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Adopt an Animal

1Ask families for donations of good

quality soft toys or scour second hand

stores and online shops (gumtree or

ebay), give them a good wash and

dry. Once they’re all clean, tie a

name tag around their necks and

adopt them out for a fee.

Amusement Rides

2From jumping castles to major rides,

they are a must have for any event.

>> Search fetesandfestivals.com.au

for supplier options.

Asteroid Blaster

3An easy sideshow for the kids to make. All you need is some very

large water pistols and some empty soft drink bottles – 3 litre ones

are good. The object of the game is to have a ball balancing on

the top of the bottle and it has to be hit by a blast of water from

the water pistol. If you dislodge the ball, you win a prize. Spray

paint your bottles with whacky colours and make your balls look

like little planets. Experiment with different balls – table tennis,

golf etc. to find what suits the force from your water pistols. You

don’t want everybody to win, but you also don’t want it to be too

hard. You can vary the degree of difficulty – every ball has to be

dislodged or only one.

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1


SILENT AUCTIONS are auctions that are held without an auctioneer. Instead, your guests

write their bids on a sheet of paper and the highest bidder wins the prize. You can set a

minimum bid amount, you can even set a minimum increase bid amount - if a participant

doesn’t follow these rules their bid is void. You can use this method for several items at the

same time so try and get as many items donated as possible!

>> Guide to running a Silent Auction

Traditionally for CENT AUCTIONS you purchase a sheet of 100 tickets for $1 (hence the

name “cent”), these days you tend to charge a bit more $5, $10? That will also depend on the

quality of your prizes. You will have your prize items displayed (or a photo of) with a bowl in

front of them. The participants can choose which prize they would like to win and add one

of their tickets into that bowl. The participant can choose to put all of their tickets in the one

bowl or spread them around. At the end of your event you draw out the winning ticket and

that person can collect their prize.

>> Guide to running a Cent Auction


Baby Animal Farm

Very popular with young children

and a great stall to give the

preschoolers to organise. Several

companies offer this service bringing

a variety of small animals suitable for

children to feed and pat.


6Either ask a sponsor to provide

printed balloons and helium to give

away or ask your local balloon

shop to set up a stall. You can also

look at a balloon twister to provide


>> Other ideas on how to use Balloons

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 2


Engage a car yard or rental car company as your sponsor, or a

sponsor that has a company car and have them bring one of

their cars to your event. Fill the car to capacity with inflated

balloons and punters can pay to guess how many balloons fit

into the car. Correct or closest guess wins the prize. This is a

great branding opportunity for your sponsor and with some

great salesmanship, you could even get them to donate a prize

– perhaps a luxury car hire for a weekend or depending on

how good your negotiation skills are maybe even a car! Your

sponsor will get enormous exposure for their brand.

Balloon Car

Badge Stall

Hire a badge making machine –

let children colour in their own

artwork and then make into a

badge, always very popular.


Set up a designated area for adults to sit back and relax with a ‘grown

up’ drink. Bars can be big money spinners at fetes but you need to check

your state regulations local authority on whether you will need a permit

or license. Guidelines on this change quite regularly and you need to

ensure that you are doing the right thing. Have a roped off ‘adults only’

area with plenty of seating and umbrellas for shade during the day and

fairy lights for evening. You’ll want plenty of ice and eskies and access

to a fridge as well.

>> Guide to running a Bar

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 3


Purchase yourself a wheelbarrow (or see if you can

get one donated), fill it with beer, wine and spirits.

You can lay some straw/hay or shredded paper

underneath to fill it up a bit first. You’ll have no

trouble selling raffle tickets for this – but you cannot

sell tickets to anyone under 18 – and someone will go

home very happy.

Barrow of Booze

Beat the Goalie

11Set up a soccer goal on a grassy area. Punters pay to

kick the ball and try to get a goal without being stopped

by the goalie. Each goal receives a prize. Having a goalie

that everyone recognises will encourage people to want

to have a go. Perhaps the school principal, head coach,

PE teacher, a local ‘celebrity’ or even contact your local

soccer club to see if they can provide a goalie for you.

