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Question Assignment 1

Question Assignment 1 Group work (Contributes 20% towards your overall grade) Context The Caribbean is a region whose very name reverberates from the early effects of globalization (then called colonialism). The result is that the identity of the region and its people has been significantly shaped by two groups of people; Africans and Europeans. Having moved into a new phase of globalization, the Caribbean region faces new challenges within its political, economic, social and cultural beliefs and practices. Within the context of this paper, the Caribbean challenge of maintaining its cultural identity in the face of increasingly influential global norms, especially American hegemonic practices, will be assessed (Source: Extracted from the essay Globalization and Cultural Identity in Caribbean Society: The Jamaican Case) Each group is required to prepare a scrapbook on the various elements material and immaterial Caribbean culture. Each group will be required to organize a scrapbook on one Caribbean island. Here is a list from which you can choose: o o o o o o o Haiti Cuba Jamaica Dominica Republic Aruba St. Lucia Dominica Grenada o St. Kitts and Nevis The scrapbook needs to outline: o o o How the colonizing country or countries have impacted on the material and immaterial aspects of the country? Define the term creole culture How is each island’s creole culture impacting on the region and the world? Demonstrate in the scrapbook.

GRENADA HISTORY The State of Grenada consists of three islands- Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique which form the southern end of the Windward Islands. Formerly colonized for many years, first by the French and then by the British, the islands of Grenada still retain traces of these European influences in their culture, architecture and place names. The Capital, St. George’s, is located on the south-west coast of Grenada. It is the seat of government and the main commercial center.