with over 25,000 islands and 37<br />

UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Given its<br />

strategic location along major shipping routes,<br />

Singapore was selected as a British trading<br />

post in the 19th century.<br />

Today, it is a cruise hub of the region and a<br />

hotlist leisure destination in its own right.<br />

The Haven<br />

Travellers who arrive in Singapore early can<br />

freshen up at The Haven by Jet Quay, a<br />

pay-per-use lounge in the public area of<br />

Changi Airport Terminal 3. Facilities include<br />

nap rooms, showers and refreshments.<br />

Learn more at thehaven.com.sg<br />

Singapore skyline at Marina Bay<br />

CruiseFly<br />

Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS)<br />

offers the region’s first sea-to-air baggage<br />

transfer service, CruiseFly. This service allows<br />

passengers docking at MBCCS and taking a<br />

late flight out the same day, to check-in at the<br />

cruise terminal. Passengers can then explore<br />

Singapore free of their baggage.<br />

With their boarding pass in hand, skip the<br />

check-in queue at the airport and arrive<br />

one hour before flight departure.<br />

Learn more at mbccs.com.sg<br />

Singapore Cruise Centre<br />

The Singapore Cruise Centre serves over one<br />

million cruise passengers from over 30 cruise<br />

lines each year. It was rejuvenated in 2011 for<br />

a more spacious and comfortable passenger<br />

experience. The terminal features two cruise<br />

berths and VIP lounges. Located in the<br />

Sentosa-HarbourFront precinct and beside<br />

two shopping malls, SCC is conveniently<br />

placed for passengers to enjoy shopping,<br />

dining and entertainment.<br />

Learn more at singaporecruise.com.sg<br />

Working together with you<br />

Find out more about the destination<br />

and unique experiences for your<br />

customers at VisitSingapore.com or<br />

contact us at stb_london@stb.gov.sg /<br />

T. 0207 484 2710<br />

Bottom Left: Joel Robluchon 3* Michelin Restaurant in Sentosa, Singapore<br />

Bottom Right: Shopping for authentic saris in Little India

Tanjong Beach Club in Sentosa Island<br />

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown<br />

Marina Bay Cruise Centre<br />

Singapore’s second cruise terminal was built in deep<br />

waters without height restrictions to accommodate<br />

new-generation mega cruise vessels. The terminal<br />

features two cruise berths, VIP lounges and the<br />

CruiseFly service for seamless sea-to-air transfer.<br />

Located at the southern tip of Singapore, MBCCS<br />

is a stone’s throw away from major attractions<br />

such as Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and<br />

Singapore Flyer.<br />

Learn more at mbccs.com.sg<br />

Marina Bay Cruise Centre

Imagine if you urgently<br />

needed surgery...<br />

...perhaps you needed your wisdom teeth<br />

taken out, or cataracts repaired, or tonsils removed.<br />

Now imagine if there were no surgeons anywhere nearby. And no<br />

hospital. In fact, to get treated, you would have to sell everything<br />

you own and travel hundreds of miles, and even<br />

then you still might not get seen. What would you do?<br />

There are five billion people in the world in this situation. That’s 67%<br />

of the world’s population who have no access to safe, affordable<br />

surgery. This lack of treatment kills more people in low-income<br />

countries than HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria combined.<br />

This is unacceptable, and<br />

is doing something about it<br />

We operate the largest civilian hospital ship in the world, delivering vital, free<br />

healthcare to some of the world’s poorest countries. Our “floating hospital” is staffed<br />

almost entirely by volunteers, who give their expertise for free to help treat dental and<br />

eye problems, cleft lips and palates, tumours, club feet, childbirth injuries, burns and<br />

a variety of other conditions.<br />

In the past 39 years, Mercy Ships has visited more than 70 countries,<br />

providing services worth more than £1 billion that have directly helped<br />

more than 2.5 million people.<br />

Our impact on the communities we serve lives on long after we set sail to help<br />

another nation. We work hard to improve each country’s infrastructure, so our legacy<br />

can last for generations. To this end, we dedicate time to training and mentoring local<br />

medical staff, as well as providing tools, and renovating hospitals and clinics. Since<br />

1978, Mercy Ships has trained more than 38,000 local health professionals.<br />

Our global partners are crucial to this important work.<br />

Teaming up with us enables more people to receive the<br />

surgery they urgently need.<br />

Will you partner with us?<br />

Please email Richard.Clarke@mercyships.org.uk<br />

for more information<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> CHARITY OF CHOICE<br />



Get them closer<br />

than ever before<br />

This is the small-ship advantage<br />

When you book your clients on Marine tours with<br />

G Adventures, you put them in touch with a side of<br />

the world they’d never meet on their own. Our smaller<br />

boats ensure curious travellers get as close as they<br />

want to the adventure at hand, simply by being there.<br />

Discover today how we do Marine adventures.<br />

gadventures.co.uk/agents<br />

0344 272 2200

Why Amadeus?<br />

It‘s More than just a holiday<br />

• Family owned and operated company with over<br />

40 years of experience<br />

• Award winning fleet of state of the art vessels<br />

• Gracious European hospitality from passionate and<br />

professional crew<br />

• Gourmet dining and regionally inspired cuisine<br />

• Unique itineraries including specialty and themed cruises<br />

• Cruise durations from 3 nights to 15 nights<br />

• Customers can customise their cruise with<br />

optional excursions<br />

• Tailor made packages available with regional flights<br />

or rail and pre/post accommodation<br />

• Competitive pricing including low single rates<br />

• UK trade support team<br />

• Generous commission rates<br />




Order your River Reward<br />

Card by emailing<br />

agency.sales@fredrivercruises.co.uk<br />

2018<br />

ON SALE<br />

NOW<br />

Get in touch...<br />

To book contact us on 0800 035 6411<br />

or sales@fredrivercruises.co.uk<br />

Opening Hours:<br />

Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm<br />

Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm<br />

Visit our website<br />

www.amadeus-rivercruises.co.uk<br />

Subscribe to our newsletter<br />

agency.sales@fredrivercruises.co.uk<br />

Like our Facebook page<br />


<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

Amadeus River Cruises<br />

Amadeus River Cruises is a family-owned and operated company founded more than 40<br />

years ago. The Amadeus fleet features 11 multi award-winning vessels which offer spacious<br />

outside cabins, the majority with a French Balcony or a walk-out exterior balcony. Aboard<br />

all of the Amadeus vessels, hospitality is more than just a tradition, it is a passion - a passion<br />

your guests will experience in every detail. With English speaking staff and crew trained to<br />

the highest standards of service, the ambience on board is relaxed yet impeccably gracious,<br />

designed to make your guests feel right at home in the heart of Europe. Offering itineraries<br />

along the Rhine, Main, Moselle, Danube (including the Danube Delta), Rhone and Saone, as<br />

well as the Dutch and Belgian Waterways, there truly is a wealth to explore with Amadeus.<br />

AmaWaterways<br />

AmaWaterways really is a river cruise experience like no other. In the latest Berlitz Guide<br />

to River Cruising, more than 310 ships were assessed and the AmaWaterways European<br />

fleet earned the highest rating given and achieved all top 10 spots in the guide. They are<br />

recognised for award winning cuisine, extensive complimentary amenities, carefully crafted<br />

itineraries, personalised service and custom designed ships.<br />

AmaWaterways consistently leads the way in river cruising with enriching theme cruises,<br />

choice of enhanced active discovery tours and excursions, their unique Chef’s Table and<br />

La Chaine de Rotisseurs dining experience. With cruises travelling throughout Europe,<br />

Africa, Vietnam and Cambodia, AmaWaterways gives you the opportunity to see the world<br />

in luxury and comfort.<br />

American Cruise Lines<br />

American Cruise Lines is Small Ship Cruising Done Perfectly. Our modern fleet of small<br />

ships and paddlewheelers provide guests an exceptional, personalized cruising experience<br />

with access to America’s most iconic, historic and exclusive cruise destinations. Every<br />

luxurious stateroom aboard our ships offers a front row seat discovering the natural beauty,<br />

history and culture of the United States of America while our all-American crew creates your<br />

personalized cruise experience.<br />

APT<br />

With 90 years of experience and expertise, award-winning APT understands what makes<br />

a truly memorable holiday. On an APT river cruise your clients will experience a seamless<br />

and carefree journey, with everything included to make the perfect holiday: return flights,<br />

enriching sightseeing, finest onboard accommodation, exceptional dining, and all the<br />

fine details from luggage porterage to tipping. They’ll appreciate the blissful convenience<br />

travelling on a river cruise, whether it be indulging in the royal treatment on Europe’s<br />

waterways, exploring remote places along the Mekong, or experiencing the ancient cities<br />

and distinctive culture of China, India or Myanmar (Burma). With a choice of 5-star Luxury<br />

or 4-star Premium in each destination, no matter which style of cruising your clients choose,<br />

APT can make their dream holiday a reality.<br />

A-ROSA<br />

A-ROSA is all about choices: whether to be active or to relax, which excursions to take,<br />

what to wear and, when, what and with whom to have dinner. A unique lifestyle concept<br />

combining the highest quality with a feel-good atmosphere on board. We provide<br />

contemporary holidays on the Danube, Rhine, Rhône and Seine with a large selection of<br />

alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks included. Families with children under 15 years old take<br />

their kids on board for free. Open dining concept with no pre-assigned tables and the<br />

possibility for seated dinner. Sun decks with pools, BBQ areas and outdoor bars. And a<br />

professional SPA-ROSA with sauna, relaxation room, gym and St. Barth’s beauty treatments.<br />

