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Raintree Village February 2018

Raintree Village Homeowners Association, Inc. c/o KPM Management 16360 Park Ten Place # 310 Houston, TX 77084 281-685-3090 Trash Pick Up Days • Tues/Fri (Friday Recycle) BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Member SECURITY/EMERGENCY Bryon Meyer Brandon Liggins Gabe Contreras Walonda Hollins Maurina McClean Emergency (Police/Fire/Ambulance) 911 Sheriff (Non-emergency) 713-221-6000 Fire Dept. (non-emergency/events) 281-578-2518 Sheriff (Fry Road) 281-647-9371 Katy Police (Non-emergency) 281-391-4848 Crime Stoppers 281-999-3191 COMMUNITY/UTILITIES Texas Aquatics 713-416-5161 Mem. Hermann Katy Hospital 281-644-7000 Water District Management 281-376-8802 Reliant Energy 713-207-7777 Street Light Repair 713-207-2222 Best Trash 281-313-2378 Comcast Cable 713-341-1000 Gas Leak 1-800-376-9663 SCHOOLS RAINTREE VILLAGE IMPORTANT NUMBERS Franz Elementary 281-237-8600 McDonald Jr. High (North) 281-237-5300 McDonald Jr. High (South) 281-237-7400 Morton Ranch HS 281-237-7800 KISD Administration 281-396-6000 HARRIS COUNTY NUMBERS Poison Control 1-800-764-7661 Animal Control 281-999-3191 Mosquito Control 713-440-4800 Commissioner Radack 281-463-6300 US Post Office 1-800-275-8777 Katy Library 281-391-3509 Maude Marks Library 281-492-8592 COMMUNITY EVENTS During the 2017 annual meeting as well as several Board meetings, you (fellow residents) suggested more community events. In an effort to meet this demand, a community cook off has been added to our 2018 community event list. The purpose of all community events is to provide opportunities whereby neighbors can come out get to know each other and have fun. Look for email alerts, the HOA website and banners for additional information as the scheduled date approaches. To ensure each event is successful, volunteers are needed. March 17, 2018: 1 st Amateur Barbeque Cook-off - Clubhouse-3838 Webster Woods April 2018: Annual Meeting - Clubhouse-3838 Webster Woods May 26, 2018: Pool Opening - Community Pool September 29, 2018: Community Day - Community Pool December 1, 2018: Reindeer Festival - Clubhouse-3838 Webster Woods COMMON VIOLATIONS OF DEED RESTRICTIONS Raintree Village is a deed restricted community aimed at ensuring there’s aesthetic uniformity between residential properties and that certain other activities are limited. If you intend to do anything to the exterior of your home, you must complete an application for home improvements and modifications form. This includes installing a storage shed in your backyard. There’s also an expectation that all residents will maintain their yard and general appearance of the home. Common violations include overgrown yards, mold on homes, trashcans visible from the street and disabled vehicles. Our management company, KPM, drives through our community at least once a week assessing compliance with the deed restrictions. Any violations are communicated in a letter along with a picture of the violation (date & time stamped). It’s understandable that issuing or receiving such letters can be perceived as a nuisance. Yet, it’s necessary so that all of us remain on the same page of what constitutes a well-kept community (i.e. deed restrictions). In general, the Management Company and HOA Board understand residents are busy. Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the management company (KPM) when a violation cannot be addressed within stated timeframes noted in the letter. It cannot be emphasized enough that communication is the key if you do not understand a violation. Again, contact KPM or attend our HOA Board meetings for additional clarification. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED You are reminded of our standing committees, which need ongoing volunteers. The committees are as follows: • Pool Committee (organizes Official Pool Opening Party & monitors activities during pool season) • Newsletter - submit articles • Yard of the Month - select section winners We also need volunteers for the listed community activities. Volunteering is an opportunity to make Raintree Village a better community for all the residents. If you’re interested in volunteering for any of the noted events or committees, contact Walonda Hollins at DRIVING IN RAINTREE VILLAGE Our community has grown significantly over the past year. Moreover, our community has numerous homes along our main street, Raintree Village. With such growth, it’s important that we’re more cognizant of our speed while driving through Raintree Village and parking on community streets. 2 February 2018 | Community Newsletter I’m sure everyone has noticed increased congestion along with cars parked along various streets within our community. However, it’s important that all of us adhere to the speed limit and encourage others to do the same. The following tips serve as a reminder for driving & parking in our community: 1. Drive the speed limit - 35 miles per hour 2. Do not block your neighbor’s driveway 3. Make sure you park in the direction of traffic when parking on the street 4. Make sure you park within 18 inches from the curb 5. Remain mindful if the street is narrow, street parking impose greater limitations for emergency vehicles Finally, we must be mindful that emergency vehicles are wider than personal vehicles. Some community streets impose greater limitations for emergency vehicles when there’s street parking. Although residents have the right to park on the street, let’s be mindful of the aforementioned tips. TIPS TO REDUCE YOUR RISK OF BURGLARY It cannot