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December 7, 2017

Volume 106

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Bashaw Volunteer Fire Dept. served up S’mores and hot chocolate around the fire at Bashaw Santa Days on Sat. Dec. 2. From the left, Ty Schwab, Candice William,

Dakota and Nash (20 mths old) Hunker, Lorraine Hunker and Darcy Lischynski, fire captain.

Fireside Winery of Stettler, Ab. owner Marcy Heck

provided a taste of their wines to market goers including

Alice McGuire at the Farmer’s Market in Bashaw Dec. 2.


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5, 8-9, 11

Half Dunn Ranch provided the wagon rides that was part of the Santa Days in Bashaw, Sat. Dec. 2. Other

activities included kid’s activities, a Farmer’s Market, parade of lights, a Christmas tea and silent auction

and a pee wee hockey tournament.

ECA Review/J. Webster





AG Foods, Coronation

Food Fair, Castor



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The Brick, Stettler

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Toll Free: 1-800-665-5888 Hwy 16A W Rge Rd 262

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2 D e c e m b e r 7 ' 1 7 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

Klaus hired Frank to kill his

family asserts Crown Prosecutor

Lisa Joy

ECA Review

The six-week trial for Jason Gordon

Klaus and Joshua Gregory Frank -

both charged with three counts of first

degree murder and arson - wrapped up

Nov. 29 in Red Deer Court of Queen’s


Klaus and Frank were arrested Aug.

15, 2014, for the Dec. 8, 2013, murders of

Gordon Klaus, 61, Sandra Klaus, 62,

and Monica Klaus, 40.

“The Crown respectfully submits it

has proven beyond any reasonable

doubt that the accused Jason Klaus

and Joshua Frank are both guilty of

the planned and deliberate murders of

Gordon, Sandra and Monica Klaus,”

Crown Prosecutor Douglas Taylor told

the court in his closing arguments.

Taylor said that Jason Klaus

planned the murder with his friend

Joshua Frank and agreed to pay Frank

money in exchange for Frank going

into the Klaus home and shooting the

family and then burning down the


The Crown’s theory of the murder is

based on what the two co-accused told

undercover officers during the Mr. Big

Sting in 2014.

During the sting Klaus confessed he

hired Frank to kill his family because

he had forged his dad’s signature on

cheques. Klaus told the undercover

officers he drove Frank to the farmhouse

in the early morning hours of

Dec. 8, 2013, dropped him off and

waited down the road for Frank to

commit the murders and burn down

the house.

The two drove Gordon Klaus’s white

GMC truck about 20 km to the Battle

River where they ditched the vehicle

and threw the keys into the ditch.

Frank tossed the 9-mm handgun into

the Battle River the next day.

Joshua Frank, when meeting with

Mr. Big, a fake crime boss who was

really an undercover police officer,

corroborated this version of events.

After Jason Klaus was arrested he

gave this same account a second time.

During the Mr. Big sting, Klaus led

undercover officers to the spot where

the keys to the truck were tossed in the

ditch and Frank led them to the location

where the revolver was thrown in

the Battle River.

A forensic firearm’s expert testified

that the bullet that killed the Klaus’s

family dog was fired from this


Klaus framed Frank

claims Frank’s lawyer

Lisa Joy

ECA Review

Joshua Frank’s defence, Tonii

Roulston, argued that Jason Klaus

framed Joshua Frank and the Crown

is relying heavily on the Mr. Big sting

and when you look at the evidence

there’s nothing to corroborate that

Frank did the killings.

Roulston said Jason Klaus mimed

the shooting in a way only a killer

would. She said when he related the

story of what happened, Klaus “says

Monica’s eyes were moving back and

forth and what is creepy about it he

mimics that not just to Wendy Barry

but to Keith Janes.”

She added that Klaus said his family

“didn’t feel the burn” and the weapon

was disposed of in the river.

Roulston said Klaus told Wendy

Barry that he was “one step ahead of

the investigation and that’s what Mr.

Klaus tried to do, stay one step ahead

of the investigation.”

She said Jason Klaus had rings worn

by Monica and Sandra, claiming they

gave them to him previously. He also

said he found them in the debris of the

rubble from the burned farmhouse but

Roulston added that they were “perfectly


She argued that Joshua Frank didn’t

kill the Klaus family and he just went

along with Jason Klaus’s story to

undercover officers.

“Mr Frank, whether it’s referencing

‘happy wife happy life’ he just has to

participate, he just has to engage and

be seen what he’s saying is relevant.”

She pointed out that Frank could tell

believable elaborate lies with great


“That’s because that’s what he does,

he goes along… It’s typical of Mr.

Frank to be agreeable.” Roulston

argued that Frank didn’t know key

details of the crime such as whether

the 9 mm Ruger was loaded or

unloaded when thrown into the river

and Monica’s dog Patches hiding

underneath the bed during the


“At no point does Mr. Frank mention

Patches. Who mentions Patches? Mr.


In addition, where investigators

found traces of accelerant wasn’t

where Frank said it was poured. Nor

did he know where the entrance door

to the house was during the


Roulston said Frank just parroted

back Mr. Big’s comment that he’s a

stone-cold killer.

“That’s the harm of Mr. Big (stings).

It wants to encourage these types of

behaviours. You have to be a big shot.”

Justice Eric Macklin, however,

asked Ms. Roulston about Frank

telling Mr. Big he picked the spot in the

Battle River to dispose of the gun

because he knew the river was open in

that spot in the winter, there were

weeds and it would be there for years

and never traced back.

“That’s not parroting, that’s succinct

detail,” said Justice Macklin.

Roulston argued that Frank was

portraying to undercover officers that

he’s “some sort of brilliant murderer,

he’s familiar with the (river), ‘there’s

weeds at the bottom, see how smart I

am. I watch CSI 20 times.’ When people

are being untruthful they are believable

because they put in an element of


The trial was heard by judge alone.

Justice Eric Macklin reserved his verdict

until Jan. 10, 2018 in Red Deer

Court of Queen’s Bench.

See related stories: ‘Klaus hired

Frank to kill his family asserts Crown

Prosecutor’ and ‘Family problems

doesn’t prove murder says Klaus’s


The Crown said Jason Klaus’s

motive was the strained relationship

with his father and sister.

“He was worried his forgery of

cheques and theft of money from his

parents would lead to him being marginalized

and left on his own. With

them gone he could do what he wanted

and the family farm would be his.”

He said Frank’s motive was “greed

for money pure and simple,” adding

that Frank was an “unemployed destitute

drug addict” who saw an

opportunity for easy money.

Both Frank and Klaus stared

expressionless straight ahead as the

Crown presented how the crime was

committed and their motives.

Crown Prosecutor Taylor said Jason

Klaus admitted to police that prior to

leaving the family farmhouse the night

before the murders, he argued with his

family over how they were treating his


A week before the murders Jason

Klaus had called his aunt in Red Deer

and asked her if he could visit her to

get away from his family. She said no.

Taylor said the jerry can of AV fuel

being left by the house is consistent

with Joshua Frank having committed

the murders. He said after Frank came

out of the house he was interrupted by

the family dog, shot her and dropped

the jerry can.

Taylor said the sound of a gun shot

outside in the cold weather is magnified

and Frank realized this, causing

Frank to “abort his plan to return the

jerry can and flee the scene.”




LOHRMANN (also known as LEWIS

WM. LOHRMANN; also known as

LEWIS LOHRMANN; also known as





If you have a claim against this Estate,

you must file your claim by January 15,

2018, with ROSS, TODD & COMPANY,

Barristers & Solicitors, P. O. Box 1330, 124

- 2 Avenue West, Hanna, Alberta, T0J 1P0.

If you do not file by the date above, the

estate property can lawfully be distributed

without regard to any claim you may have.

Sitting in the prisoner box and listening

to this, Frank made no


Taylor said the family dog wouldn’t

have attacked Jason Klaus.

“It’s more likely that the dog

attacked a stranger than someone who

lived with her for years.”

He added that Frank told undercover

officers that “hindsight being

20-20 he should have thrown the dog

into the fire.

“I suggest it’s interesting there’s no

mention of the jerry can like he almost

forgot where the can was.”

Taylor said he found it remarkable

both accused testified they were innocent

and yet they both told versions

that placed them at the scene of the


“This is significant as both are

responsible for the murders. There’s

no question these two men are responsible

for the deaths of Gordon, Sandra

and Monica. It was a planned and

deliberate murder.”


Justice Eric Macklin told the packed

courtroom that he was reserving his

verdict until Jan. 10, 2018.

“It’s been a long six weeks,” he said

thanking the gallery for being

respectful throughout the trial and

those who attended every day.

See related stories ‘Family problems

doesn’t prove murder says Klaus’s

lawyer’ and ‘Klaus framed Frank

claims Frank’s lawyer’




(also known as GEORGE WAYNE

PATZER; also known as GEORGE W.





If you have a claim against this Estate,

you must file your claim by January 15,

2018, with ROSS, TODD & COMPANY,

Barristers & Solicitors, P. O. Box 1330,

124 - 2 Avenue West, Hanna, Alberta,

T0J 1P0.

If you do not file by the date above, the

estate property can lawfully be distributed

without regard to any claim you may have.



TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Village of Alix, in the Province of Alberta, has given first reading to

borrowing Bylaw 428/18 which will, upon final passage, authorize the Village to borrow monies from the

Alberta Capital Finance Authority by way of debenture issue, to pay for the cost of the following municipal

purpose(s), namely refinancing the existing loan for the construction of Railway House located at 5008-50th

Avenue, Alix. The public may inspect the proposed bylaw at 4849-50th Street, Alix during regular office hours.

The total cost of the project amounts to $1,400,000 and the net amount to be borrowed on the credit

and security of the municipality at large by the issue of debentures is $1,400,000. The debentures are to be

repayable to the Alberta Capital Finance Authority in semi-annual or annual equal payments of combined

principal and interest instalments not to exceed thirty (30) years calculated at a rate not exceeding the interest

rate fixed by the Alberta Capital Finance Authority, or another authorized financial institution, on the date of the

borrowing and not to exceed six (6) percent.

The electors may submit a separate petition with respect to the advertised bylaw calling for a vote of the

electors to determine whether the proposed bylaw should be passed. The petition must meet the formal

requirements of Sections 221-226 of the Municipal Government Act and be filed with the

Chief Administrative Officer within 15 days after the last date the proposed bylaw is advertised. Any petition

will be public information. If no petition is presented within the appropriate time, Council

may pass the borrowing bylaw.

