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Pareeksha vijayi Final

R 12 Veto follow us:

R 12 Veto follow us: 20 secretariat Assistant. 1. Bowman's capsule is a part of? a. Liver cells b. Nephron c. Muscles d. Neuron 2. The metal which is most abundant in bones? a. Potassium b. Sodium c. Calcium d. Iron 3. The escape velocity of the earth is ..........? a. 11.2 km/sec b. 2.4 km/sec c. 7.5 km/sec d. 6.8 km/sec 4. Who is first discovered the electro magnetic wave throry? a. Henrich Hertz b. Issac Newton c. Hans Christien Desterd d. James Clerk Maxwell 5. The instrument that work on the principle of mutual induction? a. Dynamo b. Microphone c. Transformer d. Loudspeaker 6. The acid which is manufactured by contact process? a. Hydrochloric acid b. Sulphuric acid c. Acetic acid d. Nitric acid 7. National Human Rights Commission in India was set up in the year? a. 1994 b. 1991 c. 1987 d. 1993 8. Who is the first malayalee to become the chairman of National Human Rights Commission? a. K.R. Narayanan b. T.N sheshan c. H.L Dattu d. K.G. Balakrishnan 9. Right to Education Act 2009 came into force on ...........? a. 1 st June 2010 b. 1 st May 2010 c. 1 st April 2010 d. 1 st March 2010 10. Which was the Article provides for the establishment and constitution of the Supreme Court? a. 130 b. 140 c. 125 d. 124 11. Which was the institution called 'Ears and Eyes of the public Accounts Committee'? a. Reserve Bank of India b. Finance Commission c. Comptroller and Auditor of General d. Parliament 12. International Women's Day on? a. April 8 b. May 8 c. March 8 d. November 8 13. Who was the social reformer called 'Lokhitawadi'? a. Dadabhai Naoroji b. W.C Banarjee c. Gopal Hari Deshmukh d. Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi 14. 'Swaraj is my birth right' the famous slogan is coined by? a. Gandhiji b. Subhash Chandra Bose c. Balagangadhara Tilak d. Bhagath singh 15. Who was the Chief Organiser of the 'Gadar Movement'? a. Mahatma Gandhi b. Lala Lajapat Rai c. Lala Hardayal d. Lal Chand Falak 16. What was the original name of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi? a. Kesab Chandra Sen b. Narendranath Datta c. Mulshankar d. Mohan Roy 17. Which is the largest state among the seven sister states of India? a. Arunachal Pradesh b. Manipur c. Tripura d. Assam 18. Where is the Indian Military academy located? a. Simla b. Darjelling c. Dehradun d. Chennai 19. When was the national calendar of India adopted? a. April 15, 1947 b. March 22, 1957 c. October 8, 1967 d. July 10, 1977 20. The river is known as the sorrow of Assam? a. Ganga b. Yamuna c. Alakananda d. Brahmaputra 21. Which state in India has the largest area under forest? a. Bihar b. Uttar Pradesh c. Uttarakhand d. Madhya Pradesh Model Exam 22. Which is the India's first Communication Satellite? a. Aryabatta b. Rohini c. Apple d. Bhaskara 23. Which was the first wildlife sanctuary set up in Kerala? a. Muthanga wild life sanctuary b. Neyyar wild life sanctuary c. Periyar wild life sanctuary d. Mangalavanam wild life sanctuary 24. Which is the biggest dam in Kerala? a. Idukki dam b. Thenmala dam c. Manglam dam d. Malampuzha dam 25. Who is called the Mark Twain of Kerala? a. Sukumar Azhikode b. Marthanda Varma c. Chithira Thirunal d. Vengayil Kunhiraman Nayanar 26. Who is the father of Malayalam printing? a. Herman Gundert b. Ezhuthachan c. Benchamin Bailey d. Francis Almeda 27. In which year was Pathanamthitta district formed? a. 1984 b. 1987 c. 1985 d. 1982 28. Who was the first Secretary of N.S.S? a. G.P Pillai b. M.P Pillai c. Dr. Palpu d. T.K Madavan 29. When did Sree Narayana Guru consecrate the Aruvippuram Shiva Prathista? a. 1908 b. 1924 c. 1888 d. 1856 30. The author of 'Adyatmayuddham' is? a. Sree Narayana Guru b. Thycadu Ayya c. Vagbhatananda d. Brahmananda Sivayogi 31. Bodinayakkanur pass lies in the district of? a. Wayanad b. Idukki c. Palakkad d. Kollam 32. The district in Kerala where cotton is Cultivated? a. Trivandrum b. Kollam c. Palakkad d. Thrissur 33. USB stands for? a. Uniform select Buffer b. Unit System Bit c. Universal Serial Bus d. Universal Solution Bus 34. Who started the Free Software Foundation? a. Charles Babbage b. Steve Jobs c. Richard Stallman d. Allan Turing 35. IC chips used in computers are usually made of.........? a. Silver b. Silicon c. Mercurry d. Platinum 36. Which of the following is permanent memory? a. DRAM b. SRAM c. ROM d. RAM 37. The brain of computer system is? a. CPU b. Mother board c. RAM d. Cache Memory 38. Which was the first company to produce cell phone? a. Apple b. Nokia c. Motorola d. Samsug 39. Who was the founder of Hot -Mail? a. Steve Job b. Vijay Mallya c. Saber Bhatia d. Kiran Shekar 40. Which section of the IT Act says about Cyber Terrorism? a. Section 61F b. Section 65F c. Section 66F d. Section 71F 41. The programming language Java is developed by? a. Jimmy wales b. Buyukkokten c. Jimmy Cray d. James Gosling 42. Internet Explorer is an example for? a. Operation System b. Internet Community Network c. Web browser d. Programming language 43. A saved document is referred to as ..........? a. Folder b. data c. Software d. File 44. What is the chemical name of Lime stone? a. Calcium oxide b. Calcium hydroxide c. Calcium Carbonate d. Calcium Phosphorous 45. Which is the device used to measure radioactivity? a. Seismograph b. Ammeter c. Geiger Counter d. Sonometer 46. What does a Tachometer measure? a. Speed of wind b. Earthquake intensity c. Speed of Aeroplane d. Speed of light 47. The unit of pressure a. Coulomb b. Watt c. Ohm d. Pascal 48. The chemical name of vitamin B2?

