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Roku is known as a sequence of digital media streaming device set up box which provide their users entertainment in the form of channels.It gives an authority to their users to stream videos, watch entertaining channels via Internet or any wired connection. We at Roku tech support help offers you best customer service to resolve your Roku issue. Whenever there is new innovation of product , issue occur, were their is issue their is a need of Customer support.

We at have a team of expertise who are professional to their work and take a responsibility to resolve their users issue. Our experts team are available 24 x 7 to support you from every Roku issue. We promise you to give best customer support to resolve your issue. For instant help you can also Call Toll Free 1-844-600-1933.

Roku customer service number Call Toll Free 1-844-600-1933

Roku is a TV with extreme functions which helps the customer to enjoy watching TV and enjoying

the content in the form of channels. Users buy Roku so that they can enjoy watching TV but after

some time they starting facing issue in their Roku for that they need Customer support so don’t

worry we at Roku support have huge team of experts who are available 24 x 7 to support you in

resolving your Roku issue. For instant help you can also contact Roku customer service

number 1-844-600-1933 toll free.

Why your Roku remote is not working ?

If you are also facing this problem follow the given instructions and the steps to resolve your

remote issue.

*There are two types of remote

1. Enhanced ” point anywhere ” remote

2. Standard IR remote

*If you have Roku enhanced ” Point anywhere ” remote

Follow the steps to resolve your remote issue:

Restart the Roku device and remote : Firstly restart your remote and device to do that

follow the steps :

1. First open your remote back and remove the batteries.

2. Then Unplug your power cable wait for few seconds and then plugin your power cable again

in your Roku.

3. Now if the screen appears, re-insert the batteries in your Remote.

4. Wait for 40 seconds so that your remote gets connect to your Roku device.

Re-pair the remote :

1. Follow the restart steps first and then,

2. Press the pairing button inside your remote for 3 seconds, after 3 seconds a flash light will

appear, it light doesn’t appear, then replace the batteries again.

3. Then wait for 30 seconds and let the remote gets connected to Roku device.

4. Remote pairing dialog will appear on the screen.

Replace Your batteries : After following the steps still your remote doesn’t work replace

your batteries.

* If you have Standard IR remote

Check out that you can view the front of the Roku device from where you are sitting:

Hold the remote up and pointing it at your Roku device so that nothing can block the signals

from the remote.

Reset your batteries: If your remote keys is still not working, reset your remote’s battery.

Replace your batteries: If still your remote doesn’t work replace the batteries.

Still remote not worked buy a new remote then.

Follow the steps to resolve the issue if still faces problem visit Roku customer support or you

can contact Roku support number 1-844-600-1933 toll free

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