CORE Platform Annual Report 2016-2017

CORE Platform Annual Report 2016-2017

CORE Platform Annual Report 2016-2017


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<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong><br />

<strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2016</strong>-<strong>2017</strong>

Editorial<br />

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been on the agenda of many businesses and<br />

government bodies in Europe for a number of years. In the case of Malta, however, this concept is<br />

still in its infancy. Therefore, it was on the initiative of Her Excellency, the President of Malta, Marie-<br />

Louise Coleiro Preca, that a task force made up of business institutions and non-governmental<br />

entities was set up. This eventually led to the creation of <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong>, the national platform on<br />

CSR in Malta, in September 2015.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong>, which is under the patronage of Her Excellency, is made up of the business<br />

institutions in the country, namely the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry;<br />

the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA); the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA);<br />

the Malta Business Bureau (MBB); the General Retailers and Traders Union (GRTU); and SOS Malta,<br />

which is representing the NGOs.<br />

I was appointed President of this new organisation on behalf of the Malta Chamber of Commerce,<br />

Enterprise and Industry. <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> also took on Ms Maria Rauch, who had been instrumental<br />

in its formation, as Chief Executive Officer.<br />

The first step we needed to take was that of applying to become members of CSR Europe, which<br />

is a powerful entity based in Brussels that lobbies on CSR at European level. Maria and myself<br />

met up with representatives from CSR Europe in Brussels on May <strong>2016</strong> and were very welcomed,<br />

especially since Malta had yet to feature at a European level when it came to CSR initiatives.<br />

As the board of <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> had decided to opt against individual membership, various<br />

companies were approached for sponsorships and here I must sincerely thank AX Hotels, Alfred<br />

Mizzi Foundation, Tumas Foundation, Corinthia Group of Companies, Demajo Group, Bank of<br />

Valletta, Advise Ltd., as well as Farsons Foundation and Think Ltd. who are sponsoring our website.<br />

Moreover, I must mention the Malta Community Chest Fund, which very kindly agreed to give us<br />

a grant to help <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> find its feet. Without your generosity and support, we would not be<br />

here today.<br />


Unfortunately, Maria, who lived in Germany, had to leave <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> due to logistical<br />

problems, which made it very difficult to work on local projects. Thus, Matteo Privitelli joined the<br />

organisation in May <strong>2016</strong> as its Executive.<br />

In order to create an action plan for CSR, <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> has held meetings with a vast number<br />

of stakeholders, including SMEs, large companies and corporations, NGOs, government ministries<br />

and entities, as well as local councils. As priorities, the following actions were established:<br />

• To encourage small and medium size businesses to take part in CSR activities, mainly in<br />

their localities;<br />

• To create with local councils a priority task to be handled, such as the maintenance of<br />

playgrounds;<br />

• To take part in European CSR-related projects;<br />

• To take part in local projects with NGOs, local communities, and businesses;<br />

• To create CSR Awards.<br />

In the meantime, <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> has been engaged in a number of local and European projects.<br />

The local projects include “Volunteer Siema”, “Working Roma”, “Resilient Communities”, “The<br />

President’s Trust Employment Initiative”, “The President’s Trust Youth Empowerment Initiative”,<br />

“Leaders For A Day”, as well as a project on playing fields within our local communities. The<br />

European projects <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is involved in are “EUTalent”, which focuses on apprenticeships,<br />

and “Stereotypes in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)”, which<br />

is to start in the coming months and will be focusing on reducing the gap present between the<br />

girls and boys that opt for STEM subjects at school and at University.<br />

Due to our limited resources, we have not been able to do more, but we know that we are<br />

working in the right direction and, hopefully, we will be able to gain more momentum in the<br />

months to come.<br />

We had, since the very beginning, told the Government that Malta is the only EU country that<br />

does not have a national CSR Plan. Even so, this was acknowledged and we offered to co-ordinate<br />


this with all the Ministries concerned yet, until today, we have not managed to get this done. This<br />

is something that is urgently needed for Malta. We need to have a national plan outlining our<br />

country’s priorities, so everybody can focus and work in the same direction.<br />

In Malta, a lot is being done by companies, especially the larger ones. Moreover, tremendous<br />

work is being done by the various NGOs, however we need a national plan to clearly set out the<br />

priorities in order to achieve better outcomes. We also need to link all the CSR activities to the<br />

