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Meet the


Lachlan Scott –

A long way to the top

ET Australia’s



Future proofing

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Year 10


Class of 2016

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ET Australia’s Nurturing

Environment sets

Briley up to Achieve

HSC Success

Training College

Success Stories

Connecting students

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Welcome to the First Edition

of ET Australia’s Magazine

The purpose of our magazine is to share ET Australia’s success with our community.

Tony Mylan, CEO, ET Australia

ET Australia is local, dedicated and

outcomes driven. The organisation

exists to help people find and

maintain employment. ET Australia

actively contributes to the social

and economic growth of the NSW

Central Coast region. The organisation

collaborates across the community

through active engagement with

local businesses, local community

organisations, schools, individuals and

government to develop innovative

place based approaches to improving

employment opportunities, helping

people find and maintain jobs.

In 2015/16 ET Australia assisted

over 400 people in their quest for

vocational training, education

and employment.

ET Australia Secondary College,

funded as an independent high school,

delivers a model of education for

Year 7 to Year 10 students equipping

them with the skills to be successful in

ongoing studies and employment.

ET Australia continued its range of

training programs, traineeship and

assessment services delivered by the

Training College to businesses all over

the Central Coast.

Our success in placing people into

employment and our high rate of

customer satisfaction are testament to

our record.

ET Australia always welcomes your

feedback. Please drop us a line at



A Bright Future for Leanne


There is Something About Mary


ET Australia’s

Employment Program


Certificate III in Business



Education, the Key to

Jessica’s success


Developing a pathway plan to

employment with ET Australia


ET Australia Partnerships


Upcoming 2017

Training College Courses


Year 10 Graduation 2016


No Standing Still for Luke,

an ET Australia Secondary College

2015 Graduate


Secondary College Enrolling

Now for 2017


Meet the Teacher –

Lachlan Scott


ET Australia Secondary College

2016 Cross Curriculum Learning


On the Cover

ET Australia Secondary College Year 10

2014 graduate, Briley Bosworth


A Nurturing Environment

Set Briley up to Achieve

HSC Success


ET Australia Working With

the Community to Grow the

Central Coast


ET Australia’s

Supporters and Partners


Key highlights this year

have been:

■■Issued over 200 Certificates and

Statement of Attainments

ET Australia at

a Glance

■■Secured NSW Government

Smart and Skilled funding

for 2017

■■ET Australia Secondary

College (ETASC) enrolments for

2017 are 95% achieved. The

school will have a full student

capacity from day 1 of the

2017 school year, this hasn’t

happened before

■■The Training College secured

a business partnership with

BlueWave Living to deliver an

employment program that

will boost their workforce

development and provide direct

and immediate employment

opportunities for our students



ET Australia established as a community

organisation to assist people into employment

On Mann Street, Gosford, assisting the disadvantaged

gain employment skills through community activities

ET Australia becomes incorporated

Starts delivering education training & related education

programs under the Skillshare program

Established ET Australia offices in Woy Woy

To continue providing focussed Skillshare programs

to the Peninsula

Received our first Landcare Environment

Action Program (LEAP) grant

ET Australia have been delivering environmental

programs continuously since 1996.

Now running the Green Army Program



Became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

ET Australia became one of the first RTOs approved in this new system


ET Australia is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO, RTO ID

90084) delivering Nationally Recognised Training qualifications.

ET Australia is an approved delegate of the Australian Skills

Quality Authority


ET Australia

Board of Directors

Graham McGuinness


Managing Director

and Consultant –

Delgarah Pty Ltd



Moved to the Parkside building

Located opposite Kibble Park on Donnison Street, Gosford

Established Donnisons on the Park Restaurant

with Regional Youth Support Services

To support our hospitality training programs

Trained and employed 97 young people over 7 years

Established ET Australia offices

in the Wyong region

To continue providing focussed employment

programs to the Wyong region

Paul Tonkin



& Public Officer

Partner & Lawyer –

Tonkin Drysdale


Tim Cullen


Partner and

Accountant –


Michael North


Tim Cornish



Director –



Alan Williams



and Chief


Officer –

Blink Mobile

ET Australia Secondary College is established

Opening its doors to Year 9 and 10 students

Received our first Smart and Skilled contract

To deliver subsidised training programs to the Central Coast

ET Australia becomes an approved delegate of

the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)

ET Australia Secondary College expands

Adding Years 7 and 8 classes





A Bright Future

for Leanne

A colourful past leads to a

bright future for Leanne in the

aged care industry.

Growing up in Victoria and spending

twenty years climbing corporate

ladders in Sydney and another ten

years teaching English to primary

school students in Thailand Leanne

decided it was time to return back to

Australia to live and settle on the

Central Coast.

Tragedy struck Leanne in 2015 with

her father passing away. Leanne says

this is what sparked her interest in

aged care and drove her towards a

career change. “I had never had an

interest or passion for looking after the

elderly up until my interactions with

the nurses who looked after my father,

I found their line of work fascinating

and rewarding as they were helping

the elderly maintain their quality of

life” she said.

What’s next for Leanne?

After doing research online into aged

care training Leanne came across ET

Australia’s CHC33015 Certificate III in

Individual Support so she signed up to

commence early 2016.

