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Potato protein market complet pdf report download

Potato protein market complet pdf report

Market Definition Potato protein can be produced as a by-product of potato starch production. In the process of extracting the starch from potatoes, a protein-rich juice is produced. To remove the protein from the juice, acids and heat are added which further thickens the by-product. The precipitates formed as a result of the acid and heat treatment are removed by filtration or centrifugation. Potato proteins are high-grade protein concentrates. It is not only used in for human consumption but also meets the animal needs for essential amino acids. The two types of potato proteins include potato protein concentrate and potato protein isolate. Market Scenario Potato protein is gaining popularity in various industries such as bakery & confectionery, dairy & frozen desserts, beverages, supplements, snacks, animal nutrition, and others owing to its highly functional and nutritive value which is driving the growth of the market. Increasing vegan population and high inclination of consumers towards substitute of animal protein are boosting the growth of potato protein market. Growing application of potato protein in supplements and sports nutrition is adding fuel to the growth of potato protein market. Moreover, increasing health conscious population and growing trend of adding functional foods and nutritional supplements in their diet is thrusting the growth of the potato protein market. However, there is low awareness of potato protein among the population which is restricting the growth of the market. Sample copy available @ Intended Audience Bakery industry Supplement industry Beverage industry Dairy industry Food processing industry Animal nutrition industry Traders, importers, and exporters Market Synopsis of Potato protein market Key Findings Thailand, Germany, Vietnam, Belgium, and China are witnessed to be the major exporters of potato starch Potato protein is gaining substantial growth in sports nutrition

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