CORE Platform Leaflet

CORE Platform Leaflet

CORE Platform Leaflet


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Some of the local and European projects <strong>CORE</strong> <strong>Platform</strong> is engaged in include:<br />

Volunteer Sliema<br />

Volunteer Sliema is a Partnership between SOS Malta and the Core <strong>Platform</strong> and is supported<br />

by Sliema Local Council and Capua Hospital. This multi-stakeholder local partnership will<br />

develop an innovative community based response to the needs of vulnerable elderly people to<br />

ensure a reduction of their social exclusion, whilst contributing to a reawakening of the spirit<br />

of self giving and active citizenship within the community through the development of a local<br />

volunteer scheme. This project will be a flagship project to celebrate 25 years of SOS Malta.<br />

This project will seek to ensure vulnerable elderly and people with a physical disability feel<br />

more mobile and able to access health care and essential services, as well as engage in leisure<br />

and community activities. Additionally, the project will seek to provide emotional support to<br />

these groups of people through the creation of a Community Volunteers Network.<br />

This pilot project will build upon both the existing VolServ project and Tal-Kultura – the<br />

volunteer programme for Valletta 2018, which currently together have approximately 500<br />

volunteers. The scheme will also utilise the existing the SOS Malta car and the wealth of<br />

volunteer management experience SOS Malta holds and will contribute to the SOS Malta<br />

core pillar of work of social inclusion and solidarity with vulnerable groups. The proposed<br />

pilot project would take place in Sliema. This area is one of the main shopping hubs with a<br />

wide catchment area.<br />

The project will include 3 key elements:<br />

1) The development of a local volunteer network of 20-30 volunteers to ensure a pool of<br />

support for the elderly;<br />

2) The development of a community transport scheme to promote the mobility of the elderly<br />

and those with a disability;<br />

3) The establishment of a local stakeholder network who support the implementation of the<br />


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