If you have any questions regarding the bylaw or the petition process, please contact the

CAO at 403-747-2495.

Dated at the Village of Alix, in the Province of Alberta, this 6th day of December, 2017.

Michelle White, CAO

Village of Alix

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b D E C E m b e r 7 ' 1 7 3

Family problems doesn’t prove

murder says Klaus’ lawyer

Lisa Joy

ECA Review

Allan Fay, defence for Jason

Klaus, said Joshua Frank’s allegations

that he was sexually

abused by Jason Klaus are false.

He agreed that Jason Klaus’s

dad was “stern and domineering”

and there was conflict

in the family but said that

doesn’t prove murder.

“Ought not to put too much

emphasis on that.

“We can speculate all we

want on their relationship deteriorating

to the point where Mr.

Klaus contemplated murder

and there’s no evidence to support


Klaus and Frank were

arrested Aug. 15, 2014, for the

Dec. 8, 2013, murders of Gordon

Klaus, Sandra Klaus and

Monica Klaus.

Fay said Jason Klaus didn’t

go to police but he added that

Jason told his aunt in Red Deer

that Josh Frank killed his

Hardisty Town Council

Library request for additional funding for 2017

Lisa Bye

ECA Review

Careful consideration and thought

for the community was given by the

town council when they decided to

approve the Hardisty and District

Public Library board funding request

for $6,370 for their 2017 operating


Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Sandy Otto acknowledged the staff and

the library by saying they were

“extremely dedicated and it’s an important


With this financial funding, council

stipulated that the Library provides

council with their 2018 Budget Plan by

Dec. 1, 2017 and they submit a three to

five year business plan that outlines in

detail the programs and services they

want to deliver and estimate any revenues

that these may generate.

Council would also like to see a more

comprehensive report that depicts

daily utilization rates, types of communications

that are being done with the

school library and an evaluation on the

operating hours of the library to see if

they are meeting the public’s needs.

The Town of Hardisty subsidizes the

library in other ways by not charging

rent on the building, providing maintenance

and upgrades, not charging for

water and sewer and paying for the

property insurance on the building

which is approximately $1200 a year.

Looking forward into the new year,

council is eager to collaborate with the

library in a positive manner and help

them in anyway they need, whether it

be assisting with a business plan or

discussing ways the library can be

more viable.

Watershed Alliance

The Council approved a request

from the Battle River and Sounding

family but she didn’t go to police

with that information.

“Did (she) armed with this

knowledge of Joshua Frank go

to the police? No she did not.

Why? She told the court she was

afraid something bad would

happen to her. That’s the same

thing Jason Klaus said why he

didn’t go to police.”

He argued there’s evidence

that Jason Klaus did tell his

family about the forged cheques

and they forgave him.

In response to Jason Klaus’s

stories about spirit visits from

his sister, Fay said, “It’s clear

these spirit visitations are not

something Jason Klaus fabricated

out of thin air. Mr. Klaus

firmly believes in spirits and

the after life.”

He did, however, use this as

an opportunity to point the

finger at Joshua Frank in the

hopes of leading police to him.

“To Mr. Klaus clearly it made

sense at the time.”

Fay said that the RCMP’s

Creek Watershed Alliance to make a

commitment of 50 cents per capita

which will provide a total of $319.50

that will be used for watershed education,

stewardship and planning.

The Watershed Alliance has completed

an Atlas called Traversing

Terrain and Experience Atlas ($70) and

the council will buy one to use for

research as well as donating one to the

local library.

Alberta Urban Municipalities

Association (A.U.M.A)

Councillors attended the recent

AUMA convention in Calgary and all

had positive comments to make on the

seminars they attended.

“Attending the AUMA I thought was

beneficial,” Coun. Connie Beringer

stated .

The seminars on Legalization of

Cannabis in Alberta and ‘Whose

Council is it anyways’ – The good, the

Castor council moves fence height extension

Emily Wheller

ECA Review

Council approved in a 3 - 2

vote to allow Ray Holloway to

build a five-foot four-inch tall

wrought iron fence in the front

of his property.

Current Castor bylaw states

that the fence in front of the

home cannot be higher than

four feet, although if aesthetically

pleasing a permit may be


The fence must be installed

by Oct. 31, 2018.

Holloway had previously

attended council with a plan to

enclose his property with a

wrought iron and stone fence to

deter deer from his corner lot.

RCMP update

Constable Jordan Tourney

joined Castor town council at

the regular meeting on Nov. 27

to give an update on the

Coronation detachment.

The risk assessment for the

detachment was in October,

there are no present issues with

how the detachment is operating.

The only problem found

was with the detachment space

itself, this hopefully will be

solved in the future.

The theft and break and enter

statistics from January to

October, are reported as low,

compared to last year, stated

Tourney. The surrounding

communities have higher property

crime and vehicle thefts,

than experienced in the

Coronation detachment’s

patrolled area.

Traffic violations such as

impaired and dangerous

driving have increased, this

could be because more individuals

are reporting such


A 36-year-old male from

Edmonton has been charged

with the April break and enters

involving Castor Food Fair,

Co-op and Race Trac Gas in


This is not the first offence for

this individual, as he was out on

parole at the time.

Tourney referred to this man

as a “career criminal”.

Four individuals have been

charged in relation to the ATM

theft from the Vision Credit

Union. Three have been

changed on the account of the

stolen vehicle, and one male

from Red Deer has been with

the machine theft.

Visible street addresses

Council may consider creating

a bylaw regarding

residences having a visible

street address on the home.

Tourney explained that on

two separate occasions members

of the detachment had

difficulties finding homes

during emergency calls.

Residents are asked to be sure

that their homes are correctly

and clearly labeled with their

street address as this has been

an on-going issue experienced

by both RCMP and fire crews.

For emergency services to

respond to calls in a timely

manner, it is necessary for

homes to proper identification.

This is not only an issue in

undercover Mr. Big sting gave

Jason Klaus “a dream,” that he

could be a part of this fake

crime organization and it was

“his ticket to a healthy payday

on a regular basis, a nice

vehicle and a place to live… But

more importantly, for Jason

Klaus it would fill this void in

his life. A void for companionship

of male buddies… It’s clear

that Jason Klaus wanted that


Fay said even though Jason

Klaus’s blood was found on the

snow near the burned farmhouse,

it’s not known how long

it was there and he didn’t have

any evidence of cuts on himself

after the murders.

Justice Eric Macklin reserved

his verdict until Jan. 10, 2018 in

Red Deer Court of Queen’s


See related stories: ‘Klaus

hired Frank to kill his family

asserts Crown Prosecutor’

and Klaus framed Frank

claims Frank’s lawyer

Castor, but also in

Halkirk and



Music Concert

@ Zinger Music Barn Coronation AB

Saturday, Dec. 16

Free Admission

Potluck Supper Concert

5:30 pm; 7-9 pm

Everyone Welcome

403 578 3956

Castor Little Theatre

Gift Certificates

Now Available

In Time For


Contact Don Sisson at

403 323 0359

Everyone who loves Linda is

glad she got a mammogram.

Because her breast cancer

was found early,

she is alive and well today.

bad and the ugly of council roles of

conduct, were two seminars


Age demographics were more

noticeable this year with many more

young adults in attendance.

“Good to see the young people

involved,” said Coun. Penny Wurz.

Visit Screen Test in


January 3 - 16

Call for an appointment



Women aged 50 to 74

should plan to have a screening

mammogram every 2 years,

and can self-refer.

Women 40-49 may be screened

annually with a referral for their

first mammogram.

In Time For



Blow Out



Must Go!



4920 50 Ave,

Stettler, AB

Monday - Friday

10 am - 5pm


Now accepting

Kids & Ladies


Invite everyone to a Christmas celebration

in memory of their loved ones

4 D e c e m b e r 7 ' 1 7 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

The evening features Christmas carols, reflections,

Lacombe County

Please accept our

candle lighting ceremony, fellowship and luncheon.

Lacombe County Council

adopts 2018 interim budgets

Lacombe County Council adopted

the County’s 2018 interim operating

and capital budgets on their Dec. 1


The budgets continue to follow priorities

set out in the County’s Strategic

Plan and its long-range road construction

and capital equipment

replacement plans. They also reflect

the desire to support the maintenance

of existing service levels, while undertaking

some new initiatives, such as

funding for an RCMP enhanced position

to help combat crime in our area.

The $56,315,470 interim operating

budget is balanced and is supported by

a 2.5 per cent property tax rate

three hiLLs

increase for residential properties and

4.5 per sent property tax rate increase

for all other properties and a transfer

of $322,300 from the tax rate stabilization


The 2.5 per cent property tax rate

increase represents an additional

$24.40 in taxes on a $400,000 residential

Paintearth Lodge

Castor, Alberta

totaling $54,000.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

While the interim operating and

capital budgets are approved in

December of each year, the final budgets

and tax 7:00PM

rates are not set until the

following spring, when the property

The tax levy evening for education presented purposes is set by

best wishes for a very

Merry Christmas and

our sincere thanks

for your support

Bale Hauling

Dean Ross



the province

Rock Corinne

and property



values have been confirmed.

Shannon Shirley David Unruh

Calvin Blauel, Betty Jean Goodkey, Sharon Kempf, George Nichols, 403-323-6787 Wendy Blauel (c) 403-742-4673 (h)


The 2018 interim capital budget,

which provides for revenues and

expenditures of $26,602,690, saw an

increase of $7.066 million from last

year’s budget. Highlights of the capital

budget includes wastewater infrastructure

improvements to the Hamlet

Mirror’s wastewater storage system

over the past year.

Please be our guests....


‘N’ Tears

....our annual event

, 100% Black + Green PMS 368 FLUSH RIGHT LONG

Thursday, December 7 at 7:00 PM

at Paintearth Lodge, Castor, AB

Parkview Funeral Chapels & Crematorium

Parkview Funeral Chapels & Crematorium invites everyone

to a Christmas celebration in memory of their loved ones

The evening features Christmas carols, reflections,

candle lighting ceremony, fellowship and luncheon.

Castor, Alberta 403-882-3141

Coronation, Alberta 403-578-3777

The evening presented by Dean Ross Verna Rock Corinne Adair Shannon Shirley

Calvin Blauel, Betty Jean Goodkey, Sharon Kempf, George Nichols, Wendy Blauel.

