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Strings Catalogue

Tuition and repertoire books for string instruments are a big part of our publishing catalogue. We hope that this resource will help you find out more about the titles that you already know, and highlight those hidden gems you may not have come across before.

COntemporary Thomas

COntemporary Thomas Adès The Four Quarters was the winner of the 2012 British Composer Award for Chamber Composition. This 20-minute work charts the progress of a day. Glassy harmonics typify the opening movement Nightfalls, whilst playful pizzicati abound in Serenade – Morning Dew. A sombre third movement, Days, is underpinned by a searching ostinato before the work breaks free from conventional time in The Twenty-Fifth Hour, the glittering finale. 0571540112 The Four Quarters (string quartet) (score) Thomas Adès £14.99 €20.09 0571540120 The Four Quarters (string quartet) (parts) Thomas Adès £19.99 €27.06 Julian Anderson This short piece (8 minutes) explores the rich and varied tone of the viola. The basic trajectory is an upwardly flowing melodic line, by turns contemplative and passionately lyrical, interrupted by a variety of other sonorities and contrasting episodes. 0571536352 Prayer (viola) Julian Anderson £7.99 €11.17 George Benjamin These three short pieces explore different facets of the same compositional technique. A Lullaby for Lalit is a slow and simple melody, accompanied by open strings. A Canon for Sally is a highly energetic fast movement with triadic harmonies and accentuated rhythms. In Lauer Lied, a plucked chordal introduction leads to a gentle arco song, ingeniously supported by lilting left-hand pizzicati. 0571522025 Three Miniatures (violin) George Benjamin £7.50 €9.81 Benjamin bRITTEN Britten’s Three Cello Suites are an indispensable part of the cello repertoire. Composed between 1964 and 1972, and inspired by the personality and technique of Mstislav Rostropovich, they both acknowledge yet at the same time distance themselves from the great precedent of Bach’s Cello Suites. 0571509495 Three Suites for Cello (cello) Benjamin Britten £12.99 €16.78 aNDERS hILLBORG In his Kongsgaard Variations (2006), Swedish composer Anders Hillborg takes the Ariettatheme from Beethoven’s last piano-sonata, No. 32 in C minor Op. 111 as the basis for an evocative 16-minute string quartet. Beethoven’s sublime music drifts strangely through the centuries and is warped, vaporised, and refashioned as if, in the words of Hillborg, the Arietta ‘is dreaming yet another variation on itself’. 057153970X Kongsgaard Variations (string quartet) (score) Anders Hillborg £14.99 €20.09 0571539718 Kongsgaard Variations (string quartet) (parts) Anders Hillborg £19.99 €27.06 16 Faber Music strings Catalogue

iMOGEN hOLST Known more as a famous composer’s daughter and as the assistant of Benjamin Britten, Imogen Holst was a serious creator in her own right, as this deftly constructed, almost impressionistic, quintet demonstrates. The 14-minute work begins with two short rustic movements before the mood changes to a substantial and moving set of variations based on the final theme written in the sketchbook of her father, Gustav Holst. 0571507530 String Quintet (score) Imogen Holst £9.99 €13.97 0571507549 String Quintet (parts) Imogen Holst £16.99 €22.90 oLIVER kNUSSEN This touching 5-minute work for solo violin, written in memory of Michael Vyner, displays all of Oliver Knussen’s gifts as an accomplished miniaturist. The starting point for the three ‘verses’ of this short meditation is based on a concerto slow movement and it also sets, wordlessly, an undisclosed text. 0571525318 Secret Psalm (violin) Oliver Knussen £7.50 €9.81 DAVID MATTHEWS David Matthews’ string quartets comprise a remarkably rich collection of pieces that span over 50 years of composition. In his String Quartet No. 8, Matthews references the Welsh folksong Y Deryn Du (The Blackbird) in the lyrical first movement, before a jagged scherzo. This 18-minute work ends with a slow last movement in which imposing rhetorical outer sections frame a tranquil fugue. 057156450X String Quartet No. 8 (score) David Matthews £7.99 €11.17 0571564518 String Quartet No. 8 (parts) David Matthews £17.99 €23.83 pETER sCULTHORPE Imbued with the sounds and rhythms of Balinese music – particularly rice-pounding music, and the popular song play, arja – this 16-minute quartet is Sculthorpe at his finest. The quartet is framed by movements for cello alone, written in a spatio-temporal notation in order to create the feeling of improvisation. 0571505139 String Quartet No. 8 (score) Peter Sculthorpe £9.99 €13.97 0571505309 String Quartet No. 8 (parts) Peter Sculthorpe £14.99 €20.09 contemporary Faber Music strings Catalogue 17