2Bubble Wands

These brightly coloured wands blow

HUGE bubbles and are a big hit

with all ages. Make sure you set

your stall up on grass as they can

become messy.

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 4

Book Stall

3Second hand books and magazines are

always popular – add DVD’s and videos to

your stall to increase your range. For a twist

on this, wrap the best books in brown paper

and write a little bit about the genre and

encourage people to buy a ‘mystery book’.

>> Guide to running a Book Stall

Bottle Stall


Collect empty bottles and jars and ask parents to donate items that

can be used to fill them and also ask parents to send in ready filled

bottles. A great safety idea is to empty the winning bottle contents

into a paper bag – much safer than having children running

around carrying glass. Another great idea is to use disposable

food containers - they are cheap to purchase and very safe.

You can put a $50, $20 or $10 note in some bottles to make them a

major prize. Depending upon the number of bottles you have, you

can either make everyone a winner or select your ratio of wins to

prizes. You can put winning numbers on bottles, or you can make it

that every even number drawn wins a prize.



Great fun and easy to run, simply have

balloons attached to a board with a number

behind each board. As the punter busts the

balloon they win the prize corresponding to

the number behind. You can buy cheap

toys as prizes and have a couple of major

prizes for interest – maybe a $5 note.

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 5


Send home empty cake boxes the last week of the fete with

requests for cakes to be delivered to school on the day

before the fete. With new food regulations is also a good idea

to ask parents to include a list of ingredients with the cakes.

Check with your local authority regarding health regulations

as many councils now have a requirement that any cakes that

are sold must be prepared in a commercial kitchen. If this is

the case in your area, ask for ingredients to be donated and

Cake Stall

organise to have a bake up in your school kitchen.

Guide to running a Cake Stall

Cane Toad or Cockroach Races

9Cane toads, cockroaches, whatever, we all hate the

little so and so’s – but what a great fundraiser they

make! You can eradicate the pests and make some

money at the same time.



>> Organising a Cane Toad/Cockroach race


Chocolate Wheel

Always a big winner – ask

local businesses to donate

goods and prizes. Selling 100

tickets at $1 each you can

always raise good money from

this sideshow. Check your state

regulations regarding raffles.

Guide to running a chocolate wheel


This stall is a traditional British

fare attraction where coconuts

are set up on a stands and

wooden balls are thrown at

them in order to knock the

coconut from its stand. Knock

them down and win a prize.

Coconut Shy

Coffee & Tea Stall

3A must and with the popularity of

special coffees, approach your local

coffee shop with a view to setting up a

cappuccino machine. Many coffee

shops now have portable coffee carts

available. Serve Devonshire teas with

home baked scones.

Make sure you give your stall holders a

free cuppa during the day. They’ll

really appreciate it.

>> Guide for Coffee Shop Convenor

Coin in the tub

Find a decent size tub, old

bath, inflatable pool etc, fill it

with water and place some

small tiles or other targets on

the bottom. Contestants drop

coins into the water to try and

land on the targets. If they are

successful, they win a prize.

24F E

T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 8

Community Group /

Local Business Stalls

25A great way to showcase your sponsors.

As an incentive to get people to visit

these stalls, have a raffle prize just for

visitors to these stalls. Give your stall

holders a bunch of raffle tickets and

each person that visits is given a ticket to

go into this special draw.

Craft Stall


Set up a craft group months before the event to make craft items.

Regularly ask for donations of craft materials in your newsletter,

there are many people who cannot sew but are more than willing

to donate raw materials. If you can’t establish a craft group you

can always scour your local markets for a suitable stall and ask

them to pay a percentage of takings. Craft stalls are particularly

good if your fete is on Mother’s Day weekend. Think about

dividing your craft items up – jams and pickles into a gourmet

food stall, skin care and bathroom luxuries in a pamper stall, toys

and baby clothes in a baby stall. You can also create themes

around colours – a blue stall, a red stall, a pink stall.