Parkview Funeral Chapels & Crematorium

Castor AB 403-882-3141 Coronation AB 403-578-3777

John and John Boekema, representing Three Hills Citizens on Patrol, with Family and

Community Support Services Director Shelley Jackson-Berry at the annual Kneehill County

area Volunteer Forum.

ECA Review/D. Nadeau

Three Hills Volunteer

Forum well attended

David Nadeau

ECA Review

No speech by a presenter from

Edmonton, no note taking, and no door

prizes. Instead, this year’s Three Hills

and area Volunteer Forum saw FCSS

Director Shelley Jackson-Berry using

what she called edu-tainment for her

Keys to Personal Success session.

“I wanted our 53 participants,” she

said, “to learn valuable tips on how to

work with others.”

Her easy-going edu-tainment presentation,

designed to identify unique

personality characteristics and factors

that create stress in the work place,

served as a bonding and exploration


Jackson-Berry said community

leaders and their

many volunteers

benefit when

people are

accepted for who

they are, when

people have

opportunities to

please those in

authority, and

when there is a





some wearing multiple community

service hats, represented 30 Three

Hills and Kneehill area groups that

are volunteer intensive—ranging from

Linden’s Westview Care and the

Trochu and the Acme Royal Purple, to

the Three Hills Food Bank, Legion,

and RCMP Victims Services.

In her comments, Jackson-Berry

said that in the day-to-day work of conducting

community services and

providing help, it is important to

remember the unique characteristics

of individuals when working with and

for them.

“That’s why I emphasize the need to

know personal strengths,” she said,

“and why I offer tips on how to communicate

properly when working






Bottom of the North Hill - Red Deer, AB

Kawasaki KLX


Purchase any Kawasaki

side x side, atv, jet ski or motorcycle

between Dec. 1, 2017 & Feb. 28, 2018

to be entered in the draw TO WIN

a 2018 KLX 110!

Full Service


$99 99

for atvs &

side x sides

4304 - 44 Ave.

Stettler, AB

E C A r e v i e w C H R I S T M A S G R E E T I N G S

H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b D E C E m b e r 7 ' 1 7 5

Cost of living pay increase for town employees

Lisa Bye

ECA Review

Chief Administrative officer (CAO)

Sandra Kulyk proposed a 1.5 per cent

cost of living pay increase for town

employees at the Nov. 27 regular town

council meeting as no pay increase

was given last year and this number

would be more in keeping with the

Canadian average as outlined in the

October, 2017 Consumer Price Index


“Lots of people aren’t getting them,

most people don’t get them every year,

it’s still pretty scary out there,” were

some of the comments made by Coun.

Jackie Brigley when discussing the

pay increase with fellow councillors.

Coun. Keith Griffiths suggested a 1.3

percent increase instead be given and

this motion was put to a vote and

passed with all councillors being in

favour except for Coun’s. Jackie

Brigley and Vickey Horkoff who

opposed the motion.

Animal Control Bylaw

The council has been taking time

and careful consideration in reviewing

and revising the existing Animal

Control Bylaw as it is an important

bylaw that needs to be specific and

Coronation council

detailed in regards to licensing and

regulation with respect to animals

within the town.

A few distinctions in the bylaw are

between dogs, nuisance dogs and

restricted dogs, and the fines that will

be levied against owners if these dogs

display threatening behaviour, attack,

or bite other animals or people.

The fines imposed will be considerably

higher depending on the severity

of the situation and the outcome of the

harm caused.

A nuisance dog is one that has had

three or more convictions in three

years and has been declared a nuisance

by the town manager.

A restricted dog is one that has

chased, bitten or attacked any person

or animal, has caused physical

damage, has done this on more than

one occasion and the town manager

has determined that this dog is likely

to cause harm again and it has been

made the subject of an order under the

Dangerous Dog Act.

A break down and analysis of the

fine fee structure and how it can escalate

would be as follows: the owner of

a nuisance dog which chases, attacks /

bites a person could be charged $300

and if it that nuisance dog chases/

attacks/bites a person or animal

causing physical injury or damage to

property this would be a $700 fine.

A $1000 fine would be given if the

nuisance dog caused severe injury to a

person , animal, wildlife or livestock.

Interfering with a Peace Officer and

providing false or misleading information

to a Peace Officer or Town

Manager could result in a $500 fine.

The first reading of the new bylaw

has been accepted and the council will

discuss it further at the next council


Communication upgrades needed

“Communications Group” out of Red

Deer has been working with the

Highway 12 Regional Emergency

Communication Center to help evaluate

the regional communication

system and after doing a site inventory

of the Coronation Water Tower they

have noted that the building under the

tower is in serious disrepair partly due

to the fact the radio equipment is open

to access by pigeons and they have

made a huge mess.

“Our tower site, base of the water

tower was identified to be in probably

the worst condition of them all simply

because the little shack at the base is

not properly set up to keep birds out,”

CAO Kulyk mentioned when reading

some of the comments made by the

Communications Group.

The Communications Group have

made a comprehensive report detailing

safety concerns with access to the

equipment at the water tower . They

feel it would be wise to choose a more

suitable location.

Moving the antennas to either the

TELUS tower or the Vital Networks

tower is an option council will discuss

further. This would be significantly

less expensive rather than trying to fix

the issues at the water tower and it

would also provide better reception

than is now being experienced.

Reconfiguring the existing mobile

radio equipment so all firefighters

along Hwy 12 can communicate more

easily with each other is also something

that council wants to pursue .

When there are big storms and power

outages like the county experienced on

Oct. 2 - 4 of this year it is imperative

that all first responders be able to contact

each other immediately if

emergencies arise.

Council will budget $10,000 to do the

necessary upgrades to the radio

system as well as purchasing an additional

two mobile radios for the


Operating deficit better than expected

Linda Stillinger,

ECA Review

Clearview School Division reported

a final operating deficit of $611,630 for

the 2016-2017 school year, down from

the planned $1,595,628 deficit.

In a detailed report at the Nov. 30

regular board meeting, Associate

Superintendent, Peter Neale clarified

the financial results of the previous


The positive financial results

ensued from unspent dollars in

schools, an adjustment in the cost for

staffing, unspent dollars in inclusive

education due to a decrease in early

learning student enrolments, not

needing to dip into contingency

resources, and not proceeding with a

planned infrastructure investment for

the Stettler Complex.

The dollars not spent in 2016-17 will

provide an increase in instruction and

school budgets for 2017-18.


support the learning needs

of all students in every

school, Clearview will need

to continue to provide specially


programming and instruction

to meet individual

needs and the supports and

resources to ensure optimal


Much their work last year

included supports for Early

Learning (Start Right and

Kindergarten), ESL (English

Second Language) learners,

First Nations, Metis and

Inuit (FNMI) students, and

Mental Health First Aid

(MHFA) training.

Clearview is also committed

to furnishing the

most appropriate support for

teachers to meet the needs of

the diverse learners in their

classrooms, targeted professional


opportunities for administrators

and teachers and

specialized training for educational


In accordance with

Clearview’s motto, “We All

Belong - We All Succeed”, all

students in the division’s 23

schools, regardless of background

or ability, will have

an opportunity to develop

the skills, attitudes and

knowledge required to live

up to their full potential.

We would like to wish our friends,

families and clients a

very Merry Christmas.

We thank you for

your support and

look forward to

serving you

in the new year.

403 742 5667

2017-18 Final Budget approved

With a projected in-year deficit for

all budgets of $1,792,122, Clearview

trustees approved the final 2017-18


Even with reductions in overall

funding, the school division remains

committed to providing the very best

supports for Clearview students.

Staff and expenditures were

increased from the spring projections

due to more dollars available at the

end of 2016-17.

Inclusive education update

Grant Gosse, Director of Inclusive

Learning provided trustees with an

inclusive education report for the past


According to the report, in order to

Hear all

the sounds

of the holiday


Thank your friends and clients for their

continued support in a special

Christmas Greeting

Contact the Review office


for more information

6 D e c e m b e r 7 ' 1 7 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w


The opinions expressed are not necessarily

the opinions of this newspaper.

Guest Editorial

Is celebrity gossip

your ‘local news’?

Is celebrity gossip your ‘local news’?

Ottawa seems to think so.

Hockey news, fashion tips, TV and

movie listings, retirement strategies,

updates on Celine Dion—all of this

information now constitutes local

media—at least according to federal

Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly.

Last week marked a black spot in the

history of Canadian newspapers with

the closure of three dozen papers,

taking out of circulation three million

copies of printed newspapers each

week and eliminating more than 300


Joly’s response in Ottawa was a

refrain that she has been using more

and more lately, saying the federal government

is already helping news

providers. “We value the importance of

journalism and that’s why we invest

up to $75-million per year in local

media,” she said.

And how on earth

does giving a subsidy to a

promotional magazine for

a TV channel qualify as

support for local media?

This is true only if you use a definition

of “local media” unlike any other

ever attempted.

The minister was referring to the

Aid to Publishers program, through

which the federal government provides

annual grants to printed publications—magazines

and subscription

based non-daily newspapers—primarily

to help with distribution costs.

Many Canadians will be surprised

by who is getting this support for

“local media.”

Figures from the 2014-15 fiscal year


The Hockey News, which primarily

covers the NHL, got $1.3 million.

TVHebdo got $1.5 million. It provides

TV listings in French and is

owned by the same company as the

TVA television network in Quebec.

TV Week, which provides TV listings

in British Columbia, got $1


Allo Vedettes, which provides

Quebec celebrity news and often features

Celine Dion on the cover, got


Good Times, a magazine aimed at

retirees, got $588,531.

Flare magazine got $408,236;






Published by




Chatelaine got $1.5 million for its

English edition and $848,428 for its

French one.

Movie Entertainment got $1.5 million.

It is produced for subscribers to

the paid TV channel The Movie

Network, owned by Bell Media.

The ECA Review got $000,000. No,

that’s not a typo. Because the ECA

Review is a total market coverage free

newspaper we get zero dollars.

This is a snapshot of one year. The

same publications get large grants

year after year. Publications such as

Maclean’s get the maximum $1.5 million

annually. Chatelaine, which gets

money for both its English and French

editions, has received $19.3 million in

the past eight years. Movie

Entertainment has received $11.3 million

in the same period.

The list goes on and on to hundreds

of magazines that get federal funding.

It raises all sorts of questions.

