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Class Rep Handbook 2017-18

Information I Need To

Information I Need To Know There are many sources of help available. You can begin to build your list of contacts by finding out the following pieces of information regarding services available to direction. Curriculum Quality Leader Name: Email: Tel: Extended Learning Services can be found in room Room: What are the names of the 4 faculties in West College Scotland? 1. 2. 3. 4. Friendly 006

My Course Find out the following pieces of information about the course you are representing and feedback the results to your classmates. What is the target success rate for your course? What do you have to do to achieve success in your course? How successful were last years students on the course? Where do students most often progress to when they have completed this course? What part of the course have previous students really enjoyed? What part of the course have students found most challenging? What have previous students said about the course and what impact did these comments have on the course structure? Sensitive 007

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