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BCF Newsletter Jan 2018 10022018

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Happy pictures from Phillip and Valerie Laver on their mission to Kenya During June we were also visited by a returning family from Wales. They first visited in 2014. From the family of 9, mother and daughter made a memorable contribution to our service with their singing and guitar. Peter’s special reunion Although not a visit to BCF, it is worth noting this story from Peter Adams on a visit he had from four boys whom he first taught when they were 7 year olds (and Peter was 21) 50 years ago! For Peter it was living proof that when we drop a small stone into a pool it can ripple and ripple and maybe come back as a tidal wave many years later. For the Christian there is the mustard seed …. Peter last met 3 of them in 1987 when he appeared on This is Your Life for Terry Marsh, World Lightweight boxing champion, who was part of Peter’s winning London and Southern Counties Chess Team. The team had been reassembled for the night and some of them had been trying to locate Peter for several years. They eventually found him via his son Simon’s music webpage. Emails were exchanged and the four ‘boys’ came to stay for a long weekend at his and Ann’s home in Javea last February. Peter remembers them as part of the best class he ever taught. He had purposely chosen the toughest area of London and a school where he could try to make a difference. This is what his visitors remembered most. They had all done extremely well in life – one of them being the global MD of a large, City based company and owning several prestigious properties and a horse racing stable. This same man has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity and so thought it no inconvenience whatsoever to sleep on Peter and Ann’s camp bed! All four insisted on calling Peter “Sir” throughout their stay. Peter now expects it at home all the time! 4​ | ​Page

Next Step mission - 14 – 24 July A real “first” for BCF in 2017 was the visit of the “Next Step” mission team from Bedworth Life Church. Arranged by Pat and Pete Kingham with Glynis organising things at this end. A team of six came over from the UK from Friday 14 July until Sunday 23​ rd​ July. Pete and Pat Kingham run a programme in their English church (Life Church EU) called ‘The Next Step’. It is basically a ‘full on’ intensive discipleship course that involves teaching every Monday evening, serving in different areas of the church and then a promise of being involved in Mission. We were asked if we could support four of their participants to come out to Spain in July and work with BCF as part of their mission experience. Lorna, her foster son Jacob, Gavin and Ethan certainly made an impact on us. What started as an opportunity for them to serve and encourage us here at BCF resulted in 10 days of delightful praise, worship, and activities which have bound us closer together in our faith. They organised prayer walks around Benitachell, Les Fonts, Los Molinos and on the Cumbre – praying for these areas and the people who reside there. They also designed and printed leaflets to promote BCF and distributed them where possible including Moraira’s Friday Market (where they may have enjoyed the “locally famous” churros and chocolate stall also). At the market their team leader Pete Kingham was nearly arrested for posting leaflets on cars! ​The "Next Step" Team. 3rd from left, Front row, Laura, Jacob, Ethan, Gavin. Standing - Pete on left and Pat 7th from right. 5​ | ​Page

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