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Our world is filled with amazing people, fascinating places and wonderful organizations that work toward building a peaceful and beautiful place to live. We all play a role that may seem small but can make an enormous impact. If you want to learn more about those who are making this world an even better place order your copy today!! We are ready to show you how you can become a change-maker too! We can't wait to meet to U! Always a FREE DIGITAL copy on website:

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Uneke M A G A Z I N E Advertise in bUneke Magazine, where we look beyond today’s agenda to inspire, enlighten and encourage authenticity! Call 321-417-4309 or email CHRIS J. DICKENS Dickens Wealth Management offers complete accounting, tax, and consulting services, specializing in reducing taxes for our clients. • Corporate tax filings • Personal tax filings • Tax planning • Small business consulting • Compilation of financials and more! Vice President • 7320 E. Fletcher Ave. Tampa, FL 33637 • Office: (813) 980-6180 Fax: (813) 985-5018 Call Today Cell: (813) 431-9604

Thank you ACT Readers for entrusting me with your stories. Mary Brotherton Storyteller | Writer | Editor Be a part of the non-profit organization that inspires, enlightens and encourages authenticity! Call today to discuss options. Call 321-417-4309 or email 321-549-8156 Reviews: “Finally a book that sounds like me. I LOVE this book! I know Review “If you feel uncomfortable, frustrated, confused about ADD in yourself or a family member, this book offers a healing perspective.” -- Florida Today News that I am okay just the way I am. Thank You!” -- Linsay, age 9 “Thank you for helping me to understand what my child is going through, in such a meaningful way.” -- Michelle S. A.D.D. IN POETRY: One Family’s Journey with Attention Deficit Disorder by: Jennifer East About the Book A.D.D. in Poetry, One Family’s Journey with Attention Deficit Disorder, is a collection of uplifting and meaningful poetry paired with delightful color illustrations, that will warm the hearts of its readers and will remind them that there is life after the ADD/ADHD diagnosis. This book is written in a simple, down-to-earth language and offers insight to an ADD/ ADHD child’s mind. Each poem expresses thoughts and feelings on how one can live and enjoy today and will inspire one to never give up hope for a better tomorrow. This book can be a wonderful gift to a loved one and/or caregiver experiencing ADD/ADHD first hand. I am not a doctor, but having to care for four ADD children and share a relationship with an ADD husband, I feel I may have practical experiences to share with others. My children have shared their experiences and have given their stamps of approval on each poem. It is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. I also hope to leave the reader a sense that they are not alone in their daily journey with Attention Deficit Disorder. Product Details: Paperback: 20 pages • Language: English ISBN-10: 1412037697 • ISBN-13: 978-1412037693 • Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 8.2 x 0.2 inches • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

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