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for<br />

Sustainable Development and are a list of 17 goals aimed at promoting peace and prosperity for<br />

all, ending all forms of poverty, fighting inequalities, and addressing climate change issues. There<br />

are many businesses that do not know about them and actually also do not know that they are in<br />

some cases already working towards them, such as the introduction of PVC panels, to name just<br />

one example. Thus, more awareness needs to be created.<br />

Therefore, as a concluding remark, <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> will always be committed in supporting any<br />

CSR initiatives happening both locally and abroad, and will always try to use its resources to<br />

encourage businesses to adopt policies that will help their employees and their communities.<br />

This will help them in the long run as more people will start choosing them over their competitors.<br />

After all, CSR pays your business!<br />

Helga Ellul<br />

President<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong><br />



Local Projects<br />

CSR Day<br />

On the 16th of June <strong>2017</strong>, <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> collaborated with the President’s Foundation for<br />

the Wellbeing of Society and organised an event to promote Corporate Social Responsibility<br />

by facilitating networking between NGOs and businesses at local and national level, under the<br />

patronage of Her Excellency, The President of Malta.<br />

The event aimed:<br />

• To encourage networking between the three main stakeholders: NGOs, small and largescale<br />

businesses and Local Councils;<br />

• To increase awareness and inform all stakeholders involved about the benefits and the<br />

process required to access Corporate Social Responsibility;<br />

• To make businesses more aware of the rewards when investing in Corporate Social<br />

Responsibility;<br />


• To support, facilitate and encourage networking between all stakeholders within their local<br />

community and at national level.<br />

• To share good practice of projects where Corporate Social Responsibility was adopted.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> and the PFWS hosted Ms. Celia Moore, a renowned international speaker from<br />

CSR Europe as keynote speaker. Dr Marie Briguglio then facilitated a panel debate entitled “Sharing<br />

good local practice”.<br />


Leaders For A Day<br />

In October <strong>2016</strong>, Mrs Helga Ellul represented <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> at the ‘Leaders For A Day’ event lead<br />

by Junior Achievement Young Enterprise and hosted by the Malta Chamber of Commerce. The<br />

main objective of the initiative was to offer students graduating from the Company Programme<br />

(CP) and Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) the opportunity to experience further how a company<br />

is run by shadowing some of Malta’ top CEOs. On the occasion, there were 23 Alumni and CEOs<br />

participating who, together with the Minister for Education, the Honourable Evarist Bartolo, signed<br />

a letter of intent to continue supporting Entrepreneurship Education activities.<br />

Apart from this, the event, which is<br />

expected to be held annually, aimed to<br />

promote further the CP and the ESP among<br />

the business community, schools, as well as<br />

the decision-makers in Malta.<br />


The President’s Trust Employment Initiative<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is currently supporting the President’s Trust in its Employment Initiative, which<br />

aims to help young people, who are coming from difficult backgrounds and are going through<br />

personal challenges, find employment in Malta.<br />

On Wednesday 1 st March<br />

<strong>2017</strong>, representatives from<br />

the business sector and<br />

from institutions and unions<br />

including the Malta Employers’<br />

Association and the General<br />

Retailers and Traders Union<br />

met to discuss how the<br />

initiative can move forward<br />

and develop further.<br />

The President’s Trust Youth Empowerment Initiative<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is helping the President’s Trust in its Youth Empowerment Initiative, which aims<br />

to help give a voice and empower young people in the South-East region of Malta and allow them<br />

to become active citizens. This will be done primarily through the setting up of a skatepark in<br />

Birżebbuġa.<br />

On the 26 th of May <strong>2017</strong>, a<br />

meeting with stakeholders<br />

was held at San Anton Palace<br />

in Attard. This meeting was<br />

addressed by Her Excellency,<br />

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca,<br />

President of Malta. Further<br />

follow-up meetings are being<br />

planned for the coming months.<br />


Volunteer Sliema<br />

Volunteer Sliema is a Partnership between SOS Malta and Core <strong>Platform</strong> and is supported by<br />

Sliema Local Council and Capua Hospital. This multi-stakeholder local partnership will develop<br />

an innovative community based response to the needs of vulnerable elderly people to ensure<br />

a reduction of their social exclusion, whilst contributing to a reawakening of the spirit of selfgiving<br />

and active citizenship within the community through the development of a local volunteer<br />

scheme. This project will be a flagship project to celebrate 25 years of SOS Malta. This project will<br />

seek to ensure vulnerable elderly and people with a physical disability feel more mobile and able<br />

to access health care and essential services, as well as engage in leisure and community activities.<br />

