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Dialogue between India

Dialogue between India Pakistan - beyond begging bowl. "We've to do the talking", Prof Bhat. President Rouhani's silence is a give and take for CHAHBAHAR against CPEC. Taking out Dialogue Begging Bowl. India is adamant as never before not only refusing to talk but also refusing it when they actually do happen By: Gawhar Ali immering peace is a daydream at the borders so is the will to break the ice for a sojourn of tranquility. SEveryone including politicians is wailing for the dialogue or the talks, treated as gospel truth, should start no matter if it only adds the list of a long queue of talks placed since 1948. India is adamant as never before not only refusing to talk but also refusing it when they actually do happen. With the RSS powered Government in power and army towing to the same line it is strange why should we think about talks when they've never helped us in a great deal. Yes, it has helped some which are still unknown to common masses. Borders are hot like never before so is the diplomacy with toothless counterpart summoning Indian Mission in Pakistan for more than four times in a month - should talks have definitely taken place through the barrel of a gun, not with the oration of men. Talks, as usual, are always pressed hard from all sides including Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti dancing on the same tone. Recent highlevel civilian talks were held in Lahore when Prime Minister Modi visited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his granddaughter's marriage, to some it was a reception of wedding but to some, it was well prepared with the help of Steel Barron Mr. Jindal who's considered to be close with the Sharif family. What was the outcome of that enterprise which ultimately ended with the Pathankot fiasco? The carriers of national media from both ends trash each other's version and stories but in whole informal talks India is not ready to give an inch about the disputed nature, while Pakistan is also not weak in its diplomacy ultimately supervised by its powerful military. Once, Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat, a senior most member of Hurriyat Conference, told me that we had to do the talking! Same is to render when it comes to the mainstream bench, only if Mr. Akbar Lone won't talk out-of-tune in the assembly. Dozens of prominent talks occurred between India and Pakistan without any results at all. But we're always mentally coerced that Himalaya is going to melt when these talks would occur between the two countries. Pakistan, as 16 February 2018

usual, is not going to change its policy Pakistani Military strategy against each when they're mulling to bring other which at the end is the harsh reality? accountability in their own setup with Would it bring respite to the Militancy? post-Panama verdict. Sharifs have Would it end the bloodshed at borders launched a bitter attack on the country's particularly at LOC? The answer is very top judiciary which ultimately is aimed down-to-earth but Kashmiris are pushed towards the establishment. At this critical to emotional composition more grave than juncture when they're not ready to accept the wounds we received. to move an inch on their own, why should But this is what senior congressman & we believe they will change their taste former diplomat Mani Shankar Aiyar said towards their foundation of foreign policy in Karachi recently, “There is only one – Kashmir. way of resolving India-Pakistan issues by India having its economic markets and an uninterrupted and uninterruptible avenues open to global players have sent dialogue.” Has this solved the political drumsticks to those who play as an ally to shape in terms of him himself accepting Kashmiris at their home. Iran is a the fact that he was helping several voices prominent example of such a policy , likes Sindhodesham Party in Pakistan recently their Supreme Leader Ayatollah himself when he was serving in the Indian Khamenei lambasted India for their part in Mission? And now the dialogue has the violence in Kashmir but it was a become holier after his diplomacy career complete turnaround from their President is over. Rouhani on his visit to India in the Feb What I believe let Indians have dialogue 2018, where the President of Iran didn't with Indians first and Pakistanis with their bother to touch any line about Kashmir. own. I had asked a simple question to a Rightly so and there is no surprise or man in his 60's in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, I amazement in this stance given the asked him “ what is priority for you opportunities of CHAHBAHAR with Iran Pakistan or Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa?”, he viz-a-viz CPEC. CPEC, China-Pakistan replied, “ Punjabis are our brothers!”. If Economic Corridor, which is going to same can be construed in India then we engage 6 million of direct and indirect would find at least dozens of such places jobs for Pakistan among which a lion's where dialogue is certainly required. share shall go to Balochistan, a typical India is a military might with over Rs state in Pakistan. Prime Minister Modi 2,95,511 crores allocations for this fiscal had met President Rouhani at UFA in 2015 year and so is the battle harden Pakistani and later visited Iran in 2016. Are we Military who have not only the money at supposed to believe that there would have their disposal but a fine edge with war no give and takes? But Kashmiris are since the Afghan war, particularly in made to believe this hyper-journalism that North Waziristan started by a civilian Iran talked about Kashmir. loyal military chief General Parvez Cutting this out of decency let me write Asharaf Kiyani. A senior Hurriyat leader that even writing and thinking about the rebuffed me once, “Do you think Pakistan dialogue is taking out a begging bowl. will fight a nuclear war for you? No, these Former Pakistani Diplomat Jalil Abbas are both nuclear powers.” Jalali lamented that there was no hope of Now let us inquire what will happen if a dialogue with India, but why should we dialogue does happen? No comments. keep pressing for it even for the matter dialogue occurs and what would be the The views are going with the flow without outcome? What shape would it take place? any paradigm to favour anyone including How would that affect the Indian and Kashmiris. 17 February 2018

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