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JP Newsletter Mar 2018 Landscape

Volume 23 Issue 1

Volume 23 Issue 1 March 2018 Silver Lining 16th to 20th April 2018 On one dark and stormy night in the upper day room of the Silver Retirement Home, five elderly ladies are trading stories of their remarkable lives. With the storm floods rising and no rescue team in sight, the ladies are faced with the sudden realisation that in order to survive they are going to have to do what they have done for their entire lives – do it themselves! Penny Grant’s production of Sandi Tokvig’s comedy plays at the Unión Musical in Gata from April 16th to 20th. Tickets are €12.50 from the website at A very strong cast has started rehearsals for this hilarious production; Gloria Paulene Beach Maureen Leigh Patterson May Rosemary Brown June Pauline McGough Hope Cath Reid-Martin St Michael Pat Kitching José José Alberto Tur Ribes As you can see we have some new members in our cast. Another new member, Alan Brozel, is Stage Managing and will be assisted by David Noble. Peter Messinger and his gang of workers have been beavering away in the shed, constructing and planning the set. Josephine is working wonders finding props. Cherry Cabban will be lighting the show and Peter Sparks will be in charge of sound. Many other members are contributing to the production, but if you would like to help in any way, please do contact me. Penny Grant, Director 966471455 4

Volume 23 Issue 1 March 2018 Poor Yorick 2nd to 7th July 2018 Poor Yorick was a winning entry in a competition run as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages project and was performed at both the 400-seat Dolman Theatre and Blackwood Little Theatre in Wales. The play has a cast of five – Yorick the jester, his tavern wench girlfriend Bess, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, his mother, Gertrude, and the ghost of his late father. Based on characters created by William Shakespeare for his play Hamlet, this is the version of events the Bard would have written if he’d been in a more upbeat mood. In Shakespeare’s play, Yorick the court jester is dead. But here, he’s out on the road - dying a death - as he pioneers a new kind of comedy called stand-up. He’s fed up of the old knockabout routines and wants to do observational comedy in which he tackles subjects like the Black Death, dung heaps and leeches. Sadly, the world is not ready for this kind of humour and a dejected Yorick is persuaded by good-time girl Bess – a tart with a heart of gold - to return to the king’s castle at Elsinore and get his old job back (it’s either that or she goes back to her job at the brothel). But when Yorick arrives he finds there have been many changes. Hamlet – always a crazy mixed-up prince - is moping around like a love-struck teenager, constantly being nagged at by his overbearing Jewish mother Gertrude who wants him to get himself a nice girlfriend. Hamlet offers to give Yorick his old job back – but only if he helps him in his plans to avenge the death of his father (whose ghostly figure pops in from time to time to show off his new skills as an apparition). As Yorick says, “What could possibly go wrong?” We are holding a read-through on Wednesday March 7th in the Studio at 7.30pm. This is a fun play that will hopefully be a lot of fun to stage and perform. We hope to see Jávea Players’ finest at the auditions on Sunday March 11th at 11am. 5

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