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2017 version


EMERGENCY LIGHTING ADMIRAL EMERGENCY LED Exit Sign, features epoxy coated steel enclosure with an opaque screen printed polycarbonate legend panel. Available as both maintained and non-maintained 3HR Emergency. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Mains Suppy: Ambient Temperature: 25°C Life Time: 230 - 240V AC 50/60Hz 50,000 Hours EMERGENCY RANGE | Admiral Emergency Output: Power Rating: Light Source: Emergency Duration: Battery: Charger: Viewing Distance: 120 Lumen Maintained, 3.7W, 33mA Non-Maintained: 1.7W, 19mA 10 off 3.5 x 2.8mm white LEDs 3 Hours 3.6V 2.0Ah Nickel Cadmium 100mA Constant Current 20 Metres LINE DRAWING OPTIONS Fitting: Light Source: Wattage: Colour: ADMIRAL LED 3.7/1.7W WH Options: Colour Options: White (WH) Legend Options: Arrow Down (AD), Arrow Left (AL), Arrow Right (AR)

COMMERCIAL LIGHTING ALDER COMMERCIAL LED 600 x 600 modular fitting. Steel body, white powder coated finish with PMMA diffuser. Ideal for offices, retail and reception areas. Avaliable as single or twin diffuser. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Single Diffuser: Twin Diffuser: COMMERCIAL RANGE | Alder 3255 Lumen 3212 Lumen 39W 39W 84 Lm/W 83 Lm/W 5000K LG 50,000 hour rated LED chipset Tridonic LED 5000K LG 50,000 hour rated LED chipset Tridonic LED LINE DRAWING OPTIONS SINGLE DIFFUSER VERSION 72 72 TWIN DIFFUSER VERSION Fitting: Light Source: Wattage: Colour: ALDER LED 39W W Options: 595 595 Function Options: 3HR Emergency 595 595 595