Concerned about studying again, her

Trainer, Mary Seeto, reassured her

that she would be surprised how far

she could go with a little bit of focus

and dedication, “Mary was reassuring

and very generous with her time, she

had time to answer any question I

had. Mary was also able to assist me

understand the processes involved

with studying the content of the

course” Leanne said.

After gaining work placement

opportunities at Aurrum at Erina and

Presbyterian Aged Care, Leanne was

extremely thankful on the job training

I would like to do my CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing

Support with ET Australia next and then would like to

study to become a palliative care nurse. Hopefully in five

years’ time I will be a fully qualified palliative care nurse.

This would not have been possible without Mary or the

team at ET Australia.

Leanne Thomas, ET Australia Training

College 2016 graduate

I loved the fact we

did practical training

throughout the course.

was completed during the course,

“I loved the fact we did practical

training throughout the course.

I have spoken to other students who

trained with other RTOs who had

completed all of the theory and

were then onto the practical

component of their course, most of

these students were finding it difficult.

I am very happy with the structure of

training ET Australia provided”

she said.

With her personal achievement of

completing ET Australia’s CHC33015

Certificate III in Individual Support,

Leanne quickly found employment

while completing the last of her work

placement hours. “I was invited to

submit an application at Aurrum whilst

completing my work placement, ET

Australia and Mary ensured I was

workplace ready which assisted me

to be confident enough to undertake

tasks that would impress our potential

employers. After working for two

months I have now been offered to be

a medicator” she said.


There is Something

About Mary

"Supportive" "The Best Teacher"

"Amazing" "Inspiring" "Awesome"

These are just a few of the regular comments

provided about Mary Seeto, Head Trainer

in aged care for ET Australia.

Mary Seeto, Trainer ET Australia

Mary’s classes are in demand as

students rave about their Trainer.

Mary’s students give her cards, gifts,

and glowing reviews.

So what is it about Mary that makes

her so popular with her students?

One of Mary’s 2015 graduates said

“Once I was in a real facility I realised

just how much Mary’s classroom

training prepares you for the industry.

All the skills and knowledge gained

from Mary during the course, has

really given me confidence.”

“Having a supportive Trainer you can

trust is key in building confidence”

says Jennifer Caldwell who completed

her CHC30212Certificate III in Aged

Care with Mary in 2015.

When chatting to Mary about her

teaching style she describes her

approach as follows:

“I use a variety of learning methods

including on screen presentations,

group work and practical exercises.

I employ an approachable and

respectable view to all participants in

my classes, and always look for the

potential in all students. Assisting

them to grow as people, and as aged

care workers is really important.

Giving them the very best insight into

an aged care career and its various

pathways is also important as is

putting people with the right attitude

into the industry.”

If you haven’t met Mary before you are

sure to see her on-site at Aged Care

facilities around the Central Coast.

She is hard to miss at only 4 foot 11

inches tall, with a kind determination

and enthusiasm to give the aged care

industry the very best employees.

Being on-site regularly with her

students is one of the many extra steps

Mary takes in her hands-on approach.

By guiding her students during work

placements and giving both them

and the hosting facility the support

and attention needed, students gain

the skills and knowledge necessary to

become valuable employees.

Mary’s students are regularly

employed at aged care facilities around

the Coast, and this is a testament to

her successful training.


I guess they don’t

call me Mother Mary

for nothing.

ET Australi


Recruitment, training and employment delivered in one –

Choose once Choose ET Australia.

ET Australia’s successful

employment program model

brings sustainable employment

through a unique approach

combining targeted recruitment,

on-site training and employment

outcomes rolled into one program.

The model is ideal for those

employers looking for an efficient

and targeted approach for the

recruitment and retention of entry

level staff.

ET Australia’s employment program

model is an easy solution for a business

who would like to reduce their outlay

on the recruitment process for entry

level staff.

ET Australia manages the recruitment

and training process to ensure the

employer we are working with receives

the best possible candidates for their

job vacancies.

We conduct unlimited rounds of

recruitment to source suitable

applicants for each employment

program, therefore as an employer

this means you end up with a pool of

candidates to select from and trial in

your workplace before committing

to employment.

When selecting candidates,

ET Australia ensures a consultative

approach with the employer.

This means employer staff are involved

in the recruitment process and

selection of candidates.

On-site training delivery ensures a

fully integrated program model for

successful training and sustainable


ET Australia’s employment program

allows the employer to provide

a real working environment for

the development of high levels of

competency and employability.

Employers can trial candidates in

their workplace under ET Australia’s


Employer staff are involved first hand

in student training, program evaluation

and review. Students receive valuable

employer mentoring and support to

optimise their learning experience

and outcomes.

ET Australia’s employment program saves

employer’s hours of time, takes the hard work out

of recruitment and is at $0 cost.

Students are trained in policies

and procedures relevant to the

organisation and position requirement.

As an employer you are putting ‘your

mark’ on students for best practice

outcomes. On-site delivery also means

students can undertake employee

induction as part of their training.

Students can be employed at any time

throughout the program providing

the employer a pool of potential

employees to choose from.




1. 2.


ET Australia works with you to build a sustainable

workforce for your organisation. This includes:

■ ■Workforce development for entry level staff / up-skilling staff

■■Identifying entry level positions to meet current

and future needs

■■Program structure and scheduling to meet organisational needs


We manage the recruitment process including

marketing and identifying suitable applicants.