Ideas for a Craft Stall


This is a simple stall that kids just LOVE. A

simple packet of arrowroot biscuits, icing

mixture and plenty of toppings (sprinkles,

jellybeans, M&Ms, licorice, chocolate, etc etc).

Kids buy a bickie and decorate to their hearts

content! This works just as well with cupcakes!

Decorate a biscuit


9Discos are always

really popular with

children and school

discos can raise large

amounts of money. If

you are having a night

time event, consider

running a disco in

conjunction with it.

Donut Stall

Your local donut store may be

interested in setting up a stall

cooking fresh donuts.

Or get motivated and do one

yourself. Or how about churros?


30F E

T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 0


a doubt one of the most

popular activities with the kids!

Your amusement ride provider

should be able to help you with a

dunk tank. If you can’t source a

dunk tank, consider making your

own stand for a wet sponge throw

– just as effective!


plastic ducks out of a pond is an

age old favourite. Insert a little metal

hoop into the mouth the duck and a

small hook into the end of a bamboo

rod. Number the base of each duck and

make even numbers winners. You only

need a small prize like a mini chocolate




Emergency Services

Kids love anything that flashes and makes

noise, so why not ask your local police station,

fire station or SES if they could attend your

fete. The kids (big and little) can explore a fire

truck or police car and the emergency

services can answer questions and provide

information and education to the community.

Services like the SES or even St Johns

Ambulance are sometimes available to man or

help man your first aid tent.

Ducky Pond

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 1

Face Painting

popular with the little kids.

Select your designs in advance and

make sure everyone can reproduce

them. Photograph the designs and

laminate the images – this makes it

easy for the little ones to make their

choice. Look at temporary tattoos

for older children. You can also

book in professional face painters

who will pay you a percentage of


their takings.


Fairy Floss

A school fete just wouldn’t be the same

without fairy floss. You can hire in a machine

(your amusement rides can probably provide

one) or sell pre-packaged floss if you don’t

want the mess of making it yourself. Leftover

pre-packaged floss can be sold through your

tuckshop. You can also have specialist floss

vendors come to your fete and sell floss,

popcorn, etc. on your behalf. This is a great

way of adding colour and atmosphere to your

event without any financial outlay.

6Fairy Stall

Sooooo popular with the girls. Make

wands and halos and advertise for

mums who can sew and make up

some easy fairy costumes using tulle.

You can add pirate costumes to keep

the boys amused.

>> Guide to running Fairy Floss stall

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 2

Farmers Market

Think of having a farmers

market at your fete to

attract extra visitors


Fashion Parade

popular, approach a local boutique to

sponsor the event. Instead of choosing

women’s fashion, look at children’s and

teen’s fashions. For a really fun fashion

parade feature used clothing from your

second hand stall – have some of the

teachers act as models – and include a

selection of teachers modelling used school

uniforms. Guaranteed to be a big hit.

>> Tips and Tricks to running a fashion parade


Find a Fossil

In large container (inflatable pools / kids

sandpits work well) bury a selection of

dinosaur skeletons, bones, mini dinosaur toys

in sand. You can add additional treasures eg.

shells, coloured stones. Using plastic spoons

and paintbrushes, allow the guest to ‘dig’

through your prehistoric land and find their

fossil. The small toys and treasures could

even double as a prize that they can keep.

39F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 3

Flower Stall

0Take a trip to the flower market the day before –

you can make up bunches yourself or buy them

ready made. If you don’t live in a capital city

with a flower market, source a local flower farm.

Make sure you place your order well in advance

to avoid disappointment.

Flower stalls are a particularly good idea your

fete is mother’s day weekend. Don’t just make up

bunches, do some simple arrangements which

make lovely gifts.