R 12 Veto follow us: 21 a. Thiamine b. Niacin c. Riboflovin d. Philloquinone 49. The PH value of blood is? a. 7 b. 1 c. 7.4 d. 8 50. Which is the part of brain to control all voluntory actions like vision. touch, hearing, taste, and smell? a. Cerebellum b. Hypothalamas c. Spinal Cord d. Cerebrum 51. Which Article of Indian constitution prohibits Child Labour? a. Article 21 b. Article 32 c. Article 25 d. Article 24 52. Which one of the following literally means "We command"? a. Quo warranto b. Certiorari c. Mandamus d. Habeus Corpus 53. The chairman of Public Accounts Committee is? a. Prime Minister of India b. President of India c. Leader of opposition d. Vice President of India 54. Which amendment added the fundamental duties to the Constitution of India? a. 41 th Amendment b. 42 nd Amendment c. 61 th Amendment d. 82 nd Amendment 55. The concept of judicial review of the Indian Constitution has been borrowed from? a. South Africa b. America c. Britain d. Australia 56. Name the first foreigner to become the President of the Indian National Congress? a. A.O. Hume b. Annie Besant c. William Wedderburn d. George Yule 57. Which is the first metro railway in India? a. New Delhi Metro Railway b. Kochi Metro Railway c. Kolkata Metro Railway d. Mumbai Metro Railwayu 58. Who is the author of the book ' Sathyarth Prakash'? a. Dayananda Saraswathy b. Vivekananda c. Gandhiji d. Ambedkar 59. Who is known as the father of Indian Economics? a. S.K Ray b. M.Visveswaraya c. P.C Mahalanobis d. Dadabhai Naoroji 60. Who is the author of book "Asian Drama'? a. Jaiprakash Narayan b. Jawaharlal Nehru c. Morarji Desai d. Gunnar Myrdal 61. {]Xn + Omb = tNÀs¯-gp-Xpt¼mÄ F. {]Xn-RvOmb _n. {]Xn-Omb kn. {]Xn-Ñmb Un. {]Xn-RvNmb 62. ImSm-dp-amkw BcpsS Bß-I-YbmWv? F. N«-¼n-kzman _n. XIgn kn. H.-F³.hn Un. ]n. `mkvI-c³ 63. I -≠ Imcyw F-Xn I ≠ F ]Zw? F. t]sc¨w _n. ImcnXw kn. {]tbm-PIw Un. hn\-sb¨w 64. kwtbm-PnIm hn`-àn-bpsS {]Xybw GXv? F. sâ _n. HmSv kn. ¡v Un. C 65. A + A³ = Ah³, GXv kÔn¡v DZm-l-c-W-amWv CXv? F. tem]-kÔn _n. BtZ-i-kÔn kn. BK-a-kÔn Un. KpW-kÔn 66. A½ Ip«n¡v ]m sImSp-¯p. Cu hmIy-¯nse IÀ½w F´v? F. Ip«n _n, ]m kn. A½ Un. sImSp¯p 67. Afhv FÀ°w hcp hm¡v? F. ]cn-Wbw _n. ]cn-amWw kn. ]cn-afw Un. ]cn-Wmaw 68. Xmsg sImSp-¯n-cn-¡p hm¡p-Ifn t`Z-I-taXv? F. ]pc-pj³ _n. F® kn. ]d-bp Un. Hcp 69. `q-an-bpsS ]cym-b-a-Ãm¯ ]Z-taXv? F. [cWn _n. ]nIw kn. [cn{Xn Un. ]r°n 70. "F' F {]Xybw GXp hn`-ànbp-tS-XmWv? F. Dt±-inI _n. B[m-cnI kn. {]Xn{KmlnI Un. \nÀt±-inI 71. I ........ for the last one weeks a. am reading the novel b. was reading the novel c. read the novel d. have been reading the novel 72. Kerala is more beautiful than .... in India? a. all other state b. Many other states c. all states d. any other state 73. What time ......... to bed last night? a. did you went b. did you go c. went you d. does you go 74. The first person to congratulate me .... my success was my teacher? a. in b. on c. for d. about 75. More than one person ......... feared to be drowned a. are b. has c. have d. is 76. He is so old ........ he couldn't walk a. to b. very c. but d. that 77. Neither he nor his brothers ........ attended the function a. won't b. have c. have not d. don't 78. We have been waiting for you ...... two hours? a. since b. for c. from d. until 79. He said that he ........ to market a. is going b. was going c. will be going d. has gone 80. I am too impatient ........? a. aren't I? b. amn't I c. isn'tI d. hasn't I 81. If 4+6 = 64216, 2+3 = 827, 5+2 = 1258, then 3+7 =? a. 9749 b. 5786 c. 27343 d. 72368 82. 20% of 20% of 100 is? a. 20 b. 6 c. 4 d. 11 83. Complete the series 6, 12, 18, ......... a. 21 b. 23 c. 24 d. 26 84. Pointing to an old man Rahul said, " his son is my son's uncle". How is old man related to that Rahul? a. Brother b. Uncle c. Father d. Grand Father 85. Out of 940 employees in an organisation 15% of the employees got promoted to a higher grade. How many employees not promoted as hitgher grade? a. 557 b. 763 c. 712 d. 799 86. A and B can do a piece of work in 12 days. B and C in 15 days, while C and A in 20 days. In how many days can A alone do it? a. 30 b. 35 c. 40 d. 45 87. The length of a diagonal of a square is 8cm, the length of the side of the square is? a. 4 b. c. 2 d. 88. The product of two numbers is 120. The sum of their squares is 289. The sum of the two number is? a. 46 b. 23 c. 169 d. 13 89. A number when divided by 123 leaves 83. If the same number is divided by 41 the remainder will be? a. 0 b. 2 c. 1 d. 4 90. Fill in the blank space from alternatives: Newspaper : Press:: lock: ..... a. Shop b. key c. Factory d. Door 91. If D =8 BAT = 46 then CAT will be equal to: a. 40 b. 44 c. 48 d. 52 92. The cost of 16 chairs and 10 tables is 18000. If so what is the price of 8 chairs and 5 tables? a. 10000 b. 21000 c. 9000 d. 7500 93. Odd one out a. Swine Flue b. Malaria c. Chicken pox d. Diabetes 94. August 15, 2011 was a Monday. What day of the week lies on August 15, 2012? a. Monday b. Tuesday c. Wednesday d. Sunday 95. What is the angle between the two hands of a clock, when the clock shows 5hr 30 minutes? a. 60 0 b. 30 0 c. 45 0 d. 15 0 96. If a. 2:3:1 b. 2:3:6 c. 6:3:2 d. 3:2:1 97. A man walks 9 km towards East then he turns rights and walks 5km. Then he turns to left and walks 8km again he turns to left and walks 5km. Then how many kilometres is he from starting point? a. 27km b. 14km c. 17km d. 19km 98. Find the simple interest on Rs. 5380 at 10% per annum for 2 years? a. 1076 b. 7811 c. 6456 d. 8761 99. The salary of an employee was first increased by 10% and there after decreased by 5%, what was the total effect in his salary? a. 5% b. 7% c. 4.5% d. 3% 100. Which of the following number is divisible by 12? a. 1456 b. 1088 c. 10224 d. 7040 Answer: 1.b 2.c 3.a 4.d 5.c 6.b 7.d 8.d 9.c 10.d 11.c 12.c 13.c 14.c 15.c 16.c 17.a 18.c 19.b 20.d 21.d 22.c 23.c 24.d 25.d 26.c 27.d 28.b 29.c 30.c 31.b 32.c 33.c 34.c 35.b 36.c 37.a 38.c 39.c 40.c 41.d 42.c 43.d 44.c 45.c 46.c 47.d 48.c 49.c 50.d 51.d 52.c 53.c 54.b 55.b 56.d 57.c 58.a 59.d 60.d 61.c 62.d 63.a 64.b 65.c 66.a 67.b 68.d 69.b 70.c 71.d 72.d 73.b 74.b 75.d 76.d 77.b 78.b 79.b 80.a 81.c 82.c 83.c 84.c 85.d 86.a 87.d 88.b 89.c 90.c 91.c 92.c 93.d 94.c 95.d 96.c 97.c 98.a 99.c 100.c

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