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26 | November 9, 2017 |

26 | November 9, 2017 | Malibu surfside news Dining Out The Dish The scoop on Malibu Yogurt and Ice Cream Barbara Burke Freelance Reporter It’s never too early or too late for ice cream or yogurt. When you get the hankering for such creamy confectionaries, one option is Malibu Yogurt and Ice Cream. Owners Lisa and Bill Wildman have just rolled a new menu item and expanded services to the pier, where an ice cream cart full of delectable choices fit the bill on a weekend day. New to the menu is the acai bowl ($8), full of delicious granola, fresh fruit and yogurt. Graeter’s ice cream is featured here and, according to the owners, it is the good stuff. “Graeter’s is superpremium ice cream,” Bill Wildman said. “This is your childhood ice cream. “We’re the only scoop shop that serves Graeter’s this side of the Rockies. There are eight flavors. This is handmade ice cream that is made in small batches and it is delicious. We Families United for Recovery teaches parents and families how to quickly regain connection with their loved ones and become their best chance for addiction recovery. WEEKLY MEETINGS Learn alternative approaches for families to use where connection rather than detachment is emphasized. Wednesday's from 6:30PM - 8PM MONTHLY WORKSHOPS These 1 day workshops focus on learning the most powerful tools and keys to Family Recovery. VISIT OUR WEBSITE OR CALL! (424) 203-4569 MEETING SPACE PROVIDED BY 28955 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 200 Malibu, CA 90265 get it sent in from Ohio.” Customers can choose between a standard wafer ($1) or hand-dipped cone ($2). A single scoop is $5, a double scoop is $7, a triple scoop is $9. When the Surfside visited, Wildman served a sweet and savory sea salt caramel flavor. Other flavors include double chocolate chip, toffee chip, cookie dough, black cherry chocolate chip, peanut butter cup, strawberries, and cookies and cream. One can take home a Graeter’s pint for $10 or a quart for $20. The shop also carries Dreyer’s ice cream. Other popular selections are the ice cream pies ($25). The made-to-order pies feature yogurt on the bottom, a middle layer with delights such as brownies or chocolate chips, and yogurt on top. The pies are finished with a topping of choice. For special orders, call a day ahead. Two nutrition science students from Pepperdine, Emma Alberts and Jordan Diab, were testaments to the fact that one need not totally forego one’s diet to get a treat at Malibu Ice Cream and Yogurt. “I got the mini size of frozen yogurt and it had a rich, velvety taste,” Diab said. “That’s pretty remarkable for something that is fat free.” Ice cream is popular with all ages, as is yogurt. Little Clara Meir, 9, didn’t have to twist her dad’s arm too hard when she wanted to go by the ice cream shop after a school event. “I had cookies and cream on a sugar cone,” Clara said. “It’s delicious. It’s my favorite.” Malibu Yogurt and Ice Cream’s new acai bowl ($8) is suitable for breakfast or a midday pick-me-up. Barbara Burke/22nd Century Media Malibu Yogurt and Ice Cream 23755 Malibu Road, #600, Malibu Hours 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday Phone: (310) 456-3522 Web: An extra serving Or, check out the establishment’s cart on the Malibu Pier from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Her father, Jon Meir, smiled. “We actually snuck it in as a snack before dinner,” Jon said. “We just came from Clara’s flute performance at school. It was her first performance, so this was a special treat.” The three children from the Graulich family also thoroughly enjoyed a recent visit. Fay, 3, and brothers Eli, 7, and Max, 9, sat on the shop’s couch, taking in surf