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The Region's Largest Weekly Distribution Happy T hanksgiving from... The Town Common PRST STD. U.S. POSTAGE PAID NEWBURYPORT, MA PERMIT NO. 51 ____________ LARGEST DISTRIBUTION ACROSS THE NORTH SHORE OF MA & COASTAL NH November 22 - 28, 2017 Vol. 14, No. 04 FREE The Boston Post Cane: The Tradition Continues By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– Thanksgiving – A Time for Good Food, Fellowship By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– POSTAL CUSTOMER Photo by Stewart Lytle From left, Bill Plante, Jr. receives the Boston Post cane from Newbury Board of Selectmen President Geoff Walker. Photo provided by Amesbury Councilor Nick Wheeler The inscription on the head of the Boston Post cane. REGIONAL – Newspaper publishers are known for doing almost anything to grow their readership. And few were better at creating readership-building promotions than Edwin A. Grozier, publisher of the defunct Boston Post newspaper. Shortly after taking over the Post in 1891, Grozier had 700 gold-headed ebony canes made and distributed 431 of them to towns throughout New England. The canes were awarded to the town’s oldest living man. After considerable controversy, women were made eligible to receive the cane in 1930. The recipients were allowed to keep the cane for the rest of their life or as long as they lived in that town. Grozier, a Provincetown native, worked at the Boston Herald and Boston Globe and became the editor in chief of the New York Evening World before taking over the Boston Post. The Post won the Pulitzer Prize for Meritorious Public Service for exposing Charles Ponzi as a fraud. The scandal created the often-used term for stock swindles, a Ponzi scheme. There is no evidence that the canes helped Grozier grow the Post’s readership. He died in 1924, and despite having a circulation of 255,000, his newspaper ceased publication in October 1956. But the canes survived and are now enjoying a renaissance. Dozens of Massachusetts and New Hampshire towns, including several on the North Shore, carry on or are reviving the Yankee tradition. Grozier spared no expense in creating the original canes. He hired a leading cane-maker to produce the canes from imported African ebony. Each cane had a 14k gold decorated Continued on page 3 Enjoying eight pies at the Hilton Senior Center Photo by Stewart Lytle REGIONAL –The Hilton Senior Center in Salisbury got the jump on Thanksgiving dinner last week with a pie bake off. Out of the competing eight pies, Pat Beeves won with her cocoanut crème pie. In second place was Mary Sue Defeo, who baked a pumpkin praline pie. And Helen D’Mato brought a pumpkin pie that her friend Sandy Dawson baked. It won third prize. The real winners, of course, were the 20 seniors and three judges who enjoyed eating the eight pies that also included a pineapple, a cheesecake, an apple cake and three other pumpkin pies. The pies were judged by visual appeal, aroma, texture, taste and aftertaste. Across the Merrimack River, the Newburyport Lions Club again for its third year is hosting a Thanksgiving Day lunch at the senior/community center. The turkeys will again be cooked by the staff of Anna Jaques Hospital. Invited to the Lions’ lunch are seniors, individuals and families “who may be spending the holiday alone this year.” Promised is “a warm meal and goodwill” in a traditional holiday setting. Last year, the luncheon fed about 300 people, including the meals delivered to homes. This year, event chairman Donnie Jarvis expects that the Lions Club will feed 360 people, 160 at the senior center and 200 at home. “I love Thanksgiving,” said Jarvis, who has co-chaired the event for the last several years before heading it by himself this year. “It is a great opportunity for us to be thankful for each other.” The turkeys, cooked by the hospital staff, will be sliced by the “carving crew” from Continued on page 3 You'll "flip" over the digital edition at Haverhill Medical Offices A New Destination on your road to good health. 600 Primrose Street • Exit 51A off I-495 • The Town Common Newspaper You Now Shouldn’t Your Ad Be In Here Too? Call today • 978-948-8696 •

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