Additionally, the project will seek to provide emotional support to these groups of people through<br />

the creation of a Community Volunteers Network.<br />

This pilot project will build upon both the existing VolServ project and Tal-Kultura – the volunteer<br />

programme for Valletta 2018, which currently together have approximately 500 volunteers. The<br />

scheme will also utilise the existing the SOS Malta car and the wealth of volunteer management<br />

experience SOS Malta holds and will contribute to the SOS Malta core pillar of work of social<br />

inclusion and solidarity with vulnerable groups. The proposed pilot project would take place in<br />

Sliema. This area is one of the main shopping hubs with a wide catchment area.<br />


The project will include 3 key elements:<br />

1) The development of a local volunteer network of 20-30 volunteers to ensure a pool of<br />

support for the elderly;<br />

2) The development of a community transport scheme to promote the mobility of the elderly<br />

and those with a disability;<br />

3) The establishment of a local stakeholder network who support the implementation of the<br />

scheme.<br />

Resilient Communities<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is partnering with SOS Malta to promote cross-sector partnerships for the<br />

implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local level. The vision behind<br />

this project, which is part-financed by the Malta Community Chest Fund, stems from the need to<br />

begin addressing the 17 goals for sustainable development committed to by UN world leaders in<br />

2015.<br />

To this end, this particular project considers the pivotal role that businesses could play in<br />

complementing ongoing and new local efforts to establish a more equitable, inclusive<br />

and sustainable society but also recognises the need for transformative change in order for<br />

companies to integrate environmental, social and good governance approaches into their<br />

business framework. The idea is to address existing barriers to involvement of businesses in<br />

the SDGs, including lack of knowledge; lack of leadership and a lack of potential gains through<br />

different means including:<br />

i) The creation of an online hub on Responsible Business which will provide an interactive<br />

space for learning and knowledge exchange;<br />

ii) A public campaign which will engage citizens and encourage them to push businesses and<br />

local authorities to become engaged in tackling SDGs at a local level;<br />

iii) Organising participatory workshops involving all relevant actors to foster a cooperative<br />

environment;<br />


iv) Working towards the development of local sustainable development action plans for<br />

certain localities.<br />

The specific objectives of the project are as follows:<br />

1) Increasing awareness amongst the Maltese business sector, consumers, civil society and<br />

local government regarding the SDGs and the collective responsibility of all to take action<br />

for their achievement;<br />

2) Engaging all players in constructive dialogue and action on Responsible Business for the<br />

achievement of global sustainability; and<br />

3) Contributing to behaviour change of Maltese businesses through awareness and<br />

engagement and thus encourage the incorporation of responsible policies, practices and<br />

collaboration with local stakeholders to ensure local community development approaches.<br />

Working Roma<br />

This project is funded by the<br />

European Union – JUST/2014/RDIS/<br />

AG/DISC – which aims to provide new<br />

tools, based on the exchange of best<br />

practices, to prevent intolerance in<br />

the labour market towards migrants.<br />

The majority of working age migrants and foreigners in Central and Southern Europe do not<br />

have a job and many have been out of work for a considerable length of time.<br />

The high levels of unemployment of working migrant people are most often perceived as a<br />

problem of scarce supply-side in the labour market, due to low levels of education and professional<br />

qualifications of migrants and foreigners. However, there is another dimension, less spoken and<br />

recognised, that is discrimination.<br />


Discrimination significantly aggravates the situation and causes systemic exclusion from<br />

employment for a large number of the migrant and foreign communities.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> has partnered with Paragon Europe and has embarked on a mission to overcome<br />

this discriminatory environment in Malta and within the Maltese business community.<br />

In May and June <strong>2017</strong>, the first workshops on the issue were held at the premises of the Foundation<br />

for Human Resources Development in Sliema and Paragon Europe in Mosta respectively, with a<br />

number of entrepreneurs, employers, as well as the migrants and foreigners themselves actively<br />

participating in the debates.<br />


Playing fields in our local communities<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is collaborating with the Local Council Association (LCA) as well as with the<br />

councillors of Maltese communities themselves with regards to the playing fields found in our<br />

localities. The aim of the initiative is to preserve and maintain already-existing playgrounds that<br />

will not only serve as spaces for recreation and relaxation, but also as safety hubs for the children<br />

of the area.<br />

On Tuesday 07 th March <strong>2017</strong>, a number of mayors, executive secretaries, and other representatives<br />

of local councils in Malta, together with Dr Marc Sant, President of the LCA and representatives of<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> met to discuss the problems and obstacles that are hindering the development of<br />

playing fields. This event was held at the President’s Kitchen Garden in Attard.<br />