be stated enough of the importance of minimizing our exposure to crime. Our contract deputies stated that certain vehicles have increased exposure to theft, specifically the tires and rims. The vehicles commonly targeted are Ford F150, Dodge Chargers and Chevy Tahoes. Although these vehicles have rim locks, another safeguard is to park your vehicle in the garage or close to another vehicle. Anyway, you can either slow down or cause attention will help reduce the risk of theft. Be mindful to breakdown bags and boxes of large purchases, if possible place in trash bins or bags. Although it’s time consuming and burdensome, it doesn’t call attention to such items in your home. The list below simply reminds us of other things we should be mindful each day. 1. Take the time to meet and know your neighbors. Let them know if you notice anything unusual such as cars or people at their homes. 2. Make sure to close garage doors when at home & away. 3. Don’t keep garage door openers in the car, take them in the house with you; a garage door opener makes it easier for someone to enter your garage or house to remove personal property. 4. Keep car doors locked and take valuables either in your home or ensure the items are not in plain site; remember to take down the attachment for your Garmin too, as it alerts individuals that something valuable may be in the car. 5. If possible, keep a car in a driveway as it gives an impression that someone is home. 6. Keep all shrubs and plants at a level low enough that passing by officers or other residents can see if someone is lurking in those bushes! Shrubs should also be trimmed high enough to show “feet” of someone hiding in them. 7. Have keys in hand before leaving the store, house or office, avoiding standing by the car searching for them. 8. Don’t leave ladders on the side of the house or in the back yard. Ladders provide easy access to open second floor windows and no one will be able to see. 9. Make sure you close blinds when you are inside at night with the lights on, potential burglars can see right inside and know who is at home. 10. Use sensor lights outside the home. It deters criminals by “spot lighting” their efforts to enter your home. 11. Use double key locks: locks that require a key from the outside and from the inside. 12. Repair any broken areas of your fence, reducing the access of potential burglars or mischievous kids. Community Newsletter | February 2018 13. When on vacation, let your neighbor(s) know so they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity. You can also inform the Harris County Deputy’s Office serving our area. The Storefront Office is located 19818 Franz Rd., Katy, TX 77449, 281-647-9371. The storefront hours: 9 AM - 5 PM. 14. When on vacation, keep yards mowed and trimmed, burglars spend a lot of time in a neighborhood looking for their next targets. Overgrown yards are a sure sign no one’s home. BE SURE ADDRESS is CLEAR FROM THE STREET County officials want to remind residents of the Ordinance 5.3 requiring that addresses or building numbers be legible and visible from the street. The section states the numbers must be in Arabic numerals at least four inches in height and clearly visible. The number should be placed on, above or at the side of the main entrance so the number is clearly visible from the public right away. Whenever a home entrance is more than 50 feet from a public right away, a number should also be placed at the end of a driveway or property entrance. SATELLITE DISHES It’s come to HOA’s attention that the installation of satellite dishes on some homes violates the deed restrictions. Satellites are expected to be installed out of sight of public view. The Association appreciates residents taking the time to ensure compliance. RAINTREE VILLAGE HOA WEBSITE WWW.RAINTREEVILLAGE.COM We encourage you to visit our community website. The website includes a link to review current crime statistics for our community (www. and pictures of Yard of the Month winners. As a fellow resident, you’ll have access to critical information regarding the HOA budget and annual meeting minutes. The aforementioned information can only be accessed by establishing a log-on user name and password. A request for an email address during the initial signup process will enable residents to receive alerts of upcoming events or critical notices. If you have any suggestions, please contact KPM Management Office at 281-685-3090. THE STANDING RULES FOR RAINTREE VILLAGE HOA BOARD MEETINGS The Board of Directors feels it serves you best when the Board meetings are conducted in an orderly manner. The HOA Board Meetings are held to conduct Association business. Your cooperation in this regard is requested. Parliamentary Procedure is followed at this Meeting. There are two sessions at the HOA Board Meetings, an open session when members may be present and an executive session when no members are permitted. Board Meeting will begin with the open session at 7 PM until 7:15 PM when that time slot has been filled, members must wait until the next month’s meeting to be placed on the agenda. Your opinion is important to the Board of Directors. The Board desires to hear from Members who have information concerning the Association. During the portion of the Meeting in which the Chair accepts questions or comments from the floor, please proceed in the following manner. 1. If you wish to address the Board, please contact the Board at least 10 days prior to Meeting to be added to the agenda. You also have to state the topic to be discussed and stay on that topic only. 3