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Strings Catalogue

Tuition and repertoire books for string instruments are a big part of our publishing catalogue. We hope that this resource will help you find out more about the titles that you already know, and highlight those hidden gems you may not have come across before.

Ensemble Music

Ensemble Music Stringfest The Stringfest series presents popular songs across various genres in flexible arrangements for string quartet, beginner strings and duet. The inclusion of very simple parts for absolute beginners and an optional piano accompaniment, to support less confident groups, makes the series valuable to a wide range of abilities. 0571527833 Classic Stringfest (score/ECD) Mary Cohen £19.99 €27.06 0571527841 Folk Stringfest (score/ECD) Mary Cohen £19.99 €27.06 0571522319 Carol Stringfest (score & parts) Mary Cohen £19.99 €27.06 Stringpops Stringpops are flexible arrangements of pieces for young string players: perfect for concerts or just for fun! Beautifully arranged, they are scored for violin, optional viola, cello and double bass (all up to approximately Grade 2 standard), plus additional open-string parts so that beginners can be included. 0571529283 Stringpops Christmas (with ECD) Peter Wilson (arranger) £9.99 €13.97 0571529259 Stringpops Film (with ECD) Peter Wilson (arranger) £9.99 €13.97 0571529267 Stringpops Harry Potter (with ECD) Peter Wilson (arranger) £9.99 €13.97 0571529275 Stringpops James Bond (with ECD) Peter Wilson (arranger) £9.99 €13.97 Stringsets Stringsets are a selection of fun pieces that are perfect for intermediate level string ensembles. The arrangements are relatively straightforward, great fun to play and make the perfect programme for the end of term concert. 057151247X Battles and Brawls (parts) Edward Huws Jones £9.99 €13.97 0571512879 Bytes and Pieces (score & parts) Tony Osborne £18.99 €25.19 0571512135 Cats Suite 1 (parts) Andrew Lloyd Webber £6.99 €9.30 0571511651 Cats Suite 2 (score & parts) Andrew Lloyd Webber £15.99 €21.03 0571512143 Cats Suite 2 (parts) Andrew Lloyd Webber £6.99 €9.30 0571512151 Christmas Round the World (parts) Edward Huws Jones £9.99 €13.97 0571512771 Crusaders (score & parts) Edward Huws Jones £18.99 €25.19 0571512186 Let’s Dance (parts) Pat Legg £7.99 €11.17 0571512194 Let’s Dance Again! (parts) Pat Legg £9.99 €13.97 0571519679 Shakespeare in Love (score & parts) Stephen Warbeck £18.99 €25.19 0571515924 South Pacific/King & I (score & parts) Rodgers & Hammerstein £18.99 €25.19 0571512488 Suite & Light (score & parts) Tony Osborne £18.99 €25.19 0571512496 Suite & Light (parts) Tony Osborne £9.99 €13.97 0571516513 Suite from The Nutcracker (score & parts) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky £18.99 €25.19 14 Faber Music strings Catalogue

Faber Music Education Catalogue 1 Team Strings The Team series is firmly established as a leading tutor for brass and woodwind. It presents a flexible course which can be tailored to suit each student, ideal for individual, group and class tuition – including the ABRSM music medals. The books contain plenty of carefully graded music in a wide range of styles, from Baroque and Classical eras to film, folk, jazz and Latin American. 0571528007 Team Strings. Violin (with CD) Duckett, Bull & Goodborn £9.99 €13.97 0571528058 Team Strings 2. Violin (with CD) Duckett, Bull & Rogers £9.99 €13.97 0571528015 Team Strings. Viola (with CD) Duckett, Bull & Goodborn £9.99 €13.97 1843282194 Team Strings 2. Viola Duckett, Bull & Rogers £7.99 €11.17 184328300X Team Strings 2. Viola (with CD) Duckett, Bull & Rogers £9.99 €13.97 0571528023 Team Strings. Cello (with CD) Duckett, Bull & Goodborn £9.99 €13.97 1843282208 Team Strings 2. Cello Duckett, Bull & Rogers £7.99 €11.17 1843283018 Team Strings 2. Cello (with CD) Duckett, Bull & Rogers £9.99 €13.97 0571528031 Team Strings. Double Bass (with CD) Duckett, Bull & Goodborn £9.99 €13.97 1843282216 Team Strings 2. Double Bass Duckett, Bull & Rogers £7.99 €11.17 1843283026 Team Strings 2. Double Bass (with CD) Duckett, Bull & Rogers £9.99 €13.97 057152804X Team Strings. Piano Acc/Score Duckett, Bull & Goodborn £12.99 €16.78 1843282224 Team Strings 2. Piano Acc/Score Duckett, Bull & Rogers £12.99 €16.78 Ensemble Music Winter Soundscapes Winter Soundscapes is a collection of seven evocative sound pictures, which conjure up the landscapes and feelings of a traditional hard winter. The pieces contrast one another, with relaxed fireside scenes next to relentless snowstorms, allowing young players to experiment with a number of styles and techniques. This is a great alternative to carols for December concerts and suitable for working on long after Christmas too. Ideal concert fillers for the intermediate string quartet with the added flexibility of a violin 3 alternative to viola. 0571520766 Winter Soundscapes (string quartet) Mary Cohen £10.99 €14.91 Our Education Catalogue has the lot! Theory, Piano, Strings, Rock & Pop, Choral, Vocal and much more, our Education Catalogue is just a click away. Scan the QR code or go to Faber Music education catalogue Faber Music strings Catalogue 15