Welcome on board!<br />

Avalon Waterways<br />

Avalon Waterways offers 5* Luxury River cruises on Europe’s most popular rivers and<br />

beyond. With Avalon, enjoy uninterrupted views throughout the ship and the largest<br />

staterooms in Europe. So much is included in the holiday: from the Avalon personal<br />

chauffeur service to and from the airport, to sumptuous full board dining with wine and<br />

beer at lunch and dinner, plus daily excursions.<br />

• Included: award winning Door-to-Door home pick up service as well as flights<br />

and transfers<br />

• Included: regional wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner<br />

• Included: choice of excursions daily<br />

• Included: gratuities on our European Cruises plus the Mekong and Irrawaddy<br />

Visit cruiseexperts.org for full profiles, contact information and the latest news




Pool Bar<br />

A revolution sets sail 2018.<br />

Get ready.<br />

A whole new era in modern luxury is upon us. Celebrity<br />

Edge SM , the world’s first ever ship to be created in 3D –<br />

meaning every detail could be fine-tuned and perfected –<br />

will set a new standard of style and innovation at sea.<br />

Cruising will never be the same again for your customers.<br />

And her first ever winter 2018/19 sailings in the Caribbean<br />

are now on sale. Now is the time to start booking.<br />

And that’s not all you’ve got to look forward to…<br />


From summer 2018 we’re delighted to welcome Celebrity<br />

Silhouette ® to homeport from Southampton, with a choice<br />

of eight itineraries including the Norwegian Fjords, Canaries<br />

& Azores and our brand new Signature Event Sailing to the<br />

2018 world football tournament in St. Petersburg. Boasting<br />

the same Solstice ® Class features as Celebrity Eclipse ® ,<br />

but with incredible extras like The Lawn Club Grill and<br />

The Alcoves – your customers’ best ever holiday starts<br />

conveniently closer to home.<br />


Now for some fantastic news for our Irish guests. Celebrity<br />

Eclipse ® will be our first ever Solstice ® Class ship to be<br />

based here (swapping Southampton for Dublin), and with<br />

five new itineraries. A new beginning is exciting news, but<br />

it’ll be sad to say goodbye – especially for those customers<br />

who love sailing on her. Make sure to remind your UK<br />

customers that spring 2018 will be Celebrity Eclipse’s last<br />

season in the UK – so book now.<br />

Edge Villa<br />


Want the best possible rewards? Then we invite you to reward yourself your way.<br />

From iPad ® Air cases to Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and Michael Kors ® bags – you’re<br />

never short of choice. And remember, you can load points onto your Celebrity Rewards<br />

Mastercard and spend them as cash if you prefer. It pays to get booking.<br />

Visit cruisingpower.co.uk or cruisingpower.ie<br />

for more information and to sign up for trade emails<br />

©<strong>2017</strong> Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity Edge and Edge are trademarks of Celebrity Cruises. Ships’ registry: Malta and Ecuador.

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

Azamara Club Cruises<br />

Azamara Club Cruises offers sophisticated sailings with authentic cultural experiences to<br />

deepen guests’ understanding and appreciation of our amazing world. Azamara’s three<br />

pillars of distinction are Immersive Itineraries, Cruise Global, Connect Local and Boutique<br />

Hotels at Sea. No other cruise line spends as much time in port as Azamara, allowing<br />

their discerning travellers to Stay Longer, Experience More. Azamara’s two award winning<br />

intimate ships received a multi-million refurbishment in 2016, leaving virtually no area<br />

untouched, offering a European Boutique Hotel ambience with extraordinary service, and<br />

fine cuisine. Their more Inclusive offering includes complimentary select spirits, international<br />

beers and wines, soft drinks and select bottled water, plus an exclusive bespoke AzAmazing<br />

Evening event on most voyages. See the world the Azamara way.<br />

Belmond<br />

Drift along idyllic waterways on one of our luxury river cruises, part of the Belmond<br />

collection of travel experiences in the world’s most remarkable locations.<br />

Experience Myanmar’s enchanting sights, scents and sounds from the perfect vantage<br />

point aboard Belmond Road to Mandalay or Belmond Orcaella. Explore rural villages from a<br />

bygone era, see saffron-robed monks go about their daily rituals, and marvel at the golden<br />

spires of pagodas which soar out of the lush jungle.<br />

Cruise along some of France’s most scenic waterways aboard a Belmond Afloat in France<br />

péniche-hôtel. Explore the majestic vineyards of Burgundy or the medieval villages of<br />

Provence. Drift past blazing fields of sunflowers and hilltop châteaux. Launching soon -<br />

Belmond Pivone in Champagne region and Belmond Lilas in Alsace.<br />

Carnival Cruise Line<br />

With 25 ships that carry more than 4.1 million guests on fun and memorable holidays<br />

each year, Carnival is “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line’’. Our holidays offer not only<br />

outstanding value for money, but more importantly, FUN! If your clients enjoy experiencing<br />

new things, a Carnival cruise is the perfect holiday choice for them. They’ll find unique<br />

experiences that are simply fit to be shared — slip into cool bars, live entertainment,<br />

delectable tastes, maybe a little spa time. Most importantly, a Carnival cruise can be<br />

whatever they want it to be.<br />

Celebrity Cruises<br />

Come on in. To a world filled with possibilities. Where the bar is made of ice, and the top<br />

deck made of grass. Where you can visit a new destination every day and immerse yourself<br />

in each of them. A world where you’ll discover the true meaning of nouvelle cuisine, and<br />

find its perfectly paired vintage. Where ‘me time’ is all the time.<br />

From far-off cities to far-flung shores, our world is wonderfully diverse in every direction.<br />

With one-of-a-kind shore excursions, longer overnight stays, stylishly designed staterooms<br />

that’ll make you feel right at home, and a host of exclusive extras – welcome to a different<br />

view of the world.<br />

Celestyal Cruises<br />

Celestyal Cruises is a true specialist in destination-centric cruising. We predominantly offer<br />

three and four day voyages that can either be joined into a 7 day cruise or combined with<br />

a land based vacation to create a 7 day holiday. Our areas of focus are the Greek islands<br />

and Cuba. In both regions we have meticulously crafted itineraries that highlight the best<br />

the regions have to offer. Whatever your preference, our mid-size vessels allow you to<br />

experience a mixture of iconic ports and hard-to-reach hidden gems wherever we sail.<br />

We are very pleased to deliver the highest quality experiences to our guests on our cruises<br />

as well as the best value, with an authentic, ethnic hospitality and “Celestyal Inclusive<br />

Experience” onboard, together with award winning excursions on shore.<br />

Costa Cruises<br />

Picture a holiday where adults and children all find exactly what they are after, a journey<br />

to enjoy with your family, friends or alone to make new friends - there’s really something<br />

for everyone on a cruise holiday. Life on board a cruise ship will win you over every day<br />

with lots of great on-board activities and over 2200 shore excursions - there’s always a<br />

world of opportunities available for you. There’s truly something for everyone on a Costa<br />

holiday with our wide range of restaurants and food, and cabins to suit every requirement.<br />

Everything is designed to give you the holiday of your dreams and absolute comfort. And if<br />

you want more, have a look at our exclusive cruises to less well-known destinations where<br />

luxury meets exclusive routes and more sophisticated services.<br />

Visit cruiseexperts.org for full profiles, contact information and the latest news

Fred. Olsen Fly-Cruises<br />

With an array of spectacular destinations and unforgettable experiences to<br />

uncover on each incredible itinerary, Fred. Olsen Guests are sure to create<br />

everlasting memories on an awe-inspiring Fred. Olsen Fly-Cruise.<br />

Fred. Olsen has launched its first-ever dedicated fly-cruise brochure<br />

for <strong>2017</strong>-19, highlighting a host of new exotic holidays to experience<br />

some of the world’s most stunning scenery. Fred. Olsen guests can<br />

choose from a range of enticing, far-flung destinations, including<br />

India, Arabia, the ‘Islands of the Indian Ocean’, South Africa, Australia<br />

and New Zealand, with durations from 14 to 38 nights.<br />

The Fred. Olsen difference:<br />

• Smaller ship cruising – bringing guests closer to the destination<br />

• Service with a smile – friendly and attentive staff<br />

• Fly straight to their chosen region of discovery<br />

• Diverse selection of once in a lifetime holidays<br />

cruise.sales@fredolsen.co.uk | 01473 746164<br />

Facebook: Fred. Olsen – Trade Support | Twitter: @FOCLSalesTeam<br />

Travel Agent Centre www.fredolsencruises.com/travel-agent-centre

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

CroisiEurope<br />

Competitive pricing, focusing on the individual, and constant innovation have all led to<br />

numerous awards, voted for by the public. Established 40 years ago, CroisiEurope has<br />

pioneered river cruising on the most beautiful waterways in Europe. Over the years this<br />

family owned company, CroisiEurope, has become Europe’s leading river cruise operator,<br />

now owning, managing and operating 50 river ships, among which 6 barges that are perfect<br />

to experience gliding along the tranquil waters within France. Looking ahead to 2018 and<br />

beyond, CroisiEurope will offer unforgettable and exhilarating cruises on exotic rivers like<br />

the Mekong in Vietnam, Irrawaddy in Myanmar, the Volga in Russia and the Chobe River in<br />

Africa. What really sets CroisiEurope apart are its fascinating programmes that bring history<br />

and culture to life plus exquisite food designed in the finest French culinary traditions.<br />

Crystal Cruises<br />

Voted the World’s Best more times than any other hotel, resort or cruise line in history,<br />

the luxurious Crystal Cruises fleet - ocean, yacht and river yachts - offers guests the most<br />

choice available with a huge array of facilities and activities on offer. Crystal Cruises is more<br />

than just a luxurious way to explore the world. It is an adventure, opening up the globe<br />

just for you. Whether by sea, river, land or air, we are taking luxury travel higher than ever<br />

before. Welcome to the new Crystal.<br />

Cunard<br />

From the moment guests step aboard one of Cunard’s three iconic ships, they enter a<br />

unique world of style and elegance which revolves around them. While Queen Elizabeth,<br />