This includes:

■ ■Advertising

■■Social media

■■Enquiry management (phone/email)

■■Short listing of suitable applicants



We manage the administration of student

commencements including:

■■Undertaking Federal Police Check/Working

with Children Check (if applicable)

■■Uniform/attire requirements

■■Facility induction conducted as per

company policies and procedures



We conduct unlimited rounds of recruitment to

source suitable applicants for each employment

program. Each round of recruitment will include:

■ ■Screening resumes and cover letters

■■Initial interview to ensure applicant suitability

■■Thorough written application process

■■Selection of candidates in consultation with key staff

5. 6.


The program is delivered at your site led by ET Australia’s

industry qualified Trainer and Assessor who works closely with

your key staff. Delivery includes:

■ ■Best practice training that complies with the relevant training package


Access to ET Australia’s support services


On-the-job training aligned to your organisational procedures


Students gaining invaluable support and mentoring for optimal outcomes


Program evaluation is conducted throughout the

program and includes:

■ ■Meetings with staff obtaining program progress,

feedback and review


Formal student evaluations mid-way and upon program



Evaluations also occur informally throughout the program

Brad Perry with CEO of Regional Youth

Support Services (RYSS) Kim McLoughry

Business Administration

Course review from 2016 graduate Brad Perry.

With a keen interest in business

during school, completing a BSB30415

Certificate III in Business Administration

with ET Australia was an obvious choice

and gave Brad the skills and knowledge

required to get his foot in the door of

the business world.

Brad sat down with Jessica Brett from

ET Australia to provide an update

on what it’s like studying a Business

Administration qualification.

Brad did you find the course

challenging and rewarding?

“I found the course very rewarding,

I had the goal to be able to get a

good job working in business, which I

now have at Regional Youth Support

Services (RYSS).”

Was your Trainer helpful and there

for you when you needed help?

“Dione was excellent, extremely helpful

whenever I needed it, while also

teaching the course in an interesting

and fun way.”

Now that you have completed your

training, what are some of the

career doors you believe will open

up for you?

“Completing this training gives me a

good opportunity to follow my career

goals in business and provides me

with the knowledge, experience

and qualifications employers want and

gives me an advantage in the

job market.”

And where are you currently

working? Or have you gone onto

further study?

“I’m actually doing both. I have

been lucky enough to get a job at

Regional Youth Support Services

as a Resource Trainee and am now

completing a BSB40515 Certificate IV

in Business Administration through

ET Australia.”


Brad receiving his Certificate from

ET Australia Trainer Dione Terrantroy

Do you feel by completing your

business administration training

at ET Australia there has been a

positive impact on yourself both

professionally and personally?

“Most definitely. Before I started

the training, the only qualification I

had was my HSC. Now that I have

completed my training, I have a

qualification which employers can see

and understand. With ET Australia’s

community connections I was also able

to be referred to a job at RYSS which

has positively affected me professionally

and personally. Before the course I felt

like I had nothing to offer potential

employers and therefore wouldn’t get a

job. Now I’m confident in myself and in

my skills as an employee.”

Education, the Key to

Jessica’s Success

Developing a pathway plan with ET Australia

has been the key to Jessica’s success in gaining

employment in the early childhood industry.

Jessica’s career could have gone one

of two ways.

A keen interest in photography, Jessica

always thought she would end up

being a professional photographer,

however after a work experience

placement in high school at a local

child care centre, Jessica knew this was

the industry she wanted to pursue a

career in.

Jessica came across ET Australia after

seeing an advertisement for a Business

traineeship position. “I completed my

Statement of Attainment in BSB30115

Certificate III in Business and when I

mentioned I was interested in child

care ET Australia placed me in a child

care centre for my work placement”

she said.

Jessica decided to commit to

studying a Statement of Attainment

in CHC30113 Certificate III in Early

Childhood Education and Care and

then moved into studying the full

Certificate III qualification in 2015.

“Studying at ET Australia was made

easier by the Trainer who helped make

sense of it all. When I changed over

to the CHC30113 Certificate III in Early

Childhood Education and Care I found

the course work easy to follow and

Toni Hutchison the Trainer was really

good at explaining the work in different

ways for me to understand when I was

having difficulties” she said.

Jessica says she found the course

really rewarding and loved the work

experience, learning the proper way

to guide children in their learning

and in the development of their skills.

Work placement has exposed Jessica

to great fundamentals that she now

uses in her job.

Since finishing the CHC30113

Certificate III in Early Childhood

Education and Care Jessica has

obtained casual work with the Better

Futures Hub crèche in Wyong and

Mission Australia Early Learning

centres on the Central Coast.

Jessica is continuing her studies to

gain a CHC50113 Diploma of Early

Childhood Education and Care with

ET Australia. Being able to work and

study gives Jessica the opportunity to

develop her workplace competencies

needed to secure a full time position

allowing her to work with children

which she says is her greatest

achievement so far.

Jessica’s 5 year plan includes

completing the Diploma and to use

this as a pathway to go to University to

study a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching

and from there work in either a

childcare centre or Primary School.


