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BEAT DESTINY SYNOPSIS Beat Destiny can be best described as Big Brother meets Back to the Future. It is a comedy, with a hint of Science Fiction. The story follows a time in the life of a boxer, called Rico Chico Emeka. His ultimate ambition is to become a middle weight boxing champion. The opening scene begins with Rico fighting a match that could take him to the highest levels of his career. Due to his arrogance, Rico loses the fight and his life, from this point, appears to lack stability and direction. This position is worsened by the fact that his live in girlfriend (and Financial Supporter), Rebecca, is cheating on him and he hasn’t got the courage to leave her. He doesn’t want to be alone, dwelling on impossible dream. He meets a mystical Old Man who promises to give a winning Lottery Ticket, on the unusual condition that he parts ways with his girlfriend, Rebecca. He accepts this offer, at first reluctantly, and breaks it off with Rebecca. To Rico’s surprise he wins the Lottery, with the above stated ticket. With his winnings from the ticket, he spends money on the good things in life and, at first appears to forget about Rebecca. He acquires a new partner and shares his wealth with his friends. Rico even pays for a rematch of the fight we saw in the opening scene. But Rebecca has not forgotten about him, and teams up with a man named Ferguson, who seeks revenge against Rico for humiliating him, to try and win back Rico’s heart. Her intention is to get married to him, divorce him and acquire a substantial divorce settlement. Rico gets caught in her trap and begins to fall, despite the promise he has made, for her again. Throughout the film we, from time to time, see the Old Man in a dark room talking about Rico’s and Rebecca to unknown people. In the night of the rematch, The Old Man kidnaps Rebecca in order to ensure that she does not fulfil her plans. Rico manages to rescue Rebecca and defeats the Old Man. When defeated, the Old Man disappears and Rico and Rebecca are reunited and are deeper in love. Surprisingly, Rebecca also seems to have fallen for Rico. There appears to be a lesson, from this reunion, that’ true love conquers all.

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