Many interesting points were raised, however, the most important one concerned the heavy<br />

costs that the local council must incur to maintain and insure the playing field. Therefore, for this<br />

reason, <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is communicating with the Malta Developers Association (MDA) as well as<br />

with insurance companies to see ways of how these costs and burdens could be reduced.<br />


European Projects<br />

EUTalent<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is one of 13 National Partner Organisations engaged in the CSR Europe-led<br />

EUTalent project. The main objective of this Erasmus+ funded project is to involve and<br />

encourage Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to offer more, and better quality,<br />

apprenticeships.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is one is one of 13 of National 13 National Partner Organisations engaged in the CSR Europe-led<br />

Partner EUTalent SMEs Organisations play project. a big The role main engaged<br />

today's objective of this Erasmus+ funded project is to involve and<br />

in<br />

encourage economy,<br />

the CSR Europe-led<br />

Small and<br />

EUTalent<br />

Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to offer more, and better quality,<br />

apprenticeships.<br />

especially in countries like<br />

project. The main objective of<br />

Malta, which depend heavily<br />

this Erasmus+ funded project is<br />

SMEs on play them. a big SMEs role have in today's a lot of<br />

to involve and encourage Small<br />

economy,<br />

potential when it comes to<br />

and Medium the provision Enterprises of development (SMEs)<br />

especially in countries like<br />

to offer and more, and better quality,<br />

Malta, which depend heavily<br />

apprenticeships. employment opportunities, as<br />

on them. SMEs have a lot of<br />

well as apprenticeships. The<br />

SMEs potential play a when big role it comes in today’s<br />

problem here is that, very<br />

the provision of development<br />

economy, often, especially SMEs lack in the countries sufficient<br />

and<br />

like Malta, information, which depend heavily<br />

employment opportunities, as<br />

on them. resources, SMEs and have experience a lot of to<br />

well as apprenticeships. The<br />

potential provide when it high comes to quality the<br />

problem here is that, very<br />

provision apprenticeships.<br />

of development and<br />

often, SMEs lack the sufficient<br />

employment opportunities, as well<br />

information, To support SMEs this<br />

as apprenticeships. The problem<br />

resources, EUTalent and project experience aims to to<br />

here is that, very often, SMEs lack<br />

provide create support high structures quality in<br />

the<br />

apprenticeships.<br />

sufficient information, resources,<br />

the form of European and<br />

and experience national learning to provide networks. high<br />

To support SMEs this<br />

14<br />

EUTalent project aims to<br />

create support structures in<br />

the form of European and

quality apprenticeships. To support SMEs this EUTalent project aims to create support structures<br />

in the form of European and national learning networks.<br />

The main aims of this project include:<br />

The The main aims aims of this of project this project include: include:<br />

The main<br />

<br />

aims<br />

Increasing<br />

of this project<br />

awareness<br />

include:<br />

on the benefits of apprenticeships,<br />

Increasing<br />

√ Increasing<br />

awareness opportunities<br />

on the benefits for<br />

of apprenticeships,<br />

Increasing awareness on the benefits of apprenticeships,<br />

Increasing<br />

of apprenticeships,<br />

uptake<br />

opportunities<br />

of apprenticeships,<br />

for<br />

Increasing opportunities for<br />

uptake<br />

Improving<br />

of apprenticeships,<br />

uptake of apprenticeships,<br />

the quality of the<br />

√ Increasing Improving<br />

apprenticeships,<br />

opportunities the quality for of uptake the of<br />

Improving the quality of the<br />

apprenticeships,<br />

apprenticeships,<br />

Identifying and removing<br />

Identifying<br />

policy obstacles<br />

and removing<br />

to engage in<br />

√ Improving Identifying the and quality removing<br />

policy of the<br />

apprenticeships.<br />

obstacles to engage in<br />

apprenticeships,<br />

policy obstacles to engage in<br />

apprenticeships.<br />

apprenticeships.<br />

√ Identifying and removing policy obstacles to engage in apprenticeships.<br />

EUTalent offers a number of benefits to businesses. These include, among other things,<br />