Fly on the wall

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a

victim, I mean volunteer (the principal or

deputy principal are good options or maybe

even a well known local business owner or

politician with a sense of humour). Then

you’ll need to find a sturdy wall to use and

lots and lots of rolls of duct tape. Have your

volunteer stand on a chair or box to get

them off the ground and charge per piece

of duct tape to stick them to the wall.

2Food Trucks

Food trucks are becoming a very popular alternative to

running your own food stalls. You won’t make as much

money from them but it can alleviate the challenges of

finding volunteers for food stalls. There is a lot of debate

about what to charge food trucks to attend your event.

Some organisers will charge a flat rate ‘stall’ fee, others

will agree with the food vendor on a percentage of their

income that will be taken and some charge both a flat

rate and a percentage. Think about what works best for

you and negotiate with the vendors if necessary.

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 4

Free Dress Day

3A great source of revenue for any school is a free dress day.

There are many variations on how you can raise money.

Charge a gold coin to each child who arrives in free dress, or

use the day to raise items for other events within your school –

leading up to your school fete the children have to bring in

specific items in return for free dress – one week it could be

bottles for the bottle stall, the next it could be cake mixes for

the cake stall and so on. You will find you will get a lot more

donations this way than simply asking the parents to send the

items in.

This activity can also be used in a workplace where employees

are allowed to go casual, or follow a theme for the day. Many

large charities now use this method to raise hundreds of

thousands of dollars Australia wide.

Glow in the dark

a dark area, doesn’t need to be

pitch black - just dark enough to see the

effects of your glowing items. Set up a

shop where you can buy an arrangement of

glow in the dark items. Once your guest

are kitted out, allow them in to the area to


>> More information on Glow Stuff


Gourmet Foods Stall

Pickles, jams and preservatives,

gourmet biscuits and cakes, all

very popular. This stall can

compliment your craft stall.

45F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 5

Guess Who

10 - 15 of your school’s teachers to bring in a photo

of themselves as a baby (or child). Have a separate

board with current photo’s of the same teachers. The

goal is to match the correct baby and current photo.

You could add little clues with the photo’s to keep

people guessing. You can give small prizes for individual

guesses or have a major prize if someone matches every

one correctly.

Variation: Teacher’s Pet! The game is the same as above

but match the current photo’s of the teacher to their pet


7Fill a jar with whatever you like - lollies,

marbles, lego - and charge a fee for people to

guess how many in the jar or you can have a

single item and have people guess the weight

of the item to win it. Make sure you write

down names, contact details and their guess

and the winner can be announced at the end

Gumboot Throw

Think of this like a shot put event. Have a line for your

throwers to stand behind and a large, clear area for

them to throw in. Have a line marked a reasonable

distance away and whoever throws the gumboot over

the line wins a prize. Alternatively you can have a

prize for throwing the longest distance but be sure to

mark each person’s attempt with their name and

contact details to notify your winner.

Guess the weight /

Guess how many

of your event.


F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 6

Hair Colour Stall

popular with the kids –

spray on wild colours for

great fun. A good alternative

to face painting for older kids.

You will need to buy several

cartons of spray colour as it is

very, very popular.



Hot Chips

You can’t have a school fete

without hot chips. Always one

of the best sellers. Have a

stand-alone hot chip stall or

combine with burgers. Hire

deep fryers from your local

party hire store or organise a

hot chip van to come in and

vend on your behalf.

1Hot Food Stalls

By far your most profitable area. Ensure you have the traditional

hamburgers, hot dogs and hot chips plus add an international flair with

Chinese and Asian food, curries, Greek food, etc… Food stalls are

traditionally the most popular and will raise a lot of money for you. Ensure

your food is well priced. If it is overpriced, you will be left with food at the

end of the day. Well priced food will all be sold. Be aware of food

regulations when planning your stall - contact your local council.

Look within your school community for ethnic groups such as Asian,

Indian, Greek, Italian. Encourage them to convene food. Seek sponsorship

from local butchers, poultry suppliers and supermarkets for ingredients.

