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EMERGENCY LIGHTING COCO 2DR EMERGENCY LED Retrofit replacement for 28W 2D lamp. Circular LED Plate will run 36 LED Chips in mains function with additional 8 LED chips added for emergency option for 3HR emergency function. Built in mains driver. Emergency option comes complete with Bi-Colour Charge indicator. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Mains Supply: 230-240V AC 50/60Hz LINE DRAWING EMERGENCY RANGE | COCO 2DR Power Rating: 14.5W Emergency Power: Light Source: 3W LED 36 x Samsung SPMH Beam Angle: 120° Colour Temperature: Lumen Output: Colour Rendering: Emergency Output: 4000K 1314 Lm 84CRI 235 Lm OPTIONS Fitting: Light Source: Wattage: Colour: COCO 2DR LED 14.5W WH Options: Emergency

EMERGENCY LIGHTING COCO3 TP60 EMERGENCY 3 Hour emergency remote conversion pack fitted with a 4 way fused terminal block for mains input connections. The pack is designed to suit a very wide range of LED types and circuits by automatically adjusting the output LED current to provide the best match between the battery and the load, providing maximum illumination whilst ensuring battery duration. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Mains Supply: Power Rating: 230-240V AC 50/60Hz 22mA EMERGENCY RANGE | COCO3 TP60 Duration: Recharge Period: Battery: Charge Current: Battery Current Limit: 3HR 24HR 3.6V 4.0Ah NiCd Cells 200mA Nom 1100mA OPTIONS Fitting: Light Source: Wattage: Colour: COCO3 TP60 LED - WH Options: Function Options: 3HR Emergency (M3), Self-Test (ST), DALI (DA)

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