Why does a TV book distributed by

a broadcaster qualify for funding

when a TV guide distributed in a

daily newspaper does not? And how

on earth does giving a subsidy to a

promotional magazine for a TV

channel qualify as support for local


The simple fact is that the Aid to

Publishers program mostly supports

magazines, an industry that, for the

most part, does not have a viable

business model without public


Many community newspapers get

money, but relatively little. Those affiliated

with NewsMedia Canada got

between $3,301 and $124,252 in 2014-15,

and averaged $25,831, less than two per

cent of what The Hockey News

received. Daily and free distribution

newspapers are not eligible.

Overall these community papers got

about $7.8 million of the $68.9 million

handed out. Some went to ethnic, farm

and religious publications. The

Catholic Register got $403,355; The

Western Producer got $1.2 million.

The bulk—$53.4 million—went to

magazines. Some individual magazine

companies get more per year than all

community newspapers combined.

TVA Publications got about $7.5 million

this year, as did Transcontinental

Media. Rogers Media, publisher of

Chatelaine, Maclean’s and other magazines,

got $8.9 million in 2016.

Reader’s Digest got $3 million this year

for its related publications.

The Aid to Publishers program is

being revamped. It’s unclear what the

new qualification criteria will be or

whether the program will get any

more money.

Turn to Cynical, Pg 7

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On The Other Hand

It’s just wrong!

by B.P. Schimke

The demise of Sears Canada was an

unnecessary happening and I would

argue had little to do with Amazon but

everything to do with mismanagement

and greed.

There was a very big winner in the

demise of Sears Canada and that was

American billionaire and hedge fund

manager, Ed Lambert.

If any company should have succeeded

eking out a niche in on-line

sales, it would have been Sears who,

with its catalogue, was truly the forerunner

to e-commerce.

Sears over the years had a number

of ‘stay-the-course’ American CEO’s

which put the retail giant behind the

eight ball. But in 2011, successful

Loblaws’ senior executive, Calvin

McDonald, a Canadian, was hired with

a new, progressive vision for Sears.

Soon after his arrival, sales began to

tick upwards. But innovation takes

investment and he soon learned that

his Board had little interest in innovation

or investment.

He left in 2014 after overseeing the

sale of many valuable assets and yet

seeing little re-investment.

In reality the final nail in the coffin

for Sears came in 2005 when hedge

fund manager, Ed Lambert, became

the controlling owner.

Allowing hedge fund managers to

become majority owners in an ongoing

business is akin to putting the

fox in charge of the hen house. In economic

terms, hedge fund managers

are “rent seekers” not “value


In the same way the fox is going to

watch the chickens closely until they

are all eaten, hedge fund managers

watch over stripping everything “cashable”

out of a going-concern company.

The fox has eaten the chickens and

the farmer ends up with nothing but


The American hedge fund manager

Alberta Press Council

Do you have a concern or

complaint about a

newspaper article or ad?

If after bringing your

concerns to the attention of

this newspaper, you are not

satisfied, you may contact

the Alberta Press Council at

or toll free in Alberta at

1-888-580-4104 for


has eaten away Sears’ on-going viability

leaving behind employees with

nothing and debtors with little.

Mr. Lambert, in 10 years, stripped

$2.7 billion out of Sears Canada into

two funds that he controlled. He and

his board of directors, I would argue,

knowingly caused 12,000 hardworking

Canadians to lose their jobs.

In their greed, they didn’t even have

the decency to leave enough behind to

provide severance pay.

Most tragic, those long-term

employees who have been paying into

a pension plan have nothing for their

retirement years.

It’s just wrong!

What story is going to convince

those on the political right about the

need for government to play a larger

role in this complicated international


Surely the Sears’ case highlights a

problem of “rent seeking” entities

hiding behind limited liability and foreign

ownership to screw the middle

class out of their livelihood and


The private sector, specifically the

corporate elite and foreign owners,

have no interest in the public good.

Why do we continue to trust these

corporations more than our elected


It’s just wrong.

In Canada we still have a law that

holds directors of corporations personally

liable for all statutory deductions

(taxes, CPP and EI).Bankruptcy does

not free them of this obligation.

It is long overdue for a similar provision

to be enacted where directors and

principal owners are held personally

liable for pensions, unpaid wages and

severance pay.

If it’s fair to protect the government

from shysters, surely it is equally fair

to protect hardworking employees

from billionaire bankruptcy-promoting,

“rent seeking” shysters!

Joyce Webster


YvoNNe tHulien


Gayle Jaraway

Marketing 403-578-4111

BoNNy Williams

Circulation Manager

LiSA Myers-sortlAND

Graphic Artist


Marketing/Reporter 403-307-3398


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Payette denies the existence of God

by Herman Schwenk

Last week while reading through

“The Catholic Register” I read an

article titled “Payette faces backlash

over faith remarks”.

In the article, Canada’s Governor

General Julie Payette appears to set

herself above us ordinary Canadians

especially if we believe in God.

It is obvious to me that both her and

Justin Trudeau have an elitist attitude.

While our new Governor General is

considered to be a very talented and an

accomplished scientist, during a

behold random process.”

Divine intervention is a natural process.

These people seem to think that

creation and evolution are contrary

concepts. They are not.

God has been always and will always


Scientists have determined that our

universe has existed for over 13 billion

years and our solar system for over

four billion years.

Evolution is the way that God created

everything, through a gradual


It appears to me that our Prime

Minister is a hypocrite as he claims to

be Christian and supports Muslims

who believe in God.

Both he and the Governor General

come across as being atheist. They

seem to think that believing in God is

very unscientific.

Perhaps the Governor General

should do some scientific research and

read the Bible.

The Bible is a recorded history book.

That history is just as authentic as the

recorded history of the Roman Empire

speech to the ninth annual Canadian

and basically occurred during the

Science Policy Convention, she demonstrated

a very unscientific bias.

Julie Payette’s job is Christ performed miracles that

same time frame.

She dismissed divine intervention

modern science has not been able to

as a factor in evolution and lumped

to represent Her Majesty


those who believe otherwise into the

Jesus was not an ordinary human

same category as climate change

being. His conception was by the

Queen Elizabeth ii, who

deniers and horoscope readers.

Holy Spirit, not by a man, so in effect

If she is a scientist she should know

he was the Son of God in the body of

that science is based on evidence and

sits in a pew every

a man.

there is no evidence to prove that

That is why he was able to perform

increased C02 emissions are a contributing

Sunday as head of the

instant miracles, something no other

factor to climate change.

person has been able to do.

Metrological and geological Church of England.

As I have written in previous columns,

to understand the story of

research scientists can have proven

that C02 levels were never the cause of - DENYSE O’LEARY

Jesus Christ just read the four gospels

the earth warming up after an ice


C02 concentrations increased after

the ice had melted. If she had the

courage of her convictions, that convention

would have been an ideal place

to set the world straight on the real

cause of climate change.

In that speech she proved that with

all her accomplishments she has an

elitist mindset and evidently does not

believe in divine intervention.

She said “And we are still debating

and still questioning whether life

was a divine intervention or whether

it was coming out of a natural process

let alone, oh my goodness, lo and

Christian Elia, the executive

director of the Catholic Civil Rights

League said “Her comments were disappointing

and insulting”.

She also said it is ridiculous for the

Governor General to present faith and

science as an “either-or proposition”.

Her role as the Queen’s representative

in Canada is “to be impartial and


Prime Minister Trudeau defended

the Governor General, applauding

what he called “the firmness with

which she stands in support of science

and truth”.

in the New Testament.

Denyse O’Leary, a Catholic author

stated Julie Payette’s job is to represent

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who

sits in a pew every Sunday as head of

the Church of England.

The Queen does not seem to have a

problem with divine intervention nor

should Julie Payette.

‘Cynical and disappointing’

Cont’d from Pg 6

However, the review is doomed to

failure unless the federal government

understands that it is not currently

supporting local news media in any

meaningful way and that the current

funding, even if redistributed, will do

little to help reporting in local communities

across Canada.

We have not heard this from Joly. In

fact, her Tweeted response to this

week’s closures suggested she still

does not understand what is happening

in local media, where

collapsing revenues

are forcing

cuts in reporting

across all traditional



“We know

Canadians care

about their local

media and we

will continue to

support it,” Joly

Tweeted. “The

decision to swap

and shut down

these community

papers on the

same day is cynical



Our thoughts are

with the hundreds

of workers

and their families

affected by these


The closures

were not cynical.

There were

inevitable in a challenged business in

which print newspaper revenues have

fallen dramatically. We will see more

of them. What they mean for many

communities is less reporting about

what is happening in people’s back


It’s unlikely that people in those

communities will be comforted by

Joly’s claim that her government supports

local media.

Bob Cox is the chair of the board of

News Media Canada and publisher of

the Winnipeg Free Press.

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Season’s Greetings from area businesses

How well

do you

know your




Do you love a good Christmas

movie? Think you know them

like the back of your hand?

Let’s see if you can correctly

answer these 15 questions!

Which movie came out first?

1. Home Alone or National

Lampoon’s Christmas


2. The Santa Clause or

Jingle All

The Way?

3. The Muppet Christmas

Carol or

The Nightmare Before


4. Elf or The Polar Express?

5. Love Actually or The


What’s the name of…

6. The elf played by David

Krumholtz in The Santa


7. The Grinch’s dog in

How the Grinch Stole


8. Doris’s daughter in

Miracle on 34 th Street?

9. Kevin’s mother in

Home Alone?

10. The two sisters in

White Christmas?

Random trivia

11. What toy is Howard

desperately looking for in

Jingle All The Way?

12. What does Clark hope

to buy with his

Christmas bonus in

The Santa Clause?

13. What musical instrument

does Jack give Charlie in

Jack Frost?

14. In which English county

is Iris’s cottage located in

The Holiday?

15. In what fictional city

does the Gremlins movie

take place?

“For unto us a child is born, a son is given. His name shall be

called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God,

The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

May the Peace and Joy that Christmas Brings

be with you throughout the coming year.

Merry Christmas!

and Best Wishes for a healthy

& prosperous New Year!

- Murray, Christy & Staff

Dallas Ellerby - Agent


Merry Christmas



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There’s no place we’d rather be,

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Merry Christmas and many thanks for

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Season’s Greetings from your area businesses

[Grab your reader’s attention with a great quote from the document or use this

space to emphasize a key point. To place this text box anywhere on the page, just

drag it.]

