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Staying In Touch



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Skype is a great way of staying in touch with family and friends.

Finding ways to connect

meaningfully with friends and

family across the globe is always

a challenge. The telephone is

great, but there is no substitute

for seeing a loved one?s smiling

face or watching the fun of

grandchildren playing or

receiving a virtual hug from a

close friend.

Skype is a great way of staying

in touch with family and friends

very easily and at no cost. All

you need is a computer screen ?

on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Skype uses your computer like a


It allows both sides of the

conversation to see and speak

to each other ? regardless of the

physical distance between


Skype is ideal for making a voice

or video call, but it has

additional interesting features

you can master to enrich your

engagement with your loved


One example is the screen

sharing option. This lets you

share live video of what's on

your computer screen. It is an

easy way to show another

person what you're working on

or get help from your service

provider with any technical

issues you may be having with

your computer.

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