Queen Victoria, and Queen Mary 2 each have their own charms, together they offer an<br />

oasis of relaxation and discovery, where guests can do as much or as little as they please.<br />

Spectacularly grand venues, wide open decks and personal space combine to create a<br />

wonderful sense of freedom, with attentive White Star Service – always at hand.<br />

Cunard holds on to many of its fine traditions such as a glamorous sense of occasion and<br />

immaculate Afternoon Tea, served wherever our ships are in the world. From the nine-pillow<br />

menu in Britannia Club staterooms to the extent of possibilities on board, a voyage with<br />

Cunard is shaped by the way guests want to feel.<br />

Disney Cruise Line<br />

With decks of sun-drenched Disney magic you won’t find anywhere else, Disney Cruise Line<br />

sets every family member on course for spectacular Disney entertainment and unrivalled<br />

relaxation. Discover many different destinations, highlighting exotic Caribbean escapes<br />

like Disney’s own private island, Castaway Cay, St Thomas, Cozumel and Tortola. Or see<br />

Mediterranean cultural centres such as Barcelona, Rome and Florence, glittering European<br />

capitals such as Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Reykjavik, or the diversity of the<br />

British Isles with stops in scenic Kirkwall and historic Dublin. Sailors of all ages can unwind<br />

together as a family, or separately in their own dedicated areas, each designed exclusively<br />

just for adults or kids, while enjoying a vast array of clubs and activities only available on a<br />

Disney cruise.<br />

Emerald Waterways<br />

Emerald Waterways is Europe’s most innovative river cruise line. Despite only launching in<br />

2014, they already boast an award-winning reputation and are fast becoming a favourite<br />

with new and seasoned cruisers in search of exciting itineraries, contemporary ships and<br />

exceptional value. What makes Emerald Waterways stand out from the crowd is their<br />

revolutionary fleet of ‘Star-Ships’. Designed to bring the highlights of ocean cruising to<br />

the intimacy of Europe’s rivers, they feature highlights like an on-board heated pool that<br />

transforms into a cinema at night. Emerald Waterways’ fully-inclusive service means that all<br />

on-board meals are included, as well as wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner.<br />

Guests will also enjoy activities and excursions in almost every destination, with enhanced<br />

experiences courtesy of EmeraldPLUS.<br />

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines<br />

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is renowned for its friendly and personal cruise experience.<br />

Operating a fleet of four smaller, more intimate ships – Balmoral, Braemar, Boudicca and<br />

Black Watch – Fred. Olsen takes guests right to the heart of the world’s most inspiring<br />

destinations, and with a friendly, efficient and professional crew, guests will have an<br />

enjoyable and memorable time on board and ashore. With departures from 10 convenient<br />

regional UK ports in <strong>2017</strong>/18, to more than 200 destinations around the globe, Fred. Olsen<br />

is committed to ‘bringing the world closer’.<br />

Visit cruiseexperts.org for full profiles, contact information and the latest news

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises are today one of the world’s foremost providers of ultra luxury and<br />

expedition cruises appealing to very discerning travellers who demand the highest levels<br />

of quality, service and catering as well as being inspired by the destinations visited and the<br />

opportunities to stimulate the mind. As such they are more focused on the product and<br />

destination rather than price.<br />

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises<br />

Holland America Line<br />

Holland America Line epitomises the ultimate in worldwide premium travel experiences,<br />

onboard a fleet of gracious mid-sized ships. Elegant lounges adorned with fine art; spacious<br />

staterooms, many with private balcony; restaurants serving gourmet cuisine and delicious<br />

snacks, state of the art leisure amenities and entertainment for all - be it blues, classical<br />

or west end theatre; all which give the company its reputation for offering authentic,<br />

personalised destination experiences visited in timeless elegance – with a modern twist.<br />

Perfect for a voyage that explores some of the world’s most stunning destinations, offering<br />

long days and overnights in port, regional cuisine, entertainment, destination guides and<br />

more.<br />

MSC Cruises<br />

MSC Cruises offers a whole wide world of destinations all year round. Choose when and<br />

where you’d like us to take your guests and we’ll do the rest. Thanks to our 300 years of<br />

seafaring experience, every day onboard a MSC cruise will be unique and memorable. Our<br />

12 fantastic and 2 upcoming ultramodern ships can be found in all four corners of the globe<br />

– and anything from the food to the evening shows, the destinations, excursions, pools and<br />

spas, has been specially designed with your guests in mind.<br />

MSC Cruises, a cruise like no other.<br />

Norwegian Cruise Line<br />

Norwegian Cruise Line has long been an innovator, changing the face of holidays at sea.<br />

And now we’re taking innovation to new levels, bringing the popular trend of all-inclusive<br />

holidays to the premium global cruise sector – another first for Norwegian. Premium All<br />

Inclusive, the exciting new way to cruise, has already rolled out in several key European<br />

markets to great acclaim from both the travel trade and our guests. They appreciate the<br />

added value and the enhanced feeling of freedom and relaxation they experience when<br />

what once were extras are now taken care of. With Premium All Inclusive you, our valued<br />

travel partners, will discover that cruise holiday budgeting has never been easier. There<br />

is simply so much more included in the fare, from alcoholic and soft beverages to service<br />

charges. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like getting more.<br />

Oceania Cruises<br />

Oceania Cruises operates a fleet of 6 ships catering for 684 to 1250 guests and sails to<br />

over 365 ports worldwide. Providing the highest quality, Oceania Cruises offers The Finest<br />

Cuisine At Sea, meticulous attention to detail with a warm, inviting, elegant ambience.<br />

Numerous gourmet restaurants are available at no extra charge, catering for discerning<br />

palates and offering an array of choices from Continental cuisine to authentic Italian to<br />

classic steakhouse fare. Living areas are sumptuous, with almost all accommodations having<br />

a private veranda and butler service in all suites. Their O Life Choice promotion of Free<br />

Internet, plus either free shore excursions or a free beverage package or free ship board<br />

credit allows guests to enhance their voyage how they choose.<br />

Pandaw<br />

For over 20 years as an innovator of experiential river cruising, Pandaw has pioneered<br />

new routes along the great rivers of Asia. Our fleet of specially-designed and luxuriouslyappointed<br />

ships have ventured to remote and off-the-beaten-track, up-country destinations<br />

where few, if any, of our competitors can follow. As well as exciting itineraries, we offer<br />

travellers a truly unique on board experience in all six of our operating regions – Burma,<br />

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and China.<br />

We have fifteen beautifully-crafted Pandaw ships and now our first coastal yacht, the<br />

Andaman Explorer. Each vessel, hand-finished in brass and teak by traditional craftsmen to<br />

recall the comforts of colonial-era travel, is itself a luxury object of great beauty.<br />

Visit cruiseexperts.org for full profiles, contact information and the latest news

Britain’s favourite cruise line<br />

Reasons to believe<br />

The brand<br />

you can trust<br />

1 in 2 Ex-UK cruises<br />

are booked with<br />

P&O Cruises.<br />

Two-thirds of our<br />

guests return.<br />

We can trace our roots<br />

back 180 years.<br />

Tailored to<br />

British tastes<br />

The comforts of home<br />

e.g. everything in £s,<br />

afternoon tea, 3 pin plugs.<br />

Best of the British<br />

food scene with our<br />

Food Heroes.<br />

Entertainment geared to<br />

British tastes, including<br />

Strictly Come Dancing.<br />

Something<br />

for everyone<br />

Over 250 destinations.<br />

The largest range of<br />

Ex-UK cruises.<br />

A ship for every taste.<br />

The freedom to<br />

holiday your way.<br />

How we make guests feel<br />

Team<br />

Complete our NEW Academy Online module at completecruisesolution.com<br />

View our Brand Story video on our Facebook page - P&O Cruises Travel Agent Sales

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

Paul Gauguin Cruises<br />

At the turn of the century, impressionist Paul Gauguin travelled to the tropical shores of<br />

French Polynesia to create some of his most renowned masterpieces. Today his namesake,<br />

the Paul Gauguin, transports you to the same romantic Tahitian holiday paradise – to<br />

explore, experience and escape. The Paul Gauguin was designed specifically to sail the<br />

shallow seas of Tahiti and French Polynesia, visiting small ports that larger ships can’t reach<br />

and effortlessly blending into the stunning natural beauty of the South Seas. She offers an<br />

extension of the informal, relaxing environment of the islands, coupled with five-star service,<br />

comfort and luxury, Spacious suites and staterooms (more than 70% with private balconies),<br />

an onboard water sports marina, a choice of three open-seating dining venues and an<br />

extensive spa are among her luxurious attributes.<br />

P&O Cruises<br />

P&O Cruises is Britain’s favourite cruise line and more holidaymakers trust us than any<br />

other UK cruise brand. Every aspect of a P&O Cruises holiday is designed to make your<br />

customers feel special, and a few thoughtful British touches here and there make all the<br />

difference. They can wake up everyday to an amazing new view, dine on dishes lovingly<br />

created by our Food Heroes and savour days that unfold at their own pace. We’ve ships<br />

designed exclusively for adults and others which provide the perfect playground for all<br />

ages, and a new ship coming in 2020 to add to the family. With our constantly updated<br />

itineraries, there really is a holiday for everyone. While your customers are seeing the sights<br />

and basking in the sun, you can relax too, knowing that they are in the safest of hands.<br />

