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Roku is digital media player set up box which gives authority to their users to watch the content on TV via internet. It is loaded with TV streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. Many users faces issues in using Roku issues. Like Roku not streaming videos. not connecting to WiFi, Roku not turning on and many more. For this issues they need Roku helpline number. So you can contact Roku helpline number 1-844-600-1933.

We at offers you best Roku customer service supports you from every Roku issue through which you are suffering from. We have expertise team of engineers who are available 24 x 7 having great knowledge to resolve your issue.

Roku is also known as streaming video player which provide their users to access entertainment

channels sources. Such as game console, cable, antenna or streaming channels like Roku channel,

Netflix. It provide their users content in the form of entertaining channels so that users can enjoy

reading content in the form of entertaining channels. Were there is Roku device issues will occur

automatically for which users need to contact Roku support phone number 1-844-600-1933 toll free.

Many users faces difficulties in using Roku. Users buy Roku so that they enjoy watching TV the way

they want but after some time they get many issues which they can’t resolve themselves so they

need technical support for that don’t worry we at supports you in resolving

your roku issue easily or you can contact toll free number 1-844-600-1933. We are available 24 x 7

to support our customers and provide the best customer support.

Roku device not turning on ?

Plug in your Roku device correctly.

Check that your TV outlet has plugged in.

Check if the light is getting on into some other outlet.

See the position of your remote, check the remote batteries.

Installed your content in a right way.

Check that your remote and set up box are sync together.

Now also check the position of your Roku cable also.

Follow the steps check all these points and your Roku will turn on still faces problem Call toll free 1-


Frequently asked questions

1. Why my Roku remote is not working ?

2. How can I set up my Roku TV ?

3. Why my Roku is not connecting to WiFi ?

4. How can i pair my Roku remote ?

5. How to factory reset Roku ?

6. Unable to add my favorite channels to Roku ?

7. What is error code 014 ?

8. How can i activate my activation code ?

9. What to do if purple screen appears on my Roku TV screen ?

10. Power light not flashing on Roku TV player.

11. How to update Roku account ?

If you also are facing same issues Call toll free 1-844-600-1933 or visit to

resolve your issues.

Issue occur in Roku TV

Unable to connect Wi-Fi to your Roku.

Unable to activate roku TV.

Set up issue in roku.

Remote is not working.

Purple| Blue screen appears in your Roku.

No video playing on your Roku.

Cannot find a channel.

Error code 014 issue.

Stll facing problem or Call Toll Free 1-844-600-1933.

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