Contact major bakeries and flour millers for donations. The more

donations you receive the more money you will make. Have a working bee

early on the morning to bake fresh scones for the Devonshire tea stall.

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 7


Very easy to organise. You simply lay

prizes out on a table – elevate them on a

box – the cardboard boxes you buy from

dollar shops are ideal. Give your punter

three turns for a set price. You will need

hoops that are just a fraction larger than

the box they have to fit over. The prize

is won when the hoop surrounds the box.

Depending upon the price you charge to

have a go, you can give every child a

small consolation prize.


creams are always a popular

treat, especially on those hot days. It

can be difficult for a school to set up

its own ice cream stall because of the

need for refrigeration. Booking an ice

cream vendor is the ideal solution. You

can choose from soft serve, specialty

ice creams or prepackaged favourites.




Jump Lotto

Ice Creams

Use skydiving displays to raise revenue for your

school, and involve a fun and colourful skydive

display as well!

How does this work? Your school holds a raffle by

selling lottery tickets where the purchaser places

their name and details on the tickets. On the day of

the fete the ticket holders place their tickets on the

ground in a designated area, and the ticket the

skydiver lands on is declared the winner (lots of fun

and excitement, and a fun way to raise revenue!)

E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 8


Karaoke has become really

popular with children.

Consider running a Karaoke

disco. This is an especially

good idea if you are having a

night time event.


Kiss a Pig

6You will need three of four candidates but only one will be picked as

the lucky ‘kisser”. The candidates need to be well known to the kids

and good sports. The kisser will be the person who raises the most

money in the fundraising drive –your candidates can raise money on

their opponents’ behalf. You can commence this fundraiser well in

advance of your fete. Anyone can vote for the candidates by

placing money, or pledge forms, into the jars. On the day of the fete

set up a Kiss a Pig stall. Make sure you promote the event

throughout the day. You can have this event as the grand finale for

the day and you will be able to collect money right up until the last

minute. Book an animal farm for your fete and hopefully they'll

provide the pig to be kissed. This is a great community spirit builder

The ladder climb is a wire ladder with

wooden rungs, it has a swivel at either

end of the ladder. It is attached to a

frame – at the top of the frame you

attach a $50 note. Anyone who can

climb the ladder without falling over

wins the prize.

and the kids will get a great kick from seeing their teacher or

principal have to kiss the pig.

>> Guide to organising a Kiss a Pig Fundraiser


Ladder Climb

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 1 9

Laser Tag

8Played around inflatable objects,

laser tag involves tagging

opposing team members. These

mobile arenas are extremely

popular with older children. You

will need a large area to house

the inflatable arenas. It is great

fun for all ages and really a really

popular activity.

Lemon Balance

have to balance a

coin top of a floating lemon

and count 5 seconds. They win 5

times the amount of whatever

coin they choose to use. Give it a

try - it’s not as easy as you’d




Another one that is really popular with kids. You can do a

couple of variations. If you have access to a sturdy child’s

paddling pool, cover it in large mesh chicken wire. The idea is

you place the chocolates on the wire – the players throw a 20

cent piece at the chocolates. If the coin lands and remains on

the chocolate, they win the chocolate. Use mini chocolates –

and make sure the chicken wire is large enough for the money

to fall through. Add some larger bars to make it interesting,

but put these towards the back so they are harder to win. If

you don’t have a paddling pool you can vary this by using

shallow plates – but specify that the money must land on the

chocolate to win, not the plate. Make sure you buy plenty of

chocolate as this is very popular.

>> Information on Lob-a-choc

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L I D E A S | 2 0

Lob a Dunny Roll

1This one takes little explanation! It’s

a great one to be sponsored by a

plumber… Have a toilet or two

(without any water!) and have your

players stand behind a white line.

Make it closer for the very little kids.

They get 3 toilet rolls to throw into

the toilet. Lots of fun!