Ponant<br />

The only French-flag cruise line and world number one for polar cruises, PONANT was<br />

founded in 1988 by Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée and a dozen Merchant Navy officers. Today<br />

the company is a reference for a new style of high-end cruises, a unique concept for sea<br />

travel that combines exceptional itineraries with five-star amenities on small capacity luxury<br />

ships. Ponant visits the world’s most unique destinations and far-end corners. Guests can<br />

discover multiple countries in a single journey and explore the planet’s best kept secrets;<br />

and combine adventure with luxurious styles and fine cuisine in the best tradition of French<br />

savoir-faire.<br />

Princess Cruises<br />

One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises, operates a fleet of 18 modern<br />

cruise ships. Princess takes guests to more than 360 amazing destinations around the<br />

globe on more than 150 itineraries, ranging from three to 114 days. Guests can enjoy<br />

signature features, such as Movies Under the Stars, as well as the wide array of choices in<br />

entertainment and dining. Princess is the only cruise line to be officially endorsed as ‘Reader<br />

Recommended’ by Good Housekeeping UK for its dining, and the line is recognised for<br />

providing exceptional customer service. Furthermore, through its partnership with Discovery<br />

and Animal Planet, Princess offers a huge choice of family activities which are fun and<br />

educational. With all of this and more, Princess promises guests that they will come back<br />

feeling enriched, relaxed and refreshed – in other words, they will come back new.<br />

In association with Fred.\ Holidays, the official UK General Sales Agent<br />

All Inclusive Drinks, Mediterranean feel and the Pullmantur Smile. With over 40 years’<br />

experience in the travel market, Pullmantur guests can enjoy a relaxed yet vibrant<br />

atmosphere on board. And with true value, the All Inclusive cruise experiences will be one<br />

to remember.<br />

Pullmantur<br />

Regent Seven Seas Cruises<br />

Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers the MOST inclusive luxury experience where everything<br />

is included: return flights and transfers, unlimited shore excursions, all fine dining and<br />

beverages, free Wi-Fi access and even gratuities and service charges - without exception,<br />

without compromise.<br />

Seven Seas Explorer - THE MOST LUXURIOUS SHIP EVER BUILT, Seven Seas Voyager,<br />

Seven Seas Mariner and Seven Seas Navigator carry no more than 750 guests and offer<br />

spectacular gourmet restaurants, suites that are amongst the most spacious at sea and an<br />

enviable staff-to-guest ratio that makes queuing and waiting a thing of the past; there really<br />

is no better way to experience luxury travel.<br />

Visit cruiseexperts.org for full profiles, contact information and the latest news





<strong>CLIA</strong> MEMBER<br />


For the 2018 season Riviera Travel will be operating a fleet of 12 five-star and 1 four-star<br />

superior ships along the iconic rivers of Europe. Our river cruise program goes from<br />

strength to strength with more passengers from the UK now choosing Riviera Travel’s<br />

European river cruises than any of our competitors. We are committed to expanding<br />

our fleet and our horizons and are delighted to announce the introduction of another<br />

brand new five-star ship for 2018, the MS Robert Burns. We will also be taking<br />

passengers on a brand new exciting journey from Budapest to the Black Sea.<br />

NEW FOR 2018<br />

• Another brand new five-star ship, the MS Robert Burns<br />

• Brand new 14 night itinerary - Budapest to the Black Sea - from just £2,299pp<br />

• Optional drinks package<br />

Included with lunch and dinner:<br />

Red, white and rose house wine and the wine recommendations from the menu,<br />

draught beer, non-alcoholic beer, soft drinks and juices<br />

4 nights - £59 7 nights - £99 14 nights - £199<br />

Bulk supplies of our new Cruise Collection brochures are now available at www.trade-gate.co.uk. In addition<br />

to our new 2018 River Cruise itineraries they now include for the first time all of our Cruise Collection including...<br />

Tall Ships | Mekong cruises | Ganges cruises | Transatlantics cruises | Mediterranean small ship cruises<br />

For more information on Riviera Travel’s extensive cruising range contact:<br />

agencysales@rivieratravel.co.uk<br />

Riviera Travel booking terms and conditions apply.

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

Riviera Travel River Cruises<br />

Riviera Travel have been operating Escorted tours for over 30 years and European River<br />

Cruises for almost 9 years. Our river cruises are carefully tailored towards our customers,<br />

resulting in a comfortable, relaxed and sociable on-board experience. Sailing eleven<br />

stunningly beautiful and fascinating river cruises along the Rhine, Danube, Moselle, Main,<br />

Rhône, Seine and Douro. Amongst our fleet of twelve modern ships, choose from the fivestar<br />

MS Jane Austen, MS Charles Dickens, fabulous five-star MS Lord Byron, MS William<br />

Shakespeare, MS Swiss Corona and MS Swiss Tiara or the four-star MS Swiss Ruby. In <strong>2017</strong><br />

we are launching five brand new five-star ships; MS Thomas Hardy, MS Emily Bronte, MS<br />

Oscar Wilde, MS Douro Elegance and the MS Douro Serenity.<br />

Royal Caribbean International<br />

At Royal Caribbean International, our aim is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.<br />

We are the pioneers of many firsts at sea, offering a playground of incredible experiences<br />

on 24 of the world’s most innovative and spectacular ships, visiting over 250 destinations<br />

around the world. We are revolutionising the cruise industry to make every holiday on board<br />

one to remember. Whether that’s wowing guests with our robotic bartenders, dazzling with<br />

a 30-foot giraffe or thrilling them with breath-taking destinations, we want to open their<br />

eyes to a new way to travel.<br />

Saga Cruises<br />

Your customers can discover a friendlier way to cruise aboard Saga Sapphire and Saga<br />

Pearl II, two small ships offering all the luxuries of classic cruising, but with a modern twist.<br />

Exclusively for guests aged 50 and over, they offer a choice of flexible dining restaurants,<br />

spacious cabins as standard, and a calendar of cruises to Norway, the Baltic, Mediterranean,<br />

Canaries, around Britain and further afield. All cruises begin and end in Dover or<br />

Southampton, and include a chauffeur to the port. Wine with meals is included in the fare<br />

as are all gratuities, wi-fi and 24 hour room service.<br />

Scenic<br />

Scenic is Europe’s ultimate luxury river cruise line. Their award-winning reputation is<br />

underpinned by over 30 years’ experience, a collection of meticulously planned eight to 15<br />

day itineraries, and an unrivalled fleet of opulent Scenic ‘Space-Ships’. Boasting the most<br />

spacious ships on the water also means that Scenic guests enjoy a more intimate time on<br />

the river, with a more favourable staff-to-guest ratio.<br />

At the heart of the Scenic experience is an ultra-all-inclusive service that ensures almost<br />

everything is included in the price of your cruise. From unlimited on-board drinks and dining<br />

in a range of venues, to daily excursions, once-in-a-lifetime Scenic Enrich experiences and<br />

even all tips and gratuities; guests rarely, if ever, have to dip into their Euros to pay for<br />

anything.<br />

Seabourn<br />

Cruising with Seabourn is unlike any other form of travel. The experience is luxurious, yet<br />

relaxed... elegant, yet casual... sumptuous, yet understated. These intimate ships, each<br />

accommodating no more than 600 guests, are the perfect blend of glamorous elegance,<br />

impeccable service, exquisite cuisine and highly personalised worldwide destination<br />

experiences, earning Seabourn some of the most coveted awards in travel. In late 2016,<br />

Seabourn Encore arrived, crowning a fleet that is already the newest, most modern<br />

and most acclaimed in ultra-luxury. From the luxury of all suite accommodations to<br />

complimentary fine wines and spirits, and a no tipping policy, Seabourn exemplifies the<br />

definition of travelling well.<br />

SeaDream Yacht Club<br />

Conceived for the way we live our lives today, the contemporary luxury aboard SeaDream I<br />

& II uniquely combines the style and swank of a private motor yacht with the facilities and<br />

service standards of a world class boutique resort. Sailing with a maximum of 112 guests,<br />

each has 95 award-winning crew, open seating, outdoor dining, a fully-outfitted water<br />

sports marina with the latest personal water craft and the only Thai-Certified Spa at sea.<br />

Guests enjoy highly anticipatory service and top amenities like included open bar featuring<br />

select premium spirits & wines and 5-star Dream Cuisine. Perfect for holidays, their size also<br />

makes them ideal for exclusive private charters, whether for family get-togethers, birthdays,<br />

weddings, business incentives, corporate retreats or sales conferences.<br />

Visit cruiseexperts.org for full profiles, contact information and the latest news



From surfing 16 decks above the waves, to getting up close and personal with<br />

dolphins, at Royal Caribbean there’s only one rule, anything is possible.<br />

We want to make sure that every moment our guests enjoy with us is truly<br />

extraordinary. And with so much included in the price — from thrilling activities<br />

and jaw-dropping entertainment, to world-class dining and incredible<br />

destinations — they’re guaranteed a holiday like no other.<br />


<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

Shearings Holidays<br />

Shearings Holidays offer a range of value-for-money river cruises on Europe’s finest rivers.<br />

We have five exclusively chartered ships with a variety of itineraries throughout the year<br />

including the Dutch Bulbfields, Classic Danube, Rhine in Flames, Christmas Markets<br />

and Christmas & New Year. In addition to this we also have our ‘Escorted by Shearings’<br />

programme which offers a selection of All-Inclusive cruises on 4-star partner vessels in<br />

Portugal, France & Italy. Our flagship is the 4-star MS Serenade 2, one of Europe’s favourite<br />

river cruise vessels, famous for its cutting edge design and luxurious interior, sailing the<br />

majestic Danube. Our exclusive charters all include luxury coach, air or rail transport,<br />

full-board meals, excursions, entertainment and the services of a cruise manager.<br />

Silversea<br />

Silversea is an ultra-luxury cruise line renowned for extraordinary worldwide voyages aboard<br />

intimate, all-inclusive ships. Sailing to over 800 destinations spanning all seven continents,<br />