14. Surrey

15. Kingston Falls

5. Love Actually, 2003

(The Holiday, 2006)

6. Bernard

7. Max

8. Susan

9. Kate

10. Betty and Judy


11. A Turbo Man action


12. A pool

13. A harmonica


4. Elf, 2003 (The Polar

Express, 2004)

1. National Lampoon’s

Christmas Vacation,

1989 (Home Alone,


2. The Santa Clause,

1994 (Jingle All The

Way, 1996)

3. The Muppet

Christmas Carol,

1992 (The Nightmare

Before Christmas,

May Peace, Love and Joy

fill the hearts of all this

Holiday Season!


May Peace, Love and Joy fill the hearts of all this Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas

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The very best Season’s Greetings from C lay, Lorisa and the entire staff of METALEX.

Faith makes All things possible, Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful.

May you have all three. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Paintearth Lodge Staff & Residents 403-882-3244

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Merry Christmas & All the Best in 2018.

Rick Strankman, Shadow Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

MLA Drumheller-Stettler

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and a Happy New Year.

May you enjoy a safe and happy holiday

season, whether you live in Hanna or are

returning home for the holidays. As you

gather with family and friends, may the

joy and peace of the season surround

you. Thank you to the many volunteers

in Hanna and District that play a part

in making this community a great place

to live and work. We

look forward to 2018

with hope for peace

and prosperity for all.

10 D e c e m b e r 7 ' 1 7 H A N N A / C o r o n a t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w


Applications to connect the Sharp Hills Wind Power Project in the Sedalia area have been received

Proceeding 23066

Applications 23066-A001 to 23066-A005

The Alberta Utilities Commission, the independent utilities regulator, will be

considering the electric transmission development applications in Proceeding

23066. If you feel you may be affected by these applications, you can provide input

to the AUC to review before it makes its decision.

The Alberta Electric System Operator has applied for approval of the need to

connect the proposed Sharp Hills Wind Power Project to the Alberta Interconnected

Electric System, under the Electric Utilities Act. The Alberta Electric System Operator

proposed the need to construct the New Brigden 2088S Substation and to connect

it to transmission line 9L46 using an in-and-out configuration, and to connect the

New Brigden 2088S Substation to EDP Renewables Canada Ltd.’s proposed Sedalia

323S Substation.


To support an open and transparent process, information you send to the

AUC will be publicly available through the AUC’s eFiling System. If there is

confidential information you would like to file, a request must be made in

advance of filing your submission.


ATCO Electric Ltd., has applied pursuant to the Hydro and Electric Energy Act and in

separate application, to construct the facilities to meet the need identified by the

Alberta Electric System Operator. ATCO Electric Ltd. requested approval to construct

the New Brigden 2088S Substation in Legal Subdivision 3 of Section 16, Township

32, Range 5, west of the Fourth Meridian. ATCO Electric Ltd. requested approval

to alter the existing 240-kilovolt transmission line 9L46 and to terminate it at the

New Brigden 2088S Substation. ATCO Electric Ltd. will re-designate a portion of

transmission line 9L46 as transmission line 9L51, and will terminate it at the New

Brigden 2088S Substation. ATCO Electric Ltd. also requested approval to connect the

New Brigden 2088S Substation to EDP Renewables Canada Ltd.’s proposed Sedalia

323S Substation via bus cables. The proposed location of the New Brigden 2088S

Substation is shown on the attached map.

Written submissions are due December 19, 2017.

Participant information

If you wish to participate in this proceeding, you may be eligible for funding to support your position, which includes costs for legal representation and expert witnesses. To

learn more about the application and review process, intervener funding and what has been applied for, please review the information session section on our website found

under Involving Albertans or contact:

Allan Anderson at 403-592-4438 or email your questions to

The applications, and any associated documents being reviewed, are publicly available on our website. Alternatively, you may contact the applicants for further details about

what is being applied for, or for a copy of the application at:

Alberta Electric System Operator

Melissa Mitchell-Moisson

Phone: 403-539-2948


ATCO Electric Ltd.

Breanna Wise

Phone: 780-420-5003



To register your concerns, or your support for the proposed project, please visit the AUC website and log in to the eFiling System to file your submission for Proceeding

23066. If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact us at 780-427-4903 for other options to submit your concerns and participate in this proceeding. If no

written submissions are received, the Commission may make its decision without further notice or process.

The AUC must consider the AESO’s assessment of need to be correct unless someone satisfies the Commission that the need application is technically deficient,

or that to approve it would be contrary to the public interest.

Issued on November 27, 2017.

Alberta Utilities Commission

Douglas A. Larder, QC, General Counsel

E C A r e v i e w C H R I S T M A S G R E E T I N G S

H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b D E C E m b e r 7 ' 1 7 11

prairie land regional division

Prairie students on the ocean

Linda Stillinger

ECA Review

At the Nov. 28 Prairie Land Regional

Board meeting, Principal Scott Koller

of Veteran School, presented the

trustees with an exciting field trip proposal

for PRLD students to spend five

days on Canada’s west coast on the

Pillar Rock.

The Pillar Rock, built in 1960, served

as a Coast Guard Protection Vessel

until 1986.

Fully refurbished and certified for

guests, the vessel is now the heart of

Pillar Rock Coastal Adventures

offering all the necessary amenities to

explore the coast in comfort and safety.

With his brother, Jeff Koller, Captain

of the Pillar Rock, Principal Koller outlined

a five-day adventure field trip

which would include a thorough tour

and safety orientation of the vessel, lessons

in environmental stewardship,

forestry and sustainability.

It would also include a visit with the

We Wai Kai Nation on Quadra Island, a

tour of a working logging camp and

participation in a beach cleanup with

the local chapter of the Surfrider


This is a global non-profit dedicated

to protecting the world’s oceans and


The adventure could also include a

tour of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship

(CCGS) Sir Wilfred Laurier with

Captain Bill Noon.

In 2014 this ship was part of the

search for John Franklin’s ships,

Erebus and Terror, during the Victoria

Strait Expedition when the Erebus was


Open to all students in the Prairie

Land Regional Division, field trips

would be scheduled between late

February and the end of April.

Trustees accepted the presentation

as information, and encouraged the

Kollers to submit a formal field trip

request at the next Board meeting

scheduled for Dec. 19.

Transportation report

Deputy Superintendent and

Transportation Coordinator Steven

Nielsen presented a detailed report on

the PLRD transportation picture.

The transportation portfolio is one of

the most difficult to manage, yet

according to Nielsen, the easiest in

which to make budget decisions.

“It is pretty much impossible to say

no to anything that deals with the

safety of the kids.” stated Nielsen.

GPS systems have been installed on

each route bus to provide accurate real

time information and keep track of


Prairie Land also provides in-house

training for drivers, cutting costs on

S-endorsement certifications.

With 42 routes between the eight

schools within PLRD, a lot of coordination

is involved to make sure the

system runs smoothly.


Schools have been steadily moving

away from computers, yet technology

is playing a bigger role than ever in



Warning issued for debt

A PRLD tech audit demonstrated

how inefficient and time-wasting computer

labs are for learning.

Prairie Land students from grade 7 -

12 are now expected to have some sort

of device, such as a tablet or phone, for


Enhancing band width has boosted

the division’s ability to utilize digital

textbooks and google classroom


A focus for the next 3-year plan is to

help all teachers to discover and take

advantage of all the digital resources

that are available.

Student evaluations

Superintendent Cam McKeage took

to the podium to discuss AP 360

(Administrative Procedure) concerning

the evaluation of student


While thoroughly outlining the pros

and cons of different methods of student

evaluation, McKeage clarified

both formative and summative assessment


Formative assessment refers to the

variety of methods that teachers use to

conduct in-process evaluations of student

comprehension, learning needs,

and academic progress during an

instructional unit, while the goal of

summative assessments is to evaluate

student learning at the end of an

instructional unit closely following the

Alberta Education program of


According to

McKeage, student

grades should

authentically represent what the student

knows and can do related to these


Is sufficient attention given to the

assessment of skills?

How should effort be assessed?

Are things that are easy to measure

being assessed at the expense of the

“big ideas” in the curriculum?

McKeage highlighted the importance

of common practices being

applied throughout the Prairie Land


PLRD operates on the principle that

every student has the right to a fair,

accurate and equitable evaluation.

The Best of All Gifts Around Any Christmas Tree

Is The Presence Of A Happy Family

All Wrapped Up In Each Other.

Merry Christmas &

a Prosperous New Year

- The Village of Edgerton

Wishing You Joy

to all the wonderful people of Coronation, Castor & Consort

- Dr. Stephen Akindipe

Coronation Medical Clinic

by Hon. Kevin

Sorenson, M.P., (Battle


The Organization of

Economic Co-operation

and Development (OECD)

has released its economic

outlook concluding that

Canada is in the worst

shape compared to

nations around the world

when it comes to households

and businesses

borrowing money.

These debt burdens

are causing a high risk to

our economy as a whole

and current economic

growth levels.

With the two massive

annual budgetary deficits

and about $38 billion

borrowed over the first

two years (despite their

own promise to have

three “small” $10 billion

deficits) the Liberal government,

by the fourth

quarter of 2016, had managed

to put Canada’s debt

level above that of the

United States and China.

The OECD observes

that, “Indebtedness of

households and nonfinancial

corporations in

many advanced and

emerging market economies

is high. In many

countries, it is continuing

to rise.”

This is important

because in 2015, the federal

government had a

balanced budget.

Going forward, the federal

government was set

to operate “in the black”;

no longer growing the

accumulated national

debt (over $645 billion).

In fact, Conservative governments

always pay

down on the accumulated

debt when

operating without a budgetary


The current Liberal

government refuses to

announce a date when it

will operate with a balanced


Some economists predict

that if the Liberal

government continues

their borrowing, it will

be 2055 before the federal

books can be balanced


The Liberals claim

that their massive borrowing

will grow the

Canadian economy to

the point where in the

future (they don’t stipulate

a particular year)

these deficits will be

‘overshadowed’ by tax

revenues flowing to the

federal government from

high annual economic

growth levels.

That’s what led Justin

Trudeau to infamously

conclude in 2015 that

“the budget will balance


Canada’s current relatively

high growth levels

are short or medium–

term at best according to

the OECD (and many

would say a result of a

growing U.S. economy

– Canada’s largest


Normal growth levels

are bound to return soon

and hopefully we will not

experience low or negative

growth levels.