Lolly and Sweet Stall

Ask for donations from parents and

repackage into plastic bags. Refer to recipes

on our website. Lollie necklaces are always a

popular item and can be easily made by

children. Confectionery warehouses are a

good source of cheap lollies.

Guide to running a lolly and sweet stall

Lucky Dips

dips are irresistible to most children. A toy or

novelty wholesaler should be able to provide you with

cheap toys suitable for the lucky dip. Also source hair

clips, hair slides, ribbons, necklaces, earrings and

rings. Wrap in bright colours and put in brightly

coloured containers – plastic rubbish bins covered in

wrapping paper are good. It is a good idea to have

one for boys and one for girls. You can make the dip

harder by filling the container with sawdust so the

children have to rummage around to find their prize –


but make sure your prizes are well wrapped.

Lucky Plate

5Another easy sideshow using a paddling

pool. Fill the paddling pool with water and

float a small china plate in the water. Put a

$2 coin in the plate. Draw a line about 2

metres from the pool. If you can throw a

20cent piece onto the plate, you win the

prize. Practice as you set up the stall to

decide the best distance for the line. The

20c coins will usually bounce off the plate.


Lucky Socks

You will needs a Hills Portable Clothes Hoist and

hundreds of used socks! The idea is to set up your

Hills Hoist and then peg the socks to the lines.

You can run this stall in a couple of ways. You can let

your customers actually select a sock, which will have

a lucky number inside, or you can number each sock

and let your customers buy tickets, like tombola.

You could put your prize inside the sock – mini bars

of chocolates, scratch it tickets, small toys – or you

could have the lucky ticket inside the sock that

corresponds to your prize table.

Maybe your local hardware store would generously

donate the Hills Hoist and it could be the major prize?

Alternatively, you can string up lines using rope.

Ask for donations of socks to use on the stall. F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 2 2


Have $50 up for grabs and placed in an

envelope. Draw up a grids of 100 squares and sell

each square for $1. Make sure the squares are

big enough for a name and contact number so

you can notify the winner. Once all squares are

sold, cut them up and put them into a container

and randomly draw the winning number. You can

run this multiple times (just make sure you draw

your grids up in advance) and you can also run a

$2 grid for the chance to win $100.

Lucky Square

Money Tree

8A money tree is a really novel way to raise money at a school fete.

It is simple to put together, cost effective and an attractive prize.

You simply need to buy (or have donated) a small topiary tree in a

nice pot. Buy a selection of Scratch It cards (select your own

amount). You then punch a small hole in the scratch it card, pass a

small piece of coloured ribbon through the card and tie it to the

tree. Make sure they are placed evenly across the tree. You can

also vary the idea by using dollar notes wrapped and tied with a

small piece of ribbon, or gift vouchers. Make it seasonal by using a

Christmas tree. You can use your money tree as a raffle, chocolate

wheel or tombola prize.

>> Guide to running a money tree stall

Mural Building

Grab a large role of butchers paper,

sell off sections at a time. Once the

current section has been decorated,

roll it back up so you can’t see what

comes before you. At the end of the

event unroll the paper to reveal the

mural masterpiece.

69F E

T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 2 3

Mutant Toys

for your families to donate

broken toy pieces or unloved,

no longer used toys (not

stuffed animals). Charge to to

create your own ‘mutant’ toy.

This will require a few adult

volunteers to man the hot glue

gun and assist putting the

pieces together.

>> More information on Mutant Toy Stalls



Name the …

Have an item like a baby born

doll and sell tickets to name her.

At the end of the day the

winning name is pulled from a

box and the person who

selected that name wins the

doll. Alternatively you can

have 100 names already

selected and you sell the names.

2Paper Aeroplane Contest

A simple idea that can generate a lot

of competition (especially from the

blokes). You can either have a target

(prize) or the longest distance

travelled wins. Charge per sheet of

paper (say $2) and have a pen handy

for them to write their name on it.

You can charge extra (up to $5) for a

sheet of paper and a paper clip

combo (for weighting).

