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Community Resources 16

Community Resources 16 HEALTH CLINICS A PREFERRED WOMAN’S HEALTH CENTER 2903 Professional Parkway Augusta, GA 706-228-4545 AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER 706-721-7300 AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER – CANCER CENTER 1411 Laney-Walker Blvd. Augusta, GA 706-721-6744 BURKE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 114 Dogwood Drive Waynesboro, GA 706-554-3456 BURKE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT - INDIGENT DIABETES CLINIC 114 Dogwood Drive Waynesboro, GA 706-554-3456 CHRIST COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE 127 Telfair Street Augusta, GA 706-922-0600 CHRIST COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE 1226 D’Antignac Street Augusta, GA 706-922-0600 COLUMBIA COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 1930 William Few Parkway Grovetown, GA 706-868-3330 DRUID PARK HEALTH CENTER 1018 Druid Park Ave. Augusta, GA 706-738-0455 FAITH CARE FREE MEDICAL CLINIC 825 North Belair Road Evans, GA 706-829-2584 HEALTH CLINICS GLASCOCK COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 668 W. Main Street Gibson, GA 706-598-2061 HARRISBURG FAMILY HEALTHCARE 423 Crawford Avenue Augusta, GA 706-496-3885 HANCOCK COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 516 Boland Street Sparta, GA 706-444-6616 JEFFERSON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 2501 US Highway 1 North Louisville, GA 478-625-3716 JENKINS COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 709 Virginia Ave. Millen, GA 478-982-2811 JOSEPH M STILL BURN CENTER 3651 Wheeler Road Augusta, GA 706-863-9595 LAMAR MEDICAL CENTER 1448 Lee Beard Way Augusta, GA 706-828-7468 LINCOLN COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 176 N. Peachtree Street Lincolnton, GA 706-359-1939 MCDUFFIE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 307 Greenway Street Thomson, GA 706-595-1740 MARTINEZ WELLNESS CENTER 337 South Belair Road Suite 1 Martinez, GA 706-651-1992

TEAS: Taking Elder Abuse Seriously The purposes of TEAS are to: • Collaborate with designated representatives of each individual elder rights program • Include other community partners to prevent and address threats to elder rights • Discuss issues they are seeing that weaken, threaten or potentially eliminate elder rights • Identify potential cross cutting issues that teams choose to address • Plan annual Elder Rights Conference • Represent older people and people with disabilities on advisory boards, public hearings, public policies and identified regional priorities • Collaborate with law enforcement, regulatory agencies, elected officials, judicial staff and mandatory reporters to address abuse, neglect, and exploitation. • Provide on-going community education and awareness to prevent and address threats to elder rights. TEAS incudes representatives from many organizations in our area, including: CSRA Regional Commission Area Agency on Aging, AARP, Ombudsman Program, Senior Citizens Council, Caring Together, Inc., Adult Protective Services, Georgia Division of Aging Services Forensics Unit, Safe Homes of Augusta, Law Enforcement, CSRA Coalition of Advocates for the Aging, Benton House of Augusta, Alzheimer’s Association, ResCare, Jud C Hickety Center, Shiloh Comprehensive Community Center and Health Care Providers. For more information or to become a partner, contact Jeanette Cummings, or 706-210-2013 17

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