The OECD warns that

financial shocks, international

incidents and a

host of other calamities

could force positive economic

growth numbers

to be insufficient or even


In the interim, too

many Canadian households

and businesses are

borrowing too much to

finance real estate,

energy, regulatory, taxation

and other costs.

Interest payments

must continue to be

made and selling-off

assets to pay interest or

reduce debt loads are not

so easy or lucrative when

markets are tight and

potential buyers are also


This OECD report

means that the overtaxing

and deficit–ridden

Liberal government will

be able to do very little to

help Canadians in the

event of an economic


The Liberals have

broken too many of their

promises since being

elected and they have

disappointed too many

Canadians with their

failure to deliver ‘sunny

ways’ and real change

for the average

Canadian family.


Canadians are

facing higher

risks for the debt

we incur while

operating our

households and

businesses. The

OECD has given

us ‘fair warning’

and as your

Member of

Parliament, I

report that to


Wishing you every good

wish for Peace, Joy, and

Good Health this

Christmas Season and

in the New Year!

Coronation Medical Clinic

Dr. Noelle O’Riordan • Dr. Suzan Shenouda • Dr. Irene Shenouda

Happy Holidays

from the management & staff

12 D e c e m b e r 7 ' 1 7 H A N N A / C o r o n a t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . l e g i s l a t u r e

E C A r e v i e w

The growing problem of rural crime

by Rick Strankman MLA,

Drumheller Stettler

Brian Warman from the community

of Alix was attacked in his own home.

Two intruders entered, demanding

cash and valuables while they beat

him. Warman was severely injured

and required surgery.

At Amisk (far east of Red Deer and

south of Wainwright), the post office

and bank were broken into two nights

in a row. One of the town’s blocks contains

two businesses and five

residences. In less than a year, 14 acts

of crime occurred on that block.

Recently at Mannville, nearly 300

people packed the hall to address their

region’s escalating crime problem. One

Talbot Sharp Edges

woman was surprised to learn that

Alberta doesn’t have 24/7 rural

policing. She said her Kitscoty home

had been broken into, and that the

thieves returned three days later. She

no longer feels safe. “It’s a horrible

feeling,” she said.

Mabel Hamilton at Innisfail says

neighbours talk only about crime nowadays

rather than local events and the


In the last year, her home was twice

invaded. Two trucks were stolen. Two

further attempts were fortunately

stopped by the family’s dogs.

Since 2011, rural crime rates in parts

of Alberta have jumped more than 250

per cent. Break-ins are up 94 per cent

at Innisfail and 133 per cent at


Near Medicine Hat, Redcliff RCMP

also report increased rural property

crime. Twelve of Canada’s 50 most dangerous

places for crime are now in


Alberta communities are screaming

for help and enhanced policing, yet

government has not fully responded.

Many MLAs say the top issue by far

that constituents bring to them is


Turn to Solution, Pg 13

Grinch Trees was the first project for the Talbot Sharp Edges at their meeting on Nov. 26.

From the left, back row: Clarissa Vanderberg, Cindy Link, Hannah Crocker, Kylie Hewitt, Mena

Watson, Dharma Cook, Lauryn Perry, Hayden Regnier and Betty Tellier. Middle row: Brielle

Eamer, Kenzie Hewitt, Alexis Perry, Hannah Watson, Breya Cook and Laura Goodbrand. Front

row: Raya Montgomery, Lynn Hewitt, Ava Waltham, Reese Montgomery, Julie Hewitt and

Avery Crocker.

ECA Review/Submitted

Grinch trees, our

first project

More Grandpa time. Less “Mom-the-screen’s-frozen-again” e time.


A new & improved Internet

service has arrived in rural Alberta.


39 99

month 2

up to 5 Mbps 4 | 50 GB

Choose a plan that’s right for you:


49 99

month 2

up to 10 Mbps 4 | 200 GB




69 99

month 3

up to 25 Mbps 4 | 400 GB

by Hannah Crocker

We are once again underway with

the Talbot Sharp Edges 4-H Club.

Our Leader this year is Jody Perry,

and our elected president is Hayden

Regnier, vice-president is Dharma

Cook, secretary is Kylie Hewitt, treasurer

is Lauryn Perry, club reporter is

Hannah Crocker, District rep is Alexis

Perry and historian is Kenzie Hewitt

and Mena Watson.

Also in our club this year is four

cleaver members who are lead by

Lynette Waltham.

Our first meeting and project was on

Nov. 26 and were very fortunate to

have the ladies from Beans and

Blooms come help us make Grinch


We appreciate your help and

bringing the greenery and supplies.

Our next project is on Dec. 8 and we

will be doing a cookie exchange.

Call us today!


First 6 months on a 2 year term


If installation requirements go beyond the scope of a basic installation, additional fees apply. Subject to site check, site check

fee may apply. See dealer for details. 2 Pricing reflects $25 discount per month for the first 6 months on the $39.99 package

with speeds up to 5 Mbps and 50 GB, and the $49.99 package with speeds up to 10 Mbps and 200 GB. Price increases

by $25 per month in month 7. 3 Pricing reflects $30 discount per month for the first 6 months on the $69.99 package with

speeds up to 25 Mbps and 400 GB. Price increases by $30 per month in month 7. Monthly service fee includes rental cost

of equipment. Taxes apply. Offer valid until December 31, 2017 for new customers and is subject to change at any time.


Actual speed online may vary with your technical configuration, Internet traffic, server and other factors. Traffic Management

Policy applies; see Packages subject to availability. A router is required for multiple users. Xplornet ® is a

trademark of Xplornet Communications Inc. © 2017 Xplornet Communications Inc.


Richardson is committed

to the communities you

call home.

Through the Richardson Foundation, we are

proud to donate over $1.5 million each year

to support projects and organizations across

Canada. Together, we are committed to helping

to build strong, healthy and safe communities

in the places our customers and employees

call home.

Being truly invested is at the heart of everything

we do. To learn more, visit

E C A r e v i e w A G r i c u L t u r e

H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b D E C E m b e r 7 ' 1 7 13

Solution must include severe penalties

Cont’d from Pg 12

The Ponoka News

reports that to help residents

get involved and

know how to protect

their communities and


Rosebrier Crime

Watch and an Alberta

video producer teamed

up with the Alberta

Rural Crime Watch

Association, Wetaskiwin

and Bashaw RCMP, and

the RCMP’s K-Division to

produce a training and

information video that

will offer practical and

effective advice.

Numerous property

owners are installing

video surveillance systems,

saying that

effective surveillance

can be established for


Many believe that

these systems

deter criminals,

but exactly how

effective they

might be is sometimes


Beyond these

things, advocates

say the solution

must include

more severe penalties

for those

convicted of property



Many also

want mandatory

minimum imprisonment

for repeat


In Saskatchewan, concern

over rural crime

resulted in the province

expanding the power of

conservation and commercial


enforcement officers to

include arrest and detention

of criminal suspects.

The decision instantly

added 138 enforcement

officers to the province’s

rural crime policing and

prevention force. News

reports indicate that

these officers are enthusiastic

about their added


The Saskatchewan

government also invited

technology companies to

submit proposals that

could better protect communities.

It promised

these companies full

rights to commercialize

their anti-crime


Since the provincial

government has not yet

fully acted on the rise of

rural crime, Alberta’s

UCP announced a Task

Force on Rural Crime to

engage communities and

develop common-sense

proposals and solutions.

This past week,

numerous Albertans

seriously affected by

crime made their way to

the legislature. At that

time, the government

rejected a motion to have

the assembly engage in a

discussion and debate

about solutions to the

crime issue.

The matter was set

aside, but it’ll come up

Vanfield Tubgrinding Ltd

operating out of Delia and Bashaw

Serving central, east-central

and southern Alberta

Three 500 hp grinders

with grinding screens from 1/8” up to 7”

For details or bookings, call

Rick 403-741-6279

again. It’s a

serious problem

that we all know

won’t go away by




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Tues., Dec 12 -- 12 p.m

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Join us for Customer

Appreciation Lunch

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11:30 am - 1:30 p.m.

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Kirk 403-575-5654 Kurt 403- 575-5388 Curtis 403-578-8062

14 D e c e m b e r 7 ' 1 7 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

Ph. 403-578-4111 Classifieds Email:

Classified Ad Rates

$13.00 + tax for 25

words or less + 19¢ a word

after 25 each week or 3

weeks for $36 + tax (based

on 25 words or less). Reach

81,500 readers with your

classified. This includes For

Sale, For Rent, Card of

Thanks, Coming Events,


Payment Necessary

All Classified Ads are on a

Cash Only basis and must

be prepaid before running.

There will be a $5.00

service charge on every

classified not paid for prior

to publication.

we accept cash, cheque,

viSA or mc.

it is the responsibility of

the advertiser to check ad

the 1st week and call us if in

error. The Review is

responsible for their

mistakes the 1st week only.

Deadline For Ads

All classified ads must be

received by 5 pm on

Mondays preceding

publication. For Too Late To

Classifieds ad must be

received by 10 am Tuesday.

Ph. 578-4111. Mail to Box

70, Coronation, AB T0C


Real Estate

NINE Quarters of

farm land, M. D. of


Approximately 1250

acres is farmable

land, currently

improved pasture,

water spring and dugouts

with a few tree

patches. Just off

Range Rd 85 and

Township 390. Please

email Kwgilbertson@ or call

Kevin Gilbertson at

(780) -920-1616 for

more info or for a

copy of the “call of

offer”. Cut off to submit

by email is Jan. 5,

2018 5pm.

320 ACRES of Highly



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5 to 10 year lease

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Contact Doug at

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Ltd. is a publicly-traded

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Royalties .

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Hannas Seeds, A

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Native &

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buying Green,

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grain. “On Farm

Pickup” Westcan

Feed & Grain, 1-877-




HIP or Knee


Restrictions in walking/dressing?


yearly tax credit.

$40,000 lump sum

cheque. Disability

Tax Credit. Expert

Help. Lowest service

fee nationwide.


Help Wanted


grain & cattle operation.

Must have valid

driver’s licence and

experience with cattle

& machinery. 780-


Forestburg Ab.

BLANKET the province

with a classified

ad. Only $269

(based on 25 words

or less). Reach over

110 weekly newspapers.

Call NOW for

details 1-403-578-


SEEKING a career in

the Community

Newspaper business?