Silversea offers more destinations than any other cruise line.<br />

All-suite and spacious ocean-view accommodation comes with butler service. Beautifully<br />

appointed lounges and bars offer an elegant yet relaxed ambience. Fine dining, beverages<br />

including wines, beers and spirits, and onboard gratuities are always included. For the<br />

curious traveller, Silversea Expeditions offer unique, awe-inspiring journeys to some of the<br />

world’s most exotic destinations, including Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands, aboard our<br />

fleet of expedition vessels. Discover the art of luxury travel as perfected by Silversea.<br />

Tauck<br />

On Tauck’s river cruises, you can expect to see the sights a bit differently than you would<br />

with anyone else. We explore Europe’s great waterways from the Rhine and the Danube to<br />

the French Rivers, Rhône and Seine.<br />

Our luxurious riverboats are spacious and comfortable, welcoming you to an onboard<br />

experience characterised by the Tauck Difference – all-inclusive river cruises featuring<br />

personalised cruising enhanced by those ‘little Tauck touches’; our intimate, club-like<br />

atmosphere onboard, and the uncommon access to exclusive cultural experiences on our<br />

included excursions ashore, ensuring experiences as memorable as the places you visit... not<br />

simply what other travellers see and do.<br />

Thomson Cruises<br />

From Havana to Venice, Thomson Cruises take their customers to over 120 destinations<br />

every year. Almost all their cruises set sail at night, meaning fewer days are spent at sea<br />

so you can maximise your time ashore. With six ships in the fleet, Thomson Cruises offer<br />

everything from family-friendly to adults-only cruises. Whichever one you go for, you’ll<br />

find the same high standards across the board. There’s plenty of dining options and the<br />

entertainment’s right on the money too. Plus, you can expect excellent service as standard.<br />

Unlike most cruise lines, Thomson Cruises don’t think tips and service charges should cost<br />

extra, so they’ve included them in the price. And with an unbeatable choice of Cruise & Stay<br />

holidays which let you pair some time onboard with a spell at a hotel – in whichever order<br />

you fancy, there’s even more reasons to choose Thomson Cruises.<br />

Uniworld Boutique<br />

River Cruise Collection<br />

Multi award-winning river cruise line, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, is renowned for<br />

its outstanding service, offering indisputable luxury onboard. The Uniworld experience<br />

embodies style, comfort and sophistication, and guests will find gourmet dining venues,<br />

beautifully-appointed suites and staterooms, plus much more aboard a unique and elegant<br />

Uniworld river cruise ship. From the rivers of Europe to more exotic locales – India, China,<br />

Vietnam, Cambodia and Egypt – Uniworld’s journeys provide an intimate and up-close view<br />

of some of the world’s oldest civilisations. Exploring ancient treasures by day with hosted<br />

small-group excursions, and enjoying five-star hotels and elegant ships at night, our guests<br />

can be treated to the unsurpassed Uniworld experience worldwide. Uniworld’s luxury river<br />

cruises are a truly unique experience, unlike any other journey in the world.<br />

Windstar Cruises<br />

With a small ship fleet of 3 tall-masted iconic sailing ships and 3 all-suite motor yachts each<br />

catering to less than 312 guests, a cruise with Windstar Cruises is unlike any other cruise.<br />

Windstar’s unique yacht style cruising experience is based on personalized service, worldclass<br />

food, and an upscale, yet casually elegant atmosphere with no formal nights or fixed<br />

meal times. Windstar’s yachts visit not only world capitals, but also secluded coves, hidden<br />

harbours, and tiny Old World villages. Windstar’s itineraries are far reaching and include<br />

voyages to Tahiti, Asia, Arabia, Alaska, Panama Canal & Costa Rica, the Caribbean,<br />

Canada & New England, Mediterranean, and Northern Europe & Iceland. Windstar<br />

combines an award-winning small ship cruise experience together with a unique ability to<br />

bring each destination to life.<br />

Visit cruiseexperts.org for full profiles, contact information and the latest news



Cruise360<br />

Copenhagen<br />

It felt easy for me as I would use my<br />

destination knowledge in all these<br />

facets of a consultation, and the<br />

booking was just a mandatory process<br />

at the end of our conversations<br />

because the customer had wholly<br />

been engaged in the cruise and<br />

destination experience.<br />

Peter Kollar<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Australasia<br />

Masterclass Speaker<br />

at Cruise360 Copenhagen<br />

When I first made the transition<br />

to becoming a travel agent after<br />

a decade of working at sea, it<br />

surprised me how limited cruise<br />

destination knowledge was in the<br />

cruise retail community. This is<br />

despite the fact many agents were<br />

presenting itineraries to customers,<br />

despite questions on what sort of<br />

experience the trip would provide,<br />

location of the port, and travel to<br />

and from the port building.<br />

Most of all though, if they did<br />

successfully convert the consultation<br />

to a booking, they would just ask<br />

the client if they’d like some extras<br />

such as hotels and flights without<br />

the expertise to really ensure that<br />

such arrangements worked with the<br />

destination.<br />

Of course, some travel agents have<br />

exceptional destination knowledge,<br />

but for many a lack of expertise made<br />

the whole experience hard work.<br />

A lot of the feedback I received from<br />

my peers was that of course it was<br />

easy for me – I had been there! This<br />

is true, which is why when I made<br />

the elevation to Cruise Product<br />

Manager for the largest retail chain in<br />

Australia, I started creating destination<br />

training programs that would help any<br />

agent, regardless of their own travel<br />

experience.<br />

This led me to <strong>CLIA</strong>, using all of the<br />

knowledge gained whilst working as<br />

a Shore Excursion Manager onboard<br />

a luxury cruise line ship, to create<br />

material for agents in a language<br />

that resonates with the travel agent<br />

community.<br />

Cruise360 Copenhagen gives me an<br />

opportunity to share those insights –<br />

and hopefully to making selling cruise<br />

holidays easier.<br />

I will show you exactly the key times<br />

that you could use all this new<br />

destination information, and most<br />

importantly, show you how to get<br />

it. Wouldn’t you like to make cruise<br />

bookings just a mandatory process<br />

after your conversations with your<br />

clients?<br />

Cruise360 Copenhagen is the<br />

ultimate cruise event for multiple<br />

ship visits, mini-conferences,<br />

destination excursions, networking<br />

and learning, and is open to members<br />

and non-members.<br />

Saturday 9 - Monday 11<br />

September<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Member Early Bird rate £30<br />

Book today at cruiseexperts.org


Visit Regal Princess in Copenhagen as part of <strong>CLIA</strong> Cruise360 Copenhagen this September<br />


Choose from more amazing destinations and experiences than<br />

any other cruise line.<br />

With over 50 years of knowledge, expertise and passion for<br />

travel we can immerse every guest in authentic experiences.<br />

Sailing to over 360 destinations worldwide, we are the leaders<br />

in destination cruising.<br />


LINE<br />

Cruise International<br />

2014-2016<br />



Good Housekeeping<br />

Reader<br />

Recommended<br />

2015-<strong>2017</strong><br />



World of Cruising<br />

2016 & <strong>2017</strong><br />

ABTA and ATOL protected. Princess Cruises onboard restaurants have been reviewed by<br />

100 Good Housekeeping readers and awarded the Good Housekeeping<br />

Reader Recommended endorsement.

WW<br />

<strong>FINAL</strong> Cover April/May2.indd 2 15/03/<strong>2017</strong> 16:05<br />

1 2<br />





WIN<br />

A £3K MED CRUISE<br />




from Nobu<br />



TOP 50<br />






GUIDE TO<br />





FEBRUARY/MARCH <strong>2017</strong> | £4.50<br />

THE BEST<br />

FAMILY<br />


Top20<br />

LUXURY<br />



DOWN<br />

UNDER<br />

Discover the<br />

delights of Oz<br />

cruise-international.com<br />

Final FEB/MARCH17V2.indd 1 19/01/<strong>2017</strong> 10:56<br />

+<br />

WIN<br />


FOR TWO<br />

WORTH £4,000<br />

WITH<br />


How to upgrade<br />

your cruise<br />


APRIL/MAY <strong>2017</strong> | £4.50<br />

WIN<br />


FOR TWO WORTH £6,000<br />

150<br />


ASIA<br />

From Cambodia to Japan, the best<br />

cruises for all budgets<br />


TO BOOK<br />


* Great deals<br />

* Fab destinations<br />

* Amazing new ships<br />





CRUISE<br />

AWARDS<br />

2016<br />

All the winners inside<br />



Fab destinations<br />

Amazing new ships<br />


Sailing round the<br />

islands in style<br />



French fancies<br />




DECEMBER/JANUARY <strong>2017</strong> | £3.95<br />

Jamie<br />

Oliver<br />





www.chelseamagazines.com/<strong>CLIA</strong>17<br />

£1,000<br />

OF BRIC’S<br />

LUXURY<br />


TO BE WON<br />


OF MUSIC<br />



cruise-international.com<br />

+44 (0) 1795 419 841 and quote NCRUCL17<br />

6 ISSUES FOR £14.95<br />

cruise-international.com<br />

9 7 7 1 7 5 8 2 3 2 0 1 2<br />

Final Dec/Jan17.indd 1 09/11/2016 15:21<br />

Hot Destinations: fabulous ideas to inspire your next holiday<br />

Cool New Ships: top reviews of the latest ocean and river vessels<br />

Insider Tips: expert advice plus great deals<br />

Competitions: fantastic cruises to be won<br />

Plus celebrity interviews, top chef recipes<br />

and much more...<br />

To advertise, please contact Lyndal Beetan 0207 349 3700<br />

SAVING<br />

54 %

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />


Travelwise<br />

Won a Pandaw 7-night river<br />

cruise for two in Burma!<br />


GoCruise<br />

Won a place at the Fred. Olsen table<br />

at the Globe Travel Awards <strong>2017</strong>!<br />

When did cruise click for you?<br />

Congratulations to our winners<br />

Thinking back to your first cruise holiday, Fam Trip or ship visit, you shared your<br />

