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COME AND JOIN THE ALDER HEY ‘ J Y ’ P DA You’ve probably heard about our #getspotted campaign with Matalan (if not please read pages 20 and 21). We’ve loved coming into work in our PJs so much that we thought it would be a great idea to share the love and invite schools to join in the fun and hold their very own PJ Day to help the 275,000 children and their families treated at Alder Hey every year. CALLING ALL SCHOOLS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO HOLD A PJ DAY 1. Ask your teacher if you can hold a PJ Day. (if you are a teacher please go straight to no.2!) 2. Choose a date for your party. 3. Let us know by emailing or calling 0151 252 5716. 4. Decide how you are going to fundraise on the day (we’ve put together some ideas below). 5. Let everyone know. 6. Choose which PJs to wear (don’t forget your slippers and dressing gowns!) 7. Have an amazing day! FUNDRAISING IDEAS… • £1 for PJs (ask each child/teacher to bring in a pound to wear their PJs) • Have a sponsored ‘bedtime readathon’ • Perform in your PJs with your choir or band • Hold a sponsored ‘PJ plod’ • Have a sponsored snooze • Have a ‘midday’ feast • Have a coffee morning • Have a sleeping bag race HOW WE CAN HELP… • One of our fundraisers can come to speak to your class, assembly, year group • We can provide you with resources (posters, stickers, collection boxes, buckets) • We may be able to arrange for Oli, our mascot, to visit your school FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK A CHARITY REPRESENTATIVE TO VISIT YOUR SCHOOL PLEASE CONTACT SOPHIE: Tel. 0151 252 5705 Email. 12 Alder Hey PJ Day

REMARKABLE RESEARCH Daisy’s story Four year old Daisy was born with Spina Bifida which is when a baby’s spine and spinal cord doesn’t develop properly in the womb, causing a gap in the spine - a gap that required Daisy to have surgery on the very day she was born. Unfortunately following the surgery she developed hydrocephalus - a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid which carries nutrients to the brain. This excess fluid puts increased pressure on the brain, damaging brain tissue. This study could have a huge impact on the outcomes of patients with hydrocephalus MR MALLUCCI, CONSULTANT NEUROSURGEON The condition affects one in every 500 births and is one of the most common developmental disabilities in children. Hydrocephalus is regularly treated by inserting a shunt into the brain to drain the excess fluid into the abdominal cavity. However, many patients later become seriously ill from infections related to the shunt insertion with prolonged hospitalisation, additional surgery and possible intravenous and intrathecal antibiotics. There is also a risk of damage to the brain which can lead to reduced cognitive function and which can seriously affect the patient’s outcome. Mr Mallucci, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Alder Hey explains: “Insertion of a shunt for hydrocephalous is now one of the most common procedures performed in neurosurgical units with between 3,000 and 3,500 shunt operations carried out each year. However, shunt infection has plagued this advanced technique ever since it was developed.” Daisy was the first person to take part in a ground-breaking research project to see if one of three different shunts worked better for her, therefore reducing the risk of infection. This research, led by Neurosurgeons at Alder Hey and the Walton Centre could significantly impact upon the treatment of children and adults with hydrocephalus. “This study could have a huge impact on the outcomes of patients with hydrocephalus. It will investigate whether shunts coated in various agents can reduce the risk of infection.” Mum Jessica said “ We took part in the trial because we want Alder Hey to find a more effective and less risky way of treating this condition, to not only help Daisy but children like her. At 20 weeks pregnant I was told that Daisy may have complications and was warned that she was likely to have a very poor quality of life and wouldn’t be able to walk. Now she’s doing really well, she’s walking, she’s so chatty and she absolutely loves school; she’s my little miracle.” A donation of just £3 a month can support research at Alder Hey and help children like Daisy. To donate visit Daisy’s Story 13

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