Post your

resume for FREE

right where the publishers

are looking.



Truck Drivers

required to operate

semi vacs and

straight vacs in SE

Sask. Full or parttime

positions available.

Wages based

on experience.

Resumes and work

references to:


Environmental Ltd.,

P.O. Box 609,

Carnduff, SK, S0C

0S0. Email:

Office: 306-482-

3558. Fax: 306-482-

3574. Charlie: 306-

482-7897. Greg:


DAIRY/Cheese seeking

employees. Ideal

candidates would

have experience with

cheese processing,

quality control,

knowledge of cheddar,

feta, etc.

Located 30 minutes

North East of

Montreal. Call 1-800-

655-1488 or email:

MEDICAL transcription!


career! Employers

have work-at-home

positions available.

Get online training

you need from an

employer-trusted program.

Visit: or

1-855-768-3362 to

start training for your

work-at-home career



Now Accepting

New Patients

Dr. Patel Family

Dental Clinic

4906-51 St. Stettler, AB

Business Hours:

8-4 Mon.- Friday

403 742-6741

Legal Notices


Creditors and

Claimants. Estate of

Gladys Muriel Slemp

who died on May 5,

2016. If you have a

claim against this

estate, you must file

your claim by

January 5, 2018 and

provide details of

your claim with E.

Roger Spady,

Barrister and Solicitor

at Box 328,

Coronation, Alberta,

T0C 1C0. If you do

not file by the date

above, the estate

property can lawfully

be distributed without

regard to any claim

you may have.



Gun Auction.

Saturday, December

16, 11 a.m., 6016 -

72A Ave.,


Handguns, rifles,

shotguns, hunting

and sporting equipment.

Free pick up

Edmonton surrounding

area to consign.

Call 780-440-1860.


Compression Inc.,

Caroline, Alberta.


December 13, 10

a.m. Selling forklift,

crawler, park model

office trailer, C-Can,

racking, shop tools &

equipment as well as

new, used & rebuilt

inventory for NG

engine & compression

service. Selling

live & online. 1-800-

371-6963; www.




OUR Cooks

Catering. Catering

for all occasions.

Phone Joanne 403-

574- 2412 or 403

-741- 5872 for menu

and prices.ourcookscatering@gmail.


how to play: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 box contains

the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3 x 3 box is outlined with a darker line.

You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: you must not repeat

the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column or 3 x 3 box.

CRIMINAL record? Why suffer

employment/licensing loss?

Travel/business opportunities? Be

embarrassed? Think: Criminal

Pardon. US entry waiver. Record

purge. File destruction. Free consultation

1-800-347-2540; www.

Prairie Land Regional

Division No. 25

requires professional, competent employees. Employment

opportunities become available on an ongoing basis. Please visit

our website at for all available positions including

teachers, administrative assistants, educational assistants,

librarians, maintenance workers, mechanics, finance and

technology specialists. Schools are located in Hanna, Youngstown,

Cessford, Delia, Morrin, Veteran, Consort and Altario as well as 9

colony schools throughout the division.

If you are interested in enhancing student learning experiences

and promoting cooperation and commitment within a team

environment, PLRD #25 is the workplace for you. Application

procedures are outlined on our website.

Successful candidates will be required to provide proof of

credentials, a current Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention

Check satisfactory to PLRD prior to commencement.

“U” Stamp Pressure Vessel Shop

Accounting & Payroll Administrator

Cape Manufacturing Ltd requires an individual to work in

our accounting department. He/She must have education in

accounting and/or equivalent work experience. Knowledge of

Simply Accounting is a must. Duties will include accounts payable,

payroll, as well as a variety of other financial-related tasks. The

successful applicant must be able to work without supervision

and direct the activities of others. At Cape we operate on a

Value Based Management System and offer complete employee

benefits. You can read more about us at





Youngstown Office

Janitorial Services

Youngstown: The Special Areas Board is requesting

proposals for the provision of janitorial services at the

Special Areas Youngstown Office. Duties to commence

January 1, 2018 and will be for a one year term.

The size of the building is approximately 815 m2 (8,750

ft 2) and will require daily cleaning, five (5) days per

week . Details of the work to be performed as well as

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement are available at

the Youngstown Office and the premises can be viewed

prior to tendering.

Applicants must be bondable. No subcontracting of this

service is permitted without prior approval. Tenders must

be based on a monthly rate. The Special Areas Board reserves

the right to select a bid other than the low bidder.

Closing Date: December 15, 2017

Proposals must be submitted to:

Evelyn Manion, Office Manager

Special Areas Board

Box 67

Youngstown, AB T0J 3P0

Phone (403) 779-3733

Fax (403) 779-2082

GET back on track! Bad credit?

Bills? Unemployed? Need

money? We lend! If you own

your own home - you qualify.

Pioneer Acceptance Corp.

Member BBB. 1-877-987-


E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b D E C E m b e r 7 ' 1 7 15

Wonderful, subtle sense of humour

Robert Willard Manning

Oct. 10, 1930 -

Nov. 28, 2017

Bob was born in

Hughenden, Ab. passed

away in Hardisty, Ab. and

called the farm near Amisk,

Ab. home.

He was a quiet and private

man with his

family, farm, and

friends meaning

everything to



in sports was

important in his

younger years,

playing hockey

or curling and


baseball as the

seasons dictated.

He remained a sports fan,

especially for the CFL,

cheering on the Edmonton

Eskimos to the end.

Bob also had a wonderful,

subtle sense of humour,

enjoying seeing and sharing

the lighter side of life with a

smile, roll of the eyes or a

rise of his bushy eyebrows.

Resourceful in his youth,

he often trapped and hunted

to obtain hides to sell. Early

photos are a testament to his

success, especially one

season where he was

able to purchase a

watch with the


On Feb. 28, 1953, he

married Arlene

Abrassart and soon

after they started a

family. Bob began a

career selling insurance,

but an accident

to his father meant

he was needed full

time on the farm.

He was able to make use of

the welding course he had

taken in Edmonton to repair

the farm machinery.

Bob is survived, loved and

Loved to reminisce

Chester Rossler


It is with heavy hearts

that we announce the

passing of our beloved

father, Chester “Ches”

Rossler on Fri., Nov. 24, 2017

at the age of 86 years.

His memory will be cherished

in the hearts of his

four children, Greg Rossler,

Wayne Rossler (Carrie

Berthelette), Scott Rossler

and Nancy (Jim) Burgess.

He is survived by his

sister, Laurie Rossler;

brothers, Norman (Louise),

Gordon (Grace), Bob (Joan)

and Sam; his children’s

mother, Rosemary (Gene)

Sailer; his sisters-in-law,

Linda Rossler and Mary

Brettle; as well as numerous

nieces and nephews.

Ches was predeceased by

his parents, Fred and

Emelia Rossler; his

brothers, Manley, George

and Harold; his sister-in-law

Gail Rossler; his brother-inlaw,

Tom Owens; and Tom’s

wife, Mary Thuroo.

Ches was born on Aug. 25,

1931 in Castor, Ab. He was

raised on the family farm in

the Spondin District.

Ches married Rosemary

Owens in 1959. They moved

to Vancouver, B.C. and that

is where their first three

children were born. Ches

was employed and A&C

Knight Ltd. in


In 1966 a new

plant was

opening in

Medicine Hat so

Ches moved his

family back to

Alberta and it

was there in

Medicine Hat

that they made

their home.

In 1968 their

fourth child,

Greg was born

completing their


After Knight


Industries shut

down, Ches went to work at

Sears Canada in Floor

Coverings. It was from there

that he retired in 1996.

Ches enjoyed his retirement

spending time with

this children, golfing,

playing pool, watching

curling and going for coffee

with his buddies at the

Dairy Queen.

Ches will always be

remembered as being a kind

and thoughtful man who

could fix or build just about

anything and he loved to

reminisce about the past.

The funeral service was

held at Saamis Memorial

Funeral Chapel, 1 Dunmore

Rd, SE, on Wed. Nov. 29, 2017

at 1 p.m. with Gary W.

Goran officiating.

A private interment will

take place at Hillside

Cemetery. Memorial gifts in

Ches’s memory may be

made to the Alberta Heart

and Stroke Foundation,

340A Maple Ave, SE,

Medicine Hat, Ab, T1A 7L5.

Condolences may be sent


or to condolences@saamis.

com subject heading Chester


Funeral arrangements

are in entrusted to Saamis

Memorial Funeral Chapel,

Crematorium & Reception

Centre, 1 Dunmore Rd, SE.

Medicine Hat, Ab.


Coyote, Fox, Shed Antlers

Coming to Hanna AB

Hanna Building Supply Yard

at 1 pm

Sat., Jan 20 and Sat., Feb 24

Contact Kim 780 755 3860

cell 780 842 7153


very much missed by

Arlene, their daughter

Connie Kraft (Gordon), son

Kevin Manning (Cindy),

grandchildren Niki Pettifor

(Dave), Travis Manning

(Tanya), Tracy Whidden

(Malcolm), and Tiffany

Davis (Kent) and his brother

Donald Manning (Shirley).

Bob looked forward to

and delighted in visits from

all his grandchildren and

great-grandchildren Layla,

Ethan, Lizzie, Paige,

Addison, Alivia, Isaiah,

Hayden, and Josie.

He was predeceased by

two infant sons and his parents,

Erol and Algerene


A family graveside service

will be held at the

Amisk Bethany Cemetery

in the spring.

Hugh McLarty

Business Directory

Bill’s Waterwell


Well Drilling


Pumps & Repairs

Well 403-747-2120


Pumps & Repairs








Heather Caseley

Judy Lindmark

Central Alberta Family Funeral Services Ltd.


Drugs -


Mon.-Fri.: 9 am - 6 pm

Sat.: 9 am - 4 pm

Sun.: Noon - 4 pm

East Central Alberta’s





• Plumbing

• Gas Fitting

• Air Conditioning

• Sheet Metal

• Commercial


Quietly remembered every


Sadly missed along life’s


No longer in our lives to


But in our hearts, you’re

always there.

Memorial donations in

Bob’s memory would be welcome

to the Hardisty

Hospital Auxiliary, the

Amisk Bethany Cemetery,

the Hughenden Firefighter’s

Association or a charity of

your choice.

Hardisty Hospital

Auxiliary, Box 158,

Hardisty, Ab. T0B 1V0;

Amisk Bethany Cemetery,

Box 41 Amisk, Ab. T0B 0B0;

Hughenden Firefighters

Association, Box 231,

Hughenden, Ab. T0B 2E0.