“Cruise Lightbulb Moment” - the moment that you fell in love with cruising or that<br />

you realised that a cruise is the perfect holiday option for you or your customers.<br />

Sharing these moments, we hope to convert more yet-to-cruise guests and share<br />

the many experiences available on a cruise holiday.<br />

“<br />

My cruise lightbulb moment<br />

flashed at a very early age –<br />

apparently, whilst celebrating my<br />

second birthday, on a cruise, I<br />

declared that I loved cruising and<br />

wanted to work on a ship! For my<br />

parents, they were able to have<br />

fantastic worry-free holidays,<br />

firm in the knowledge that their<br />

children were safe, entertained<br />

and happy, which meant they<br />

were too.<br />

Meriel Lowe<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Winner<br />

“<br />



Cruise.co.uk<br />

Won a cabin on the maiden<br />

cruise of Majestic Princess!<br />

Emma Browne, Abercrombie & Kent<br />

Holland America Line<br />

Koningsdam Weekend Ship Visit<br />

Sharon Jackson, RubyBlue Travel<br />

Royal Caribbean International<br />

Taster Cruise on Independence of the Seas<br />

Carol Kirkham, Kirkham Travel<br />

Avalon Waterways<br />

Fam Trip Place on 7-night <strong>2017</strong> Trip<br />


Reader Offers Ltd<br />

Won a place on the Silver<br />

Muse shakedown cruise!<br />

Benedict Montgomery<br />

Azamara Club Cruises<br />

UK ship visit place in <strong>2017</strong><br />

Emma Sanger-Horwell, Wexas Travel<br />

Celebrity Cruises<br />

2-night cruise on Celebrity Eclipse<br />


Mid-Counties Co-Operative Travel<br />

Won a cabin on a Tauck “Romantic Rhine”<br />

Fam Trip cruise onboard MS Grace!<br />

Meriel Lowe<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Winner<br />

Complimentary registration to both<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference <strong>2017</strong> and<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Cruise360 Copenhagen<br />

Trevor Ridler, Baldwins Travel<br />

Saga Cruises<br />

Fam Trip Place in <strong>2017</strong>



Operating in 20 cities across 4 continents,<br />

Big Bus Tours is the leading privately owned<br />

provider of open top sightseeing in the world<br />

and is proud to be a global partner with the<br />

cruise industry.<br />

Offering a flexible hop-on hop-off approach<br />

to sight-seeing, our distinctive burgundy and<br />

cream open top buses ensure guests see<br />

and discover the best of our chosen cities.<br />



Tina Spencer<br />

Head of Cruise Business Development<br />

TinaS@bigbustours.com<br />

Gareth Brown<br />

Global Cruise Business Manager<br />

GarethB@bigbustours.com<br />

With friendly and knowledgeable guides<br />

and multi-lingual recorded commentary<br />

available on all our tours, a Big Bus Tour<br />

is the perfect introduction to great cities<br />

world wide.<br />



<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

Silver Muse<br />

Silversea presents their new flagship, Silver Muse.<br />

At 40,700 grt and accommodating 596 guests, the<br />

addition of Silver Muse will expand Silversea’s fleet to nine<br />

ships, and will once again significantly raise the bar in the<br />

ultra-luxury cruise market with a wealth of enhancements<br />

to the onboard experience.<br />

Majestic Princess<br />

Majestic Princess is the newest sister ship to Royal Princess and<br />

Regal Princess, offering the Princess experience and signature<br />

favorites you’ve always loved, plus exciting new features with<br />

a Chinese flair. She is also the first ship in our fleet to feature<br />

a brand-new Seawitch livery design at her bow with hair<br />

flowing toward the stern.<br />

TUI Discovery 2<br />

In summer <strong>2017</strong>,<br />

TUI Discovery 2 will join the<br />

Thomson Cruises fleet as the<br />

sister ship to TUI Discovery,<br />

featuring an outdoor cinema, a rock climbing wall; not<br />

to mention the range of bars, excellent dining scene and<br />

night-time shows.<br />


<strong>2017</strong> LAUNCHES<br />

MSC Meraviglia<br />

With two covered promenades, expanded outside areas and<br />

fun water parks, MSC Meraviglia will offer a whole wealth<br />

of entertainment areas. The luxury MSC Yacht Club will be<br />

expanded and the whole ceiling of the inside promenade will<br />

be covered with a giant 480-m² LED screen: a digital sky!<br />

Starting from July <strong>2017</strong>, MSC Meraviglia will become the first<br />

cruise ship ever to feature a custom Entertainment Lounge<br />

designed in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil to create a<br />

unique experience at sea.<br />

MSC Seaside<br />

MSC Seaside rewrites the rule book of cruise ship design,<br />

blending indoor and outdoor areas to connect you with<br />

the sea like never before. Circling the entire ship as low as<br />

Deck 8 is a unique seafront promenade lined with places<br />

to eat, drink, shop, swim and sunbathe.<br />

Norwegian Joy<br />

Set to debut in China in the summer of <strong>2017</strong> homeporting in<br />

Shanghai and Tianjin (Beijing), Norwegian Joy will be the fleet’s<br />

most innovative ship to date. Styled exclusively for Chinese<br />

travellers, guests can expect an upscale resort style holiday<br />

with world-class entertainment, fine international dining with<br />

all the freedom and flexibility found on all<br />

Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

a<br />

traveler review<br />

“<br />

WHAT A<br />

RUSH<br />

”<br />

Alicia M, California<br />

Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, Orocovis<br />

Flamenco Beach, Culebra<br />

Cueva Ventana, Arecibo<br />

Surfing, Rincón<br />


With so many world class attractions to explore and<br />

enjoy, your clients days and nights will be filled with<br />

unforgettable experiences:<br />

- Breathtaking beaches and coastline perfect for scuba<br />

diving, kayaking and enjoying many other water sports<br />

- Toro Verde, nature adventure park with the longest zipline<br />

in the world, suspension bridges,<br />

rappelling and everything adrenaline junkies love<br />

- Three of the world's permanent and brightest<br />

bioluminescent bays: rare spectacles of nature that are<br />

easily accessible in Puerto Rico<br />

- El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the United States<br />

Forest System, where you can explore hiking trails,<br />

waterfalls and take in awesome mountain views<br />

- Historic and unique Old San Juan, with structures that are<br />

UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thrilling colonial forts<br />

- Accessible diversity – the island's varied ecosystems and<br />

small size let you combine multiple experiences<br />

in just one day; from rainforest to dry forest, cave at the<br />

beach to river cave in the mountains<br />

- Adventures for all - whether it's the extreme rush of nature<br />

or family friendly expeditions, we've got you covered!<br />

Come to Puerto Rico and live your own five star vacation story.<br />


See Puerto Rico<br />

@PRTourismCo<br />

See Puerto Rico

New British Airways direct<br />

service between London-Gatwick<br />

and FLL begins July <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

travel ambassados<br />

Member of:<br />

Extend your clients’ holiday with a pre- or post-cruise stay in Greater Fort Lauderdale, and they’ll love you for it. Book a room on the beach<br />

or near the warm waterways. Raise a glass to the nightlife and the arts scene. Your clients will enjoy their stay on the sunny side. Enroll in the<br />

Greater Fort Lauderdale Specialist Program to provide your clients with an unforgettable vacation. Visit sunny.org/weloveagents<br />

@VisitLauderdale<br />

CVB2880_<strong>CLIA</strong> Cruise_HP_02_mech.indd 1<br />

3/17/17 6:01 PM<br />

Cruises For The Trade<br />

Get On Board<br />

0121 508 5556<br />








facebook.com/needacruise<br />


CLASSiC StyLE ANd ENriChiNG jourNEyS<br />

The World’s Finest Ultra-luxury Cruise Line<br />

The holland america line difference<br />

Mid-sized, elegant ships<br />

Spacious staterooms and suites, many with private balcony<br />

Nearly one crew member for every two guests<br />

Fine dining with casual to formal options<br />

Culinary Arts Centre, Explorations Central destination<br />

experiences and more<br />

Sumptuous Greenhouse Spa & Salon<br />

Long days and overnight stays in incredible cities<br />

The Seabourn Difference<br />

• Spacious, all-suite accommodations<br />

• Gourmet dining experiences that rival the finest restaurants anywhere<br />

• Intuitive, gracious service provided by a staff passionate<br />

about pleasing<br />

• Complimentary welcome champagne and in-suite bar stocked with<br />

client preferences<br />

• Open bar throughout the ship, and fine wines poured at lunch<br />

and dinner<br />

• Tipping ineither required nor expected, service simply to delight<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

Reservations Online<br />

For agency registration and enquiries e-mail<br />

Polar@hollandamerica.co.uk<br />

Reservations by phone: Call 0844 338 8600<br />

Groups<br />

E-mail groups@hollandamerica.co.uk or call 0844 338 8603<br />

Online Training<br />

HAL Academy offers an in-depth, FREE educational programme<br />

designed to provide YOU with the tools and sales techniques you need<br />

to achieve greater sales success.<br />

Log onto www.halacademy.co.uk, no passwords required!<br />

Contact the Sales Team 0844 338 8604<br />

Reservations Online<br />

For agency registration and enquiries e-mail<br />

Polar@seabourn.co.uk<br />

Reservations by phone: Call 0844 338 8686<br />

Groups<br />

E-mail groups@seabourn.co.uk or call 0844 338 8689<br />

Online Training<br />

Seabourn Academy offers an in-depth, FREE educational programme<br />

designed to provide YOU with the tools and sales techniques you need<br />

to achieve greater sales success.<br />

Log onto www.seabournacademy.co.uk, no passwords required!<br />

Contact the Sales Team 0844 338 8690<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />


Dani Scannella – BDM South<br />

Dani.scannella@hollandamerica.co.uk<br />

Dani.scannella@seabourn.co.uk<br />

Call (0)7789 923665<br />

Katie Brickell – Assistant BDM<br />

Katie.brickell@hollandamerica.co.uk<br />

Katie.brickell@seabourn.co.uk<br />

Call: 02380 65 6758<br />

James Scott – BDR<br />

James.scott@hollandamerica.co.uk<br />

James.scott@seabourn.co.uk<br />

Call 02380 65 6796<br />

Bekkie Skipp – BDM North & Scotland<br />

Rebecca.skipp@hollandamerica.co.uk<br />

Rebecca.skipp@seabourn.co.uk<br />

Call (0)7780 490748<br />

Lucy Harris – BDR<br />

Lucy.harris@hollandamerica.co.uk<br />

Lucy.harris@seabourn.co.uk<br />

Call: 02380 65 6750<br />

Sales Team: Send us an e-mail SALESSUPPORT@hollandamerica.co.uk<br />

or SALESSUPPORT@seabourn.co.uk


The original Transatlantic lie flat seats

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

Miguel Torga and<br />

Symphonie II<br />

CroisiEurope launched the<br />

Miguel Torga to sail the Douro,<br />

and the completely refurbished<br />

Symphonie II on the Rhine and<br />

Danube.<br />

Amadeus Provence<br />

Amadeus River Cruises<br />

launched the Amadeus<br />

Provence on the Rhône.<br />

AmaKristina<br />

AmaKristina is set to sail<br />

the Rhine with AmaWaterways<br />

Joie de Vivre<br />

Ellen Bettridge, Uniworld CEO & President with Godmother<br />

Joan Collins for the launch of Uniworld’s Joie de Vivre<br />

Tracey Scales<br />

Travel Counsellors<br />

RIVER CRUISE <strong>2017</strong><br />


Thomas Hardy & Emily Brontë<br />

The travel trade were honoured as two <strong>CLIA</strong> travel agents<br />

were named godmothers to Riviera Travel's two newest<br />

arrivals - Thomas Hardy and Emily Brontë. Riviera Travel also<br />

welcomed Douro Elegance to sail the Douro river.<br />

Christina Astill, GoCruise<br />

Emerald Destiny<br />

Emerald Destiny joins the Emerald Waterways fleet sailing<br />

the Rhine and Danube rivers, with Emerald Radiance shortly<br />

to launch on the Douro, and the Emerald Liberté on the<br />

Rhône and Saône rivers.<br />

Sapphire and Emerald<br />

Tauck's Sapphire and Emerald sailing the French waterways<br />

have each undergone an internal redesign, reducing their<br />

passenger capacity and cabin numbers, to make additional<br />

space for public areas and a number of Suite cabins.

With so much to see and do, Dubai is sure to be a<br />

stand-out stop on your cruise holiday<br />

Few sights beat the one<br />

you see upon cruising into<br />

Dubai – a city hugging the<br />

sunshine-dappled Gulf<br />

coastline; skyscrapers<br />

glittering in the sunlight;<br />

the red haze of the city’s<br />

romantic desert landscape<br />

just visible in the distance.<br />

Our city is multi-faceted<br />

destination, surprising and<br />

delighting new and regular<br />

visitors with rich traditions,<br />

world-class hotels, a food scene<br />

unlike any other, breathtaking<br />

sights and, of course, the<br />

romance of the desert. Whether<br />

you start or continue your<br />

journey into our fair city, you’re<br />

sure to be rewarded with<br />

unforgettable experiences.<br />

There’s plenty to keep you<br />

busy during your stay. Tick off<br />

Dubai’s record-breaking sites<br />

in Downtown before heading<br />

over to Dubai Creek to discover<br />

the Dubai of old – a fishing<br />

commune framed by traditional<br />

souks where bargain shopping<br />

awaits.<br />

Embarking on a regional or international cruise itinerary out of Dubai is a sheer indulgence.<br />

The international itineraries can start as short as 5, 7, 12 or 14 nights and even extend to an exciting<br />

world cruise itinerary. Do not miss a pre or post cruise stay in this fascinating destination, where you<br />

are sure to be enthralled.<br />

For further information, please visit<br />

visitdubai.com/en/<br />

At <strong>CLIA</strong> we are delighted to work with two groups of really<br />

important people to help shape the Campaigns, investment<br />

and strategy of <strong>CLIA</strong> when it comes to us supporting our<br />

travel agent partners.<br />

The Trade Engagement Working Group consists<br />

of 12 cruise line executives who help us shape<br />

our activity from the view of the cruise lines;<br />

looking particularly at how we can enhance our<br />

ability to engage the travel agent community at<br />

our events, online, and in accreditation.<br />

Trade Engagement Working Group<br />

Meanwhile, our newest Working Group is<br />

the Travel Agent Advisory Council who help<br />

feedback from a travel agent perspective on our<br />

past activity and developments, and help shape<br />

our future direction in terms of how they would<br />

like us to deliver on <strong>CLIA</strong> membership.<br />

Travel Agent Advisory Council<br />

Executive Committee<br />

CHAIR<br />

Janet Parton Avalon Waterways<br />

Wendy Lahmich Holland America Line & Seabourn<br />

Nick Wilkinson Norwegian Cruise Line<br />

Claire Stirrup Celebrity Cruises<br />

Natasha Richardson P&O Cruises / Cunard<br />

Rachel Poultney Princess Cruises<br />

Dave Chidley Uniworld Boutique River Cruise<br />

Collection<br />

Sarah Weetman Royal Caribbean International<br />

Steve Williams MSC Cruises<br />

Erin Johnson Silversea<br />

Angela Flynn Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines<br />

Paul Beale Regent Seven Seas Cruises<br />

CHAIR<br />

Claire Brighton Advantage<br />

Kelly Wooffitt TUI<br />

Simone Clarke Iglu Cruise<br />

Alison Earnshaw WTH UK<br />

Scott Anderson The Luxury Cruise Company<br />

Mary McKenna Tour America<br />

Claire Ross Kuoni<br />

Geoff Ridgeon Fred. Olsen Travel & GoCruise<br />

Catriona Skinner The Travel Network Group<br />

Phil Nuttall The Cruise Village<br />

Julie Berry Thomas Cook<br />

Janet Whittingham Travel Counsellors<br />

Both groups of people give up their valuable time and energy to help<br />

the cruise industry come together and drive our activity –<br />

and for that <strong>CLIA</strong> and the whole industry are grateful.<br />

CHAIR<br />

Stuart Leven<br />

Royal Caribbean International<br />

Lynn Narraway Holland America Line &<br />

Seabourn<br />

Giles Hawke Avalon Waterways<br />

Richard Twynam Azamara Club Cruises<br />

Jo Rzymowska Celebrity Cruises<br />

Paul Ludlow P&O Cruises<br />

Tony Roberts Princess Cruises<br />

Lisa McAuley Silversea<br />

Richard Sofer Thomson Cruises<br />

Iain Baillie Carnival Cruise Line<br />

Antonio Paradiso MSC Cruises<br />

Kathryn Beadle Uniworld Boutique River<br />

Cruise Collection

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & IRELAND YEARBOOK <strong>2017</strong><br />

An update from<br />

Matt Rennie<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & Ireland's<br />

Online co-ordinator<br />

Things online are pretty swell<br />

We’re constantly developing cruiseexperts.org with great content<br />

whether it’s the latest factsheets, cruise industry news, web speed<br />

enhancements, ‘user experience’ improvements; or whether it is our<br />

hard-working members providing content through top tens, Greatest<br />

Journeys and guest opinions as they work towards their next level of<br />

accreditation.<br />

It’s not just content that keeps our members coming back so we’ve been<br />

delighted to launch the amazing sales tool “Full Picture” working with Zolv<br />

Technologly.<br />

If you’ve not tried it out yet it really is<br />

an entirely new way for you to bring the<br />

latest images of deckplans, staterooms,<br />

dining bars, lounges, entertainment,<br />

experiences, activities and even video<br />

straight to your customer’s screen at<br />

an amazingly fast speed. Even for the<br />

most technophobic agent once you’ve<br />

activated your Full Picture account from<br />

your cruiseexperts.org member area just<br />

share the link generated by Full Picture<br />

to your customer via email and the visual<br />

conversation really starts.<br />

Think of it as the most interactive<br />

brochure you can imagine.<br />

It’s even a great tool for upselling.<br />

Well imagine you have that first<br />

time cruiser that just needs a bit of<br />

persuading to make the upgrade from<br />

interior to a more premium stateroom.<br />

It’s so easy to show exactly where the<br />

cabin they were looking at is on the ship<br />

and how they can get down to the pool<br />

for those first rays and free sun loungers.<br />

For those looking for even more<br />

customisation Full Picture even offers<br />

a paid upgrade giving agents the ability<br />

to send tailor made photobooks to their<br />

customers based on what you’ve shown<br />

them during the call. For more upgrade<br />

details you can contact marie@zolv.com<br />

So what are you waiting for? Give your<br />

customers the “Full Picture” and build a<br />

truly visual conversation.<br />

Alongside this new technology, the “Choosing Cruising” search tool<br />

continues to prove ever popular being enhanced with more filters<br />

and design improvements. A new look Promotions page has also seen<br />

enhancement to get the right promotions to you faster.<br />

Online you’ll also find a “Guest Opinion” piece from Choosing<br />

Cruising Director Robbie White as he highlights trends from the<br />

search statistics within River & Ocean sectors.<br />



CHO<br />

CRU<br />

<strong>2017</strong> is sure to be an exciting sailing for <strong>CLIA</strong> members online and we’ve a<br />

fleet of great new features set to be christened on cruiseexperts.org soon.

