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Cinco Ranch 1 February 2018

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Krenek Printing NEIGHBORHOOD NEWSLETTERS 281-463-8649 RESIDENTS: Please support the businesses within this newsletter. It is because of their support that you receive this paper at no charge to you or your HOA. Share your community news with us. Non-profit, scouts, school, dated events, etc. send to ADVERTISERS: Want your ad to be placed in this newsletter and mailed to the homeowners every month? For more information, pricing or to view newsletters online please visit or email BUSINESS FINDER: Search for businesses in your local area and find great deals on the goods and services you are looking for! LLC February Is Creative Romance Month February is being Creative Romance Month and many of you may feel like that is a lot of pressure! Don’t worry though because we’ve put together a list of romantic, yet creative ideas to make the month of February full of romance. Go On A Surprise Trip. What better way to spend time together than by going on a surprise trip? Instead of just telling your partner that you planned a getaway, make them work to figure out what their Valentine’s present is. Write the name of the destination on a piece of paper and cut it up into pieces that they have to put together. If you want to really build up the anticipation, you can always give them one piece of the puzzle a day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Kidnap Them For A Day. If your partner is into fun gags, put a blindfold on him or her and drive them to your chosen destination before you take the blindfold off. It can be something as simple as a romantic dinner to their favorite restaurant or a visit to their favorite museum. Tell them little clues along the way to see if they can actually guess where they are going. Act Like A Tourist. Just because you have lived in a city for a while it doesn’t mean that you’ve visited everywhere there is to go. For Valentine’s Day, do a little bit of research about restaurants or attractions that you and your partner have never been to before. Then on Valentine’s Day, act like tourists at the place you end up going too. Don’t just rush through the experience. Really soak it all in, spend a lot of time there and just have a good time overall. Can’t Get Away For A Few Days? Book A Hotel Room. If you and your partner want to go on a vacation, but don’t have the time, consider booking a really nice hotel room for 1-2 nights. Even though you won’t actually be leaving your city, it might feel like it if you choose the right hotel. Not only should the hotel you choose have plenty of activities and amenities, but it should be in a location that will allow you to easily enjoy restaurants and shops within walking distance. Share The Romance. If you and your partner are the kind of couple that likes to outdo one another, consider trading off. On even days you could plan romantic activities and on odd days it’s your partner’s turn. This can last for only a few days, a week or the entire month of February! If you really want to wow them consider going on a day cruise on your day or going camping for the night. Source: NEWSLETTERS: View your newsletter online! You can read your community news on our website or download it to take with you and print. Archived issues are also available. MOBILE: You now have access to our full website optimized for your mobile device, making it even easier to find the things you need on the go! MORE: Find information about advertising opportunities, article submissions, our company, and frequently asked questions. NOW OFFERING FULL COLOR PRINTING SERVICES! Call today for a quote! 30 February 2018 | Cinco Ranch Community Area Newsletter

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