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ACCESS POINT FINANCIAL POISED FOR GROWTH by robert green On October 5th, Atlanta based hotel lender Access Point Financial, Inc. (APF) announced the recapitalization of the company in a transaction led by WPC Investments (WCPI). The recap saw the successful exit of Stone Point Capital from the business in a $350 million transaction. The new investor has also committed to facilitate further expansion of the company. “We are excited to gain exposure to this unique asset class,” said WCPI’s Chief Investment Officer Michael Gontar, “and are looking forward to continuing the tremendous growth that APF has achieved since its founding.” Commenting on the transaction, Jon S. Wright, APF’s chairman and CEO, said, “We are delighted with the success we have achieved since our initial capitalization in 2011 and will now move to grow the platform to even greater heights with WCPI as our financial partner. The APF management team will be forever grateful to Chuck Davis and his investment team at Stone Point for their forward-looking and pioneering rational when earmarking the initial 2011 investment. Our new partners at WCPI share our passion for integrity as well as verifiable results driven by operating partners with a 25 year track record of risk adjusted returns.” The successful transaction was another in a series of wins for Wright and his team - the result of hard work that began attracting notice some time ago. Last year, when Wright first learned his company had been named the 17th fastest growing private company in the country for 2015, by Inc. magazine, he was both humbled and gratified for the honor. “It’s extremely important to me that the management team receives the recognition that they deserve when such well-regarded counterparty assessment as Inc. Magazine determines such results,” he said. Born and raised in the college town of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Wright was one of two sons of post grad educators (Library Science and Musician). “My mother earned a Masters in Library Science, after herding my brother and me to lower school, and my father was a brilliant musician who taught music in the high school, church and University of Arkansas,” he said “Growing up, my entire existence consisted of sports, music and church.” His father handed him a guitar at age fifteen, informing him that, “the gals will be able to see you better without that helmet on your head,” (after suffering a spinal injury, which ended his football aspirations). He now likes to live vicariously through his son, Luke, who is currently a quarterback for the University of Kentucky and his daughter, Kate, “who sings like an angel and is academically light-years ahead of my GPA down the road at the University of Alabama.” As a pre-teen, Wright worked as a vendor at Razorback Stadium on game days selling Cokes and kept a steady lawn care business which was his means to pay for his first car. During high school and college he worked at the local mall from 5:00pm – 9:00pm. “I knew one day I wanted to run my own business, and in order to get ahead, I would have to work harder than others to The break up actually inspired him to write a country song, “Going through the Big D” (Don’t Mean Dallas).” Wright’s brother, Mark, co-wrote the song and produced it with Mark Chestnutt recording it. The song went to number two on the Billboard Country chart and number one on Radio and Records Charting Service. “While it was very satisfying to write a hit song, it also helped me impress my future wife, Paige.” Now married for 23 years, Wright shared, “We met at a hotel convention. She was similarly employed by a specialty lender based in Dallas. She knew the business and the key players very well. And although Paige hung her ‘cleats” up to raise our children, I still continue to lean on her expertise daily to provide HR feedback, which as any businessman understands can clearly benefit mental well-being as a sounding board. 16 8 EXECUTIVE PROFILES

JON S. WRIGHT Chairman and CEO accomplish those goals.” At Sears, he was soon promoted to the electronic and automotive departments, where he was compensated primarily by commission on gross sales. He was mesmerized by the fact his income had surpassed that of most recent college graduates or those serving the public sector, (part-time no doubt). For college, Wright decided to remain in Fayetteville and attend the University of Arkansas. He joined the Sigma Nu fraternity. “I liked the idea of joining a fraternity and instantly meeting roughly a hundred new frat brothers, but unfortunately, couldn’t afford the full tab or so I thought. My parents termed it ‘Sigma Sin’ and made sure I was aware that all financial obligations were on my shoulders. A couple of the older brothers/ officers suggested that I work part time to help with the landscaping for relief of monthly dues. I mowed the lawn and assisted the gardening crews for two years while also maintaining my 5:00-9:00 shift at Sears,” said Wright, “more importantly, I swallowed a lot of pride.” After college, Jon accepted an offer from Pitney Bowes, where he worked in its sales and finance division, followed by corporate real estate and ABS financing for Ford’s commercial ABS leasing division. In 1988, he was recruited to Holiday Inn Worldwide in Memphis to work for its Real Estate financing arm. “Fortuitous timing for me, indeed, launched my career in commercial real estate and specifically the hotel financing business. I was blessed to meet the first generation of hotel developers. Most of them were in their sunset years, and were in the process of successfully passing their investments to the next generation. I got to know them intently and learned a lot from them.” What was most surprising to Jon was how easily he got along with these businessmen away from the nuts & bolts of business. Jon Wright, a 25-plus year veteran of commercial real estate and hospitality finance, began his career with Ford Motor Credit’s CRE and ABS division. He joined Holiday Inn Worldwide (today known as InterContinental Hotels Group, “IHG”) where he managed the company’s finance subsidiary and strategically facilitated franchisee growth and quality across all IHG brands via senior and sub debt origination and syndication. ACCESS POINT Access Point Financial (APF) is a direct lender focused on the hospitality industry. We offer a full-service lending and advisory platform that provides financing to qualified hotel franchisees of all major brands and independent boutique hotels throughout the United States and Canada. APF’s extensive experience in hotel bridge financing, mortgage and CapEx lending, combined with our consistent track record makes APF the leader in this specialty finance sector. Our executive team has more than 100 years of combined hotel financing experience and has worked together for more than 10 years to establish an excellent reputation and strong performance history. 17 5

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