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 2 4


You can either hire a photo

booth or DIY one yourself.

Great for themed events. All

you need to do is supply some

props and charge per photo.

Photo Booth

Pick a pop

yourself a piece of ply and cut out a

design in any shape (Have a little fun!)

Drill small holes all over your design, just

large enough to hold a lollipop stick. Pick

your number of winners and colour in the

sticks. The great thing about this is

everyone's a winner - you can win the

lollipop or if you’re lucky and pull a

coloured stick you can win a bigger prize.

Note: that you don’t need to use ply,

cardboard does work as well



Ping Pong Bounce

You can use disposable cups or pringle containers for this.

Make them different colours to reflect the level of

difficulty. Then all you need are a whole bunch of ping

pong balls. Charge for 3 attempts and if successful, they

win a prize based on the colour of the cup or container. To

make it a bit trickier for the grown ups, you can set the

rules so that all 3 attempts must be successful to win.

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 2 5

Plant Stall

6You need to have your convenors

organised well in advance for this

one if you plan growing your own

stock. If you don’t want to grow

them yourself approach a wholesale

nursery. A visit to the local flea

market is also a source for cheap

plants. If your plants are well priced

they will sell out early.

>> Guide to running a plant stall

Plaster Art

77Incredibly popular with kids, but

you need a convenor who is willing

to make all the shapes in advance.

A working bee for parents can be

a good way of getting them made.

There are businesses who will also

supply you with ready made

shapes, or will attend your fete

and pay a percentage of takings.

8Play your Cards Right

There are two ways you can set this game up. Firstly, have

a selection of cards set out on a table. Nominate whether

prizes will be won depending on the colour of the card or

whether it’s odd or even. Players roll a 10 cent piece along

the table to try and land on winning cards.

The second option is to have 2 decks of cards, secure one

deck to the table and place a small prize (lollies or something

similar) on 1 in 3 of the cards. Players pay to choose 3

random cards from the other deck and if they match the

cards on the table with the prize, they win that prize.

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 2 6

79A classic


incentive. Remember to clean up between lottos!

Poo Lotto

This is a really fun activity and always attracts lots of

attention. You can select what animal you choose to ‘poo’

depending upon the area you have available. You can use

anything from a guinea pig to a cow, as long as it is an

animal that does plenty of poos. Using tape or chalk, mark

out an area into equal squares and give each square a

number. 100 is an excellent number as it will correspond

with the number of tickets in a raffle book. The winner is the

person who owns the ticket that corresponds to the box

number the animal poos in. Cash prizes are an excellent

Information on running a Poo Lotto

Pre-Loved Clothing Stall

2Second-hand clothing is always popular.

You can vary the number of stalls you have

by sorting your clothing into:

- baby and children’s clothing

- school uniforms

- women’s

- men’s

Hold a fashion parade featuring your preloved

treasures. Have some of your

teachers as models and you will have a real

winner on your hands.


Ring a Bottle

This is a variation on hoopla. Set up a table full

of 1.25 litre soft drink bottles. Use tiny hoops

(available from craft shops). The player

throws the hoop and it must ring the bottle’s

neck. If it does, the winner wins the bottle.

This is very popular with older children so

make sure you have plenty of bottles. If you

have a spruiker yelling out each time the game

is about to start, you’ll get a good crowd.

Make sure you buy several cartons of drinks.

4Sand Art

This is a great interactive stall for

any event involving children.

Children create wonderful

pictures on cards by peeling off

sticky layers one at a time &

covering each layer of the picture

with different coloured sands.

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 2 8


check out our:

Sausage Sizzle

It’s just not a fete without a

sausage sizzle. For all the

information you need to

organise your sausage sizzle,

Ultimate Sausage Sizzle

Organisers Guide > Guide to running a showbag stall

87F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 2 9

Snow Cones &

Shaved Ice

very popular,

especially on hot days.

