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® 20 Introduction About

® 20 Introduction About A.A.R.Oosman

The goodness of milk BELLE HOLLANDAISE The Netherlands is a big, fertile meadow. Grass grows best on this land, which has abundant water, making it an ideal place to raise cattle. So the Dutch have a very long experience in diary products. The result is abundant production of milk. Dutch Lady products are imported directly from the Netherlands. UHT Milk- Full Cream 500ml & 1lt /Low Fat and Skimmed 1lt / 500ml UHT milk is fresh cow’s milk which is sterilized and heated to an ultra high temperature to eliminate all bacteria. It has no additives and needs no refrigeration until it is opened. Evaporated Milk - 405g and mini 170g - Creamy taste enriched for coffee and tea. - Convenient for making milk shakes, cooking and baking. - Made in Holland from top quality fresh cow’s milk. Sweetened Condensed Milk - 397g - Tasty, nutritious and convenient sweetened condensed milk. - Thick and creamy. - Can be used for mixing a milk drink, cooking, baking and for whitening coffee and tea. Benefits of UHT Milk: • Pure Fresh Cow’s milk • Free of harmful bacteria • No loss of nutritional properties • Easy to use packaging • Convenient long storage life • Contains Calcium and Vitamin B2 “Dutch Lady guarantees consistent high quality dairy products.” UHT Lait Entier 500ml & 1ltr UHT Demi-Ecrémé 1ltr UHT Ecrémé 1ltr Lait Evaporé 170g & 405g Lait Concentré Sucré 397g Belle Hollandaise 21

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