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Integrity Development Portfolio 2018

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Consultants / Facilitators Patrice Borders Patrice began her relationship with Eric as one of his managers when he led the Cincinnati Affiliate of Inroads. She developed a long-term relationship with Integrity as a Senior Consultant, while leading a proactive consulting, coaching, and training practice, Borders practiced in the employment law departments of two large nationally recognized management law firms. She provided legal consultation to employers on issues of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, affirmative action, and equal employment opportunity compliance. Borders served as a senior consultant with the nation’s largest diversity and inclusion training and consulting firm, where she created a workplace protocol suite of customizable training and coaching experiences. As a speaker, facilitator, and coach, her high-impact message empowers people to be accountable for their actions and to make necessary and desired changes. She translates the value of human capital and the currency of relationships into implementable strategies, accountability, and return on expectations. She has coached corporate, law firm, and non-profit leaders utilizing the concepts of emotional intelligence as a performance skill. Charlotte Neal Charlotte is most noted for her successful 22-year career as an Executive for Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing, North America, Inc. (TEMA) responsible for Corporate Compliance, Diversity & Corporate Communications. She has been recognized as one of the foremost innovators in the area of Corporate Compliance and Ethics in a manufacturing environment. She is also recognized as the internal architect for Toyota's Award Winning Diversity Program (Selected by Diversitylnc., as a Top 50 Diversity Company in America). Widely known for applying Toyota's renowned Problem Solving Methodology and The Toyota Production System (TPS) to Compliance, Diversity and Communications, she has developed and implemented initiatives to objectively measure an organization's journey toward its ideal condition in these areas at TEMA. Charlotte has been an internal executive coach for over two decades. The confidence they had in her ability could be measured, in part, by the millions of dollars Toyota invested in the initiatives she led and the tens of millions of dollars they saved as a result of improved workplace productivity and team member performance. Her real world experience at working with leaders to substantially reduce turnover, increase team member moral and allow the company to minimize revenue loss due to discriminatory practices has been invaluable to the clients Integrity Development serves. Charlotte believes that every organization can engage its leadership in a journey to create a healthy respectful workplace culture especially when they can clearly see and understand its current condition and effectively measure progress toward its goals. She also understands that progress is not measured only by counting numbers, but by measuring the effectiveness of its systems and processes and through implementing practical solutions. Charlotte earned BS and MA degrees in Mathematics from the University of Kentucky, earning high honors as a Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate. She is also a graduate of Toyota's Executive Development Program and was the first woman to be promoted to the Executive level within TEMA's group companies. Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D. Dr. Karen Townsend is an inspiring speaker/trainer whose messages are timely and relevant. As a person who believes in a holistic approach to professional development, her programs highlight the importance of both technical expertise and interpersonal relationships. As an educator, organizational development consultant and author, Dr. Townsend brings nearly three decades of experience in the areas of leadership development, 21 st Century diversity and personal excellence. Dr. Townsend has written a number of articles on these topics which have been featured in local, regional and national publications and media outlets. As an author and advocate for women, Dr. Townsend’s first book was inspired by her own quest to find life balance. It All Started When I Stopped Using Lotion: One Woman’s Journey From Chaos to Calm is currently being used by organizations to support the professional development and career advancement of high potential women leaders. 12

Consultants / Facilitators Cathy Scrivner Cathy is a skilled facilitator with a wealth of experience in all facets of Human Resources gained from a career of increasing responsibility in the retail environment. At Rich's · Goldsmith's · Lazarus, a premier division of Federated Department Stores, her exposures to managing personnel systems were varied. She was Human Resources Manager of one of the most profitable store locations in all of Federated Stores and served as the lead Human Resource Manager at a 1.2 million square foot Distribution Center with 800 employees. Her work as the leader in campus recruiting and in the Rich's Executive Trainee Program produced one of the most successful recruitment and training programs in the company's history. Ms. Scrivner also has experience in High Performing Work Teams gained as Human Resource Manager at Lowe's Home lmprovement Stores. Her work there included start-up responsibility for Lowe's first fully automated, team-oriented 1 million square foot Distribution Center. Her responsibilities in-cluded employment and training of team members and management staff, and the development of centerspecific Human Resource policy. Her process for selecting and training high potential team members contributed significantly to the success of the location - which is now the prototype for all future Lowe's Distribution Centers. Ms. Scrivner has a Public Affairs degree from Indiana University with an emphasis in Human Resources/Labor Relations. Sandy Wheatley Sandy is a compassionate community and educational leader who has devoted herself to improving the quality of life for others. She brings a unique set of multidisciplinary experiences to her role as a facilitator of diver-sity education. Sandy has served as the President of the Board of Education for one of the largest school districts in the State of Ohio. Through her work on the Lakota School Board, she has helped lead the district through strategic planning proc-esses, contract negotiations and its astronomical growth. For the past 10 years, the district has grown at a rate of over 500 students per year. Through Sandy’s leadership, Lakota has provided high quality education at below statewide average costs. Ms. Wheatley has provided training in conflict resolution and leadership skills development for the insurance industry. Sandy is recognized as a leader in her community and serves on a variety of boards which work to unite people regarding their vision for the 21 st century. She is a founding board member of the West Chester/Liberty Community Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising funds to provide for the physical, emotional and spiritual support to residents in the Lakota community. A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Ms. Wheatley has a B.S. degree in Political Science and a teaching certificate in Integrated Social Studies. Jennifer 'Alex' Alexander Alex has served as a Senior consultant and trainer with Integrity Development for 10 years. Her expertise in communication has made her very valuable as we seek to assist our clients in establishing conscious communication that respects human differences. She believes that each member of humanity has a potential contribution to make to the whole. She currently teaches at Wright State in the Communication department and is the director of the Business Communication course. She is the previous director for the Interpersonal Communication course and also teaches Small Group/Team Communication, Public Speaking, Communication for Teachers, Effective Listening, Health Communication and Communicating with Children. She graduated magna cum laude from with a in Communication and a M.S. in Counseling from Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio. An educator through-and through, Alex has been honored by being listed in Who's Who Amongst America's Teachers not once, but twice, in consecutive years; an honor that less than 5% of American teachers have achieved. She was voted "Faculty Member of the Year" in 2002-2003 AND 2005-2006 by the Greek Affairs Council at Wright State as well as being voted one of the top five faculty members by the students of Wright State. She was given the "Outstanding Alumni Award" by the College of Education and Human Services in 2003. 13

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