Familiar Faces you have

come to Know & Trust

Serving the Big Country

(403) 854-4774

Centre Street

Hanna, AB

Craig Caseley

Diane Zinger

Big Country


& Building

Supplies Ltd.

• Custom New Homes

•All Farm Buildings

• Renovations

• Windows and Doors

• Overhead Doors &


• Retail Sales

Quality Customer Care


S. Barnes


For Livestock

Hauling Call

Stan Barnes

Res 403 578 3265

Cell 403 575 5264

Massage Therapy

Chad Brummund, RMT, CAT(C), BA


Dr. Craig Larson, DC

Dr. Carissa Kimpinski, DC

Exercise Services

Patrick May, Exercise Physiologist,

Personal Trainer

Orchid Embers Spa

Cyndy Harris, Certified Esthetician



410 2nd Avenue West,

Hanna, AB


B. Mgmt., C.A.


B. Mgmt., C.A.

Three Hills - Tues.

Coronation - Wed.

Oyen -Thurs. (by



E.Roger Spady



Barrister & Solicitor

Coronation Mall

Coronation, AB


Office Hours:

Tuesday to Friday

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Kendra Walgenbach, CPA, CA

Chris Annand, CPA, CA

Naomi Roth, CPA, CGA

Guy Chapman, CPA, CA, CFP

Krystal Stoutenberg, CPA, CA

Service Wise -

We Specialize


Stettler, AB


Quality Collision Repair

and Professional Service…


Find out more about us at:

Phone: 403-742-3555

4109 - 48 Avenue, Stettler

Dr. Craig Larson

Chiropractic Clinics

Hanna, Ab

(Castor & Consort)

(403) 854-2110


Vision Clinic

Dr. Marc Kallal

Dr. Ward ZoBell

Tues & Thurs 10 - 4



Vision Centre

Eye Health

• Glasses

• Contacts

Dr. Dennis A. Heimdahl

Dr. Ward ZoBell

Tuesdays, Wednesdays 9-5

Thursdays 9-4


Closed Friday’s

throughout July & Aug



In Coronation


9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Call Anytime

for Appointments


Located in Coronation Mall

4702 51 Ave, Stettler, AB

Phone 403-742-3438


Meat Packers

Government Inspected


RR #2 Bashaw, AB

Ponoka County


780 372 2178


Rent this

Sheet Metal


Plumbing for as

Heating little & as A/C




4901-50 St Castor AB

403 882 3388

24 Hour On-Call Service:


16 D e c e m b e r 7 ' 1 7 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

Arrest warrant obtained for break and enter

After a number of tips generated by

both the public and other RCMP

Detachment members, Stettler RCMP

have obtained an arrest warrant for

one of the individuals responsible for

the break and enter to Old

MacDonald’s Campground on Nov. 13.

Ryan Schuster (29) of Red Deer has

been charged with break/enter and

fail to comply with probation.

Anyone aware of his whereabouts

are encouraged to contact any RCMP

Detachment or Crimestoppers.

The Stettler RCMP would like to

thank both their local media outlets

Suspect vehicle in Alix hotel robbery.

for assisting in fanning out information

to the public, and the public for

their willingness to provide information

to the police to aid in various


Suspect vehicle

Alix, Alberta – The RCMP continue

to investigate and seek public tips in

relation to an armed robbery that

occurred on November 6, 2017 at a

hotel in Alix.

Attached to this release is a photo of

the white truck which was identified

as the suspect vehicle involved.

ECA Review/Submitted


in investigation, please call the Bashaw

RCMP at 780-372-3793

Married in 2017 ?

If you were married in 2017, take part in our 2017

Wedding Album Published in the December 21, 2017

If anyone recognizes this truck or if

you have information about this

If you were married in 2017, take part in our 2017

ECA Wedding Review. Album Deadline, Published Monday, in the December 18. 21, 2017

No ECA Charge. Review. Makes Deadline, a great Monday, keepsake December of your special 18. day!

No Charge. Makes a great keepsake of your special day!

Newly Weds Names:

Newly Weds Names:

(Please include maiden name)

(Please include maiden name)

Date of of Wedding:

Location of Wedding:

Currently Residing:

Please email, mail or drop off your photo:


email, mail or drop off your photo:

East Central Alberta Review, Box 70, Coronation, AB, T0C 1C0

East 4921 Central Victoria Alberta Ave., Coronation, Review, Box AB 70, Coronation, AB, T0C 1C0

4921 To ensure Victoria good Ave., reproduction, Coronation, good AB quality colour or

black & white photos only.

To ensure good reproduction, good quality colour or

• Close-ups will work the best.

black • Be sure & white to write photos your only. name on the back of your photo.

• Close-ups Photo will will be returned work the if best. you include a self-addressed envelope

• OR Be indicate sure to write that your will name pick on up the photo back after of your December photo. 30

• Photo will be returned if you include a self-addressed envelope

OR indicate that you will pick up photo after December 30



Our Oilfield . . . Our Future

Alberta’s economy growing faster than projected

by Zainab Calcuttawala


Alberta’s economy is grower faster

than projected due to strong growth in

oil markets over the course of 2017,

according to a new report by


The four-percent growth rate that

Alberta saw in 2017 trumps the projected

3.1 percent rate forecasted in the

province’s latest budget report.

Alberta says it has added over 70,000

new jobs since mid-2016 as the number

of active rigs climbs week over week.

Still, unemployment hovers around

eight percent, which weighs on tax


The government initially said it

expected to collect C$15.1 billion in

taxes in the current fiscal year, but

now the projections have dropped to

C$14.7 billion.

Canada’s oil industry faces multiple

headwinds on top of an oil bust that

has changed the global industry over

the past few years. Canadian producers

are selling their oil at hefty

discounts to WTI, not only because of

the heavier sour variety they are

pumping out of the oil sands, but also

because of limited pipeline capacity


Temporary Field HSE personnel

for long or short term projects

Fully qualified, Reasonable rates

To inquire call:


that moves the oil out of landlocked

Alberta—the heart of the Canadian

oil industry.

Currently there are three pipelines

in the works that will take more

Alberta oil either to the U.S. or to the

Canadian Pacific coast: Enbridge’s

Line 3 Replacement Program, Kinder

Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion

project, and TransCanada’s Keystone

XL pipeline.

Last month, TransCanada scrapped

a pipeline project to ship oil to the

Canadian East Coast.

In the best-case scenario for

Canada’s pipeline capacity—that is, if

all three remaining pipelines clear all

regulatory hurdles—Canadian pipelines

will have 52,100 bpd of excess

capacity in 2020, and more than

656,100 bpd in 2022, according to estimates

by Bloomberg Gadfly columnist

Liam Denning.

Box 464, Provost, AB T0B 3S0

- Oilfield Pipeline, Maintenance & Construction -

- - Bobcat/Backhoe/Trackhoe/Dozer Service -

- Reclamation Gravel - Reclamation - Welding & Gravel - -

- Contaminant - Welding Hauling - -

- Aggregate, Wood Shavings & Pellets -

Bus: (780) 753-8100 Shawn Goodwin Lyndon Clark

Fax: (780) 753-8104 - Aggregate, Cell: Wood (587) Shavings 878-0517 & Pellets


-(780) 842-7997


Bus: (780) 753-8100

Fax: (780) 753-8104

Box 464, Provost, AB T0B 3S0

- Oilfield Pipeline, Maintenance & Construction -

- Contaminant Hauling -

Lyndon Clark

Cell: (780) 842-7997

• Electrical Electrical, &


Email: Instrumentation & Fabrication Services


• Bench Proving









• Portable or in Shop Welding • Oilfield

- Turbines, PD,

• Machine Shop • Pressure Pipe Fabrication


Provost Vortex


780.753.4700 - 3/8” - 10”





• Agricultural • Bolt & Metal Supplies

Box • Mobile 464, Provost, Proving AB - Volumetric T0B 3S0 & Gravimetric Other Services Include:

Other Services Include:

• ANDNOW Hydraulic Hose Fabrication - Oilfield Pipeline, • PLC Programming Maintenance & Construction -

• Shop & Portable Meter

Shop Portable Meter


cell (780) 753-0929 • shop (780) 753-4749 - Bobcat/Backhoe/Trackhoe/Dozer

• Burner Management Systems


Service - • Shop Repairs

Shop Repairs

• Rental Recorders

4444-50th Ave. Provost, AB

PROVOST - Reclamation • 24 & HOUR Gravel -• CORONATION

Rental Recorders

• Control & Safety

Control Safety

24 hour service • East of old Provost Arena

780-753-4700 - Welding - 403-578-2584 Systems Maintenance

Systems Maintenance

• PLC Programming

PLC Programming

- Contaminant Hauling -

• Control Panel

Control Panel

- Aggregate,

Box 464, Provost,

Wood Shavings


& Pellets





• Field Construction &


Box 12159

Field Construction Maintenance


Bus: (780)- 753-8100 Oilfield Pipeline, Maintenance Lloydminster, & Construction Amanda SK S9V -1R6


• Modular Building

Modular Building


Polaris, Stihl, Toro, Hilti & Small Fax: Engines (780) 753-8104


- Bobcat/Backhoe/Trackhoe/Dozer Service

Cell: (780)



• Extensive Safety

Phone: (780) 875-4259

Extensive Safety

Email: E N E R





Cell: (780) 871-4932• Burner Management Sy

- Reclamation & Gravel Fax: -

Burner Management Sy

(780) 875-1930

Phone: (780) 753-2759 Fax: (780) 753-2367 Service Rigs and Coil Tubing






Instrumentation Toll Free: 1-877-341-3933 Industry








Highway 13, Box 1050, Provost, AB T0B 3S0

- Welding -


- Contaminant Ziegler

Ken Christensen

Brian Christensen

Hauling -


General Manager

If Keystone XL doesn’t go ahead and

Line 3 and Trans Mountain proceed,


- Aggregate, Wood Shavings TSXV: & Pellets CWC -

Amanda Cornish

Fax: (780) 753-8104

Cell: (780) 842-0904


Bus: (780) 753-8100Box 464, Provost, AB T0B 3S0

- Oilfield Pipeline, Maintenance & Construction -

Call/email today

to place your ad


excess pipeline capacity in 2022 will be

just 50,000 bpd.

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