EUTalent offers a number of benefits to businesses.<br />

enhancing<br />

These include,<br />

the reputation<br />

among other<br />

of the<br />

things,<br />

employer<br />

EUTalent offers a number a of benefits of benefits to businesses. to These These include, include, among among other other things, things,<br />

enhancing<br />

and business,<br />

the reputation<br />

as well<br />

of<br />

as<br />

the<br />

attracting,<br />

employer<br />

and<br />

enhancing the reputation of of the employer<br />

and<br />

and<br />

making<br />

business,<br />

the<br />

as<br />

most<br />

well as<br />

of,<br />

attracting,<br />

new and<br />

and<br />

diverse<br />

and business, business,<br />

making<br />

as well as as well attracting, as attracting, and making and the<br />

talent,<br />

the<br />

whilst<br />

most<br />

equipping<br />

of, new and<br />

youngsters<br />

diverse<br />

with<br />

making most talent, of, new the and most diverse of, new talent, and whilst diverse equipping<br />

the<br />

whilst<br />

necessary<br />

equipping<br />

skills for<br />

youngsters<br />

the current<br />

with<br />

labour<br />

talent,<br />

youngsters<br />

whilst<br />

the necessary with<br />

equipping<br />

the necessary<br />

youngsters<br />

skills for the<br />

with<br />

current<br />

market. This<br />

skills<br />

will<br />

for<br />

then<br />

the<br />

lead<br />

current<br />

to easier<br />

labour<br />

access<br />

the necessary skills for the current labour<br />

labour market. market. This will then lead to easier access<br />

of talented<br />

This will<br />

potential<br />

then lead<br />

employees.<br />

to easier access<br />

market. This will then lead to easier access<br />

of of talented potential employees.<br />

of talented potential employees.<br />

If you or your business want to become involved in this project, or would like to know<br />

If you<br />

more<br />

or your<br />

about<br />

business<br />

the project,<br />

want<br />

CSR<br />

to become<br />

Europe,<br />

involved<br />

or <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong>,<br />

in this project,<br />

kindly<br />

or<br />

contact<br />

would<br />

Mrs<br />

like<br />

Helga<br />

to know<br />

Ellul on<br />

If you or your business want to become involved in this project, or would like to know<br />

more<br />

15<br />

helga.ellul@good-advise.com<br />

about the project, CSR Europe,<br />

or<br />

or<br />

Mr<br />

<strong>CORE</strong><br />

Matteo<br />

<strong>Platform</strong>,<br />

Privitelli<br />

kindly<br />

on matteo.privitelli@core.org.mt.<br />

contact Mrs Helga Ellul on<br />

more about the project, CSR Europe, or <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong>, kindly contact Mrs Helga Ellul on<br />

helga.ellul@good-advise.com or Mr Matteo Privitelli on matteo.privitelli@core.org.mt.<br />

helga.ellul@good-advise.com or Mr Matteo Privitelli on matteo.privitelli@core.org.mt.

Tackling Gender Stereotypes in the field of Science,<br />

Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong>, together with CSR Europe and 14 other National Partner Organisations, has<br />

embarked on a mission to address the stereotyping of education and career choices relating to<br />

STEM and to dissolve the persisting imbalance in the STEM field.<br />

Project activities include:<br />

• Setting up of business-education partnerships to deliver awareness-raising activities for 13-<br />

19 year-old students, their parents, and company representatives to address and question<br />

stereotypes and attract women into male-dominated STEM sectors;<br />

• Developing a toolkit and provision of training for national partner organisations on how to<br />

set-up business-education partnerships on STEM and gender Stereotypes;<br />

• Having an impact assessment of activities;<br />

• Facilitating a learning network for companies at both national and EU level that aims<br />

to improve the impact of a company’s STEM programme (with an emphasis on tackling<br />

gender stereotypes).<br />

• Developing and providing training, online courses and a guide for teachers so that they are<br />

equipped with all the tools necessary to combat gender stereotypes.<br />

The Executive Committee of <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is comprised of the Malta Chamber of Commerce,<br />

Enterprise and Industry (President), GRTU – Chamber of SMEs (Secretary), SOS Malta<br />

(Treasurer), the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, the Malta Employers’ Association,<br />

the Malta Business Bureau, BoV Foundation, Alfred Mizzi Foundation, TUMAS Foundation,<br />

Farsons Foundation, and AX Holdings Ltd.<br />


“For more and better corporate citizenship”<br />


The address of <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is:<br />

The Malta Chamber of Commerce,<br />

Enterprise and Industry,<br />

The Exchange Buildings,<br />

Republic Street<br />

Valletta, VLT 1117<br />

Malta<br />

You can find <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong>’s website by following this link: http://www.core.org.mt/<br />

Our Facebook page can be accessed by following this link: https://www.facebook.<br />


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