Elisha Ford (left) from Mission Australia

Early Learning Centres with Jessica Timp

"ET Australia supported

me during my time with

them not only in my study

but also when I went

through personal issues,

they were understanding

and allowed me the time

to recover and get back

on my feet. Michelle and

Toni from ET Australia

have helped me achieve

my goals so far and

this has helped me

both professionally and

personally" she said.

Wondering What it’s Like to Partner

With ET Australia to Provide

Employment Opportunities for the

Central Coast Community?

The below testimonials from some of our long standing business partnerships

provide an insight into what ET Australia provides to their business.

“Central Coast Group Training

approached ET Australia 10

years ago to provide nationally

recognised on-site training for our

trainees we place in Central Coast

businesses. A decade later, ET Australia

is continuing to help CCGT by taking

the difficulty out of organising onsite

training. ET Australia is a quality

training provider we can trust to

go on-site at businesses who host

our trainees. ET Australia delivers

effective training which meets national

standards as well as our own. The

results CCGT see are businesses who

host our trainees can focus on growing

their business while ET Australia takes

care of training the trainee. We really

enjoy the professional and flexible

approach ET Australia Trainers have

toward delivering on-site training.

The entire ET Australia team are

exceptionally knowledgeable about

the vocational education industry,

if we don’t know the answer to an

industry question, a team member

from ET Australia will. CCGT find the

experience of dealing with ET Australia

terrific and we would recommend any

business on the Central Coast who

want to hire a trainee to speak to

ET Australia and CCGT. Combined we

have the right framework in place to

deliver on-site training and employer

services which allow businesses to

focus on growth.”

Alison Cook,

Operations Manager,

Central Coast Group Training (CCGT)

“Brazel Moore Lawyers has

worked with ET Australia

since 2013 and have provided

traineeship services and also tailored

training for Brazel Moore Lawyers

staff to be up skilled in Microsoft

Office applications. We chose to

work with ET Australia as we initially

needed a trainee to fill an internal

vacancy. ET Australia took the hassle

out of recruiting and provided quality

job ready candidates for us to fill

our trainee positions with. We are

finding the traineeship outcomes,

training services and Microsoft skills

courses ET Australia provide, allow

Brazel Moore to focus on specific

position deliverables within our

business, rather than having to teach

trainees the basics i.e. computer skills.

We particularly like the face to face

availability of ET Australia’s Trainer,

Dione, visiting the workplace when

required and the training provided by

Dione being hands on, this allows our

trainee’s to watch, learn and practice

new skills on the job.

ET Australia have been professional

and helpful and I would recommend

ET Australia to any organisation,

including, professional law offices and

accounting firms looking

for trainees.”

Kelly Manning,

Office Manager,

Brazel Moore Lawyers


ET Australia approached

Little Coasties Kindergarten

located at Green Point a

little over 11 years ago to update us

on the importance and benefits of

employing trainees. Over a decade

later, ET Australia is helping Little

Coasties Kindergarten future proof

our workforce by putting forward

job ready trainees from their early

childhood education programs,

in fact we now have 6 trainees

employed by Little Coasties who

were students from ET Australia

over the last decade. We see

ET Australia taking the struggle

out of hiring staff by providing us

with employees who are job ready,

motivated and have a commitment

to being successful in the early

childhood education and care

industry. We really enjoy the ability

of ET Australia to tailor their training

and recruitment service to Little

Coasties when required.

ET Australia’s Trainer, Toni, is always

approachable. We are very happy

with the relationship we have

forged with ET Australia over the

last decade. We highly recommend

anyone looking for a job in the early

childhood and education industry to

get in contact with ET Australia.”

Diane Agius,

Centre Manager,

Little Coasties Kindergarten

Upcoming 2017

Training College Courses

Enquire now to apply for any of the 2017 courses below:

Course Code

and Name

Next Classroom

Start Date





Time Location Additional

Delivery Modes

Individual Support (Ageing)

CHC33015 Certificate III

in Individual Support

CHC43015 Certificate IV

in Ageing Support


15 March 30 June * Wednesday to


9:00am to


ET Australia,


Start this course today. Call ET Australia on 43231233 or email


Self Paced


Self Paced

BSB10115 Certificate I

in Business

BSB20115 Certificate II

in Business

BSB30115 Certificate III

in Business

BSB30415 Certificate III

in Business Administration

BSB30415 Certificate III

in Business Administration

Leadership and Management

Start these courses today. Call ET Australia on 43231233 or email

6 February 27 June

15 February 29 June

Monday to


Wednesday to


9:00am to


9:00am to


ET Australia,


ET Australia,


Self Paced


Self Paced


Self Paced


Self Paced


Self Paced

BSB42015 Certificate IV in

Leadership and Management

Early Childhood

Start this course today. Call ET Australia on 43231233 or email

Traineeship / Self


CHC30113 Certificate III in Early

Childhood Education and Care

CHC50113 Diploma of Early

Childhood Education and Care

6 March 15 August * Monday to


20 April 7 December * Thursday

9:00am to


9:00am to


ET Australia,


ET Australia,


Traineeship / Self


Traineeship / Self


Information Technology

ICT10115 Certificate I in

Information, Digital Media and


Start this course today. Call ET Australia on 43231233 or email

Self paced

Subsidised training places available (subsidised by the NSW Government), eligibility criteria applies.

