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Marketing Bulletin

Campaigns Last year we

Campaigns Last year we announced that after T1 finished on 31 st Jan 2018 we would suspend IVC marketing campaigns for the rest of the year to enable practices time to focus on the core elements of Destination Pet. If you would like to re-run any of the campaigns that we have done over the last 2 years, please contact Think Marketing who can update artwork and print any materials required. The marketing team have been busy with the 15 pilot sites running the full Destination Pet concept and we look forward to sharing both the results of our multi media advertising A/B testing and best practice experiences once the pilot is complete in April. Until then, here are some tips to get you started…

Destination Pet What is Destination Pet? It’s the IVC gold standard client journey and includes all the things your practice is probably already doing PHC, NAG, NVS, iRecall etc… Check out our video of how this works in practice here Review your results for each of the Destination Pet focus areas and determine which areas you are weakest in. Pick 1 or 2 focus areas per site to work on and set targets to aim for by end of April, for example: • Increase 28 day & 365 day NAG results • Increase monthly PHC sign-ups/penetration rate • Decrease PHC Cancellation rate • Increase National Vet Survey results • Increase Mystery Shop Scores • Increase protected sales i.e. VetPro range • Launch PHC, iRecall, NAG, VetPro in practice