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MJ Smith Interior Design Portfolio


FLAT D THE BIGGINS PROPOSED RENOVATION SPACE PLANNING The majority of the main structural walls were kept intact to keep the building costs low. Open plan spaces were created to keep the flats spacious and bright. The rooms were zoned to ensure that the seating and eating areas had access to the windows and garden views. Extra storage was included if possible. Each bedroom design has a large area for storage so the actual bedroom zone can be minimal and clutter free. Some duplex apartments were included in the design to appeal to dwellers who prefer a divsion between the private and public spaces. FLAT B FLAT A GROUND FLOOR PLAN FLAT C FIRE EXIT FLAT A FIRST FLOOR PLAN FLAT F FLAT E FLAT H FLAT G FLAT E SECOND FLOOR PLAN

SHOW FLAT A MAIN BEDROOM Flat A is designed for young families, so storage is prioritised and the style is kept accessible and uncluttered with light walls. The main feature of this duplex flat is the open plan living room containing a bespoke adjustable shelving system. GROUND FLOOR PLAN FLAT B FLAT D FIRST FLOOR PLAN FLAT F The bedrooms also have good storage options with large floor to ceiling wardrobes with sliding doors. This allows the bedrooms to be uncluttered and spacious, ensuring restful sleep. FLAT A FLAT C FLAT A FLAT E OPEN PLAN SITTING ROOM CHILDS BEDROOM

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