*Actual end date may vary depending on completion of required mandated work placement hours.

Units of competency from within each of these qualifications are available individually or can be grouped to meet a specific need.

Call ET Australia today on 4323 1233

or email us at to apply.


ET Austra


Class of 2016 Gradua

Year 10 students celebrate their achievements

with their parents and teachers.

On Thursday 8th December

ET Australia Secondary College

Year 10 students celebrated

their achievements at the annual

College Year 10 graduation

ceremony held in the showroom

at Mingara Recreation Club.

Students celebrated completing

their Record of School Achievement

(RoSA) and were recognised for their

achievements throughout the year by

being presented with their College

graduate certificates.

College volunteers were also

recognised for giving their time and

effort throughout the year receiving

a certificate of appreciation.

Right & Below:

Year 10 Graduation,

Mingara Recreation Club

Showroom. Below Right:

Tony Mylan, Principal,

addresses the audience.

Congratulations to all

Year 10 2016 graduates

and special thanks to

our volunteer team for

their time and effort.

ET Australia Secondary College 2016 volunteers:

Caroline Warren

Hayley Baldwin

Kenneth Scriven

Melissa Rudd

Michael Boake

Renee Taverna

Sue Barrington

Warren Henry





Above: Year 10

Graduating Class of 2016

with their teachers.

Right: John Lenton,

Assistant Principal,

addressing the audience.

Congratulations to our

ET Australia Secondary College

2016 subject award winners:

Egan Thornycroft

First Place in Geography

First Place in History

First Place in Mathematics

First Place in PDHPE

First Place in Science

Highest Attendance Award

Mia Wiltshire

First Place in History

First Place in Mathematics

Brianna Smith

First Place in English

Principal’s Award



A bright future for Leanne

A colourful past leads to a bright future for Leanne in

the Aged Care industry

No Standing Still

for Luke, an ET Australia

Secondary College

2015 Graduate

Luke Wood, 2015 College Graduate

Coming to ET Australia Secondary College in Year 9 in 2014,

the last place Luke thought he would end up would be in his

dream job in the automotive industry at Booth’s Mitsubishi,

located in North Gosford as an Apprentice Technician.

Growing up in different parts of the

Central Coast and Newcastle, but

now residing in Wyoming. Luke had a

passion for all things cars.

“I remember when I was younger I

used to be a collector of Match box

cars, I think I ended up collecting about

700 cars, with my favourite matchbox

car being the ’67 Ford Mustang

Fastback. My dad was a car fan also,

V8s mostly and in my early teenage

years he sat me down to watch the

movie, the Fast and the Furious – from

then on I was 110% hooked on cars!”

What’s Luke’s favourite car out of the

iconic fast and furious franchise?

“It has to be any of the Godzilla Skyline’s

Paul Walker drove, they were all beasts!”

Not happy with his current high school

and unsure how he could pursue his

dream of a job in the automotive

industry, Luke saw an ad on Facebook

about ET Australia Secondary College

and with the support of his parents

decided to make the switch.

Luke said making the change to

ET Australia Secondary College is one

of the best decisions he and his parents

have ever made.

From day one Luke felt like he

was treated like an adult and the

interaction plus the attention he

received from his teachers in class was

something he never experienced at his

old high school.

Adding to his experience was his

individual pathway plan developed

by ET Australia Secondary College.

Luke’s individual pathway plan drew

out his career goals and created a

plan to achieve these goals. This plan

supported Luke to identify a career

in the automotive industry which is

exactly where he wanted to be.

It was just the little things the

teachers did in class that helped

me gain confidence which

changed how I thought of

and approached high school.

From treating me like an adult,

to being approachable in and

out of class, I just had a terrific

experience at the College and

without the teachers support I

don’t think I would have gained

my RoSA at my old high school.

Now almost through his first year of

a four year automotive technician

apprenticeship at Booths Mitsubishi plus

studying a Certificate III in Automotive

there’s no slowing down for Luke.

With both eyes firmly on the road ahead

Luke’s goal in the next five years is to

finish his apprenticeship and own his first

investment property by the age of 18.


Enrolling Now

for 2017

ET Australia Secondary College

is an independent Year 7 to 10 high

school equipping students with the

skills to be successful in ongoing

studies and employment.

Hurry! Our Year 8 and 10 class for 2017 is NOW FULL.

(Wait list available for years 8 and 10).

Now is the time to book your tour of the school and reserve a spot for your child

at ET Australia Secondary College in Years 7 or 9 in 2017.

Book your tour today by contacting us on:

Phone: 02 4323 1233


With over 93% of our 2015 graduates engaging in further studies or a career,

you can be confident ET Australia Secondary College will equip your child with

the skills to be successful in ongoing studies and employment.

Hurry before all student positions are filled in 2017!

We have seen a huge

difference in Caitlyn’s

self-esteem and selfworth

since attending

the College...

Parents of Caitlyn, Year 9

A Long Way

to the Top...

Meet the Teacher – Lachlan Scott.

ET Australia Secondary College students are

amazed at the stories Lachlan tells when they

quiz him about his past. This short story by

Lachlan gives ET Australia’s community a little

insight into the life experience he brings to the

classroom every day.

