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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog


Global/International Around the World in 80 Mysteries This action-packed adventure series transports readers Around The World with mystery-solving thrills. Teachers love this top-selling series because each story includes history, geography, culture, and more of each country they visit. Plus, these books are an excellent source of literature necessary for meeting Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. Each book includes a map, SAT words, a glossary, online activities, and a built-in-book club! Creative Child Magazine PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD Special Offers For Your Store Floor Display: 6 each of 18 books ($863 Retail Value) plus FREE floor display. Dealer Cost $432 plus $20 freight on display. SP-MYDIS6-AW Continue your adventure at For Your Catalog Around the World in 80 Mysteries P: $7.99 | LB: $24.99 Library Bound (LB) includes FREE online eBook access! 19 Titles Paperback Library Bound African Safari AWPAFR AWHAFR Amazon Rainforest AWPAMA AWHAMA Ancient Acropolis AWPANCACR AWHANCACR Ancient Pyramid AWPANCPYR AWHANCPYR Big Ben AWPBIG AWHBIG Crystal Castle AWPCRY AWHCRY Dracula’s Castle AWPDRA AWHDRA Eiffel Tower AWPEIF AWHEIF Great Barrier Reef AWPGREBAR AWHGREBAR Great Wall of China AWPGREWAL AWHGREWAL Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 3-6 AR Levels: 4.4 - 5.6 Fountas & Pinnell: Q Lexile Levels: 680-860 DRA Level: 40 19 Titles Paperback Library Bound Icy Antarctica AWPICY AWHICY Machu Picchu AWPMAC AWHMAC Maya Ruins AWPMAY AWHMAY Mount Fuji AWPMTF AWHMTF Mt. Everest AWPMTE AWHMTE Northern Lights AWPNOR AWHNOR Onion Domes AWPONI AWHONI Roman Colosseum AWPROM AWHROM Taj Mahal AWPTAJ AWHTAJ 6-Book Sets MSRP: $47.94 Product Code: Varies 9-Book Sets MSRP: $71.91 Product Code: Varies 26

Global/International It’s Your World Where Do You What to Go? This series gives students the opportunity to “travel” around the world and learn about other amazing countries and continents. It’s Your World brings these exciting places to life through food, culture, history, and famous people. From fascinating cultures to dramatic geography, this series gives students a breadth and depth of knowledge about incredible places across the globe. Little Linguists Learn a Language Books! These engaging books introduce language to kids of all ages! Each book includes history, trivia, activities and humor! Learning other languages is a skill-set needed for the 21st century. Little Linguists help meet the American Council For The Study of Foreign Languages objectives of giving kids an understanding of other cultures. Display and Set available What’s inside. What’s inside. It’s Your World Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 3-8 Paperback (P): $7.99 Little Linguists Paperback (P): $5.95 Library Bound (LB): $29.99 Interest Level: Ages 7-11 Reading Level: Grades 2-6 16 Titles Code 16 Titles Code 16 Titles Code 10 Titles Code 10 Titles Code Africa Australia Canada China Egypt France IYPAFR IYPAUS IYPCAN IYPCHI IYPEGY IYPFRA Germany Greece India Italy Japan Mexico IYPGER IYPGRE IYPIND IYPITA IYPJAP IYPMEX Middle East Russia South America United Kingdom IYPMID IYPRUS IYPSOUAME IYPUNIKIN Chinese For Kids English For Kids French For Kids German For Kids Greek For Kids LLPCHI LLPENG LLPFRE LLPGER LLPGRE Italian For Kids Japanese For Kids Latin For Kids Russian For Kids Spanish For Kids LLPITA LLPJAP LLPLAT LLPRUS LLPSPA Customer Service 800-536-2438 27