videos and relishing their creamy concoctions. Fay summed up their mood. “Ice cream!” she said. “Yay!” Life & ARts Malibu surfside news | November 9, 2017 | 27 James From Page 24 “ ... It’s an added bonus, I feel, and it helps to teach our students about community service in a way.” Plaia thinks all ages will enjoy the show, which is set in the early 1900s steampunk era, making for interesting costumes and a conceptual set. Puppets, which were created by a woman in Texas, portay insects early on in the show before they grow to blossom to actors (Juliette Larsen as Spider, Gina Marcellino as Ladybug, Ava Ray as Grasshopper, Nina Gonzalez as Centipede and India Lee as Earthworm). “Visually, it’s not this huge spectacle, but it’s really interesting,” Plaia said. “It’s sort of stripped down in a way.” The lead role in the show, as the name suggests, belongs to James, portrayed by junior William Hammond, who is taking on his first leading role in his three years of theater. “The essence and the innocence of James is why I cast William,” Plaia said. “He’s just the sweetest, sweetest kid.” Holding up the villaneous half of the show are James’ aunts, portrayed by Winona Weber (Aunt Spiker) and Claire Anneet (Aunt Sponge). “Those have been really fun characters for those girls to portray,” Plaia said. In the written story, Plaia said there has been some controversy over the aunts’ deaths, and that was something Malibu High’s version puts a twist on. “We portray [that] they are dead to James, because he could then get away from them and go on with his life,” Plaia said. Just as the way in which Malibu presents a production is important, picking a production is a task that Plaia takes quite seriously. She admits that the high school typically opts for edgy, current shows, though they have done “Charlotte’s Web” and “Beauty and the Beast” in the past. But this year, with an energetic group of new theater students, Plaia mulled her options. “I always select the shows, whether it’s a musical or a play ... I pick something that I feel is a good choice for the group of kids that are there at a time,” Plaia said. “ ... There was just an energy about this group that this felt like the right show.” Going rate Malibu Sales and Leases | Week of Oct. 27-Nov. 3 Type ADDRESS LP D.O.M ST DATE BR/BA SP SFR 27030 Malibu Cove Colony Drive $8,450,000 180 10/31/2017 4B/5B $8,000,000 SRF 23555 Malibu Colony Road $5,495,000 10 10/31/2017 3B/2B $5,494,000 SFR 29660 Harvester Road $4,000,000 7 11/1/2017 5B/6B $3,935,000 SFR 31387 Pacific Coast Highway $3,899,999 50 10/30/2017 4B/3B $3,800,000 SFR 6317 Cavalleri Road $3,795,000 88 10/31/2017 5B/6B $3,500,000 SFR 18912 Pacific Coast Highway $3,595,000 228 10/31/2017 2B/3B $3,450,000 SFR 3881 Rambla Orienta $2,850,000 49 11/1/2017 4B/4B $2,700,000 SFR 26051 Mulholland Highway $1,890,000 395 10/27/2017 6B/2B $1,750,000 SFR 9625 Wells Road $1,449,000 78 11/2/2017 4B/3B $1,400,000 MMH 166 Paradise Cove $795,000 51 10/30/2017 3B/2B $775,000 LSE 31412 Broad Beach Road $150,000/month 183 11/1/2017 6B/7B $125,000/month LSE 24762 Malibu Road $35,000/month 180 10/27/2017 4B/4B $45,000/month LSE 24928 Malibu Road $29,500/month 68 11/1/2017 5B/5B $29,500/month LSE 24228 Malibu Road $25,000/month 231 10/27/2017 4B/4B $30,000/month LSE 6479 Zuma View Place #111 $5,800/month 28 10/30/2017 3B/3B $5,700/month Statistics provided by Bobby LehmKuhl with 4 Malibu Real Estate. Information gathered from Combined L.A./ Westside MLS, Inc. is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Contact Bobby at (310) 456-0220, Info@4Malibu. com or visit MALIBU’S LEASING EXPERTS OCEAN VIEWS ZUMA VILLAS 2 BEDROOMS, $5,700 PER MO. OCEAN VIEW MALIBU PARK 4 BEDROOMS, $6,500 PER MO. TERRY and GWEN LUCOFF 310-924-1045 BRE# 0112504