Photo Credit: Daniel Bedford

My journey started thirty-six years ago,

a born and bred ‘coastie’ thanks to the

team at Gosford Hospital. The youngest

of three boys, I grew up attending a

local primary and high school, finishing

my final HSC exam towards the end of

1998. I didn’t get the marks I needed

to get into teaching at university, a

gut wrenching and empty feeling but

something my parents didn’t let me

dwell on by leaving the job classifieds on

my bed everyday. I got my first full time

job soon after.

Spending 3 years in the insurance

industry after finishing high school

taught me an important lesson, I didn’t

want to work in the insurance industry,

it just wasn’t for me. This experience

only reinforced my desire to be a teacher

and spend time chasing my dreams.

I made some enquiries about a degree

in teaching and thankfully found out

I could start my degree in a Bachelor

of Arts/Teaching at Australian Catholic

University in 2002. This is about the

time the next six years of my life

became very interesting…

I had a passion for music from a young

age, and around 2001 I started playing

in bands with people who had the same

drive to write songs and play gigs, any

gig, anywhere to anyone and formed a

band called Something With Numbers.

Within a few months, we had an EP

recorded, interest from an indie record

label and a booking agent in Sydney

who had gigs lined up in both Sydney

and Melbourne. We started getting real

exposure when the Madden brothers

from Good Charlotte asked us to tour

nationally with them in 2003.

A major turning point in the bands

success happened in 2004 when

Stephen Wade from Select Music offered

to manage Something With Numbers.

Stephen had contacts in every corner

of the music industry and he refocused

the band from looking for big tours with

international acts to building our own

name by completing our own headlining

tours. This strategy worked, and by

2006 we had toured Australia numerous

times, finished our first American tour

and had major record labels interested

in signing the band and releasing our

second album, Perfect Distraction.

After much discussion we decided to

sign with EMI records, a smart decision

given their drive to promote Australian

music. Within months of signing with

EMI we completed a hugely successful

national album tour and big festivals

started booking the band. Big Day

Out, Soundwave, Homebake, Pyramid

Festival, Come Together festival, Livid

festival, you name it and we most likely

played at it.

In 2007 things went to a whole new

level. The year started with our first

appearance at the Big Day Out in

Sydney, which is still a career highlight.

I remember our set starting with two

security guards at the front of the

stage and by the end we had thirteen

security guards struggling to contain

the crowd as the place erupted. This

set the scene for the rest of the year as

we toured continuously. Whilst touring

with Grinspoon we heard the news

from our manager that our song ‘Apple

of the Eye’ had been nominated for an

ARIA award for best break out single of

the year.

We were going to the ARIAs!


Unfortunately we lost to a song about

ping pong, a fact my closest friends still

like to remind me about every couple of

months for good measure. Personally I

was humbled that our efforts in making

music were recognised by the Australian

music industry.

In 2008 we toured nationally with the

Big Day Out travelling music circus (trust

me, it was organised chaos) playing in

front of thirty five thousand fans or so

every couple of days. Within days of

finishing the tour we flew to New York

where we spent three months recording

our third album, Engineering the Soul.

Whilst in New York we travelled to

Austin, Texas to play the biggest music

industry event in the world, South

by South West. One week, three

hundred venues and over one thousand

bands from all over the world playing

exclusively for the worldwide music

industry. We played a number of shows

and received great reviews but the high

light of the week was playing before

teenage heart throbs, Hanson, and their

hundreds of adoring fans!

Coming back from the USA, we started

another touring cycle that, by the end

of the year had shifted my mindset

and outlook on life. Constantly on the

road touring, I missed my family and

friends. I had been essentially living out

of a suitcase since 2002 and making

ends meet by working casual jobs

between tours. I loved playing in a

band but I wanted more, I wanted to

go backpacking, live overseas, work ski

seasons in Europe and teach. So during

our last tour for the year in 2008 I made

the decision to leave the band at the

end of the year. The time was right.

Looking back, I still feel I made the

correct decision.

Within weeks of leaving the band I

was working at St Josephs College at

East Gosford, teaching in the music

department. This quickly turned into a

12 month teaching contract, providing

stability and the ability to save money.

My plans quickly turned to travel and in

2010 I left Australia behind and spent

the next couple of years travelling

around Europe. I experienced working

in schools at both ends of the socioeconomic

scale in London. I loved the

London life, I had lived in other big cities

before but I really settled in London. I

had made some good friends at work,

played football on the weekends and

could escape to any corner of Europe

for a weekend trip without fuss. But it

started to feel like I was treading water

living overseas and my mind consistently

wandered towards setting a date to

come home, for good. I booked a flight

and flew home on my dad’s birthday

without telling anyone. The look on my

parents face when I turned up on their

doorstep was priceless!

Lachlan Scott, bringing life experience

to the classroom everyday


On my return I had a chance encounter

with Mr Bob Pryke from ET Australia

whilst working casually at St Joseph’s

College at the end of 2012. He told

me about a school starting in Gosford

and asked about my experiences

working in the UK school system and

what my plans were in 2013. I didn’t

think much of the conversation until I

saw an advertisement for Teachers at

ET Australia Secondary College. I had

applied for several jobs at schools on

the Central Coast and Sydney and had

not heard back yet but was confident I

would find work somewhere so at first

didn’t apply. As the application closing

date drew nearer I started to entertain

the idea of applying and decided to

put my hat in the ring. I have been at

ET Australia Secondary College ever

since and with the guidance of the

now retired Assistant Principal Bob

Pryke, Tony Mylan our CEO, and John

Lenton, our current Assistant Principal,

I continued my career progression to

become Curriculum Coordinator in

2014 and I’m currently studying my

Masters of Educational Leadership from

Macquarie University.

