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Chair Les Anderson Martin County Farm Bureau Vice Chair Sara Pierce Pierce Accounting and Tax Services Deb Barnes Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center Stephanie Busiahn Visit Fairmont Zephanie Cole Align Chiropractic & Acupuncture, PLC Dave Cone Kahler Automation Corporation Mission Statement: The Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for promoting a healthy business clim Board of Directors Officers: Board of Directors: Staff: Past Chair Kerry Nagel Allen MRCI-WorkSource Treasurer Tom Lytle Bank Midwest Brandon Edmundson Krahmer, Shaffer & Edmundson, Ltd Mandi Kosbab Edward Jones Luke Long Hy-Vee Steve Pomerenke Compeer Financial Ann Terfehr Dan’s Appliance Margaret Dillard President Kandi Menne Office Manager/Director of Communications Benjamin Landsteiner Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Miranda Larsen Finance Coordinator Contact Information: Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce 323 East Blue Earth Avenue P.O. Box 826 Fairmont, MN 56031 Phone: (507) 235-5547 Inviting new residents By: Margaret Dillard - Chamber President America is in the early stages of a workforce shortage. US Department of Labor reports show Martin County’s Unemployment at 2.6 percent falling .7 over the last year. consistently features more than 215 job opportunities within 25 miles of Fairmont. Local employers have answered the challenge by raising entry level wages or rewarding employee work ethic. There are local careers to support those who choose to move here. When asked, many metropolitans would rather live where there is less traffic and more open spaces. Combine those features with recreational options, museums, theater and outlets for the arts and we are able to serve up quality of life that people will come to live, work and play. By now, you may already be thinking of a few people who you believe would love to be your neighbors. For a couple of years now, a group has come together to create Fairmont Area Life, a branded effort to attract people to relocate to Martin County. I encourage you to view the video testimonials of a few who have recently moved here. They’re located at www., click on the "Experience" tab. It takes effort from all of us to help our communities thrive. I hope you have pen and paper in hand and have jotted down a few names and addresses of those you would encourage to call Martin County ABOVE: Postcards are ready to invite your family, friends and all former residents to "Come home to Fairmont Area Life" home. We would like to send them a personal invitation to consider relocating to the area. Please send me their contact information. If you would like to let them know that you initiated this invite, we’ll include that in the message. If you would like to participate in this community project to invite others to join our community, send their names and addresses to Fairmont Chamber, PO Box 826, Fairmont, MN 56031. To send via email, use this address: or feel free to stop by the chamber office at 323 East Blue Earth Avenue in Fairmont. Also, if you know of someone who recently moved to the area, we'd like to hear their story. Have them contact us or let us know how we can contact them. February is Chamber Member Appreciation Month! 2

ate by facilitating access to leaders, communication and education through programs and services for its members. Retail as a region Erpelding gives back 3 Recently, local economic development leaders in five counties along I-90 began working together to create a regional marketing approach. Whether reaching out to residents, visitors and site selectors, what could we do more effectively if we market collaboratively? Currently, when we think about shopping, a day at the pool, hiking or attending a concert, we tend to limit our view of local opportunities to the community in which we live. Those who choose to live in urban areas accept that they may have to spend an hour or more traveling for the same opportunities. What if we considered all retail and recreational amenities within onehour of Fairmont? When including population within Cottonwood, Nobles, Jackson, Martin Counties in Minnesota and Dickinson County in Iowa, we can serve up a population of more than 80,000. We can answer shopper’s usual requests for popular stores and product lines. One must admit that travel is more enjoyable! Would investors be more likely to invest? Would families consider relocation an option? Would business fill their workforce shortages? The Live Campaign Community Collaborative mission: Marketing centered on living in Cottonwood, Jackson, Martin, Nobles, and Dickinson County (pictures, videos, and stories). The campaign is still in the incubation stage. Some communities already have a presence online (like and some are still developing the concept. All agree that the strength lies with how successful we are with getting community champions involved with creating content online. In short, if you live in these counties, we need you to post your photos and videos to your favorite social media and tag them: #LiveWindom #LiveWorthington #FairmontAreaLife #56101. This collaborative effort is also a great way to strengthen our local retail committee. ABOVE: Chamber member Erpelding, Voigt & Co. pays it forward during their PM Exchange and Open House on January 4th by donating $1 in support of United Way for every person in attendance as they celebrated the completion of their recent office remodel. Nominate (Continued from page 1) ness practices and community involvement. The business must be a member in good standing at the time of nomination through date of ceremony, may not have received a Business of the Year Award in the past two years and meet the criteria for the specific award for which the business is being nominated. Anyone residing or doing business in Martin County is invited to nominate their favorite business in each category. Please, feel free to nominate your own business! You may submit your nomination using the nomination form, which can be found on our website at www.fairmontchamber. org. There you will also find our member directory. Nominations can be submitted by fax, email, or in person and must be received by February 9th, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. Tri-County Implement St. James Martin County Implement Truman Tri-County Implement Jackson Feature your business ad in full color for only $60 per month with your annual contract or $75 per month.

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