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Brett and Kate McKay

Brett and Kate McKay fast food, unless they were a slave owner, which the men above were not, then they weren’t sitting around all day twiddling their thumbs. So what was the difference between them and us? They weren’t as distracted from what’s important in life as we are. They didn’t labor under the belief that watching Lost was an adequate substitution for friendship. And they didn’t think that checking a buddy’s Facebook update was equivalent to catching up with him. It’s amazing that with the proliferation of time-saving devices these days, we feel busier than ever. Yet, it’s all relative. We’re not busier than ever. And if we feel that way, it’s because we aren’t prioritizing the right kinds of things in our lives. And that’s going to change this month, starting with today’s task. Today’s Task: Reconnect With an Old Friend It’s not as if men like Joshua Speed and Abe Lincoln had an edge on this friendship business because they stayed in one place their whole lives. Men back then were just like you; they made close friendships and then often went their separate ways. The difference is that they made the effort to stay in touch. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were apart from each other for 14 years, yet they kept their friendship alive by writing 158 letters to each other. So your task today is to make like men of old and reconnect with a friend, either by letter, phone, or email. Wild dogs shall be released upon any man who attempts to complete this task via Twitter. I highly recommend the letter option myself. I personally don’t like talking on the phone. Letter writing is an excellent tradition to begin with your buddy, and unlike an email, it begs an answer and will almost certainly not be ignored. 45

30 Days to a better man This is not a task to arrange a hangout with your friend (that will come up later, rest assured); you need only to shoot the breeze and catch up on old times. 3 Possible Friends To Reconnect With 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________ 46