Seeing the College take shape over

the last four years and the positive

results we have achieved with so many

of our students fills me with the same

sense of achievement as standing on

stage in front of a thirty five thousand

strong crowd singing the words to

every song. The opportunity I have

to positively influence our students

and hear of their success stories after

finishing at ET Australia Secondary

College is very rewarding as I can say

to myself, “I helped that student find

their pathway in life.”

ET Australia Sec

2016 Cross Curriculum

Students at ET Australia Secondary College have the ability to enhance in classroom

studies by attending incursions and excursions throughout the year. Incursions and

excursions often provide practical experiences to extend learning beyond the classroom in a

particular subject area, for example a visit to a hospital or attending a museum.

We selected five of the

best incursions and

excursions provided to

students throughout

2016 to give you an

understanding of how

our incursions and

excursions relate to

ET Australia’s Secondary

College curriculum.

The Clip and Climb excursion to

the Central Coast Leagues Club was

designed to engage Year 7 and 8

students in a practical setting and

provide the opportunity to use the skills

taught in the classroom in a hands on

experience. Students used the skills and

content taught in both Mathematics

and PDHPE to complete a number of

different data collection exercises. The

data each student collected was used in

class to illustrate key concepts and skills

required in Mathematics and PDHPE.

Year 10 students had the opportunity

to attend the P.A.R.T.Y. Program in

Term 3 as part of studying PDHPE at

ET Australia Secondary College.

P.A.R.T.Y. is an acronym for the

Prevention of Alcohol and Risk-Related

Trauma in Youth. The P.A.R.T.Y.

program is an in hospital injury and

trauma prevention program at

Royal North Shore Hospital Trauma

Service and is designed to show

students first hand some of the tragic

consequences that can occur if they

participate in risk-taking behaviour, as

well as the choices they can make to

avoid trauma and injury.


ondary College


In Science and PDHPE students

studied responses of the human body

to disease. As part of this study all

Year 9 and 10 students attended the

Museum of Human Disease in

Sydney which contains examples of

both infectious and non-infectious

diseases. At the museum students

were able to view a collection of 3,000

specimens of human tissue, some over

100 years old.

The specimens are obtained from

organs removed surgically and from

tissue obtained at autopsy. This

excursion related directly to the

cross-curricula Science and PDHPE

assessment task completed in term 3.

As part of the practical component of

the PDHPE course for Years 7 to 10

students were provided the opportunity

to participate in self-defence. Jon and

Brian from Coast Wide Self Defense

located in Long Jetty, instructed

students weekly in Term 3 on how

to defend themselves in a range of

different scenarios. This physical activity

is designed to improve students gross

motor skills, foster resilience and build

confidence and self-efficacy. Students

were also taken out to the Coast Wide

Self Defence community gym at Long

Jetty to provide them an opportunity

to engage in self-defence in a purpose

built facility.

Conversation Café was a Year 9

and 10 incursion designed to provide

students with key information in

the study of English. Students were

provided a number of different learning

‘cafes’ where key historical events of

Indigenous Australians since European

settlement in 1788 were discussed. Key

discussions included: The Mile Creek

Massacre, The Stolen Generation,

Closing the Gap and Racism in Sport.

Each ‘café’ provided the students with

information to complete an English

assessment task for Term 3, a picture

book based on a significant event in

Indigenous history since the arrival

of Europeans.



A Nurturing Environment

Set Briley up to Achieve

HSC Success

Moving from main stream schooling to ET Australia

Secondary College proved to be the right choice for Briley.

Right now, Briley is enjoying the

summer holidays, having just completed

her HSC and has celebrated with a

week away to mark her completion

of secondary school. Just like the

thousands of HSC students who have

completed Year 12 in 2016, by the

time you read this she has most likely

received her HSC results and planning

on her next move.

Briley remembers being a very active

child, with a love for all sports in

the water, being part of her local

swimming club and a member of The

Lakes Surf lifesaving club which she

was passionate about “and I had a love

for dogs, especially Labradors” she says

with a smile.

Briley attended primary school in the

North Lakes area “I loved my primary

school experience and enjoyed my time

making plenty of friends. I was always

looking for ways to ensure I got the

most out of my schooling experience”

she said.

High school for Briley was a different

story. She thought by following her

friends to the same school would

provide her with the support network

she required to achieve her education

goals. “I started to lose my friends at

school because I refused to follow the

crowd. High school became a lonely

and secluded experience that was

extremely unenjoyable” she said.

This isolation and refusal to follow the

crowd early on in high school was the

turning point for her to start looking

around at other school options. “My

brother completed his Year 10 studies

through a program called Links to

Learning delivered by ET Australia.

With my mum by my side we began

to look for alternative opportunities

for me to continue my schooling in a

happy and rewarding environment. We

approached ET Australia and they had

a Secondary College for Year 9 and 10

students. This school was appealing to

me, small class sizes, no school uniform

and it wasn’t in a normal school

setting” she said.