<strong>CLIA</strong> MASTERS Class of 2016<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> operates the only official cruise accreditation programme, and<br />

we are the only travel agent training programme accredited by<br />

City & Guilds.<br />

There are three levels of accreditation, and at the top is our ultimate list of<br />

those who have worked through multiple learning programmes, webinars,<br />

ship visits, cruises, and have exchanged some of their knowledge for the<br />

good of the industry. Here is the list of member travel agents who had<br />

achieved Master Status by the end of 2016.<br />

Alison Roberts Travel The World2<br />

Alison Woodrow Addison Travel<br />

Barbara James Cruise Holidays UK<br />

Benedict Montgomery TravelWithBen.com<br />

Bjarne Thelin GoCruise<br />

Brendan O’Connor Travelmax.co.uk<br />

Brian Gillespie Oasis Travel<br />

Bruce Cairns Travel Counsellors<br />

Carol Kirkham Kirkham Travel<br />

Carol Pearce Cruise.co.uk<br />

Caroline Jenkins Travel Counsellors<br />

Chris Roberts GoCruise<br />

Chrissi Knights Explorer Travel<br />

Christine Ball GoCruise<br />

Claire Stevenson Trailfinders<br />

Corinna Ball LoveItBookIt.com<br />

Dan Hammond GoCruise<br />

Daniel Essex Century Travel (Paphos)<br />

David Celino-Stock Tickets Travel<br />

David Senior DCD Travel<br />

Dawn Edge The Cruise Village<br />

Denise Hodgson Travel The World2<br />

Dinah Alonso-Wilkes Travel Counsellors<br />

Diviyesh Gondalia GoCruise<br />

Elaine Hennessey The Co-operative Travel<br />

Emma Sanger-Horwell The Luxury Cruise<br />

Company from WEXAS<br />

Flavia Gray Travel Counsellors<br />

Gary Witheyman ITE Homeworker<br />

Graham Johnson Cruise.co.uk<br />

Hayley Meades Mundy Cruising<br />

Heather Ascroft The Cruise Village<br />

Helen Granville Century Travel (Paphos)<br />

Helen Worthington GoCruise<br />

Ian Bates Worldchoice Travel<br />

Ian Warren GoCruise<br />

Iliyan Ivanov Cruise. BG (Tour Marketing LTD)<br />

Jacqui Ridler The Cruise Village<br />

James Pettitt CSI Limited<br />

James Ward Bolsover Cruise Club<br />

Jane Bowen GoCruise<br />

Jennifer Ford Oasis Travel<br />

Jessica Nuttall The Cruise Village<br />

Jill Rushby GoCruise<br />

Joanne Marsh Reader Offers Ltd<br />

John Watson Travel Counsellors<br />

Julie McIntyre Cruise.co.uk<br />

Katherine Doyle Bawtry Travel<br />

Katy Savvides 2001 Travel<br />

Kerry Hewitt Cruise.co.uk<br />

Kevin Booth GoCruise<br />

Kirsty Ricketts Travel Counsellors<br />

Lizzie Adamson-Brown Travel Counsellors<br />

Lyndsay Patterson The Cruise Village<br />

Martin Hay GoCruise<br />

Meriel Lowe<br />

Micci Riley Ashley Adams Yorkshire Ltd<br />

Michael Powell Michael Powell Consultants<br />

Mike Brady Ridings Travel<br />

Naomi Coombes Woods Holidays Ltd<br />

Neil Henderson Flitch Travel<br />

Neil Torbell Freeway Travel<br />

Nicholas Markham Cruise Holidays UK<br />

Nick Oldfield Cruise1st<br />

Nicola Cowan The Cruise Specialists<br />

Patricia Sharpe Barrhead Travel<br />

Pauline Drain Cruisegroups<br />

Peter Ruck GoCruise by Peter Ruck Ltd<br />

Peter Wellman Cruise.co.uk<br />

Pippa Booker Adiona Ltd<br />

Richard Hill Croydon Coaches UK Ltd<br />

Russell Adamson The Cruise Specialists<br />

Sally Chilton The Co-operative Travel<br />

Sandy Ogier Co-operative Travelmaker<br />

(Guernsey)<br />

Sarah Bolton Travel Counsellors<br />

Sarah Jones Cruise.co.uk<br />

Sarah Thelin GoCruise<br />

Sharon Allen GoCruise<br />

Sharon Trigg Mundy Cruising<br />

Simon O’Neill Oasis Travel<br />

Sophie Muirhead Planet Cruise<br />

Stephen Bellingham Travel Counsellors<br />

Steve Riley Ashley Adams Yorkshire Ltd<br />

Steve Wright Worldchoice Travel<br />

Susan Broad Triangle Travel<br />

Susan Dogan Mundy Cruising<br />

Susan Forsdike Your Holiday Booking<br />

Theresa Hall Mundy Cruising<br />

Tina Hammond GoCruise<br />

Tom Britton Marble City Travel Ltd<br />

Trevor Ridler Baldwins Travel<br />

Vicky Lewis Century Travel (Paphos)<br />

Yvonne Garner University College<br />

Birmingham<br />

Zoe Vasilaki Century Travel (Paphos)<br />


Membership Benefits<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & Ireland is here to help you cut through the<br />

cruise information, terminology, trends and opportunities;<br />

and help you grow the cruise side of your business.<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> UK & Ireland is here to provide the official industry training and<br />

accreditation, unique resources & inspiring events to support the travel<br />

agent community.<br />

#Together<br />

JOIN THE <strong>CLIA</strong><br />



• Interactive online learning programme covering cruise products, destinations,<br />

sales techniques, the cruise experience & latest trends<br />

• <strong>CLIA</strong> UK & Ireland operates the only cruise accreditation programme in<br />

the country and is accredited by City & Guilds<br />

• A complete library of live and recorded Webinars to keep you up to date<br />

with key information from our cruise line members, ports & destinations<br />


• <strong>CLIA</strong> operates the only cruise industry events that showcase all sectors<br />

of the industry, including our flagship <strong>CLIA</strong> Conference, Cruise360 and<br />

River Cruise Conference<br />

• <strong>CLIA</strong> events in <strong>2017</strong> also include our Discovery Expo, Live Series<br />

in Scotland and Ireland, Luxury and River Expo, plus our Excellence Awards<br />

• Members can access the ultimate listing of all Ship Visits<br />


• Cruise Search & Ship Finder - your team all have access to an industry<br />

leading Cruise Search to find the right ship and itinerary for your customer.<br />

The Ship Finder also provides quick and easy access to detailed ship<br />

information for all <strong>CLIA</strong> member lines.<br />

• NEW Full Picture Visual Conversation technology - share photos, videos<br />

and other assets to your customers’ screens in real-time<br />

• Brochure Rack - All current cruise Brochures published by <strong>CLIA</strong> members<br />

are available on our website to download, share or print<br />

• Destination Guides - featuring an interactive map of the key cruise ports,<br />

incredible photography and a downloadable overview of each region<br />

• Participation and support<br />

during <strong>CLIA</strong>’s Plan A Cruise<br />

Month (October <strong>2017</strong>)<br />

• The latest News and opinion,<br />

plus unique Sales Guides written<br />

by industry experts<br />

• Join <strong>CLIA</strong> on your preferred<br />

social network such as Facebook,<br />

Twitter & LinkedIn<br />

• The ultimate listing of all cruise<br />

lines and key contacts<br />

• Recognition as members<br />

through use of the <strong>CLIA</strong> UK &<br />

Ireland logo and a membership<br />

listing on our consumer facing<br />

web pages<br />

• Promote your membership by<br />

displaying your <strong>CLIA</strong> Membership<br />

Certificate & window sticker<br />

• Treat Yourself!<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Members get<br />

their booking fee<br />

waived with TIS Travel<br />

Industry Services when booking<br />

your own travel - give them a call!<br />

• Join the appropriate My<strong>CLIA</strong><br />

Club for key sector specific<br />

updates from the industry<br />

• Factsheets - Key cruising topics; downloadable or accessible online,<br />

these are great reference tools for all cruise sellers<br />

• Resource Centre & FAQs with the latest industry news, trends and reports<br />







Cruise Excellence Award Winners 2016<br />

River Cruise Excellence Award Winners 2016<br />

Online Travel Agency of the Year Iglu Cruise<br />

High Street Travel Agency of the Year Barrhead Travel<br />

Cruise Innovation Award TUI<br />

Rising Star Award Forever Cruises<br />

Travel Agent Business of the Year Cruise.co.uk<br />

Cruise Manager of the Year Clare Dudley, Ponders Travel<br />

Cruise Advocate of the Year Janet Whittingham, Travel Counsellors<br />

Outstanding Contribution to the Cruise Community<br />

Wendy Lahmich & Karen Doyle<br />

Best River Cruise Newcomer Reader Offers Ltd<br />

Best Marketing Promotion of River Cruise - Online The Cruise Village<br />

River Cruise Ambassador of the Year Margaret McCorriston, Planet Cruise<br />

Best Overall Performance - North River Voyages (WTH UK)<br />

Best Marketing Promotion of River Cruise - Retail Baldwins Travel<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> River Cruise Agent of the Year Juliet Archer, Blue Water Holidays<br />

Best Overall Performance - South Iglu Cruise / Planet Cruise<br />

Best Marketing Promotion of River Cruise - Homeworker Cruise.co.uk<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Cruise Promotion Award<br />

Presented at the Travel Weekly Agent Achievement Awards 2016<br />

Su Dillon Travel Counsellors<br />

cruiseexperts.org<br />

facebook.com/<strong>CLIA</strong>Europe<br />

twitter.com/<strong>CLIA</strong>UK<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> CONFERENCE <strong>2017</strong><br />

Southampton | May 24 - 26<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> CRUISE360 COPENHAGEN<br />

Copenhagen | September 9 - 11<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> RIVER CRUISE CONFERENCE<br />

Amsterdam | November 18 - 19<br />

We have strived to ensure accuracy throughout this document, however <strong>CLIA</strong> cannot be held responsibe for any errors or omissions.

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