>> Volunteer Stories Series:

Buy your own snow cone machine


Soft Drinks

9A must have for any event. Remember

to also include bottled water. Soft

drink manufacturers may be able to

supply you with drink stalls to sell from.

Don’t forget to order plenty of ice. The

Yard Glasses featured on our site are a

fantastic item for a school fete –

combine with a slushy machine and you

will have resales all day long.

>> Guide to Drinks stall

90F E

Splat the Rat

You’ll need a piece of drainpipe

(about 1m long), a toy rat and a

baseball or cricket bat. Set up the

drainpipe so that the toy rat can be

dropped into it and participants need

to hit the rat with the bat before it

hits the ground. It’s not as easy as it


T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 3 0


Have a standard 6′ step ladder. On each

step you place a container. To have a go,

you get the same number of balls/bean

bags as there are containers. To win a prize

you must throw a ball/bag into each

container. To increase the degree of

difficulty, make the containers smaller as

they go up the ladder. Ping pong balls will

be harder to use than bean bags.

Experiment to see what suits you best.

Stairway to Heaven

Stick Lotto

lotto is really easy to organise and great fun. You will need

a large shallow box filled with sand – you can buy plastic

containers from dollar shops that are ideal. You need wooden

coffee sticks. A good number to use is 100. Decide what ratio of

prizes you are going to give away and then paint the tips of that

number of sticks. They are the winners. Push the ends of all the

sticks into the sand box. Make it inexpensive to have a go – say

20 cents. Mini chocolates are an ideal prize. You can vary this by

marking numbers on the sticks and offering corresponding cash

prizes, this is more appropriate if you are charging $1 per stick.



Temporary Tattoos

You can include this as part of your face

painting stall or run it separately. A great

idea for the ‘older kids’ who are too cool for

face painting. You can have a company

attend your event and pay you a

percentage of the takings or you can

purchase tattoos yourself. Consider custom

made tattoos to promote a special event

such as the school anniversary, a sports

carnival or special fundraiser.

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 3 1


to lucky bottles. Ideally, have all your

prizes donated and have a couple of major prizes

that will attract attention. Stick a raffle ticket on

each prize and put the stubs in a lucky barrel.

Add extra raffle tickets, select your ratio

depending on the value and number of prizes you

have and how many you are supplying for $1. The

prizes are won as the corresponding tickets are

pulled out of the barrel. For easy of selecting

winners, use coloured tickets for winning prizes

and white for non-winners.


>> Information on Tombola's

5White elephant, pre-loved, trash

and treasure – there is always a

ready market for second hand

goods. If you can provide a

collection service for donations you

will always get a great selection of

items. You might need to offer

delivery on larger items as well.

Treasure Hunt /

Scavenger Hunt

Fill buckets with sand and bury ping pong

balls in the sand. Number each ball and

have it correspond to a prize.

Alternatively, you can sell sheets for a

treasure hunt and have people explore the

fete to find everything on the list. Correct

entries returned to the stall win a prize.

Trash n Treasure

>> Guide to running Trash n Treasure


F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 3 2


Similar to lucky bottles. Ideally, have all your

prizes donated and have a couple of major

prizes that will attract attention. Stick a raffle

ticket on each prize and put the stubs in a lucky

barrel. Add extra raffle tickets, select your ratio

depending on the value and number of prizes

you have and how many you are supplying for

$1. The prizes are won as the corresponding

tickets are pulled out of the barrel. For easy of

selecting winners, use coloured tickets for

winning prizes and white for non-winners.

Wall of money

Read our tip on Envelope Fundraising

Water Warriors

a roped off area with

obstacles to make things a bit

more fun. Supply water guns

and goggles for participants

who pay for a 5 minute

session of water fighting.



Have some bowls of jelly with

plastic toys stuck in them. Kids

will love to smoosh through the

jelly to retrieve the toys. Make

sure you have plenty of old

towels and/or baby wipes

handy for this one!

Yucky Dip

F E T E M E G A G U I D E - 1 0 1 S T A L L 3 4

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