There was one issue though with

Briley attending ET Australia Secondary

College, she was in Year 8.

After ET Australia Secondary College

conducted an academic assessment

of Briley to see if she was capable

Briley receiving her Year 10 Graduation

Certificate from Tony Mylan,

College Principal, in 2014


“I achieved a lot during my time

at ET Australia Secondary College

even down to how to catch

public transport to and from

school. The College offered a

supportive environment where I

felt comfortable and nurtured. I

was able to reignite my passion

for education. The teachers at the

College take their teaching seriously

however they do not overdo their

authority, they make learning a fun

experience and provide a terrific

support network” she said.

of handling Year 9 studies, she was

accepted into the Colleges Year 9 class

for 2013.

Focussing on wanting to complete

her HSC, Briley successfully made the

transition back to Tuggerah Lakes

Secondary College and completed her

last exam in November this year.

What’s next for Briley? “For now I have

completed my high school education

and I’m working part time at Best and

Less, saving to travel the world and gain

a little life experience before I decide on

my next move but my career aspiration

is to pursue a role in interior design and

decoration” she said.

Briley hopes that by providing a little

snapshot about her struggles and

success with her education she can

inspire other students who may be

unmotivated to contact ET Australia

Secondary College as it may change

their life like it did for her.

ET Australia Working

With the Community to

Grow the Central Coast

Taking an active role in the social and economic growth of

the Central Coast region, ET Australia has a long tradition

of supporting a wide range of community organisations on

the Central Coast.

Here is a snapshot of some of ET Australia’s current

community involvement:

The Local Employer Council (LEC)

In July 2015 ET Australia created a

youth employment and job creation

initiative directly with 9 of the Central

Coast’s largest employers to improve

prospects on the NSW Central Coast

for young people.

The LEC has been designed for

employers to work directly with ET

Australia and community partners

to facilitate linkages between young

people and real job opportunities to

increase and generate job creation.

The LEC is part of a plan that will

transform the delivery of vocational

school, post-school vocational

training, and youth employment

engagement across the region

resulting in more local youth

completing school, obtaining

qualifications and gaining


For more information follow the

LEC by searching @CCLEC on

Facebook today.

The Better Futures Hub (BFH)

The Better Futures Hub is the Wyong

home to programs and services that

support the realisation of aspirations

and dreams that every young parent

has for their child and themselves.

ET Australia plays a key part in the

BFH delivering training and vocational

education programs throughout the

year at this great venue.

At the Better Futures Hub, young

parents and families are supported

and encouraged to become economic,

social and civic contributors in their

community. BFH is a place to build

resilience on the pathway to a

better future.

For more information visit


An $18 million motoring complex,

CASAR Park is the brainchild of local

community-minded business people

who are passionate about making a

difference for the people of the

Central Coast.

The proposed site is a 140 hectare parcel

in North Wyong Shire. The primary

objectives of the motoring complex are

to support:

■ ■Club-level motor sport participation

■ ■Motoring-related tourism

■ ■Road safety awareness

■ ■Driver and Rider training

■ ■Automotive skills training

Once completed the Park will

generate $20 million annually in

economic contribution to the local

economy with 200 jobs and 200

training & work experience positions

on-site once fully operational, and a

further 150 indirect jobs.

CASAR Park’s partnering organisations

include ET Australia who work with

disengaged, disadvantaged and

disabled young people every day.

CASAR Park is united in taking

action that provides opportunities for

social engagement and for advantage

and ability through work experience

and training.

For more information visit

Green Army

An Australian Government Initiative

delivered by ET Australia, each project

runs 4 days per week for a period

of 20 weeks. Participants receive

an allowance for participation and

upon successful completetion, recieve

a Statement of Attainment from

AHC21010 Certificate II in Conservation

and Land Management.

Our Green Army teams have spent

time working with The Australian

Reptile Park, Clean4Shore,

The CEN Nursery, Australia Walkabout

Wildlife Park and other Central Coast

Community organisations.

Since 2015 ET Australia’s

Green Army teams have:

■ ■Carried out weed removal over

60 hectares of land

■ ■Planted 7000 plants

■ ■Removed over 7 tonnes of

rubbish from Brisbane Water

and Tuggerah Lakes

■ ■Deconstructed of over 500m

of illegal mountain bike paths

■ ■Constructed 2 predator proof

fences that prevented dam age

of native plants.

For more information

about ET Australia’s Green

Army projects visit


ET Australia has a range of generous organisations on the Central Coast

that help support us to take an active role in the social and economic

growth of the Central Coast region, and deliver our mission to provide

more opportunities for individuals to achieve their full potential.

Some of the ways in which our supporters help ET Australia is by

allowing us to offer student scholarships, by generously donating funds for

scholarships, they provide work placements, on the job training facilities,

physical education facilities, access to science labs and other school facilities.

Many thanks to our supporters and partners in 2016. We look

forward to a happy and prosperous 2017 working with you.


Gosford City


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A long way to the top

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Meet the


Lachlan Scott –

A long way to the top

Year 10


Class of 2016

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Future proofing

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ET Australia’s



Future proofing

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ET Australia’s Nurturing

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Briley up to Achieve

HSC Success

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